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Posted in: Do you think tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and YouTube have too much control over what people see and read? See in context

Went to Agricultural farm for a month, all the farmers there don't have these social accounts and they're all happy working and talking in a group with their teasings and laughs with each other.

I and my friend were the ones checking the accounts time to time, but for what? What did we even enjoy with our time mainly spending on the screen. Now i have only one email account and that's the only thing i need for this modern tech life.

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Posted in: Autumn aura See in context

Do these ducks even get feeded? Hope they don't have to struggle.

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Posted in: Kardashian slammed for 'tone deaf' 40th birthday tropical getaway See in context

Actually why do we need to comment about her this and that. Can't we just ignore without saying anything? You made her famous with all these gossips and comments.

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Posted in: K-pop band TWICE reveals its daring side on new album See in context

Time of their life but What happened to Japanese Groups? Relying on Korean Pop Culture and spending huge amount of money.

These Korean groups make Japanese album for fans they say but it's the business. Tell me One Japanese group that has made Korean Album? Japan needs to wake up!

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for stealing ¥6 million from porn film actress at her condo See in context

She isn't even famous in Japan, so she wants to be anyhow before time running out and thus, this plan?

But Don't these porn actress retire after they turn early 30s and settle down in their most fan's location, Indonesia and Phillipines?

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Posted in: Bright rice See in context

All this for...bright rice?

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Posted in: If you are a high school teacher or university lecturer, what is the best way to conduct an online class so that students will get the most benefit out of it? See in context

Online course too expensive for such few hours, even the Open University of UK

It say whole year but count the hours properly. 2 hours, once a week, So 48 hours only per year. That is like 4 days a year. Then there are holidays. So it won't be 48, it might be around 30-35 hours only. Paying huge money for 3 days lesson, just for the certificate?

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Posted in: The robot dolphin that could replace captive animals at theme parks one day See in context

Does it splash with smile? Like those ones at Ocean Park, HK.

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Posted in: Bear killed after wandering around Ishikawa shopping mall for more than 13 hours See in context

All Animal Rights Group, what are u doing and where are you? This is the second time in about a week.

Now how will poor cubs survive without their parents? They will have tough time with the wolves. Poor Bear.

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Posted in: Energy Milk is new way to power up your day See in context

First of all, what i don't like about is Japanese companies paying huge money to Hollywood celebrities for the ads.

Ok, too many varities of milk, semi-skimmed, whole, coconut, oat milk etc. But the milk that comes out straightly from cow or goat is the best milk. You just have to go to farm. Try colostrum if u can able to find.

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Posted in: How walkable is your city? London, Hong Kong put pedestrians first See in context

Hmm..rules, You don't walk on zebra crossing when vehicles passing on their lights. You don't cross that road when drivers driving/turning left/right. Cyclists biking on pavement.

Looks like nobody knows the safetyness of pedestrian fence gate in Hong Kong.

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Posted in: Sanja Festival See in context

Almost all festivals are cancelled but Kanamara Matsuri should never be cancelled. Japan needs to level up their population.

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Posted in: Begin your day with these 5 simple and delicious Japanese breakfasts See in context

Are those really healthy early morning on empty stomach? Rice (carbohydrates), Raw Egg (salmonella)?

I wanted to change my Breakfast meal, it's alternatively 2 boiled eggs with two toasted brown bread Or wholegrain branflakes, granola, chia seed, oats mixed with coconut/almond milk.

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Posted in: How walkable is your city? London, Hong Kong put pedestrians first See in context

London? What a good laugh! 90% pedestrians don't follow the rules. Drivers honking and yelling, Cyclists twisting and turning at any roads. People play their direction with their mobile.

About Hong Kong, the best thing are those pedestrian fence on every roads. I think, this is very much necessary in every country. Even Japan doesn't have this, really surprising.

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Posted in: Why blonde-haired, blue-eyed Sailor Moon is neither white nor Japanese See in context

Not Caucasian, Not White or Black, Not Japanese, Not Other Asian, It's just Manga Girl or Anime Girl, a very different species.

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Posted in: Singapore's world-first face scan plan sparks privacy fears See in context

A country where chewgum is illegal, this is like spit out on the screen.

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Posted in: Streaking along See in context

This kind of photo was very popular in the 80s. Now it's just people wasting time looking at stranger's selfies.

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Posted in: Best places to buy plant-based, organic and healthy food in Japan See in context

Only for those with full pockets and for really healthy eaters, it's just on occasions.

SouthEast and West Asian Village, it's at everybody's home garden.

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Posted in: Japanese director known for single shots releases Zoom film See in context

Probably one hit wonder director. His other new movie 'Special Actors' don't have good reviews.

Whatever he said about after 200 bad films, you will have one great film is just wrong.

Maybe he should know and see what one long take really like from the movie 'Long Day's Journey Into Night'

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite places in Japan to view the beautiful autumn foliage? See in context

Anywhere in Tohoku Region

But nowadays, people edit their pictures too much that either looks too beautiful or just fake, so you have to visit there yourself and explore the true beauty of the nature.

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Posted in: Kyoto voted as Best Big City in the world by international travelers, beating out Tokyo See in context

These are the Visits of One Prefecture of Each Region.

Aomori Prefecture of Tohoku Region

Chiba Prefecture of Kanto Region

Shizuoka Prefecture of Chubu Region

Wakayama Prefecture of Kansai Region

Tottori Prefecture of Chugoku Region

Kochi Prefecture of Shikoku Region

Miyazaki Prefecture of Kyushu Region

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Posted in: Japanese women who don’t follow mainstream beauty standards See in context

Everyone is born beautiful but we are living on the judgmental society.


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Posted in: Budget airline Zipair starts Tokyo-Seoul passenger service despite pandemic See in context

Budget is in the survival game. And any economy class is a business class these days.

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Posted in: Black bear shot dead after injuring 4 in Ishikawa Pref See in context

Why humans need to control their territory? And yes, i am one of those who don't pick up poo of my dog when he does on the grass.

Poor bear has kids too, they need to feed their family but we humans don't think about but ourselves.

There should be some kind of gigantic animal that should come out of nowhere and swallow each human as their only source of food.

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Posted in: Japanese cinema must adapt to survive, warns rising star director See in context

Over 200 Japanese movies are released each year in Japan.

Only about 5 or 6 become hit or popular among teenagers.

1 or 2 out of those 5 are indie hits.

It's hard to list even Top 5 Great Japanese films from the last 10 years. Great Japanese films I mean like The Human Conditon Trilogy.

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Posted in: BTS management agency stock doubles on market debut See in context

60% is from Japanese fans and Japanese media.

Until late 90's, it was reverse, Koreans were fans of Japanese groups/bands/musician.

Not anymore and Never will.

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Posted in: Interest in nursing care jobs grows in Japan amid pandemic See in context

Growing? They're not choosing it from their heart. This job is the easiest demand than any others for any ages above 18. Choosing this option is for their extra career in a difficult situation, otherwise no, they wouldn't do this job at all.

Still though, can't believe Air Hostess career is more respectable than nurse.

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Posted in: A dog's life See in context

Do Japanese owners keep pets for fashion and pose? I don't think they take care of those poor boys with bottom of their heart.

But then they make movies like Star Watching Dog, Quills and Kinako.

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Posted in: BTS promotions disappear as band sparks uproar in China See in context

The crazy generation we live that any words will bring the biggest Ups and Downs in your life.

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Posted in: The number of doctoral students in Japan is now almost half of what it was 17 years ago See in context

If they're Not doing those Phd for just themselves, then it's good, otherwise rather employ a person who is determine and interested to do for the whole by giving some training.

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