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Posted in: Apple Music hits 6.5 million paid users See in context

and I bet some people forgot to cancel their free trial that ended in September ,two more months and a lot of people will cancel the subscriptions .

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Posted in: Nuclear-powered carrier USS Ronald Reagan arrives in Japan See in context

Tomodachi,,no, just like keep an eye on your radiation liers!!

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Posted in: Does it bother you that governments may be monitoring your email and phone calls? See in context

No , at work company monitor your emails and phone calls at home, everyone post their own life on social media Nothing we can do, on this Digital Age!

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Posted in: Where's Wally? See in context

carmen sandiego next??

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Posted in: Heavy rain causes floods; sends tainted water from Fukushima plant into sea See in context

knowing TEPCO , they just let the water drain (if they are in containers) just blame it on the rain

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Posted in: On patrol See in context

@kyushubill did you know segway are chinese company now???

Segway started American,,,Chinese copied ,,,,, American sued,,,Chinese sold so many ,,, more than American company.,,, Chinese Bought Segway,,,NO MORE SUE!!

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Posted in: Sandy Godzilla See in context


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Posted in: Man arrested after holding hostage in 7-Eleven See in context

Police said he had been drinking wine during the standoff.

now he can say,,,"I was drunk,,,I don't remember anything" excuse,

we all now the drill.

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Posted in: Windows 10 spreads to more than 75 million devices See in context

75 million guinea pigs for the Enterprise editions! Let the viruses begins!!

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Posted in: Junior bankers See in context

Junior Bankers, getting the inside trading tip to become "Too Big to Fail"

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Posted in: China shows off victory over Japan logo See in context

is this part of the chinese photoshop trolls ??

what`s next , they invented the Atom bomb?

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Posted in: Tooth found in stew at Tokyo hotel restaurant See in context

part of the "Secret ingredient "?

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Posted in: China says Japan's East China Sea pictures provoke confrontation See in context

wait wait,, Then I want to see the Italians claiming back the Roman Empire, and by the way,,,the Mongols should claim back the chinese lands,,,,!!!

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Posted in: Low-priced 11.6-inch notebook PC See in context

low? I can buy an MBP for 70,000 Y with a real I5 not Celeron

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Posted in: Tongan coronation See in context

Tongan Style!

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Posted in: Colossal Titan stars in Tokyo government anti-drug campaign See in context

This is Ironic , The only way the creator must of think of this characters was by using drugs, "Dude , you have no skin , just muscles, whoa!! you are 200 meters tall"

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Posted in: Shanghai film festival pulls Japanese movie on gov't blacklist See in context

no more "Drunken Master" Movies from China,,,,or I think they will let those slip

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Posted in: A long way down See in context

Learn to control your fear , Young Padawan!!

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Posted in: New law aimed at curbing bicycle traffic violations, accidents goes into effect See in context

2 days ago , I witness a two ridding bicycle in the middle of Ebisu,wearing headphone, they crashed with each other, the girl fell down and hit her head on the asphalt making her unconscious , falling flat , the car next to her almost crush her hand , the guy hit a parked car, he quickly took off the headphones as everyone watched the girl in the middle of the street . very crazy and dangerous!

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Posted in: Pro-Pyongyang celebration See in context

Free speech is great! but this event is thanks to the Japanese Taxpayers!

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Posted in: High radiation levels detected in Tokyo park See in context

Nothing to see here, Tepco will denied any connection to Fukushima, They will try to say" its from Hello kitty dump!!"

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Posted in: Darth Vader becomes decorative doll for Boys’ Day See in context

now that is Extreme cool!!!

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Posted in: Must be good ramen See in context

or just perhaps tv celebs visited the place ,,,and like magic big lines!!

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Posted in: Nice catch See in context

from Seattle, NYC to Miami, Now he can say that he has played on every corner of the USA!!

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Posted in: Phallus Festival See in context

I wonder if George Lucas came to this festival, the black Phallus , easily strikes the shape of Darth vader

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Posted in: UFOs haven't invaded Japan, defense minister tells Diet See in context

someone had to one to many shouchu on their Hanami Ufo Watching!!

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Posted in: Portable device makes beer foamy no matter where you go See in context

I believe this is a "WTF" moment,,,,I dont like my beer too foamy!!

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Posted in: Feline friends See in context

is there anyone that can teach cats to hunt crows??? you could be solving two problems with one stone!

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Posted in: Anti-Japan protest in Seoul See in context

"Takeshima out" wait,,,I believe South Korea are in charge of that Island,

I can see the misinformed protesters!!

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Posted in: Anti-Japan protest in Seoul See in context

Thanks for many people that provided links to the actual facts on the Japanese-Korea Disputes, but the fact , if you click to to translate to the Korean language, there is nothing written , so , if its not written in their language , it does not EXIST! and they will always complain about it !

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