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Posted in: Director Martin Scorsese said recently that many people today rarely bother to watch movies or TV shows made before their own time. Do you agree, and if so, why do you think this is? See in context

People these days are into YT vlogs, YT documentaries, reality shows and most of time wasting videos such as mukbang, daily vlogs of strangers, etc.

So people rarely even watch 10 movies a year.

Hollywood and Japanese films aren't like they used to. Korean film industry were going up but fell down hugely last 2 years. HK films are gone. The only film industry that are going high is South Indian Films.

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Posted in: Drama and exhibition portray lives of Japanese women in UK See in context

British Royal tea and biscuits made Japanese love for the Britain.

I tell u, it's not really good though.

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

The money will never be found but he may be found but i hope he should never be found as well.

Story like this will be interesting that way.

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Posted in: Wim Wenders making film about fancy public toilets in Japan See in context

Koji needs to play once more larger than life tough character to become more recognisable worldwide. Not with this boring character it will help him.

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Posted in: Hold the world's madness, Eurovision has begun See in context

Head spinning music! No good.

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Posted in: Man suspected of sexually assaulting teenage girl after giving her sleeping pills See in context

This kind of horrible act is very dangerous. Esp it happens at parties and bars. Such crime should be 100000 yen penalty and 5 yrs behind the bar.

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Posted in: Gov't says masks not needed outdoors if distancing maintained See in context

For first timers to hear from JGov, it's a good laugh. For regulars, same old boring humour.

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Posted in: New Zealand to fully reopen to the world in August: Ardern See in context

By that time every country will be opened and 3/4 countries are already opened.

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Posted in: Can pee help feed the world? See in context

Poor Millions can't even get to drink enough water and how can they even pee.

The rest of the millions have enough water in the supermarkets and they pee in the hole.

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Posted in: Ehime Prefecture abolishes necktie dress code for government employees See in context

University students don't have to wear Uniforms but why office workers need to wear uniforms.

Plus when will these officer workers can able to wear their fashion when they have like very few day off/holiday.

Neckties also choke your neck and is not good if you have symptom of gerd or ibs.

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Posted in: Shanghai disinfects homes, closes all subways in COVID fight See in context

As Shanghai is close to Korea, Japan and Taiwan, something is going on there.

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Posted in: Should you watch end credits at the movies? Japanese celebrity’s comments spark fierce debate See in context

Let Japanese do what they want to and you do what you want to. How did this even become a debate? It's your own choice.

Btw, South Indians whistling in the beginning and in the end credits are hilarious.

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Posted in: Japanese cookie tins are treasure troves of forest flavors See in context

Whoever put those in the tin, hope they washed their hands properly or wear gloves.

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Posted in: Microbe-based faux beef could save forests, slash CO2 See in context

Vote is always on meat! Not real or fake meat i know. Just meat.

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

Until 80s, Japanese parents (just like almost all Asian) urge their children to get married soon around 25 and have kids before 30.

Things have changed. They can't do that anymore otherwise they will get sued by their own children and children these days are into their world of social networking, games and media rather than focusing on making a family.

In 2004 Japanese movie "Blood and Bones", Takeshi Kitano wanted a son but always kept having daughters until one day, a son was successful. That mindset is lost in Japanese young society.

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Posted in: National 'dekotora' association mints NFTs for charity and to support the art of decorating trucks See in context

These truckyaro movies are really feel good. It's all on high quality now.

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Posted in: Human rights lawyer from Korean community in Japan undeterred by hate See in context

We are talking about only one side here, Koreans in Japan.

What about Japanese in Korea? Do you think Japanese and Japanese company get fair treatment?

Korean beauty products, Kpop culture, Kdramas are hugely supported by Japanese fans. You don't see it that in opposite way but they did until Korean Wave.

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Posted in: We visit the new Japan branch of Wayback Burgers, try their vegan set, notice a big problem See in context


Without tasting your burger, i can't say, so downvoted.

I can even tell mine is far better than yours yet u can't taste my burger.

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Posted in: U.N.: Obesity levels in Europe at 'epidemic proportions' See in context

Most of the these obese westerners somehow surprisingly can do more push-ups than healthy weight Asians. That's what i have noticed. It means they have more physical power.

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Posted in: PSY's new album, video turn corner from 'Gangnam Style' See in context

Sheep pop generation.

I blame all the rock/jazz fans for not contributing/supportint much to their rock artist/band but rather giving huge pocket money to their children to buy pop culture.

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Posted in: Some companies try 4-day workweek to offer flexibility to employees See in context

Like Security jobs in the West, 4 On 4 Off is the best working schedule, with 28 days holiday pay and double pay on public holiday plus festival bonus.

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Posted in: N Korea launches missile toward sea; Kishida calls it threat to peace See in context

What a handsome man! Smart and Intelligent! Within a country.

His son will change the whole North Korea, another 20-40 years waiting time.

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Posted in: We visit the new Japan branch of Wayback Burgers, try their vegan set, notice a big problem See in context

Price should be no more than 1600 yen for Vegan and Chicken

2300 should be only for gourmet beef, mutton, boar

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Posted in: What are your plans for Golden Week? See in context

Be volunteer and help those in need by teaching good lesson or plan to develop some little things like putting a light pole at poor village and visit animal shelter to organize more open space for the animals.

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Posted in: Never waste time arguing about what to eat for dinner again with Six Noodle Dice See in context

Nice idea! But i'd prefer 36 different food menu on 6 cubes or 1 cube for 1 member.

So 5 members 5 cubes 5 different food to be cooked on that day.

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Posted in: Myanmar court sentences Suu Kyi to 5 years in prison for corruption See in context

One day there will be a huge statue of her in her place. Hope it will be a beautiful statue.

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Posted in: Apple protests Japan's report seeking fair competition in OS market See in context

Apple downfall in recent years show that they want to get back anyhow by doing some other unnecessary things but not by innovating their products.

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Posted in: Japan's job availability improves for 1st time in 3 years in FY2021 See in context

Jobs available but working environment is the same. Bully and torture.

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Posted in: Yokohama’s Seaside Cinema 2022 screening 'Evangelion,' 'Spider-Man' and more this Golden Week See in context

Not a good selection of films but to each their own.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested over sexual assault of junior high school girl See in context

Some teenagers are too mature about sexuality than some adults.

You do know that Japan makes film like 1999 Moonlight Whispers, about teenager falling in love so deeply but also weirdly.

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