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Posted in: What do you think about the custom in Japan of women giving chocolates to their male co-workers on Valentine’s Day as a form of “obligation,” and then receiving chocolates back from the men on White D See in context

I like this tradition, it fun...but, if you have bf-gf/marry, jealous partner can be mad of it, and it a bit sad when someone didn't get any when all others get some. And it not fun if someone hope to something from it. But as tradition for eat yummy food and special date for cook some sweets, why not? It's fun!

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Posted in: Kan calls Medvedev's isle visit 'unforgivable outrage' See in context

Russian governments few times told to Japan that they can share those territory with Japan if Japan wish or they can back land to Japan, but without sea around, because Russia need sea for be able go to Pacific ocean (other ways all in ice almost time of year)+it resources(why Russian should give their resources to someone?) but Japan disagree, actually Japan no need land, need only ocean and ocean resources...

it so sad when politics try get vote by act like foolish, i hope those one who come after Kan will be more smart... for Japan Russia is so good market for sell their products and if they be friendly, Russia can give a lot to Japan too... Russia don't hate Japan and want to do some with this situation, but Japanese politics don't want find way how to fix it, cuz if they will agree with some, they will lose nationalistic votes... Russia not aggressive to anyone, just as long as it Russian territory: Russia want care this too...

other point is: if Russia back to Japan those islands easy, then a lot of others countries start said that they need part of Russia, because 1000 years ago it was be their own territory...

i guess politics in those days should care more about economic then about territorial fighting... Russia can survive without Japan, Russia can found a lot of county who will want get their resources and rent territory and sell products at market, but Japan need Russia more then silly politic think, now at Russian market there are a lot of empty place what can be leader by Japanese...but Japanese politics can keep do like that and Chines/ Indians will get all those empty places at Russian market so sad...

and in history background those islands was be Japanese and Russian territory many times

i'm Russian and i want that our governments fix this trouble somehow, i want that our country be more friendly, but Japan don't want listen any, but Russia will never agree just give back, cuz need those land too i wish our country will stop this silly fight and will be care only about economic

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