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Posted in: Rescheduled Tokyo Olympics may be held before summer 2021: Bach See in context

Every day Olympics Olympics Olympics. You would think the country's survival depended on it or something. Man, give it a rest already. It's not the Second Coming!

And Japan Today keeps reporting and reporting it. When something's good, someone's always going to find something bad about it. That's how JT makes it's money man!

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Posted in: Confirmed new coronavirus infections in Japan now 1,528, including cruise ship cases See in context

The problem with these numbers all around the world is they hardly ever tell you how many have already recovered. For example just the cruise ship itself, well over 2 weeks ago, how many of them, if not most of them have recovered?

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Posted in: WHO declares coronavirus crisis a pandemic See in context

The majority of people who catch Coronavirus will survive, many without major problems, some have reported that they had hardly any effect. Is Coronavirus dangerous, yes, but people got to calm down, think clearly, don't panic, and take general precautions, that they should be doing anyway to protect themselves from ANY disease.

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Posted in: Takanawa Gateway station unveiled See in context

*Just East not West

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Posted in: Takanawa Gateway station unveiled See in context

The naming of the station went against public wishes, "Takanawa Station" won by far with the most votes, and Takanawa Gateway Station was something like 130th on the list.

Personally, I would of went with Higashi-Sengakuji or just "JR Sengakuji" since it is located just west of Toei Subway Sengakuji Station. I hate it when essentially same connecting stations have different names.

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Posted in: Takanawa Gateway station unveiled See in context

All that space, and not a bench in sight. Forget gimmicky robots, what people need when travelling in Tokyo is a place to sit and rest between connections, or while waiting for friends. For old people, people with children, people with luggage, the disabled, etc etc, the almost complete lack of seating in the stations in Tokyo (especially by the ticket gates) is cruel.

The vast majority of Yamanote Line stations have no benches, the interval between trains on the Yamanote Line is 120 seconds during rush hour to 240 seconds during non-rush hour.

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Posted in: Angry confrontation breaks out after man coughs on Yamanote Line train in Tokyo See in context

"Priority Seating"

Priority seating is not just for the old , there are many people with internal problems that you cannot see externally with your eyes that might need to sit in the priory seat as well.

But that's not even the case here, that grumpy old man would of done that to anyone regardless of priory seats or not.

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Posted in: Angry confrontation breaks out after man coughs on Yamanote Line train in Tokyo See in context

One incident out of how many millions of riders per day.

I sometimes run into some "crazy" passengers, many of them tend to be grumpy old men and this is without the coronavirus. Just a grumpy old man who's too paranoid.

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Posted in: United Airlines sharply cuts flights to Japan, S Korea See in context

Any airline flying to the U.S. from other countries needs to test all passengers and crew for the coronavirus before boarding the plane.

And how do you propose thousands of passengers be tested at the airport before boarding the plane, using what medical method and using what facilities at the airport without causing long delays.

Current tests done at airports for arriving passengers can only catch people already exhibiting symptoms (Coronavirus or not), it does not detect people who are carriers but who are not exhibiting any form of symptoms yet.

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Posted in: Abe's abrupt call to close schools triggers confusion See in context

Well thank you. My wife will be without a full month salary... since she's an english teacher.

That has less to do with Abe's decsison and more to do with the crap contracts many ALTs have from shady ALT companies and the people willing to sign up and accept those terms.

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Posted in: Driver being chased by police car hits and kills moped rider See in context

The driver had already ignored another red light is why he was being stopped by the police in the first place. If the police had not stopped him and he crashed, the police would of been blamed by the same folks who want to blame them for trying to stop them in the first place. Always a catch 22 for some of you.

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Posted in: IOC senior member: 3 months to decide fate of Tokyo Olympics See in context

Mr. Pound is not speaking officially, he is speaking hypothetically. Read his words carefully. He is threading a fine line.

Though will get about 50 down votes, as many folks on JT are eager to gobble and eat up any remotely anti police, anti Olympics, etc.

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Posted in: Non-infected Americans from cruise ship in Yokohama to be taken back to U.S. See in context

They will then get charged the flight tickets back, as dtate department rules require those evacuates to pay back the government the costs of evacuation.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies from choking on bean during Setsubun event See in context

Just a couple of notes:

The Heimlich maneuver can be quite dangerous and should be used as a final step if other steps such as back thrusts not work, especially so on younger ones. Also the Heimlich maneuver shouldn't be done on a kid that is unconscious, better to use back blows.

The Red Cross Society to include the Japanese Red Cross and American Red Cross do not recommend doing the Heimlich maneuver unless other options have exhausted. If Heimlich maneuver is done, vs back thrusts , the patient should undergo additional x-rays to see if any internal damage was done.

Just future reference in case anyone here ever needs to do it in an emergency.

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Posted in: New multi-use park facility in the heart of Shibuya set to open in June See in context

Even Shinjuku Gyoen wouldn't make sense, as the Park there in Shinjuku has existed since the Meiji period way before American occupation...

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Posted in: Investigation into burned Shuri Castle closed with no conclusive results See in context

Despite what people have seen on CSI and other TV and movies, fires are pretty hard to investigate especially one with so much damange, sometimes when a huge disaster happens, there are always people unwilling to accept that it could of just been a simple spark.

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Posted in: Japan plans another Wuhan evacuation flight midweek or later See in context

If the US flies you out, you have to reimburse the state department, who's paying for these Japan flights?

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Posted in: New multi-use park facility in the heart of Shibuya set to open in June See in context

"They" didn't make that. The US postwar Occupation administration did.

Elaborate on how the US Postwar occupation administration made Japan create Yoyogi park?

Here's the story:

Before Yoyogi Park and before the Olympic Village for the 1964 Olympics the site was occupied by Washington Heights US Army housing, however, even before that it was the Yoyogi Military Parade Ground used by the Imperial Japanese Government. The Japanese government acquired the land in 1909 and it was the site of Japan's first powered airplane flight in 1910.

When the ground was not in use by the government/military it was open to the public for various activities noted in the history text: "baseball"/"kite flying" .

After World War 2 in 1946, the US military took over the land and made it Washington Heights. In 1961 after negotiations to return the land back to Japan and create Olympic Village, transfer was complete in 1964 for the Olympics. Three years later in 1967, Yoyogi Park was opened.

Not sure where the US postwar occupation administration made Japan make Yoyogi park, when itself has been there already in some form dating back to at least 1909.

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Posted in: S Korean mother honors son who died trying to rescue stranger on train tracks See in context

*Upon further research, most Yamanote Line platforms have waist high platform doors now, with the rest being fitted in by March 2020 and near the end of 2020 for the case of Shinjuku Station, which is undergoing major renovations.

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Posted in: S Korean mother honors son who died trying to rescue stranger on train tracks See in context

You won't find platform barriers at any station along the Yamanote Line.

A couple of stations on the Yamanote Line have barriers, including the current Shin-Okubo station (since 2013), Takadanobaba just a stop over has barriers, Mejiro and Ikebukuro for example on the Yamanote Line on that end all have barriers on the Yamanote Line.

The result of the incident in 2001 resulted in JR installing emergency train stop buttons you see on platforms today, were much harder to see or non existent in 2001, and ditches in the platform, plus other safety mechanisms.

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Posted in: Late-night train services planned during Tokyo Olympics See in context

And why in the hell dont they run them 24/7 NOW? Right, Mommy government likes to keep their children in line

Outside some world cities subways rarely run 24 hours. A whole lot of maintenace is done via the overnight hours to make sure the more profitable daylight hours run.

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Posted in: Japanese salaryman creates model of Shinjuku from paper See in context

Pretty good work, he must of had to make some adjustments due to all the construction. I even noticed, he replaced the old Subaru building with the temporary structure that was set up for the Rugby world cup store!

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Posted in: Japanese company that will quit your job for you sees rush of clients to start 2020 See in context

Considering that there are companies that will fire employees as proxies for their regular employers (eg "downsizers" , if you ever seen the George Clooney movie "Up in the Air" he plays one) , why not the other way around? Makes sense.

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Posted in: 24-hour video on fugitive Ghosn checked only once a month See in context

Vallum as I said, which status would Ghosn fallen under? For him not to have a residence card, assuming he didn't have one.

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Posted in: 24-hour video on fugitive Ghosn checked only once a month See in context

Also, not every foreigner in Japan gets a zairyu card, it depends on his status. That may well have been the case with Carlos Ghosn.

Besides government,military and temporary visitors and certain minors, which foreigners don't require zairyu cards? Which status would Ghosn fall under?

Even Zainichi Koreans and Chinese have special yellow zaiyu cards.

I can't imagine a situation where someone like Ghosn who was the CEO of Nissan for over 10 years, having a owned a residence in Tokyo was not required to have one?

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Posted in: 24-hour video on fugitive Ghosn checked only once a month See in context

All foreigners in Japan are required to have their passports with them to show to police or other officials. It is unclear whether the French passport is the one Ghosn used to enter Lebanon.

This is slightly incorrect, if for example you have a residence card you don't have to have your passport with you all time.

It baffles me as how the CEO (or former CEO) of a company in Japan, with owned home in Japan, does not have a residence card?

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Posted in: Renovated Shibuya subway station with M-shaped roof begins service See in context

Having used the old Ginza Line station at Shibuya, the new station is ages ahead of the old station.

Since it is a terminal station there's usually a train on either end of the platform about to depart, thus really negating the need for many benches to sit down on.

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Posted in: Renovated Shibuya subway station with M-shaped roof begins service See in context

If the railway companies weren't so damn territorial the Ginza Line could have been extended to merge with the Inokashira line and run trains all the way to Kichijoji.

Technically impossible not just because of territorial disputes.

Inokashira Line and Ginza line run on different gauges for a start. The Ginza and Marunouchi Line's being the oldest subway lines in Japan run on standard gauge. Later lines and railways use narrow gauge.

Next, the Ginza line and Marunouchi Lines' receive power from the "3rd rail" at 600 V DC power , instead of overhead power at 1500 V DC power like the Inokashira line does.

The Ginza Line runs 6 car train sets, the Inokashira Line platforms can only accomodate a 5 car train set max, though to be fair Inokashira trains are a few mm's longer.

Finally, legally even if it were technically possible to connect the two tracks, Inokashira line trains do not have front/rear doors as required in case a subway train gets stuck in a tunnel. An example is on the Sobu Line JR, runs a special E231-800 series train set with front and rear doors at each end so JR can run through service through the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line.

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Posted in: 2 arrested over murder of man who reported burglar in his home See in context

When the police screw up they do, but here looks like good detective work, tracking the suspects, tracing things back. I assume they also saw the phone use on the cameras and managed to track down numbers etc called at that hour from nearby towers etc.

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Posted in: Nezu Shrine: One of Tokyo’s hidden gems See in context

Nezu shrine is also one of the "10 shrines of Tokyo" a very nice place indeed.

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