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Posted in: S Korea's latest big export: Jobless college graduates See in context

If Korea keeps suing Japanese companies for WW2 related items, then there soon might not be any Japanese companies left for Koreans to come to work at...

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Posted in: Driver killed in car crash during police pursuit See in context

Another blame the police here eh?

Who was the one who overtook the other car illegally?

Who was the one who decided NOT to stop when the requested by the police?

Who was the one who sped away disregarding the law and the lives of other drivers?

The guy could of been a drunk who would of crashed his car, if the police didnt try to stop the drunk drive, who'd be the ones complaining the police didn't stop him in the first place?

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Posted in: Man kept mother’s body at home after her death last June See in context

Not a lot of family communication here!

To be fair, I rarely speak directly with my grandparents as well. Usually sometimes parents will say 'they are fine' , grandkids, I know many folks who don't often communicate with grandparents, and I know many who do, to each his own, be it isn't something that is abnormal in the world.

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Posted in: Taiwan seeks double-murder suspect who fled to Japan See in context

Many countries as long as it is registered with Japanese authorities (eg whichever city/ward they live in) nothing else needs to be done at the embassy. Countries will vary.

Any case, I hope they arrest him and send him packing. Don't want a known killer walking around and I hope the baby is returned to his mother as soon as possible.

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Posted in: Taiwan seeks double-murder suspect who fled to Japan See in context

question. Can two non Japanese people get legally married in Japan without household registration I.d ? Maybe they were not married ?

Yes they can with registry (from what the article says, he is a resident living in Japan and she was before) so not only not just a koseki is required, but if you simply have residency registration (juminhyo).

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Posted in: Anime-style security guard will be protecting home and offices in Japan See in context

Another job lost, another family with no income.

From my understanding, Japan has a security guard shortage.

Essentially this is just a high tech surveillance system, there's always someone on the back end monitoring and dispatching actual guards to a location if needed.

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Posted in: S Korean court asked to sell Japan firms' assets over wartime labor See in context

Korean businesses have a lot more to lose if Japan pulls out or seizes Korean assets in Japan than Japanese do if having their assets stolen in Korea.

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Posted in: Emperor visits father's tomb to report upcoming abdication See in context

Even in Japanese where everything about the emperor is very formal and strict, it is hardly or almost never referred to as the 武蔵陵墓地 or *武蔵*陵墓地 but rather just 武蔵陵墓地 Musashi Ryoubouchi / Musashi Imperial Graveyard.

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Posted in: Emperor visits father's tomb to report upcoming abdication See in context

The article says Musashino Imperial Graveyard, it is the Musashi Imperial Graveyard. (Musashi 武蔵 not musashino 武蔵野)

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Posted in: Man slashed in apartment building car parking lot in Niigata See in context

Ever hear of this cool thing called door locks?

Whether or not the doors were locked is irrelevant to the point that there is someone out there with a knife willing to slash people sitting in their cars.

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Posted in: In America, high-speed train travel is off track See in context

Rail in the US makes sense not as a national network, but as regional networks connecting densely populated areas. If Trump spent the money on actual rail infrastructure improvement instead of billions wasted on a fake emergency, he'd probably be a little popular.

Amtrak between Washington and Boston is really popular with the standards they have (that could be 10x better if they actually invested more to improve the infrastructure).

Florida's republican governor CXed their high speed rail plan, so private companies including those backed by Disney are moving forward with a private high speed rail system for Florida.

If the US government spent a fraction on rail projects like they do for Airline subsidies the US would have a pretty decent network, and the fact is the airlines would be bankrupt if it wasn't for all the subsidies they receive from the government.

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Posted in: Olympic volunteers: One-time chance, or exploitation? See in context

And these stories are appear almost as frequently as Mt. Fuji will explode stories every four years.

I am a volunteer and don't feel exploited, most volunteers generally know what they are getting into and one never expects to be paid, if one has never volunteered before it would be difficult to understand.

I have a full time job and I know I will be expected to be volunteering without pay, some people will say that is exploitation, and some people will say "you're crazy" but that's the mind of a volunteer that some will never understand (as most people have never done any type of volunteering in their lives before).

When I got my radio license, i went to the testing center, even though radio companies make billions of yen and regulated by the government, the administrators of national licensing exams (in most countries of the world) are done by volunteers, who go out every weekend to help administer exams with no pay, because simply they enjoy doing it. Same for election campaigns, billions are spent on candidates yet volunteers are passionate to go out and volunteer and never see a cent.

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Posted in: Trump stops Pelosi from using military plane for overseas trip in shutdown fight See in context

Just sit back and think this out logically.

A House Democratic aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters that details of the trip were not supposed to be revealed for security reasons, as is customary. The White House, however, made the letter to Pelosi detailing the itinerary public

Pelosi did not endanger the president by asking him to delay his state of the union from the Capitol , he can still do it from the white house safely.

Rather, trump endangers members of congress by publicly releasing undisclosed plans about members of congress, which includes the Speaker of the House (the second in line to the president) visiting a war zone.

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Posted in: Plan to renew Osaka subway stations before Expo 2025 draws fire See in context

Osaka subway (now known as Osaka Metro, since it was privatized from city operation this year) is probably looking for something big since privatization this year.

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Posted in: 2 brothers, aged, 8 and 1, perish in apartment fire in Miyagi Pref See in context

Parental idiocy strikes again. RIP boys.

We don't know what started the fire. Who's to say even if the parents were there they would of been lost too? Not much information on the cause of the fire.

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Posted in: TOKYO SURPRISE! campaign See in context

So you can't use it on the other subway in Tokyo? Places like HK have managed to merge their companies, and it makes everything so much easier and cheaper.

Can't really compare Hong Kong's MTR merger with KCR.

Primary reason Tokyo Metro does not want to merge with Toei is that Tokyo Metro does not want to inherit Toei subway's debts. Any merger with those debts would drive Tokyo Metro's stock prices down (Tokyo Metro is a privatized company, whist Toei subway is operated by the Tokyo Government).

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Posted in: 77-year-old woman killed in head-on collision after her car crosses center line See in context

Or she wasn't wearing a seat belt, or due to her advanced age, her body could not withstand the heavier gforces of a crash.

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Posted in: Mother, 2 young children killed in 4-vehicle crash in Hyogo; trailer driver arrested See in context

K-car, SUV, or just a regular old sedan, it would be hard to survive getting crushed between two trucks. Sad story.

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Posted in: On the move See in context

These same comments pop up from year to year. It is a DRESS/CEREMONIAL uniform and reality is not much different from the "dress blues" of other armed forces including the US military.

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Posted in: 65 injured as typhoon hits Japan's mainland See in context

*JR East trains have cancelled, other companies are running modified services in Tokyo.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic volunteers to get ¥1,000 a day for transport expenses See in context

Not about the Olympics but volunteering in general. When I volunteer I never expect to get any monitary value in return and I think that’s how most volunteers I have worked with in many organizations. So when things like meals are included it is a nice gesture and transportation reimbursement is rare in many volunteer organizations. I actually worry more about the unsavory folks this might attract and lots of room for abuse of the system.

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

Remeber the guy came to the police box to turn in some lost money, there was no reason for the police to assume the guy was anything other than a good citizen turning in a lost article. As for the replica, he could carry it in his bag, again no reason for the police to be suspicious especially for a guy who was pretending at least to be a good citizen.

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Posted in: Police officer loses loaded gun while guarding Abe's motorcade See in context

Yes, that is right. A .38” 6-shot revolver pistol attached to the their utility belt with a lanyard. 

Actually most patrol cops carry 5 shot .38 Manabu similar copies to American S&Ws.

However protective detail officers (SPs) usually carry semi-automatics, usually a Sig Sauger P230JP which does come with a lanyard holder (The P230 JP was specially designed for the Japanese police, hence the "JP).

However others carry Glock 17/19s which do not have lanyard holders.

If you watch SP videos on youtube, their SP officers often lean out the window asking cars to stop etc.

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Posted in: Osaka police officers fire shots at two cars See in context

Where did the rest go?

2 hit the suspect in the black car that was ramming everyone (driver using the car in a dangerous manner) and the 5 hit the other car as written in the article.

The situation sounds crazy, so they started the chase, then suddenly this mystery black car shows up and gets into the action, and that's the guy who ends up getting shot and arrested.

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Posted in: Trump says good relations with Japan 'will end when I tell them how much they have to pay:' WSJ See in context

Japanese cars make up 7 out of the 10 top selling vehicles in the US.

Japanese companies employ and make many US selling cars in the US, employing thousands of Americans.

Simple fact, why on earth would Japanese people want to buy a Ford when they could buy a better engineered and supported Toyota, Honda, Subaru or Nissan?

Japan could go ahead and allow American makers in Japan, bankrupt those companies that can even sell cars in America to American consumers who prefer Japanese cars.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy hit, killed by truck in Saga; driver arrested See in context

Truck driver was somewhere he wasn't supposed to be, and starts backing up without even looking?

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Posted in: Police resume search for missing French woman in Nikko See in context

I was in Nikko over the holidays, her poster in was plastered almost everywhere in the station, in shops, at tourist areas, information counters etc.

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Posted in: New gov't aircraft arrives in Hokkaido See in context

They could. They just reserved the first class, or travel by night, but it is not exactly the coolest thing to see and it is difficult for the picture descending the plane.

Again that makes no sense, you kick out all the passengers in First class, or you still need to reserve an ANA/JAL aircraft, take it out of it's normal schedule leaving hundreds of passengers stranded with no plane etc.

Air Force One is always used inside the north american continent. This is one plane for 55 states.

Where do you get your information from?

If you mean the US Air Force one, it can travel around the world (and it does) the 747 version. There isn't one plane , there are many planes (any Air Force plane that the President of the US is on, is called "Air Force One"). If it is a navy plane it is called NAVY ONE, if Marine Helicopter (called Marine One) or Army (Army One).

Nonetheless, they fly american. This is a big diplomatic gesture. It is not as secured as french, 

Did you read about my post about Boeing aircraft actually mostly built by overseas companies, including nearly 35% parts made in Japan and also items made by French companies. Did you know that some Airbus A319 and A320's are assembled in China?

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Posted in: New gov't aircraft arrives in Hokkaido See in context

Japanese companies make most of the fuselage panels, all the doors, wing section, wing to fuselage fairings and wing ribs between the spars on the 777.  Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (which also makes the MRJ) contribute nearly 40% of the Japanese contribution to building of Boeing Aircraft (other companies include Fuji Heavy Industries and Kawasaki)

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Posted in: New gov't aircraft arrives in Hokkaido See in context

Why can't the Imperial Family and PM travel normal airlines and "get in touch" with the rest of us?????

For private trips they do for the most part (minus the police escort etc) the royal family can be often seen taking the Shinkansen (even though there is an Imperial Train, the emperor opts not to use it to reduce the burden on the Japanese people).

The current Japanese 747-400s are also used not only for VIP transport but have been used in emergency situation to carry back soldiers, victims of terrorist attacks overseas etc.

The Japanese government should have bought the MRJ instead of a Boeing plane. 

A 777 vs MRJ you got to be kidding me right? A 777 can fly 3-4x the distance of a MRJ and carry 3-4x more passengers and cargo.

Its a 777 made in the USA. 

Assembled in the USA. Many parts are made overseas including many important parts from European (Airbus) countries like France. Some Boeing models have as much as 35% of parts manufactured in Japan and shipped to the US for final assembly.

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