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Posted in: Tokyo reports 729 coronavirus cases; record-high 1,208 in Osaka See in context

These stupid politicians and celebrities on tv wearing these clear mouth shields that provide absolutely zero protection against covid for the wearer. You see security staff on the street wearing them as well, they provide perhaps maybe a meniscal percentage in spraying from the wearer, but zero protection to the wearer in protection from viruses. People "wearing" masks just over their mouths and not their nose.

Sorry for the rant, but people being stupid when they should be taking it seriously.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 729 coronavirus cases; record-high 1,208 in Osaka See in context

I don't see why people think that cancelling the Olympics will magically solve the issue.

The issue is they need to get vaccines rolling out faster, approve moderna now for god sakes, and people the PUBLIC need to take this thing seriously again. People have become far too relax and it pisses me off when I'm riding the train and seeing many mostly young folks from time to time NOT wearing a mask and the staff not enforcing it. I was at my local supermarket the other day and THREE young women chatting away walking around without masks and the staff DID NOTHING. This is why it's spreading no one enforcing rules or nothing. I don't see how cancelling the games will magically make this happen, people will magically start listening to the rules if the games are delayed or cancelled, it's just a scapegoat, games or no games, I really don't care, But I still see people still going to do this stupid stuff. People got to take it seriously again. Back in my home my nephew got Covid, why? Cause he didn't believe it would affect him and went to a party, now he's got no sense of smell or taste, no Olympics there, just stupidity, it's everywhere.

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Posted in: Most foreign Olympic volunteers will not be allowed due to COVID-19 See in context

Theres a translation issue, most foreign pertains to foreigners who live outside of Japan which was about 30% of the 8000 volunteera. 70% of the foreign volunteers in Japan are not affected.

As for Japanese citizens abroad they are Japaanese, not much immigration can do to block rerentry, the issue is mainly non Japanese people living outside of Japan entering as Temporary visitors like regular tourists, special regulations would have to be passed.

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Posted in: Volunteers from abroad won't be allowed in for Tokyo Olympics See in context

There is some misinformation here. All foreign volunteers are not banned. As noted in the article, volunteers from abroad (eg foreigners who do not reside within Japan).

While roughly 12% *precovid numbers are non Japanese volunteers. The number of non resident foreign volunteers is actually much smaller than 8000. The public data published on non-Japanese volunteers does not distinguish between resident foreigners and non resident foreigners. The larger group being Japan based rather than based abroad.

But aside, why do we need volunteers who can speak minority languages if there won't be foreign visitors?

Volunteers don't just work with visitors, there are many behind the scenes working with staff, organizers, translators for athletes etc.

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Posted in: ANA to trial IATA travel pass See in context

This is great, but what can be done about that fact that Japan refuses to test people unless they’re showing severe symptoms? Kind of a moot point.

Dont know which parts of Japan you are but there are many testing private testing sites here in Tokyo that will do the test for people who need it for travel/business/or just piece of mind. I walked past two brand new private testing ones in Akiba alone just last week. If you dont need an official cerificate its cheaper but for official cerificates they charge more, special forms can be done for Hawaii and otjer destinations as well.

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Posted in: 25 health care workers in Japan suffer anaphylaxis after vaccination See in context

From Mainichi news:

They later experienced symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and headaches, but all have since recovered.

All eight are either allergic to certain foods and medication, or have pre-existing conditions such as asthma and diabetes. An expert panel of the health ministry plans to study the correlation on Friday.

To highlight again what we're talking about here:

*They later experienced symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and headaches,**** but all have since recovered.***

All of them also had some other underlining pre-exiting allergy and the key is all survived.

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Posted in: 25 health care workers in Japan suffer anaphylaxis after vaccination See in context

 But what if you were one of the 17?

From the article: All of them recovered after receiving treatment.

This is why there is a waiting period set up after your get the vaccine, don't just take it and dash off.

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Posted in: 25 health care workers in Japan suffer anaphylaxis after vaccination See in context

All of them recovered after receiving treatment.

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Posted in: Japan to allow use of insulin syringes for COVID-19 vaccines See in context

Bad news = bad on JT

Good news = bad on JT

Can't win here.

On a serious note, insulin syringes have a different design from traditional syringes and a shorter needle and dead space syringes which allows it to get more out of a injection. If you look at the actual designs and understand the differences between the three you can see how they work, it|s good news overall.

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for killing police officer, security guard in Toyama See in context

2:/ 68 year old security guard, what is he meant to to do any way ?

At 68 years old you are not a security guard but a liability pretending to guard children.........

His main duty that day was access control at the front gate, he was killed doing his job and no children were injured.

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Posted in: Japan to extend state of emergency for 2 weeks in Tokyo area See in context

The only emergency I have is teying to get some takeout before the shop closes at 8pm.

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Posted in: 58% in Japan interested in Olympics but don't want them to happen: poll See in context

what happened to the 80% who didn't want them a couple of days ago? Now all of a sudden its just 58%??

Because "95 percent of polling is made up" - Abraham Lincoln

Joking aside you can pose any question and depending on how it's asked and to who and how you report it you'll get the result you want. Look at Trump and Fox News.

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Posted in: 58% in Japan interested in Olympics but don't want them to happen: poll See in context

Yet the same respondents have no issue going out shopping, eating, working, riding on the trains in an uncontrolled environment. The entire "State of Emergency" in my opinion has been a joke, the only emergency I find myself many days is trying to run to the restaurant before 8pm when they have to shutdown. Go out in Tokyo everyday and ask "What emergency?"

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Posted in: Hives, chills reported following COVID-19 vaccination in Japan See in context

Ok side effects will happen to some people as with all types of medicines or drugs. Alcohol makes me laugh, it makes my other friend depressed and another friend of mine angry.

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Posted in: Men charged in Ghosn escape plot ask U.S. State Department to halt extradition See in context

Or Lebanese officials?

Lebanon does not have an extradition treaty with Japan.

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Posted in: Bitcoin soars to new high above $52,000; sustainability concerns rise See in context

Dutch tulips

The old tulpis argument against bitcoin, written by folks who have no clue what they are talking about sponsered by Peter Schiff.

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Posted in: Georgia runoff elections for Senate too close to call See in context

Actually if the democrats win tonight, because they are runoff special elections, they could be sworn in as soon as possible, no need to wait to Jan 20, you could see a tied Senate 50-50 *with Mike Pence being the tie breaker, but at noon the 20th VP Harris would be the tie-breaker giving Democrats the majority in the Senate.

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Posted in: Activist, champion: Naomi Osaka selected AP Female Athlete of Year See in context

Peter, I dissagree and agree with you.

Let's discuss her dishonesty about renouncing American citizenship.

There is no evidence that she was ever an American citizen. When and how did she become an American citizen? Neither her mother nor her father are American citizens

From my understanding her father was already a naturalized US citizen by the time she was born so she did get nationality through birthright. American citizenship can be gained by birthright OR naturalization. Her father became naturalized and she got it through birthright since her father was naturalized.

However, I do agree with you on the other point, there is no evidence that she has given up her US citizenship as she has claimed, persons who renounced us citizenship is a public record and can easily be checked.

My problem with her is that while I have no doubt she's a great tennis player, she is supposed to represent team Japan, so howabout she protest issues related to people living in Japan (foreigners who live in Japan have many issues as we all well know) .

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Posted in: Japan to ease requirements to indicate maiden names on passports See in context

This is written a little vague as to imply that Japan somehow now accepts Japanese 'holding dual citizenship' which clearly is not the case unless that also changed now with this new rule. So which is it?

If you are under 22 you legally can.

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Posted in: Japan enacts law to make coronavirus vaccines free to residents See in context

The decision today was a modification of an already existing law, the Immunization Act of 1948 which covers various immunizations in Japan. The Immunization Act has long covered all legal foreign residents of Japan and Japanese. Just like the 100,000 yen stimulus this past summer and the stimulus we got back in 2009, if I recall all legal foreigners in Japan were eligible as well with no need to change or modify the language of the law.

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They tried this about 10 years ago or so in Yokohama, they had guards and staff trying to remind people, worked a little, but eventually people went back to their normal ways...

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Posted in: Intruder steals ¥70,000 from student’s apartment See in context

Hopefully they can track the phone and get the guy!

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Posted in: Voting under way in 2nd referendum on Osaka metropolis plan See in context

Osaka residents have voted not to merge.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic volunteer group training resumes after 8-month halt See in context

If you ask any one in most places in Japan I am pretty sure youll have people say yes they are "concerned".

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka hints at more racial justice activism See in context

I don't know why she chose to be a Japanese citizen. She doesn't even speak Japanese. And shes clearly more emotionally attached to American society

According to public records of US citizens renouncing, there is no evidence that Naomi osaka has yet renounced her US citizenship officially.

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka wins 2nd U.S. Open title See in context

Naomi Osaka applied in 2019 to become a Japanese citizen:

Incorrect, Naomi Osaka had dual Nationality, but Japanese law requires her to only select one, she chose Japan so she can play in the Olympics. As noted The US publishes a quarterly list of US Citizens who renounce thier citizenships, while Naomi says she has taken administrative steps on the Japanese side, there is no public record of her giving up her US citizenship, which would then open another can of worms as she would.then need to apply for a visa to live and work in the US where she is currently residing.

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Posted in: Police extend reward period for info on 1996 murder of student See in context

People watch too many crime dramas. There is no DNA database of every single person's DNA on file. The only way to match the police DNA is if they had the murderer's DNA on file (eg he committed another crime and they had his DNA from that), same goes for fingerprints, you can have fingerprints gathered at a crime scene, but it won't do you any good unless you have a match entered into a database. Now in the future if a suspect were to be arrested they would have some DNA to work with to match.

Cold cases can pass decades before being solved, someone says something, someone hears something, some kid remembers something when they got older, someone does another crime leaving evidence that matches, someone is on their deathbed and finally confesses are many reasons why cold cases can get solved.

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Posted in: Reality show 'Bachelor Japan' cast member dies in suspected suicide See in context

There's nothing in the article that says she was bullied by social media and could of been other causes. But nothing in this article hints of anything related to online social media bullying other then trying to tie with with Hana Kimura's death because they were both on TV is perhaps a narrative the media is trying to conjure up.

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Posted in: Over 60% of Olympic volunteers worry about anti-coronavirus measures See in context

I actually registered as an Olympic Volunteer, and I'm terrified to put my life on the first line just for the idea of Olympics. It's too hot, corona virus is everywhere, and they don't have transportation allowance.

I am a actually selected volunteer and just to put something that keeps coming up, there is a transportation allowance.

I took this survey and the question was simply put, are you worried, of course many people are going to be worried, but also buried in the story was that 78.5% of respondents said they will continue to serve as well.

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Posted in: Akihabara saying goodbye to landmark as giant Sega arcade announces it’s closing for good See in context

Now, there is nowhere to see the newest Amateur Radios on the market in person.

Maybe we'll get at least ONE Ham Radio shop back now. Akihabara was infamous for it.

I am a licensed ham and there are many shops in Akihabara that sell the latest radio gear, I got my recent Yaesu handytalk before the rest of the world at "Rocket" amateur radio shop, just follow the viaduct from Akihabara station towards Ochanomizu station (search ROCKET Amateur Radio on google). In addition, right next to Akihabara Station in those small mazes of electronics shops are about half a dozen amateur radio sellers, plus near Rocket radio where all the maid's are standing outside is another HAM shop as well. I can tell you as a licensed ham Akihabara has no shorted of Amateur radio stuff.

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