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Posted in: Oil-hungry Asian nations pounce on low prices to build stockpiles See in context

The futures market for WTI (West Texas Intermediate) oil went negative (-$37-$40 a barrel) because people were holding future options almost to the expiration date and there were no buyers because there was little to no storage for said oil (must take delivery after oil futures contract ends). Australia must have taken advantage of these prices and somehow used the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve (714 million barrel capacity, 637mb used) to store said oil. They pay a monthly fee for said oil, or just may trade it and make some money since they found storage. They could also load the oil on a ship (fees to transfer on pipeline) and deliver to Australia if that makes sense.

Crude oil can be stored for an almost infinite time. It is sort of funny since Congress refused Trump when he wanted to fill the reserve up because of the negative prices, but Australia was given an OK. The oil had to go somewhere (tanker, tank, pipeline).

Example: Australia buys 2 million barrels of futures contracts for -$37 a barrel (-$74,000,000). They transfer it to the SPR for maybe .50 a barrel (pipeline, high price = $1M). And maybe when selling it pay another $2 a barrel (transfer + fees $4m) = $69M profit + whatever they sell the oil for. SPR payment is in oil however. You easily made at least $100M and people are complaining. The key was finding the storage anywhere when others could not.


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Posted in: Gadhafi forces killed detainees, survivors say See in context

This "report" is very confusing. I don't think the rebels have taken control of Tripoli -and have only gotten photo-ops when the NATO air bombings were in place directly overhead. The CIA/Al-Qaeda Rebels are killing indescrimately since they are desperate. I think the Libyian people are winning this War besides the constant NATO bombing overhead. I hope the Libyian people can hold off Dictator Obama's CIA Army (and media campaign -it seems).

If the Rebels had control of Tripoli you would expect Gadhafi.

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Posted in: Families who left radiation zone voluntarily ask TEPCO for compensation See in context

A nuclear bomb typically uses up the nuclear material and it is released as energy. These nuclear reactor meltdowns have more radioactive particles that give off their radiation over a longer time. More fuel to begin with also.

=big difference between a nuclear bomb and a Fukushima nuclear reactor meltdown/explosion.

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Posted in: Kyoto rejects ceremonial bonfire wood from Iwate over radiation fears See in context

Easy solution/compromise = take the bark off the wood.

Radiation is a sensitive issue for Japan once again. But what do you do with these radioactive particles? At least the radioactive iodine is mostly gone now (never truly gets to 0 radiation).

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Posted in: Honda denies nuclear mission for ASIMO robot See in context

Kids and Adults would be heart-broken if ASIMO would succumb to radiation poisoning/cancer and die in a hospital. =Much better Tepco job for the unemployed who cannot be traced easily.

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Posted in: Japanese TV show invokes Hitler as motivator See in context

Hitler was a big part of the second 30 yrs war (1914-1945) in Germany. Makes one wonder why there was a first (reformation).

For the 1930's Hitler was very charismatic and had the visual symbol appeal that is still highly sought after and used today. Full Metal Alchemist uses a similar style and period. But really any media TV or corporation copies much of Hitler (especially Globalist corps). A very smooth and visual compulsive style that attracts an audience and garners attention/respect. "Hitler" was well produced and almost all Germans were captivated --> that is the goal of Gov. Obama at his inauguration was very similar in speech, slogans (Yes, We Can!) and symbols. Hitler was also appointed as Supreme Dictator just like Obama (War in Libya with no Congress Approval).

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Posted in: Families who left radiation zone voluntarily ask TEPCO for compensation See in context

In order to make a damage claim -you must have damages. Much easier for a business to prove than an individual. And even if you could prove your damages you will most likely be waiting 3-5yrs+ since there will be so many claims. And in 3-5yrs Tepco could easily sell to another company limiting their liability.

There was earthquake and tsunami damages that were not Tepco's fault.

Lawyers/politicians will make money from this, but the common person will make little if any. It is best to move on and get your life back together. If this means you want to move -then so be it. Easy for renters, very difficult for homeowners or property managers.

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Posted in: How are you responding to the global stock market turmoil? See in context

If you look at the Federal Reserve dollar: -If you would have held dollars since 1913 you would have lost 98% of the value of your money. ---> All fiat money is being devalued right now (Swiss Franc the exception, but talk of pegging that to the Euro is causing it to drop)

You want physical gold/silver as money now. Silver is maybe better since it is cheaper. Owning a house or other tangible things. Farmland/having a garden. Be wary of scams since more people are desperate. Have a good back-up of food/water if you have the room.

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Posted in: TV fast becoming irrelevant medium See in context

Best thing you can do for your health is to give your TV to the NHK guy and say thank your for their service. Even better if it is an old CRT that has a formidable weight. Those old plasmas really sucked up the juice also.

Many TVs/DVDs have built in wireless internet now. =TV is becoming the computer. Many phones do TV now.

Many indoctrinated TV viewers are upset about this. Gov/medi is very upset since they are losing control.

But look at Fukushima -did the TV actually cover this well or was the internet(s) better?

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Posted in: TEPCO says it has lost contact with 143 nuclear plant workers See in context

This company seems to take little to no responsibility for everything it does.

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Posted in: How are you responding to the global stock market turmoil? See in context

Unless you are a daytrader (minute by minute trader) this volatility will eat you alive and send you to the bottom.

Long physical silver and gold. Short fiat currencies and all stocks.

The shorts in paper gold took a huge beating today. Some of these are fairly large players into the 100,000s of millions $. -These people are most likely done in their careers. That is how volatile this market is and stocks are worse. -And it is getting more volatile.

=Big/Big players are making large $$$ --> everyone else is losing $. Holding fiat currency is losing money -except for Swiss Franc.

=Stay out of this market except for physical silver/gold. -But be careful of fake bullion/coins/bars now.

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Posted in: Japan ignored own radiation forecasts from very beginning See in context

I still think it may be worse when the American military was told to "stand-down" or turn off their radiation monitors (aircraft etc). -But at least they took the info and got the hell out of there 200km if I remember and many military personal were sent home.

Either way, both failed the Japanese people. -Sameful, and all the Japanese politicans and American military should bow-down and resign. You have failed to protect the people you have sworn to serve. If I see you on the street -expect me to turn my back to you.

Samething happened on the WestCoast US however. -Obama turned off the radiation warning system or said they were being serviced. -This is an online system that anyone can see. Shameful conduct by the Supreme Dictator.

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Posted in: Size matters - in your face See in context

if you ever go to a "fun house" they have these curvy clown mirrors that can make things look thinner or wider. -Get one of these for your home and you will always be happy with your look.

The have those plexi-glass boxes that they use to grow square melons. -If your head is still growing maybe they could make one for your melon to keep it from getting too big. -It would be hard to wear something like that in summer though.

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Posted in: Parents live with radiation fear in shadow of Fukushima nuclear plant See in context

The Gov will try to keep these radioactive people "fenced in" and that is what you are seeing. Dosimeters (sticks/card) and the charger are very cheap and should have been dispersed from day 1.

Eat lots of (non-radioactive) fresh veggies, rice, water. Maybe look into zeolite or DMSA to pull out the metals -but be careful since Calcium is also a metal (bone-loss)

I would move out as a family if I could. If that is not possible -move the kids to others and stay behind for the work/home. Get a good radiation meter that is portable and test everything to keep yourself safe.

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Posted in: Nissan fumes over BBC TV program 'Top Gear' See in context

Pork-Chop head is just another media mouth for the oil globalists. Hybrids/Electrics and small efficient cars are the future and the upward rising trend right now. People are buying the Leaf and the Prius is still very popular. More people are walking and riding bikes.

Big tech in refurbing the NiMh Prius batteries and reusing them for other things (bikes, scooters etc). May try my desulfator on them ~ $5-10 each 7Ah.

Don't use gas for the day --> take a "free" lunch break or dinner. The costs really add up and will easily pay the monthly BBC/NHK fee.

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Posted in: What's causing the current global financial crisis? How bad do you think it is going to get and which countries do you think are in for a really rough ride? See in context

All the fiat currencies are being devalued together in mass by the globalists (gold/silver up). =Things are costing more.

If you salary is stagnant and your costs are going up you are feeling the pinch. -Same for businesses.

Good time to be a farmer or grow your own. Lots of good deals when people are forced to sell. Buy local and keep your local economy moving.

I went all-in on physical silver. Still keep some fiat currency, but only enough for a month or two. Stocked up on commodities like food. Cut back on using gas and will bike/walk more. Looking very intently on upgrading my Mountain bikes (old USA GT Zaskar/Xizang) and stocking old parts.

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Posted in: Gemba says Japan will spend a year drafting new roadmap on energy policy See in context

Allow the people to invest in these green technologies and allow local govs to look at the plans and decide. If people have access to solar panels and knew the costs they would be better informed to buy -same with local Govs/business.

Nobody thought electric/hybrid cars would sell -but now it is a viable business model and the battery packs are being refurbished and used for other uses (home etc).

I have seen solar panels actually on sale now. -Competition is driving the costs lower and people are buying more with the expanding market.

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Posted in: Internet privacy controls challenge tech industry See in context

A good firewall, spyware should limit this garbage. Seems like a ploy to introduce legislation to take control of the internets. Gov already tracks you thru your wireless/cellphone so why would they want to protect you from being tracked thru your computer/websites.

Google/NSA was really the start of this tracking on the Internet.

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Posted in: Analog TV broadcasting comes to an end in Japan after 58 years See in context

If I was using a 30-40yr old Sony TV guaranteed for life. -I would return it and be upset also. People expect these products to work no matter what foolishness the Gov get involved in. I would complain to the NHK guy also.

What is going on here? Why are you taking away my forced propaganda? Changes like this may force many away from TV and focus more on other endeavors of life.

Handing the NHK guy your old TV and demand non-payment for NHK fee would be a funny one. All these TVs in the trash must be good for some type of prank --> could work for many years with all the free TV laying around.

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Posted in: Nuclear safety agency under fire over fake questions See in context

Having pitchers throw puff-balls to raise the score may make the game more exciting, but in the ends ruins the game and turns off the fans. People are afraid of real competition it seems, but it does play into the fascist/socialist "too-big-to-fail" model better.

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Posted in: China doubles compensation to train crash victims See in context

With the massive populace in China -China needs a very good rail system. Fix the problems and run at 1/2 speed until you are 100% satisfied what you have is safe.

People always want to be the fastest -but that is not always what you need (is practical). In Japan it was rail always on time to the second -that has changed somewhat due to similar accidents. What is practical, needed should be the focus. What do the Chinese people want/need in rail?

The people are right and the engineering answers are needed to find out what went wrong in order to fix it. -I would not accept their apology $$$ until those conditions are met.

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Posted in: Gunmen kill 11 in Pakistan sectarian attack See in context

Ever since claimed "American Diplomat" Raymond Allen Davis tried to get nuclear materials into the hands of CIA/Al-Qaeda Pakistan -I have been worried.

But these incidents and the drone attacks (should have ended) are propaganda that media can use to stir-up a populace to War. I don't think a war with India, but a war amongst themselves like CIA/Al-Qaeda vs the Populace of Libya. The attacks/control of the oil fields (assets) usually come first then an attack on the fiat banking system, then political sanctions.

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Posted in: House approves debt bill; Senate rejects it See in context

If congress does nothing (goes home for a year or two) and lets the tax cuts expire you will have a balanced budget

Federal Reserve is standing on over 1 Trillion in reserve. (enough to balance the budget)

Congress controls the purse strings -not the President. Even though Dictator Obama thinks he can do whatever he wants (War in Libya etc) -that is not the Law and it is not Constitutional.

You have a criminal Lib Gov that is spending beyond its' means and has been doing that for sometime. If they do not stop this no one will be debting American dollars anymore and people will move to Gold/Silver or another currency like a Swiss Franc.

People need to ask themselves: Do we really need all the (hands in the pants) TSA and all these FEMA camps. Threat Fusion centers? All this military build-up and bases. 100,000's of military contractor/mercenaries like BlackWater

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Posted in: Watch out -- a Level 4 gokiburi alert has just been called! See in context

Try a pyrethrum spray or even get a few pyrethrum plants. -safest way. Boric acid.

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Posted in: Consumers, who were forced to replace their TVs won’t likely have a motivation to buy another one for a while. See in context

Because in the old days, you just got a TV and kept it.

An old CRT made well can last 20+ years. The older plasma screens only lasted 30,000-100,000 hrs (many already in the trash). People get caught into this stuff and end up upgrading every year or two just like a Microsoft Windows addict.

=Buy quality $$ and expect the product to last. Enforce the guarantees that a company provides you.

Will a cheap $300 12Mpix camera give you a better picture than your old 5Mpix that cost $1000 (now worth $100-200 used) and actually had quality glass lenses in it. I still look for the made in Japan label.

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Posted in: Returning hospitals to their original state will only re-create the lack of doctors that existed even before the great quake and many hospitals would collapse at the same time. It is indispensable to See in context

More centering needs to be focused on radiation detection (detect when people are sick from radiation) and radiation long-term care. Eventually other areas in Japan will have DRs/nurses with training in these fields because the effected population moves (and many already have).

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Posted in: Japanese bus driver apologizes to victims over fatal crash in Utah See in context

I saw a brand new Ford eXtend-A-van on I70 in the middle of Missouri today -so they still make it.

This E350 is actually a truck chassis with a fiberglass transport body on back. Not really the same vehicle and also used extensively for small RVs.

Up high, long, with a flexy suspension is never good. A van is like an aluminum can when in a accident and I'm sure fiberglass is even worse. You think you are safe in these big boxes, but they really fall apart in accidents where as a curved piece of metal will hold together better.

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Posted in: Japanese bus driver apologizes to victims over fatal crash in Utah See in context

I don't think Ford even makes the 5 bench seat extend-a-van anymore (NHTSA 1999 stat end). The closest thing to one now is the Dodge/Mercedes stretch van (dually optional).

=This is a Ford F350 Truck chassis with a fiberglass body added. =Looks like a small school bus. There is no way you could get adult tourists to hop the rear 2 bench seats (made for kids) in a extend-a-van.

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Posted in: U.S. issues worldwide alert against al-Qaida attacks See in context

We must all be watchful of CIA/Al-Qaida ---> these terrorists could be in your country just like in Libya.

And be careful of Libs changing their FaceBook page to Christian -while they are in jail. What about the second gunman in that incident? And police asking the gunman by name to surrender while he is shooting people.

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Posted in: Out-of-season Santa Claus appears at evacuee shelter See in context

It seems the adults are confused here. -but obviously this is the real Santa Claus on a out-of-season mission. The kids can obviously tell because he is bearing gifts unlike the typical rent-a-Claus. (If you pull on the beard -you can see it is real.)

Kids need to set adults straight on this.

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