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Posted in: Mandarake used bookstore branches banned from selling adult entertainment items for 180 days See in context

I watch YouTube for hours every day, and see many ads in Japanese, but haven't seen this one. I am pretty sure they tailor the ads to your target demographic and/or viewing history.

I have seen this ad and reported it to YouTube. The problem with this ad is that it has nothing to do with anime or sex rather when you click on it it goes to a spam site that has cosmetics and shampoo etc Alina a style shopping site. Haven’t seen the ad recently but there is a lot of bypassing the bots.

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Posted in: Japan steps up push to get public to sign up for digital IDs See in context

Before my number cities had something called a "juki card" and "juki code" which was eventually replaced by "my number" due to low adoption. My prediction is come 2023 there will still be scores of people, especially elderly who do not have a my number card yet with the system being overloaded with applications (like it did during covid times when people could get their stimulus faster if they had a mynumber card) and the 2024 date will be scrapped.

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Posted in: Man arrested for groping woman walking home in Tokyo See in context

Ah the standard Japanese answer: "Was stressed".

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Posted in: Police to revise rules for VIP protection after Abe shooting See in context

So there's no dedicated agency like the Secret Service or Diplomatic Security Service. SPs you often see are Tokyo Metropolitan officers, so only 1 traveled with him from Tokyo to Nara? Seems like the NPA and SPs were really trying to scapegoat the local guys in Nara.

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Posted in: Full-size Shibuya scramble replica making the impossible possible See in context

Those gokarts are long gone axter covid and nintendo put them out kf business. I havnt seen one in nearly 2 years.

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Posted in: Cruise control See in context

They have already removed both the Taiwan flag and Japanese flags his flight jacket that was present in the first film, to cater to a certain movie market.

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Posted in: 10 confirmed dead after tour boat with 26 goes missing off Hokkaido See in context

I was reading, in Japan only doctors can declare someone legally deceased, so the news reports often just say "unresponsive" or "unconscious", even though it is unfortunate we know the real case.

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Posted in: 62.9% of people with foreign roots in Japan questioned by police: survey See in context

In over ten years, zero. Indidnstop at a koban to report something missing once but that was on my own accord.

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Posted in: 2nd black box of crashed China Eastern plane recovered: state media See in context

The plane was equipped with two flight recorders: one in the rear passenger cabin tracking flight data, and the other a cockpit voice recorder.

Poorly written. Planes have two flight recorders that are both located in the rear of the aircraft. One records flight data parameters and the other records everything said in the cockpit.

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Posted in: Uniqlo defends decision to stay open in Russia See in context

When looking at some video of destroyed Ukrainian cities, I definately saw some blown out Uniqulos in the background, what about the Ukrainian's right live? After seeing videos of your blown out stores I would of Figured Uniqulo would of seen the light.

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Posted in: Britain, Japan to play for women's curling gold See in context

I watched the swiss game, pretty much it looked liked they gave up half way through, low energy, lots of mistakes. Maybe the Swiss we into the game thinking they had already beaten Japan, Swiss was number 1 and it went to their heads? They fought back but a little too late. Hopefully they have their game faces on today for the bronze medal.

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Posted in: Shcherbakova wins figure skating gold as Valieva collapses; bronze for Sakamoto See in context

You don't have to hit home runs all the time to win at baseball. Strategic gameplay, perfecting your other skills, catching, running, bunting, pitching, sliding etc are just as important. Combine them and you still have a shot. Good job to Sakamoto and others who hone in perfecting an all around skate for a clean performance.

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Posted in: Japan on verge of women's curling semifinals after beating U.S. See in context

i can’t watch these events live, and there’s no where to watch afterwards. Why do they make it so difficult to find video?

NHK has a special Olympic site you can rewatch almost all the events, even non Japanese ones, commentary all in English.

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Posted in: Canada wins gold in women's speedskating team pursuit after Japanese skater falls See in context

ROC is Russian Olympic Committee. Taiwan competes internationally as Chinese Taipei TPE.

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Posted in: Canada wins gold in women's speedskating team pursuit after Japanese skater falls See in context

Aly that is because Japan today and most sites rank by number of gold medals.

By total medals Japan is 7th. He clearly incorrectly claimed Japan was not in the top ten by total numbers.

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Posted in: Canada wins gold in women's speedskating team pursuit after Japanese skater falls See in context

You're saying you are having a more objective way of getting your information, and claiming Japanese news and I quote from you:

"doesn't give the right information"

Then you yourself in the same post make a factually incorrect comment: "Japan isn't even in the top ten in total of medals" when Japan is factually by total number of medals in the top ten (it's 7th overall).

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Posted in: Canada wins gold in women's speedskating team pursuit after Japanese skater falls See in context

In Germany as in most of the European countries they DO cover more about the other disciplines and athletes.

So you claim to know about how most European countries cover the Olympics?

So I must assume that you lived and speak well the languages and watch the Olympics in these countries as well?

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Posted in: Canada wins gold in women's speedskating team pursuit after Japanese skater falls See in context

Japan is even not in the top ten in total of medals.

In Total number of medals Japan is 7th as of the time of the writing of this post.

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Posted in: Canada wins gold in women's speedskating team pursuit after Japanese skater falls See in context

If you want open objective information, then don't get it from the news. Get it directly from the source, the raw scores. Every country is going to be biased towards their teams, why because it sells, and thats where they get their advert funds from, simple as that.

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Posted in: Canada wins gold in women's speedskating team pursuit after Japanese skater falls See in context

According to the media and news there is only Japan,but there are countries and athletes that performed way better but the media won’t even mention them.

What's your point? EVERY country does this. Turn on the USA media and it's nothing but TeamUSA athletes, turn on German news, it's nothing but German team news, Canada Team Canada, and of course in China itself. They need to sell news that caters towards their audience, here in Japan and Japan today it's really no different.

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Posted in: Valieva skates into first place after Olympic short program; Sakamoto third See in context

No medal ceremony and not even a flower ceremony will be conducted if she places in the top 3 on Thursday.

The CAS decision was not a decision on doping but whether or not she could be reinstated to compete.

Any doping decision on medal decision will be given way after the Olympics after an investigation.

 Shame on the IOC, CAS, ITA, Rusada, ROC for allowing this to happen. The Olympics have truly hit a new low.

Putting the wrong blame, the IOC and ITA didn't want it to happen that's why they appealed to the CAS. The CAS made a decision and all parties agree to follow CAS decision's no matter what the outcome. The issue is people are confused on CAS' decision. The decision to let her compete was not about doping but about due process. Which is why no metal or flower ceremony will happen if she places in the top 3. The whole decision on doping will be decided much later. Only then can we really complain about the process if it comes out she receives the medal if any.

But putting that aside, this is why I hate "sports" that are scored by judges. There were points that Valieva should have been deducted but she wasn't. Sakamoto did a nice clean skate and should of been scored higher. Which is why I think most judging events are a bunch of BS.

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Posted in: Russian figure skater Valieva cleared to continue at Olympics See in context

Andrea Raducan went to the Court of Arbitration and they ruled against her. Similar in this case, she was not punished by her home NOC or the International Federation. If you want to use Raducan as an example then in this case, she lost her medal but was still allowed to compete and keep her other medals. The case presented to the Court of Arbitration for Valieva was not whether or not she was doped up but rather if she could be unsuspended by RUSADA (which are probably corrupt themselves).

However the case of whether a team medal will be awarded at all will be done later, unfortunately the other teams, (Team USA and Team Japan) will not be able to stand on stage to get their medals until RUSADA holds a hearing, then another hearing held by other IF's /IOC involved. In some cases it takes years before medals are awarded.

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Posted in: Japan breezes past China for 4th straight win in women's curling See in context

I enjoyed watching the woman's team play, they have excellent communication, they play strategically, and often make a comeback when down on points.

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Posted in: History on the ice See in context

There's a whole lot story to her then just being the first black woman. I could careless about that part of the story. The better story is that she didn't qualify for the team, but her teammate on Team USA gave up her spot so she could compete, and she won the gold medal. A great story that if you give someone a chance, they can perform. A better story and headline then just her skin color.

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Posted in: Russian figure skater Valieva cleared to continue at Olympics See in context

There's a lot to this story that is not written. A lot of people are confused about today's decision. Today's decision was not about the doping incident itself.

The decision was SOLELY based on if RUSADA can reinstate her to compete for tomorrow's competition. That's it.

No decision has been made on the doping incident itself. That's why no medal has been given for the team event AND in the case if she places in the top three tomorrow NO medal ceremony is scheduled for that event too, IF (and presumable she will) medal tomorrow. Two medal ceremonies for all teams involved will not be awarded until the core issue of doping is resolved, which today's decision did not.

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Posted in: Russian star practices despite report of positive drug test See in context

The problem is you don't accidentally take trimetazidine, I highly doubt some 15 year old accidentally took it by accident like an aspirin. Her team doctors, trainers etc should know, it's not some unknown drug that caught everyone by surprise, other Olympians have served bans because of it so it's a known prohibited substance.

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Posted in: Nathan Chen wins figure skating gold; Kagiyama takes silver, bronze for Uno See in context

No doping required here.

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Posted in: Russian star practices despite report of positive drug test See in context

That maybe the case, but most other athletes don't have trouble following them. ROC more than any other committee should dang know it, other players have been banned from using the same drug, not some accident I did t k ow here.

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Posted in: Russian star practices despite report of positive drug test See in context

A banned substance is a banned substance, no matter how people spin it saying its not performance enhancing (though you could argue it gives that person an edge) the Russian Olympic out of ANY Olympic committee should know this more than any group.

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Posted in: Team figure skating award ceremony for Russians, U.S., Japan delayed by legal issue See in context

To Anyone accusing Russian Athletes of Doping! I guess you have proof of your accusation!

Uh why do you think they compete under the "Russian Olympic Committee/ROC" banner instead of just "Russia"?

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