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Posted in: Tokyo, other areas lift restrictions on eateries amid virus resurgence worries See in context

Waiting for Kodoku no Gurume Season 10. Hope they won't wear mask next time.

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Posted in: FamilyMart releases their popular Famichiki fried chicken as home set with their own store oil See in context

Any Japandse fried chicken is better than KFC and another KFC - Korean fried Chicken.

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Posted in: Giant rubber duck returns to Osaka alongside Suminoe Art Beat Fest this November See in context

Used to be in the bathroom in everyone's home.

No real duck is yellow.

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Posted in: Beijing set for 100-day Winter Olympic countdown but boycott calls, virus weigh See in context

The world has never been interested in Winter Olympics. Nowdays nobody really cares about these events except they just want to show up themselves and tease people on social media.

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Posted in: COVID isolation hurting Hong Kong's reputation: industry group See in context

Anyone who hasn't been, just 1 week is enough to explore at least 50% of real HK before it becomes full China after few years.

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Posted in: Tokyo festival features Yoshida's films of hope amid despair See in context

His only good movie 2008 Cafe Isobe.

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Posted in: Princess Mako to only give written answers at marriage press conference See in context

Tough marriage, Not a happy one.

Their children will have normal life though.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland holds first Halloween event in 2 years; admits more visitors See in context

So do girls just want to have fun all the time? One boring moment with bf, it's going to be break up, then girls just get together for fun adding some back bites of their bf but when they are with theit bf, they back bite those sams friends.

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Posted in: Every mistake you make reveals Mt Fuji with these clever transforming erasers See in context

It's the opposite. Not revealed.

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Posted in: Ready for Christmas See in context

Western calender is more popular in Asia than in West. Eveything is way ahead and all for business but humanity is lacking when it needs it.

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Posted in: Toilet seat up or down after use: What's the rule in your home? See in context

If just for pee, always pull up, otherwise,


Put down the seat

Squat on that seat (sorry fat people, this Not for you)



Wipe out the seat and pull up

Flush again.

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Posted in: 'Squid Game' becomes Netflix's biggest-ever launch hit See in context

Squid Games - rip off of many Original Japanese films

BTS - Singer/Songwriters/Rappers/Dancers but they don't play the real music, the instruments.

Parasite - Great but there are better Korean films.

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Posted in: UK worker shortage threatens Christmas turkey supply See in context

Both turkey and bacon, worst meat ever.

Turkey on table is special for westeners whereas pig head on table in Chinese New Year is gross for them.

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Posted in: Record 196,000 students absent from school in Japan in FY2020 See in context

Isolation but Smart kids. Great time off their school life.

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Posted in: In your experience, how easy or difficult is it for a foreign resident to obtain a credit card in Japan? See in context

In UK, if you wear casual dress, no staff in any Bank will give you good customer service, rather they will turn u away.

This situation happens to many Asians. Then next day you go there on suit, they treat you with many offers. I guess such discrimination doesn't happen to foreigner or halfu in Japan.

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Posted in: 'Squid Game': South Korea's latest cultural phenomenon See in context

And these are the Originals, All Japanese.

(2000) Battle Royale

(2007) Kaiji

(2014) As the Gods Will

(2020) Alice in Borderland

Without those, this wouldn't happen. Director of (2021) Squid Game claims he draft it in 2009, yeah, nice joke. The production should credit those Original Japanese but the Koreans don't and will never. Even their Old Boy was influenced by Japanese manga.

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Posted in: Guard duty See in context

Tiring job without action.

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Posted in: U.S. Open champ Raducanu loses in 2 sets at Indian Wells See in context

One Hit Wonder!

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Posted in: Twin panda cubs at Tokyo zoo named Xiao Xiao, Lei Lei See in context

Does it really have to be Chinese names? Or still not yet Japanese citizen?

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Posted in: Kishida, wife maintain closeness despite long distance See in context

Just like every Soldiers' marriage, more apart than close but this type of marriage long last as long as the secrets are kept hidden or no secrets at all between two.

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Posted in: How do Japanese fans feel about Netflix’s live-action 'Cowboy Bebop' opening sequence? See in context

What Original Asian creativity Hollywood and Netflix have remake better? None. And Never.

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Posted in: Asakusa shopping See in context

Souvenir shops there very expensive, I'd rather buy handmade local at small shops in own prefecture.

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Posted in: Some Japanese KitKats just got bigger… but still the same size they were a year ago See in context

People in the West have already started to eat Dark Chocolates above 75% Cocoa instead of unhealthy normal chocolates esp the milk and fruity flavor.

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Posted in: Rock and roar: Iwate region's riff warns of bear attacks See in context

No matter what, just don't kill the Rock n Roll bear.

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Posted in: Pop group Arashi members Sakurai, Aiba marry their partners See in context

And get babies within 2 years.

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Posted in: Japan's next PM must work quickly on virus, economy, China See in context

Wow! They could have more fan if they were a rock band together.

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Posted in: 5 trails in Japan I can’t wait to hike again when it’s safe to travel See in context

1 and 5 are just like in every other countries. I take no. 3 but i would rather go for all Pilgrimage trails in Japan.

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Posted in: Drive for Britain! UK scrambles for truckers amid supply woe See in context

The other side of Europeans like to do tit for tat.

British tourist make loud noises and throws rubbish here and there, European workers also does the same at British park after they finish the work or on Fri/Sat night.

British themselves don't consider European, they just think they're all royals at separate island.

But they should welcome more Asians than Europeans to make their economy better in every sector as now more Asians are becoming truck drivers just like nurses they have been Great help for the Kingdom.

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Posted in: Flight out of Narita Airport delayed because of a turtle on the runway See in context

Turtle - On Land and under Sea

Tortoise - Only on Land

Anyway, it's a good luck for me. Now i must visit turtle temple in Japan.

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Posted in: Land prices continue to fall in Japan amid pandemic See in context

Do you want to buy expensive house/apartment with mortgages that you have to work all your life or buy small land at countryside and build small house without mortgage and stay part-time?

Around 2010 in my country, average plot was around yen 500000, now it's yen 9200000. Many people became rich without working hard and look down upon neighbor who didn't buy at that time. it's just not fair.

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