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So you can't use it on the other subway in Tokyo? Places like HK have managed to merge their companies, and it makes everything so much easier and cheaper.

Can't really compare Hong Kong's MTR merger with KCR.

Primary reason Tokyo Metro does not want to merge with Toei is that Tokyo Metro does not want to inherit Toei subway's debts. Any merger with those debts would drive Tokyo Metro's stock prices down (Tokyo Metro is a privatized company, whist Toei subway is operated by the Tokyo Government).

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman killed in head-on collision after her car crosses center line See in context

Or she wasn't wearing a seat belt, or due to her advanced age, her body could not withstand the heavier gforces of a crash.

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Posted in: Mother, 2 young children killed in 4-vehicle crash in Hyogo; trailer driver arrested See in context

K-car, SUV, or just a regular old sedan, it would be hard to survive getting crushed between two trucks. Sad story.

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These same comments pop up from year to year. It is a DRESS/CEREMONIAL uniform and reality is not much different from the "dress blues" of other armed forces including the US military.

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*JR East trains have cancelled, other companies are running modified services in Tokyo.

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Not about the Olympics but volunteering in general. When I volunteer I never expect to get any monitary value in return and I think that’s how most volunteers I have worked with in many organizations. So when things like meals are included it is a nice gesture and transportation reimbursement is rare in many volunteer organizations. I actually worry more about the unsavory folks this might attract and lots of room for abuse of the system.

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

Remeber the guy came to the police box to turn in some lost money, there was no reason for the police to assume the guy was anything other than a good citizen turning in a lost article. As for the replica, he could carry it in his bag, again no reason for the police to be suspicious especially for a guy who was pretending at least to be a good citizen.

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Yes, that is right. A .38” 6-shot revolver pistol attached to the their utility belt with a lanyard. 

Actually most patrol cops carry 5 shot .38 Manabu similar copies to American S&Ws.

However protective detail officers (SPs) usually carry semi-automatics, usually a Sig Sauger P230JP which does come with a lanyard holder (The P230 JP was specially designed for the Japanese police, hence the "JP).

However others carry Glock 17/19s which do not have lanyard holders.

If you watch SP videos on youtube, their SP officers often lean out the window asking cars to stop etc.

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Where did the rest go?

2 hit the suspect in the black car that was ramming everyone (driver using the car in a dangerous manner) and the 5 hit the other car as written in the article.

The situation sounds crazy, so they started the chase, then suddenly this mystery black car shows up and gets into the action, and that's the guy who ends up getting shot and arrested.

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Posted in: Trump says good relations with Japan 'will end when I tell them how much they have to pay:' WSJ See in context

Japanese cars make up 7 out of the 10 top selling vehicles in the US.

Japanese companies employ and make many US selling cars in the US, employing thousands of Americans.

Simple fact, why on earth would Japanese people want to buy a Ford when they could buy a better engineered and supported Toyota, Honda, Subaru or Nissan?

Japan could go ahead and allow American makers in Japan, bankrupt those companies that can even sell cars in America to American consumers who prefer Japanese cars.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy hit, killed by truck in Saga; driver arrested See in context

Truck driver was somewhere he wasn't supposed to be, and starts backing up without even looking?

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I was in Nikko over the holidays, her poster in was plastered almost everywhere in the station, in shops, at tourist areas, information counters etc.

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They could. They just reserved the first class, or travel by night, but it is not exactly the coolest thing to see and it is difficult for the picture descending the plane.

Again that makes no sense, you kick out all the passengers in First class, or you still need to reserve an ANA/JAL aircraft, take it out of it's normal schedule leaving hundreds of passengers stranded with no plane etc.

Air Force One is always used inside the north american continent. This is one plane for 55 states.

Where do you get your information from?

If you mean the US Air Force one, it can travel around the world (and it does) the 747 version. There isn't one plane , there are many planes (any Air Force plane that the President of the US is on, is called "Air Force One"). If it is a navy plane it is called NAVY ONE, if Marine Helicopter (called Marine One) or Army (Army One).

Nonetheless, they fly american. This is a big diplomatic gesture. It is not as secured as french, 

Did you read about my post about Boeing aircraft actually mostly built by overseas companies, including nearly 35% parts made in Japan and also items made by French companies. Did you know that some Airbus A319 and A320's are assembled in China?

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Japanese companies make most of the fuselage panels, all the doors, wing section, wing to fuselage fairings and wing ribs between the spars on the 777.  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (which also makes the MRJ) contribute nearly 40% of the Japanese contribution to building of Boeing Aircraft (other companies include Fuji Heavy Industries and Kawasaki)

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Why can't the Imperial Family and PM travel normal airlines and "get in touch" with the rest of us?????

For private trips they do for the most part (minus the police escort etc) the royal family can be often seen taking the Shinkansen (even though there is an Imperial Train, the emperor opts not to use it to reduce the burden on the Japanese people).

The current Japanese 747-400s are also used not only for VIP transport but have been used in emergency situation to carry back soldiers, victims of terrorist attacks overseas etc.

The Japanese government should have bought the MRJ instead of a Boeing plane. 

A 777 vs MRJ you got to be kidding me right? A 777 can fly 3-4x the distance of a MRJ and carry 3-4x more passengers and cargo.

Its a 777 made in the USA. 

Assembled in the USA. Many parts are made overseas including many important parts from European (Airbus) countries like France. Some Boeing models have as much as 35% of parts manufactured in Japan and shipped to the US for final assembly.

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The reason the current 747-400 is being expedited for retirement is because both JAL and ANA have retired their fleets of 747s and maintenance was outsourced to JAL/ANA. As many airlines around the world switch to smaller more fuel efficient aircraft. 777's fly around the world and parts are readily available, plus the engines are more fuel efficient then the current 747 saving more money in the long run.

One item about government aircraft, is unlike the US "Air Force One", it can only be used for official government trips, no private trips funded by the tax payer line Trump.

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Taxi way was being paved, air craft entered unpaved section which required them to stop, crews came out later to put metal sheets on the ground for the aircraft to safely taxi.

Airport runways are not like you regular highway pavement, and a fully loaded 787 weighs a lot more than a regular Toyota, so runway condition is very important when working with million dollar air craft.

No other pilot made the same mistake that day. It is the pilots responsibility to check and verify data, if it doesn't look right, ask for verification.

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Posted in: Narita airport shuts one runway as plane enters wrong taxiway See in context

Air Canada has a history of pilot errors, look at the two incidents last year at San Francisco. One Air Canada pilot almost caused one of the greatest aviation crashes in history, just weeks later, another Air Canada pilot failed to "go around" after being told by air traffic control SIX times.

The airplane entered the wrong taxiway because it's under construction? And there was no sign there?

You don't put up temporary signs or cones like a highway because it is an airport, parts like that can be blown into airplane engines or otherwise damage aircraft. Pilots have airport information that will tell them which runways/taxi ways are closed.

NO other aircraft went there, No other aircraft made the mistake that day, just the Air Canada flight.

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yahoo? Use Google and they would get quadruple the amount of data. Google maps in incredible for its real time traffic data.

This is Yahoo Japan (separate entity from US Yahoo). Yahoo Japan has considerable amount of more local resources within Japan and profits compared to "regular" Yahoo.

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Posted in: Car carrying five 13-year-old students crashes, killing one in Okayama See in context

When I was young I used to sneak out all the time. Seriously some expect parents lock up 13 year olds in cages or something. We don't know all the info. Some parents need to work overnight depending on their jobs to make extra cash (raising kids isn't cheap). You can have the best parents in the world and still have a child act out, and vice versa. Can't 100% blame the parents here, unless one of them was like "here, take my keys, and grab a cold chuhai from the fridge".

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The Wright brothers didn't throw their hands up in defeat after their first flight wasn't a success. Space is still an unknown frontier.

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Japan WON, ooops, guess they were wrong, as if anyone puts weight into these types of things.

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How come the headline can't read, "Two men arrested in connection with the death of woman found on mountain?

Because you need to be specific with what crime someone is being arrested for. In Japan, there is a crime for body abandonment, so that is what he is currently detained for. Usually charges are upgraded later once more information is collected.

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London Olympics faced the exact same problem, government had to resort to using military personnel to supplement security.

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Why did it take 14 years to do basic investigative work?

You obviously know nothing about "basic investigative work".

As you can see by the article, his DNA and fingerprints were ran against previous crimes and it came up as a match to the 2004 killing.

Since it came to a match, one can deduce that "basic investigative work" was done back in 2004, fingerprints were collected, and other DNA evidence was collected, if it has not been, it wouldn't have been in the database to match in the first place.

The guy's information was not not recorded to him because he never captured of a crime for his information to be entered as tied to him.

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Bird Strike takes out fighter:

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Posted in: Drone nearly hits plane from Japan landing in New Zealand See in context

Drones can cause damage to aircraft.

Birds being sucked into the Engine of US Air brought it to a water landing in the Hudson river.

Birdstrikes have cause engine fires/flameouts etc.

Those are flesh and bone animals.

Look at this video of what a BIRD getting sucked into a 757's engine can do:

Now we have drones with plastic and metal parts, batteries, engines etc

A drone flying around a crowded airport is just asking for trouble.

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The people who go door to door bothering people are NOT NHK employees. They are independent contract bill collectors. There are a lot of NHK bill collector videos in Japanese on youtube. They cannot force their way into your home, put their foot etc, that is illegal, if they try, whip our your camera phone and start yelling "DOROBO" (burglar) as in one video.

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Lower the price of taxi's.

They did in Central Tokyo from 730 base to 430 base.

How much lower would be acceptable before losing money for the taxi companies.

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Posted in: Japan pulls out stops to improve nightlife for foreign tourists See in context

Singapore MTR, Hong Kong MTR, London Tube, Paris Metro, Moscow Metro, all close (are not 24/7) and these aren't small dinky cities either

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