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Posted in: Which summer-themed songs are particularly nostalgic for you? See in context

Alice Cooper FTW

I remember the long summer vacations in elementary school. It seemed like aeons and when you got back, people looked different...they'd grown, had long hair or a different look or even attitude.

In retrospect, that was only 2.5 months. That's nothing! These days I have bills I haven't even opened in 3 months...

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Posted in: Japanese film highlights film industry absurdity See in context

The word is "homage".

"Homme" is French for man, so the non-existent word "hommage" sounds like "being of men" or the like.

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus's raunchy performance at MTV awards goes viral, sparks anger See in context

No problem with "risque" or any of that or it being on TV. If you don't like it, turn it off.

It's just that this person looked so bad doing it. It was painful to watch. With her vacant doll eyes and blazing white buckteeth and ugly fat beefsteak tongue lolling out over and over and over again, it was like a Saturday Night Live parody of some birdbrain idiot doing this.

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Posted in: Radioactive water from Fukushima plant may have reached sea See in context

"May have"?!?!

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Posted in: What do you think of all those so-called energy drinks? See in context

Why do energy drinks all have the same basic supersweet bubblegum juice flavor like Dekavita? At some point someone arbitrarily decided this, and then forevermore all energy drinks must taste this way. Like toothpaste--which must always taste like mint. Why? I'm so sick of it.

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Posted in: Whistleblower says Olympus ignoring court order See in context

That people like the Olympus crooks, US banksters engaged in fraud and police who commit criminal acts almost never go to jail like an "ordinary" person would just perpetuates this kind of thing.

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Posted in: Ayame Goriki is TV commercial queen for first half of 2013 See in context

In Japan, the fact that something doesn't work or is disliked by most people, often has zero effect on whether it will continue to be done.

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Posted in: Get your car washed by girls in swimsuits for Y10,000 See in context

How about don't even buy a car, and take a train to the beach or pool.

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Posted in: Japanese women continue to look for role models who demonstrate that it is possible to be a woman and have a successful career in politics. I expect that many in both the United States and in Japan wi See in context

Here's my two cents. Whenever anybody talks about workplace equality for men and women, of course I agree, but frankly speaking, most of the workplace and world of work are horrible places that I wouldn't wish on anybody. In this case, the discussion is about getting more women to a successful career in politics. In my mind, "successful politician" means "scumbag". It takes a really special person to dream of being a politician and then actually stay long enough in that filthy take to really become one. And to talk of them in the context of role models is rather rich these days if you read the news. Not that any of it is really "new". This is, I think, how things have always been.

I would like to see women transform the workplace and politics, rather than just finally get an equal/same ticket on the same old rotten played-out bus that seems to have been rolling forever.

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Posted in: Has preferential treatment for women gone too far in Japan? See in context

falseflagsteve, I agree. You can gauge the weakness and decadence of a culture or society by the degree to which it imposes on its male stereotypes traits that it had formerly associated with femininity. Note that the current stereotype of the Russian males is masculine and strong. They do not pluck eyebrows and fuss with hair products in front of the mirror in public bathrooms. If they display their bare breasts and nipples--such as Putin riding that horse--it's done as a signal of masculinity--or if to smash in someone's face, as a sign of aggression and dominance. Compare that to the gym-shaped bare breasts of long-haired male models in fashion and lifestyle poses in Europe, Japan and the US. Also consider whatever is the "attractive" role model for young men in the society. Is it a singing, dancing boylike man with makeup and stylists, like Bieber or Johnny's Jimusho? Or is it something else?

Mumbairocks, fair enough, but plenty of Japanese women also exhibit terrible, uncivil manners in public and on trains. If I had 100 yen for every elbow some tanklike, hostile obatarian had scythed into my kidneys, I would be well on my way to getting a Retina iPad Mini whenever they finally come out.

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Posted in: 'Mutant' vegetables wrongly attributed to Fukushima See in context

FizzBit, just re-read my comment...sorry I didn't mean to try to slam you! Apologies.

I'm also constantly amazed at the way things work. It's to anyone's credit to believe in good and give the benefit of the doubt! Things can never change without that kind of strength and viewpoint.

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Posted in: 'Mutant' vegetables wrongly attributed to Fukushima See in context

FizzBit, why wait...just Google "Fukushima mislabel" and read away!

It's always this way. This isn't a nuclear issue, it's just what humans do. There is a standard level of funny-business in any sector or business. Look at China. Look at US meat industry and big agra and big pharma, the self-reporting, self-regulating and revolving-door compliance. Remember mad cow testing and mislabeling, remember the scandal about HIV testing on donated blood. Or how about finance/banking sector, where once again the stakeholders are in charge of their own compliance and reporting and the players get a free pass? Baseball and soccer and sumo matches fixed? Illegal political contributions?

This kind of crap is normal and par for the course down through history, every era, every country. It's amazing how many people get as far as realizing the tooth fairy and Santa Claus don't exist, then just stop there.

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Posted in: 'Cool Japan' gives anime heroes a new mission: boost the economy See in context

$500 million. Wow... This is why people become politicians: to be gatekeepers of public funds and dole it out to their relatives and special-interest friends, lackeys and masters.

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Posted in: Japan to let carriers remove 787 emergency beacons See in context

Honeywell made the beacon, but not the lithium-based battery. They don't do that. I wonder who did?

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Posted in: U.S. trade chief says concluding TPP deal won't be easy See in context

TPP is a terrible treaty. Google "what's wrong with the TPP" to read all about it. Even worse, the whole thing is being negotiated in secret for false "national security" reasons. The first US congressman to actually even get to read it (only recently), was dismayed but forbidden to discuss the contents...and said "If transparency would lead to widespread public opposition to a trade agreement, then that trade agreement should not be the policy of the United States."

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Posted in: Police bust sex home-delivery service using overweight women See in context

Or instead of being criminalized.

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Posted in: Police bust sex home-delivery service using overweight women See in context

Sheer waste of public resources and time. This should not be illegal. You can pay someone to have intercourse in adult films and the entire act will be shown worldwide in vivid color, and that's OK. But do it in the privacy of your own home--that's a felony. Right. OK. Sure. Makes sense to me.

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Posted in: 20th Century Fox to create musicals from its films See in context

Now we know what comes after having the same 20-30 actors/actresses (and their family/relations) do remakes, sequels and ridiculous films of old comic books until our eyes bleed: it is having the same 20-30 actors/actresses (and their family/relations) do MUSICAL remakes, sequels and ridiculous films of old comic books.

Sheer genius!

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Posted in: Tsubasa Masuwaka gives make-up lecture in France See in context

Looks like cardboard caked with greasepaint.

In a land where larded-on, 1890-style vaudeville makeup is the norm, this emulsified version of The Scream sure is some kind of record.

Can you imagine even touching that face? Awful.

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Posted in: No. of highly skilled foreign professionals in Japan remains low See in context

Skilled professionals from first-world countries have very little reason to come here. In their own countries, they can have a nice house with a bit of green and great lifestyle. And kids are in a kind of paradise. Then look at how ugly, cramped, cheap and cruddy the landscape and lifestyle is here.

Time and time again I've seen the shocked disbelief on the faces of American and European friends who come to visit me in Tokyo. Outside of a few big commercial buildings and areas in a couple of cities, it's like a corrugated-shack shanty-town life, or endless big prison-block mansions coated with bathroom tile next to busy roads. There's junk and jarring industrial or depressingly rundown third-world urban sights everywhere...cold fluorescent tubes showing through cracked and dirty windows, rundown abandoned properties next to new cheap thin uninsulated prefab rabbit-hutch homes that smell like chemicals, tiny dirt and cement parks next to roaring diesel-fume freeways.

The countryside to which I fled for a "better life" for my kids looks like white-trash areas of Kentucky. There are piles of plastic and metal junk in fields everywhere, abandoned farm equipment and old rusted vehicles seeping fluids into ditches, sagging old prefabs all over the place, and half the population looks and acts like the Japanese equivalent of movie-type inbred Appalachian hillbillies. A lot of them drink a giant 2L plastic handle of shochu every day.

What skilled professional in his/her right mind would choose this lifestyle for their family? We'll be leaving in a year or two.

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Posted in: Condom maker reveals results of national survey on sex See in context

Typical Japanese homes and adult lifestyles don't leave much time or space for hanky-panky. You have to live here in a regular Japanese town or small city to fully get this. There's nowhere to go, no privacy inside or outside the house, no time, no spare energy for this, people coming home exhausted and greasy and unfed at 9 or 10 pm and comatose all weekend, moms run ragged doing 100% of everything for home and kids. Young people can't sneak one upstairs in the bedroom since you can hear everything from anywhere in the house. There are major chilling effects. It has to be seen to be believed.

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Posted in: Tokyo delighted by positive IOC report on Olympic bid See in context

World Cup in Japan was a great party. If the Olympics come here, it would be a blast.

Re visitors coming here to see the games, I think it's prohibitively expensive for most. Let's hope that by 2020, Japanese ATMs accept all of the "normal" international networks/cards; and that for the games, at least, hotel rooms will for once be priced by room, not number of guests in the room.

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Posted in: Gouriki wins 'E-Line' award for most beautiful profile See in context

KInd of looks like a lizard to me.

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Posted in: Man who embezzled Y130 mil from IBM held for ripping Microsoft off See in context

I must say it would explain a lot if my company's bungling IT staff turned out to be composed entirely of paid actors. But then again, what is working for a living but being a paid actor? The only real issue is the quality of your performance.

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Posted in: Main parties agree on anti-bullying draft bill See in context

Zero tolerance sounds great in theory. Who could object to that? And so of course the bill passes. Now what about implementation? How is that going to work? Who decides that this or that event was "bullying" and will receive the automatic, full consequences without review, appeal or commonsense adjustment? A kid pushed my kid over at school in the playground. Was that bullying? A kid is bullied by others who make sure to do it when no teacher is around, and they deny it when he complains. The parents complain but the teacher says "I have no proof, maybe your kid is bad too, that's what the others say..." Finally after months, the victim finally fights back, is caught and suspended for bullying...yet he was the victim.

The reality is, bullying exists everywhere. There should be better enforcement and handling of bullying at schools. That's obvious. But is zero tolerance really the effective tool? Just asking an honest question here. To me, it seems like it won't change bullying, just crystallizes and magnifies certain problems of application and enforcement relating to bullying by giving full automatic consequences to the judgment of this or that player. If anything, it teaches kids to take it underground.

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Posted in: Main parties agree on anti-bullying draft bill See in context

Does zero-tolerance really work to reduce bullying? I don't think true bullies care about getting in trouble. Zero tolerance has unintended consequences. It permits teachers and school officials to fully abandon common sense and make mandatory punishment for everything. Look at the litany of examples of zero-tolerance absurdity in the suspended and punished for chewing a cookie into the shape of a gun, drawing a knife or playing cops n robbers on the playground. It teaches kids about the relentless bullying power of the state and bureaucracy, the abandonment of common-sense or context, and enshrines an irrational hypocrisy in a world of humans where bullying is a natural feature, and in a country where bullying by and blind obedience to the older, more powerful or entitled are unspoken core principles. What better way to demonstrate to young minds the necessity of unquestioning obedience to "authority" than to remove even the possibility of question or reason by adopting "zero tolerance". Check back in 10 years...bullying won't have stopped or changed at all.

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Posted in: Murofushi ban due to 'overzealous' Japanese officials - CAS See in context

I've read all the stories about this and remain baffled about what actually happened and what the problem is/was.

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Posted in: Free Wi-Fi for tourists to become available at 11 JR West stations See in context

You have to get a guest code before coming here? Talk about user-unfriendly. By this you've excluded 98% of the users you target because hardly anybody is going to remember to get or bring the code. Why not just make it free and open? What's the reason for implementing this stuff so strangely and punishingly?

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Posted in: Japanese women share their complaints about karaoke with men See in context

I once stayed in a job over one year longer than I should have, due to incapacitating horror of the soubetsu-kai, nijikai and karaoke that awaited me at the end. I actually considered making up a story about hospitalization or a relative's demise, to get out of it.

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Posted in: Lawmakers press Obama to include currency rules in TPP trade deal See in context

Actually, adding currency manipulation prohibitions to the TPP could be a good way to hasten its demise. Few potential signatories want to see such prohibitions spelled out in a new treaty, and the US pushing that is like the pot calling the kettle black.

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