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Posted in: California voters reject legalization of marijuana See in context

Well said, 71077345

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Posted in: California voters reject legalization of marijuana See in context

Good. Common sense prevails.

That is quite a warped definition of common sense.

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Posted in: Rallies over mosque near ground zero get heated See in context

Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA” blared over loudspeakers as mosque opponents chanted, “No mosque, no way!”

Are they ignorant or stupid? This song is far from a flag-waving patriotic anthem.

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Posted in: Muslim anger prompts Pakistan to block Facebook See in context

soon there will be a Happy Face T-shirt out with the name Mohammed printed under it

That's a brilliant idea!

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Posted in: Canada to face U.S. for gold in men's ice hockey See in context

Translation: It's U.S. vs. U.S., Jr.

What an idiotic comment. Why do you infuse your politics into a sports thread, and at the same betray your lack of hockey knowledge? This game is going to be awesome for hockey fans. Go USA!

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Posted in: China executes British man convicted of drug smuggling See in context

While reasonable may debate the death penalty in the case of murder, the death penalty for something as insignificant as drugs is the height of insane inhuman barbarism.

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Posted in: Bob Dylan to play in Japan next March See in context

Tickets go on sale January 16 for 12,000 yen. I saw Dylan once in a small venue in Athens, GA about 15 years ago. It was an incredible show. He threw in a great cover of the Dead's "Friend of the Devil". I'm so excited I have a chance to see him in a small venue again.

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Posted in: Dutch anti-Islam lawmaker due in Britain See in context

so long as they do not try to force me to eat it or even serve it to me knowing that I don't like it.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what Islam and Christianity want to do.

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Posted in: Should marijuana use be legalized? See in context

All the pro MJ folks keep forgetting, when you light up, everyone around you is gonna be affected immediately. Second hand smoke doesn't just dissipate around you, it travels for a few blocks before it really does go away (affecting a few others in its path).

Yes, because we're gonna be lighting up in restaurants and bars. What an idiotic argument. Proper legalization would be restricted to homes and/or special "marijuana bars". Your secondhand smoke theory is a smokescreen for your puritanical fascism.

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Posted in: Obama says releasing detainee abuse photos would endanger U.S. troops See in context

It's not a "flip-flop" to change your mind after thinking deeply and considering all the angles of a decision. It's called wise decision-making.

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Posted in: 8-year-old Saudi girl divorces 50-year-old husband See in context

The liberal loonies want us to be tolerant of these people and their customs

all is forgiven when it comes to the left's alliance with Islam

Last I checked it was the conservatives who supported irrational extremist religion (redundancy noted)

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Posted in: USA Swimming suspends Phelps for 3 months; Kellogg drops him See in context

I am boycotting Kellogg for their self-righteous hypocrisy. The crap they put in their products infinitely more harmful than a few tokes every now and then.

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Posted in: Atheists sue to stop use of 'so help me God' in inaugural oath See in context

You're only hurting the good cause with this frivolity, Mike...

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Posted in: Cracks appear in Obama foreign policy team See in context

trash the white house before he leaves like Clinton did

that urban legend has been discredited many times over...

Moderator: Back on topic please.

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Posted in: Gunmen kill 101, take hostages in Mumbai attacks See in context

mcheeky- your patronizing overgeneralization aside, it is in fact the moderates who pave the way for the extremists.

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Posted in: Obama asks Gates to stay at Pentagon See in context

And non-existent military expreience.


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Posted in: Al-Qaida warns 'house negro' Obama See in context

If you didn't cause triuble and slaughter innocents without concern, then Al Qaida would leave you alone.

No, they wouldn't. They want nothing less than a worldwide Muslim theocracy. Page after page of their "holy" book preaches hatred and destruction of non-Muslims. American imperialistic interference may exacerbate things, but hatred of the West is inherent in Islam...

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Posted in: 2 NZ men convicted of murdering, abusing 3-year-old girl See in context

i, too, am in priniciple against the death penalty, but in my current enraged state i am all for calling in couple of the homes to go to work on these mf's with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch...

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Posted in: Two men arrested for possessing 108 cannabis plants in Fukuoka See in context

I think he was agreeing with you...

yeah, caveman, agreeing with you with a vengeance...

It can cause depression and psychosis from over use.

your key word there is "overuse". most people who enjoy pot can distinguish what is acceptable, just like most people who drink aren't alcoholics. pot is addictive in the same way that chocolate, porn, the internet, or anything can be.

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Posted in: Two men arrested for possessing 108 cannabis plants in Fukuoka See in context

I consider the smoking and growing of weed to be completely just and downright necessary civil disobedience.

I feel all warm n fuzzy when I hear this kind of enlightened thinking. I harbor a deep grudge towards my homeland for its worldwide demonization of this immensely beneficial plant...

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Posted in: McCain steps up attacks on Obama over ties to Ayers See in context

It's pretty pathetic that in a nation of 300 million people we are reduced to two subpar choices. However, it is even sadder that people can be so blinded by party loyalty that they cannot see the far far better of those two choices. As an aside, there is loads of evidence that Palin belongs to a church which believes the end days are upon us, and that Alaska will be a christian refuge in those end days. A simple YouTube search will suffice. She is a religious extremist of the worst kind (reduntant i know...)

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Posted in: Should marijuana use be illegal? See in context

That this is even an issue at this stage of human evolution is absurd. If everyone in the world smoked a j every now and then, this world would be an infinitely better place...

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