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Posted in: Weak yen morphs into new threat to Japan with surging energy costs See in context

Good time to be a farmer (except for high fertilizer costs) and/or have solar panels. Your heating and energy costs will still be much higher than now = have a winter plan in place to help keep your costs lower. Plastic film over windows etc, maybe a thermal camera to check for heat leaking out. =Seal your home or apartment up.

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Posted in: GameStop mania severely tested market system, regulator says See in context

This article doesn't mention the RobinHood traders that were locked out of their accounts and/or had sales of their GameStop holdings without their knowledge. -Eventually their was a settlement on this.

When you short sell you may need to buy those shares back. =If no shares are available (GameStop) the price can go way up. There was lots of begging by hedgefunds to find or borrow GameStop shares. You even saw a billionaire hedge fund manager crying on CNBC or Yahoo finance --I have never seen that before.

-Biggest issue beside the RobinHood Sec violations is probably the naked shortselling.

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Posted in: Japanese firms in China worry most about power shortage See in context

The power issues are real for most of China and companies already try to save energy during the peak energy day work times (work at night etc). Natural gas prices are also high and this will effect Japan this winter. Oil prices are going up. Worrisome since the China power shortage has been for months.

Many Japanese companies have already moved production away from China to other lower cost areas. =Not really that much of an issue.

EverGrande is not much of an issue since they actually have physical assets unlike a trading house like Lehman Brothers. Some of the company will need to be sold, recapitalized etc.

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Posted in: How do you feel about targeted advertising online that shows ads for products and services that presumably meet your interests, based on your online search history and viewing habits? See in context

With YouTube (Google) and an Android phone (Google) your ads and preferences will sort of follow you. =The YouTube on my parents Roku has quite a few (odd) suggestions that are similar to mine. -Obviously YouTube knows when I am at my parents house. Mostly 80-90% different, but I am always surprised. Also these Smart TV's listen in on you so if you are always talking about "Toyota" etc = expect alot of direction that way or from competitors. -Even my parents noted that.

Ad placement (mostly Google) is much smarter/helpful now. =Used to be mostly 99% worthless ads, but now over half seem to make sense and 5-10% are interesting.

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Posted in: Sharp eyes re-entering U.S. TV market in spring of 2022 See in context

Very smart move by Sharp. No much money to be made from selling "Smart" TVs, but you get monthly money from the subscriptions/ads/links etc. =The more people using Sharp smart tvs = the more money Sharp makes.

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Posted in: Apple introduces Apple Music Voice Plan See in context

Trust me nothing from the BBC is free = somebody somewhere is paying for that (most likely in the UK)

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Posted in: In your experience, how easy or difficult is it for a foreign resident to obtain a credit card in Japan? See in context

Why apply for a credit card when your phone does everything now?

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Posted in: Cherry-picking the Bible and using verses out of context has been done for centuries See in context

"30 Years War" 1618 to 1648

=Catholics lost. Surprised it wasn't mentioned from a history standpoint.

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Posted in: More than 1,000 Japanese firms, people named in 'Pandora Papers' See in context

In London you have the "City of London" that is a huge sovereign tax shelter. Tokyo or an island in Japan needs todo the same thing. Rich Japanese people need a place to park their assets, BitCoin, stocks etc tax free and help the local economy.

UK has the isle of Guernsey and the Isle of Man. China has Macao. -Japan is just behind on this concept.

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Posted in: A decade after Jobs' death, has Apple traded magic for profit? See in context

The iPad Mini was $199, $250 back then. Now it starts at $450 etc. Great tablet though and the Apple connector was much better than the micro-USB trash that always fails.

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Posted in: Power cuts disrupt China, threatening growth and supply chains See in context

Rain volume was low this year = hydro-electric power was lower.

Wind energy was lower.

Europe is in a similar situation.

Natural gas (LNG) prices are high = it is foolish to think Japan is isolated from the rising energy prices after Japan shut down all the nuclear power plants after Fukushima. =Not just a China issue.

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Posted in: Fuel pumps run dry in UK as govt blames panic buying See in context

It will be interesting to see how the UK Politicians and Media blame Russia/Gazprom for this.

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Posted in: Trump sues niece, New York Times over Pulitzer-winning tax story See in context

Mary's family got $200K it seems, but her mother divorced Fred Jr and remarried. -So William is not Fred Jr's child.

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Posted in: Trump sues niece, New York Times over Pulitzer-winning tax story See in context

The fundamental core of this case is the NDA that Mary Trump signed. Fred Trump (Donald Trump's Dad) always took financial care of Mary Trump's brother that had development issues. When Fred died that stopped and Mary's mother was left out of the will (Mary's Father Fred Trump JR already died and also worked for Donald Trump). Mary's family sued the estate of Fred Trump and signed this NDA in the process. I believe Donald still pays for Mary's brothers care as part of that settlement.

This lawsuit has really nothing to do with Donald J Trump at all. The lawsuit is Mary Trump vs the Estate of Fred Trump as originally settled and agreed upon. So the question is did Mary Trump break her agreement with the Fred Trump Estate? -And if she did what are the liabilities of doing that.

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Posted in: IAEA team arrives in Japan to help prepare Fukushima water release See in context

So they are sorting thru this stored radioactive water and taking the more radioactive particles (metals etc) out, then mixing the sorted water with other "good" water. =Good reason for the pipe and a better way to monitor the discharge.

You have a natural water movement underneath the land from the mountains to the sea anyway. =Most of the radiation is already being washed out to the sea and being mixed into the ocean.

With all these water tanks, the area looks like a huge oil refinery. =Maybe these tanks can be used for something.

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Posted in: Gelato Pique teams up with Nintendo for Super Mario themed roomwear collection See in context

This stuff is actually the best sleepwear especially for people that get cold.

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Posted in: Stop selling oxygen, Japanese flea market app Mercari tells users, as stocks run out See in context

-Not as bad as a butter shortage. You can just buy an oxygen concentrator ($300-$2500 for this.

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Posted in: Families urge using new DNA tech to ID Pearl Harbor unknowns See in context

Most of this work is done at Offutt AFB (Omaha, NE).

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Posted in: Casio partners with Pac-Man for a new but vintage-looking digital watch See in context

Back then they sold playable LCD Pac-Man watches. =This watch should be playable and color.

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Posted in: Suez Canal ship case adjourned for compensation talks See in context

-High Winds, too high of speed, no tugs used (windy), rudder too small or other mechanical issues --although it ran fine once dislodged.

Will settle out of court for sure. Not using the Suez Canal is way more expensive in fuel than using it.

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Posted in: Toyota's global sales doubled to record-high in April See in context

happyhereMay 29  06:11 pm JST

Japanese cars I have owned that were super fun to drive were Hondas and Mazdas. Then there was my Datsun 1600 1968, advertised as the poor man's BMW. 100 MPH for $2000, rack and pinion steering, disc brakes. Drove it until it rusted out. What ever happened to that proud brand?

= They still make Datsun's.

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Posted in: Suez Canal ship case adjourned for compensation talks See in context

SKK will pay little of this settlement. = "General Average" was declared. (explanation of General Average)

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Posted in: Vaccine deserts: Some countries have no COVID-19 jabs at all See in context

Seychelles has that high 60%+ vaccination rate, but a high covid infection rate. Used a Chinese Vaccine with the low

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Posted in: Kyoto families angered by new policy forcing high school students to buy tablets at own expense See in context

This is actually a great business opportunity for someone to rent iPads to these students who can't afford them. Also a great opportunity to create WiFi access points. Software should be universal and coming from the Gov at a free or subsidized cost. Also should be options of using a LapTop.

Biggest issue is using LTE/4G/5G cell phone data = that will get very expensive for a student. Free WiFi is needed in and around the school area.

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Posted in: Japanese schoolgirl and karate teen subdue violent shoplifter See in context

K1 History Lesson: 2009 K1 WGP (5:12)

==Knee strikes are effective.

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Posted in: Japanese journalist indicted in Myanmar on 'fake news' charge See in context

I only wish there were more laws to counter this "fake news"

-Seemed like real reporting/blogging in this case. But the "Judge" must of ruled it as "fake news"

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Posted in: If you have been working remotely since the pandemic began, what kind of work style would you prefer after (if) the pandemic has been eliminated? See in context

Going to and from work takes alot of your time and energy/ =Much easier and faster to do that work from home if possible.

With less people going to work the commutes are easier though. = Both parties win from this.

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Posted in: 2 shot dead at Wisconsin casino; gunman killed by police See in context

62 Year old ex-employee. Due to Covid-19 many food establishments have been shut down or open on a limited basis. As an employer or employee being in the food service industry has not been easy with inconsistent income (less work, less patrons) =however being tied to the Casino and hotel helped.

From the video:

The Duck Creek restaurant is in front of 1 of 2 Casinos (the small one) with a parking garage behind the casino. Larger Casino is to the West with a big parking lot. This area is just North (across 172 hwy) of the Brown County (Green Bay, WI) airport.

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Posted in: 2 shot dead at Wisconsin casino; gunman killed by police See in context (also own a Golf Course)

RiskyMosaicMay 2  06:39 pm JST

Good guys with guns missing in action. Step it up, y'all.

What do youAlso, there are laws regarding the carrying of firearms in restaurants in Wisconsin, for example you can only concealed carry if you're not drinking alcohol, not to mention the specific policies of the private establishments themselves. mean? The police arrived and shot him dead. If someone walks up to a person or group of people in "a targeted attack" and shoots them, there's not much anyone can do.

The Oneida Nation (and just about every Indian Tribe in the United States) is a "Sovereign Nation" that exists and co-exists within the US. =They have their own laws including gun laws. Haven't been in the Casino for at least 10 years, but I believe they do not allow guns of any type. Happened in the restaurant which is fairly new

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