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Posted in: Details of Roppongi slaying emerge, but raise new questions See in context

Just watched the youtube video, do they really need that many police on the scene. Jeezz, where I'm from you're lucky if 2 cops shows up

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Posted in: 'It's me, send money' scam creator tells his story in new book See in context

I thought the 419 scams were bad, but at least those guys shows some ingenuity.

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Posted in: Good news for renters in Japan: Security deposits, key money on the demise See in context

Exactly for this reason that we ended up renting from UR where none of this rubbish is required.

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Posted in: TEPCO to raise electricity rates for corporate users by 17% from April 1 See in context

TEPCO go for it! Our office building has turned off 50% of all the lights in the building since March, so someone has been making a killing (in the form of cost reduction).

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Posted in: Softbank profit surges on iPhone sales See in context

Nothing will change as KDDI is offering the iPhone at virtually the same price (if not more expensive), without adding any benefit whatsoever. As for locking into a 2 year contract, that's the same across all networks in Japan. They all agreed on the same cancellation/termination fee of 9950Y or thereabouts. The prepaid market is dead over here, unfortunately.

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Posted in: Docomo unveils first tablets for LTE service See in context


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Posted in: NHK to launch NHK Net Radio on Sept 1 See in context

Good news, although this has been done by most stations I know off. Even the bandwidth starved Africa has been doing this for years

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Posted in: G7 ready to fight excessive currency moves: Japan See in context

same here

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Posted in: Strong yen fuels talk of currency intervention by Japanese gov't See in context

Please dont intervene as yet. I still want to send some YYY back home

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Posted in: University student suspended following 'drunk driving' tweet See in context

FFS. He's not a teenager anymore. How is this the university's business?

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Posted in: Japan ranks first for women's longevity See in context

@choiwaruoyaji I'm with you on this one. I've seen so many eldery who're all nuts. Talking out loud to themselves. etc etc. Not only that but you get more of these freeloaders on the public transport system.

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Posted in: No. of tainted cattle shipped around Japan nears 1,500 See in context

Costco steaks here I come!

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Posted in: Two armed men steal Y8 million from JA branch in Ehime See in context

I find it shocking that you'd have one guy 'guarding' that amount of cash. Secondly that it only takes a knife and a crowbar to get the job done. It's way too easy to steal in this country.

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