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Posted in: Rare photo of A-bomb split cloud found in Hiroshima See in context

It is ironic...odd?...I don't know the best word to describe reading stuff like this:

"I get really angry whenever the bombings come up in conversation."

Why? Why are YOU angry when none of the people I have spoken with who were alive at the time and witnessed or lost loved ones angry? They are sad and felt betrayed by their own leaders who brought this to their shores. They were there. Alive at the time listening to their own propaganda being propped up against what they saw. You shouldn't act like a child. You should listen and learn.

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The most infamous killer in Japan post WWII Lives in Kure city Hiroshima and is 32 years old right now. The girl killed 2 years ago had him written all over it. This ... She is a similar type of age weight and height....and location. Unless he stopped trying to taunt the authorities by leaving pieces everywhere this seems to be different. Unless the cops are not sharing info which would be unsurprising. The car...that is huge.

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700,000 yen in a cash register??

How about a floor safe to drop the money in. Should never be more than enough to change 4-5 customers with large bills. Makes NO sense...not as if robbery is unheard of in Japan

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Wow. The day after a re-post from a year ago this pops up.

Some folks in Law enforcement already think they know who did it. The police botched this.

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This is the town next to mine. Some of my students know the victims husband. Glad he finally got a sense of justice.

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Man...1,400 cases? That's about as accurate as the "reported" rape cases stats. That number not jumping out at anyone?? Bueller?....

"Why blame the medium when you can cut right at the source?"

If it's illegal to make it then how can anyone have it?......It...the logic.......I ....

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"Ugh. Valentine’s Day"

Nice intro to get everyone into the mood...that's the spirit.......jeeeezus.

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Another year in Japan.. Another Valentines day to exchange some Western culture.

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Why are writers so inclined to piss on everything? It is what you make it. It's a passion filled day on my calendar.

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