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Posted in: Oscars set to flop in China as Hollywood, politics collide See in context

By now, China should have their premium 'Chowcars' award show.

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Posted in: Study finds leaving middle seats open on planes reduces virus risk See in context

Yeah. Thanks for the laugh. Someday there will be the study that will try to prove 0 is actually not 0, later they realise that it is O.

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Posted in: 84% of Americans view Japan positively: U.S. poll See in context

It's all due to 1. Anime 2. Nostalgia Electronics, not really the people but when far away enemies become best friends, your neighbor is the crook.

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Posted in: Fukushima surfer, shop owner fears 'contaminated sea' See in context

Humans have contaminated every beautiful sea with the plastics. The monsters have made the decison of pouring contaminated water into the sea. It's just not the J-Gov. No difference there.

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Posted in: Man arrested on suspicion of assaulting singer Tomomi Kahara See in context

Seems like she wants an attention. Her fault for getting out from the taxi. Anyway, never heard of her.

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Posted in: Japan, Singapore, Germany and South Korea retain top spots in Henley Passport Index See in context

Only 3 countries from Asia. Poor developing countries have hard time dealing with visas waiting for even about a year.

And main thing is how these people from those countries are being look at in such a suspicious way in the airport.

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Posted in: Seaside park See in context

Name rapeseed doesn't sound good, better have it changed or in Japanese name.

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Posted in: World’s first permanent Godzilla theme park ride opening at Tokyo-area amusement park See in context

Ghibli Studio Park (GSP)

(With even every little characters)

Manga Anime Park (MAP)

(With all top anime made as games)

Godzilla Theme Park (GTP)

(With all monsters that appeared in Godzilla and Gamara series as different rides)

These 3 parks should be really huge, better and should have been as popular as Disney.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for animal cruelty kept 58 pets in Tokyo home See in context

It's a private zoo. She just needs to hire a cleaner who doesn't hesitate to smell poo and a person who takes care of the pets like nanny. Two jobs created.

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Posted in: Japan's neighbors react strongly to Fukushima water release decision See in context

Blaming China on every topic they're related and now who to blame? Yes, Your Japan! Their mentality on this decision is more dangerous than the virus created by Chinese or whoever.

Not feeling bad for humans but for all poor fishes. Tsunami II Karma? Japan must stop!

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Posted in: In Japan, you can now earn money for turning your car into an anime itasha See in context

For Japanese trucks, trains and planes, nice! but cars? Don't think so. Japanese men would rather spend money on the mannequins.

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Posted in: 'Super Fan' prepares for Tokyo Olympics without overseas fans See in context

British are more interested on their Pubs, their No. 1 destination this all year around.

I think Japan will be No. 1 Gold medalists this Olympics, at last.

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Posted in: Retiring in Japan: What’s the best strategy? See in context


Standard living? Where? In the town? City? Tokyo? Well, If you can adjust countrylife style even in developing countries, it's luxurious.

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Posted in: Retiring in Japan: What’s the best strategy? See in context

Until mid 90s, one breadwinner in the family of 4 was enough to survive in a good way. Now all of them have to work if they're all over 16 and with child benefits if under.

The retirement was at around 60 at that time. Now eveything has changed and retirement age has pushed to age 80.

But if you have 30,000,000 yen worth of savings, you can retire right away.

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Posted in: Large numbers of people out and about despite gov't antivirus pleas See in context

If you complain about the Government only, then first look at your people around you. They're also complaining just like you. Why don't one of you in that group become a governor, take over and do good things like you all want to do? Well, you will fall into the same hole that people will also complain about you. Otherwise, just prove yourself that you will make Japan the all around better place in the world.

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Posted in: Boat, snowmobile, camel: Vaccine reaches world's far corners See in context

These people don't have any idea about the terrible outcome of Oxford or other new Vaccines. These healthy isolated river people or himalayan people who usually don't take medicines like Urban people will have worse side effects and affect their healthy lifestyle.

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Posted in: Chinese vaccines 'don’t have very high protection rates,' says official See in context

After watching the documentary by Japanese Ryo Takeuchi and latest Wuhan videos on YT channel Walk East, Chinese are marching forward with their life whereas rest of us are discussing and complaining too much about the same things repeatedly.

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Posted in: Chinese tech company develops robo-dogs See in context

Don't think it's copycat. Robo dogs can't be made like robo monkeys. It should be shaped as it is. Think iphone and Godzilla how they are shaped just as other Originals.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing women’s shoes and replacing them with new ones See in context

As always, one of a kind weird fetish from Japan. Even police and lawyers are used to these Made in Japan fantasy crimes.

I think lot of women want people like him to get rid of their smelly shoes and buy new ones for them. It'd be hilarious if they protest about releasing him.

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Posted in: What are the 10 most popular Japanese sake brands? New poll reveals the favorites of sake lovers See in context

Sorry i meant to say i warmed up but last time it got little bit boiled up. Yes i do know it's best served chilled but prefer warm sake during the chilly weather and thanks for the other brands of nihonshu.

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Posted in: China cautions Japan ahead of U.S.-Japan summit See in context


Why should a blogger living in China badmouth China if he/she doesn't like it? They can leave China right away and do whatever the badmouth outside of China.

Even Japan cannot handle such person living in Japan and at the same time badmouthing. People of South East Asian countries will be even more angrier if such thing gets viral, Not just China.

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Posted in: What are the 10 most popular Japanese sake brands? New poll reveals the favorites of sake lovers See in context

80% is water. 20% Rice into Sugar.

Last time i boiled 20ml Sake straight from the bottle and drank, only first sip tasted good.

I think Sake lovers should try Makgeolli (Korean) and Chhyaang (Nepalese)

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Posted in: China cautions Japan ahead of U.S.-Japan summit See in context

What have Japan achieved in the last 30 years or so by being the puppet of USA? Nothing. For the future of Japan and Japanese, they must change the direction and be good friends with China but without betraying America or Japan must start the new game by being truly the independent.

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Posted in: Why is North Korea skipping the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

If New Zealand had made such decison at first, people support them but since it's NK which truly cares about health of not just their people but also the rest of the people like you but same people are bashing them. Not everything is negative about them. Such negative sheeps this generation and even going lower.

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Posted in: A new 'Kung Fu' debuts at a crucial time for Asian Americans See in context

It just doesn't have that feel of good old 70s/80s Kung Fu Films.

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Posted in: Nissin Cup Noodle develops leftover soup hardening powder for quick and eco-friendly disposal See in context

Thess noodles have been consumed by now 70+ Asian people and they're healthier than the young people of this generation who check the ingredients of every food products cautiously. What for if your mind is not relax.

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Posted in: N Korea says it won't take part in Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-19 concerns See in context

Very good decision. This time I'm on their side. Even if you don't like the person/country but you think they're right, you got to lower yourself your atitude. Sometimes you never know the same situation could occur on you and you will have a very pity face and trembling heart when the people will not side on you.

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Posted in: Coronavirus cases rising in 42 of Japan's 47 prefectures See in context

Calm down, take a deep breathe, don't panic, think positive, stay healthy.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan brings back its duo of Samurai Mac burgers as regular menu items See in context

Some years ago there was Shogun Burger in HK. It was quite good. But i would rather pay 1500 yen to 2000 yen for decent gourmet burger.

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Posted in: Japanese photographer captures Great Buddha’s ritual cleaning See in context

The cleaning process is so Asian on barefeet and without PPE. I wonder how the workers clean the statue of buddha in the West. I think they must wear safety shoes and helmet but wouldn't that be disrespectful stepping on statue with those heavy boots?

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