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Badlishah Halimi comments

Posted in: Tokyo subway car provides child-friendly space See in context

I agree with most of the comments above. I also think Tokyo is one of the most child-unfriendly cities among the countries I've lived and visited. Sometimes I feel some of the commuters on the subway just hate people, not just children.

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Posted in: More Muslim prayer rooms open in Japan, but relatively few takers See in context

We need to accept that the awareness toward Islam and Muslims is still very low in Japan. As per some of the comments above, Muslims can pray anywhere as long the place is not dirty. Nevertheless, it is extremely awkward to pray in public in Japan, unlike in many other countries where Muslims are the minority group.

My family had experienced it first-hand when we prayed at the edge of the public park in Tokyo when a policeman came near to observe us until we finished. Even in semi-secluded areas inside of buildings, passers-by would stop to watch us. People would not bat an eyelid if we do it in London or Rome.

I absolutely understand if not everyone would agree with the above. We all have different upbringings, belief systems and tolerance toward others. As Ken Watanabe's character said in The Last Samurai - many of our customs seem strange to you. And the same is true of yours ...

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