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Posted in: Sharp's new lineup of small humanoid robots to go on sale See in context

Great for the pet.

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Posted in: Abe urged to ensure Trump-Kim talks help resolve N Korean abductions See in context

History isn't accurate.

Pages have been/will be rewritten.

Some says this, Some says that.

Some believes this, Some that.

It's about Now and Future.

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Posted in: Extended Golden Week loses luster for working parents See in context

If Japanese can spare time for extra day off, their economy will go down

This means UK economy is far better with so many holidays taken in a year.

Spring (Mar - May) - 2 weeks

Summer (June - Sep) - 3 weeks

Autumn (Mid Sep - Nov) - 1 week

Winter (Dec - Feb) - 2 weeks

Extra Season/Festival - 1 week

This is the almost perfect holidays.

But this depends upon people according to the season they prefer

9-10 weeks Holidays in a year is good enough for yourself and family.

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Posted in: Honda to close UK car plant in 2022 with loss of 3,500 jobs See in context

It's all because of customer service.

they do need to make new shape, new model but mostly they need to check how the customer service are shown in UK and make sure the staff deal every customer equally.

What is happening in Britain is that the European staff working for Japanese or other Asian companies are not giving good customer service which they do it on purpose so that the European companies can overtake them. It's a slow poison.

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Posted in: Trump visit to Japan eyed for May 26; may be 1st guest to meet new emperor See in context

How will he bow to the Emperor?

He needs to learn that first or probably need some extensive training.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing antique jeans worth over ¥150,000 See in context

If high class celebrity wears that even for a fit, the price goes even higher.

But if normal people like u wears just for fitting, the price goes down

Then it'd go on sale, people flock and that's when u make a profit.

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Posted in: Does U.S. President Donald Trump deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? See in context

If comparing with Obama, he definitely does.

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Posted in: Abe mum on reports he nominated Trump for Nobel Peace Prize See in context

He knows what to do i.e his position is above u. But if people don't agree and keep bashing on him, why don't u try to become prime minister or president and prove that u can do better? U'll also end up in same sinkhole with full of hatred words just like yours.

Come on, try! What'ch u waitin' for? Or Keep writing the same stuff?

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Posted in: Out and about See in context

At least Good to see them smiling at park, if not in the office.

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Posted in: NHK fee collector leaves threatening notes on people’s doorsteps See in context

Japanese channels are really good, but still not better than the HK channels hat were shown in the 90s.

NHK has been helping poor developing countries by making good documentaries and donating it with real help in action as well.

So better to pay on these than Netflix or Apple.

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Posted in: Hollywood 'your name.' anime live-action movie will feature Native American girl, Chicago boy See in context

Remakes after Remakes, that's what Americans can do.

If Asians (Japan and South Korea) remake, they do 2/10 ratio in a year.

But Americans do about 5/10 ratio a year

Plus the main thing about remakes is that Americans make it worse but Asian does it quite well remake.

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Posted in: Greatest western film? 'Wild Bunch' book argues its case See in context

1959 The Human Conditon Trilogy is the Greatest Epic Masterpiece ever made in the History of Cinema.

All Kurosawa films are behind of this trilogy.

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Posted in: Which toy, board game or other playthings from your childhood have stood the test of time and are still popular with children today? See in context

The Steps and The Look Back

Don't know what it calls in Japanese but i've seen Japanese kids playing both games in the movies. Well in most Asian countries, it's the most popular.

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Posted in: Turn down the volume: WHO takes aim at harmful smartphone use See in context

Cheaper ones just needs to be banned importing.

But just not headphone, the smartphone is now like modern disease to our mind and body

The Nokia long time ago was good enough to get in touch with people u know.

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Posted in: Trump makes his case for Nobel Peace Prize; says Abe nominated him for it See in context

So all the people who got/clicked (+) are the hero sides of the story and the ones who received (-) are the villaines?

But what good Obama did to the Americans and even the world? Just smooth heroic words without any action like every main hero character of an American movies?

And adult people cheering and clapping like kids....

Do u even know how tough it is to even arrange a meeting with Mr. Kim? Mr. Trump did with a click!

He might not deserve a prize but at least a good praise.

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Posted in: Watches worth ¥43 million stolen from Kumamoto store See in context

Most brands u can get cheaper on fake in Hong Kong Street Shops which can last about 5 years, Not bad but i go for Orient.

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Posted in: Sumo-size cake See in context

He or she lucky? But cake sure looks yummy!

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Posted in: Cold wave grips Hokkaido See in context

UniQlo Heat Tech Sleeves and Fleece could help the people innthe picture any cold winter.

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Posted in: What differences in regional food culture in Japan have you noticed whenever you visit various parts of the country? See in context

Noodles are made with unhealthy flour, haven't seen noodles made of 100% wholewheat flour in Japan.

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Posted in: Pocket pouch bag See in context

If there is no proper pocket for just one water bottle, then it's no use.

Bag it up on your back every day.

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Posted in: The world's postal services are struggling with lower demand for letter deliveries. How would you feel if the mailman became a thing of the past? Do you still eagerly look in your mailbox each day? See in context

Mailman job is really good compared to IT technicians.

But if it becomes less of a thing, then it's good that we will save some trees.

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Posted in: Automakers in U.S. recall 1.7 million cars with Takata airbags See in context

But no other company has guts to do this business besise Takata. If some does, some will make a conplain again.

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Posted in: No-touch automatic hand sanitizer dispenser See in context

Not good. Also Mitsubishi hand dryer is also not good because your hand touches the dryer and the force of air splashes the wet hands

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Posted in: Japan to ban use of plastic straws, cutlery in gov't cafeterias See in context

Most people complain about the use of too many plastics in just one item but what they don't know is Japan is probably no. 1 recycler in the world. Their system is very good.

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Posted in: Qantas customers request exercise bikes, virtual reality for 20-hour flights See in context

For such a long haul flight, all seats should be business class (prices might be higher for economy lovers but hey it's business class for 20+ hours)

No need for weird innovation that will later cause hidden trouble. Just make it simple.

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

It'll be nervewrecking for some that they will bump into each other and then forget where they are going.

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Posted in: Arashi's decision to suspend activities at end of 2020 shakes fans See in context

So fans got Only 20 years

That's why bands like Flower Travellin' Band and Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (also The Birthday) are the real music that you can enjoy for your whole life.

Because they keep playing until they cannot move their most of their fingers.

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Posted in: Do you think Nissan's sales will suffer as a result of former chairman Carlos Ghosn's prolonged detention in Japan? See in context

What Japanese car then?

Honda - Uncomfortable

Mazda - Poor

Mitsubishi - Choiceless

Nissan - Falling

Suzuki - Cheap

Toyota - Dislike

Then the only choice Lexus?

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Posted in: 3 areas in Japan to bid to host casinos; many others reluctant: survey See in context

Locals get fees, Foreigners get free.

On their soil. Doesn't make sense.

In UK, it's better to play lottery than going casinos or sports bettings.

Simply spend £8 a week (£4 on Wednesday, £4 on Saturday), Total £32 a month, that's like £1 a day for charity plus Hope.

One Day, One Day....I will....

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Posted in: Kotatsu foot-warmers still a fixture in Japanese homes See in context

Insulating the house is dangerous to body, it absorbs some sort of chemicals through air.

So this traditonal heating is healthly preferred in Japan, however On-Sen is always on the top.

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