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Posted in: U.S. Democrats pick Perez to lead party against Trump, Republicans See in context

A political party decimated by the Donald Trump steamroller and their own DNC corruption.

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Posted in: Japan pays high fee for first U.S. shale cargo See in context

Sakalin 2 has production capacity of 10 million tons LNG a year and is also closer than all listed suppliers.

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Posted in: Japan pays high fee for first U.S. shale cargo See in context

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Posted in: For Ivanka-brand goods, Nordstrom's loss is Japan's gain See in context

From the picture you can easily see these clothing items are not presented very well. To me it looks like an end-cap (end of isle) at TJ Maxx (clothing discounter). To market something like this to Women you need to go a few more steps up in presentation. = Japanese Women clothing stores can do a much better job at selling the Ivanka Trump brand at retail than Canadian retail clothing stores and hence sales in Japan of the Ivanka Trump brand are much higher.

Aside from retail, the online sales of this brand a very good. = Also a good indicator of poor retail (floor) placement and poor retail marketing of the Ivanka Trump brand.

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Posted in: Outside of Washington, Trump slips back into campaign mode See in context

Needed a vacation to get away from the "fake media" and refocus. I would expect in the future many of these "fake media", "fake news" platforms will not get their White House media credentials renewed.

Another CNN "fake news" media lawsuit: (CNN lost)

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Posted in: 'Fat taxes' could save billons in healthcare costs: study See in context

Saturated (and non-hydrogenated) animal fats are healthy especially from pasture fed/wild animals = they are the preferred fats and if heated they stay saturated. If fast food would just switch back to saturated fats instead of unsaturated (soybean, cottonseed, corn) fats people would be much healthier eating this poor grade of food. Unsaturated fats get even more unsaturated (oxidized) with heat and time (unsaturated fat used in a fryer for up to a week).

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Posted in: Toyota hopes revamped plug-in sells better than first model See in context

Most people do not travel that far with their cars, so the full electric range seems about right. This is a nice upgrade for regular Prius users that want to go more electric. The Prius in Japan always had the switch to go into all electric mode, whereas the USA model you needed to add the switch.

The problem with EVs has been the lithium battery technology (Nissan Leaf etc).

The tablet on the Prius Prime dash is very nice and futuristic.

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Posted in: Assad says U.S. troops welcome in Syria to fight 'terrorism' See in context

Hopefully with Barrack Hussein Obama gone the money flowing into these terrorist "moderate rebel" groups will come to an end under President Trump and a more rational political thought process in Syria can take shape. Still many Libs want this "Syria War" at any cost.

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Posted in: Opposition calls on Abe to oppose Trump's refugee ban See in context

On Japan refugee ban:

Japan is the role model for Donald Trump with a solid border wall (water) and a fairly strict refugee ban in place.

I could see loosening up the refugee ban as long as these youths are willing to learn something (learning Visas). Japan's population is declining and many schools are empty. If these students wanted to use their education to work then their learning Visa should be extended.

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Posted in: Is globalization a good thing for the world's economies? See in context

If China is the current model for "globalization" -I am not sure if people will want to live in that sort of pollution. Many cheap throw-away products are made thru "globalization" and not everyone wants cheap throw-away products. I would say many are going anti-globalization and more local especially in relation to food.

I see the mass-produced globalized cultures and products coming to an end smaller producers taking over with better products that will last longer.

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Posted in: Trump ignites political fight over U.S. banking law reforms See in context

Glass-Steagall is the key here and investment banks like Goldman Sachs should not be getting Federal Reserve loans.

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Posted in: Trump orders new refugee screening, to prevent 'radical Islamic terrorists' from entering U.S. See in context

It will be hard trying to fix Obama's broken immigration system.

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Posted in: Mexicans begin to unite in fight against Trump's plans See in context

No matter what -it seems Mexico is paying for Trumps gold-leaf wall. The real question is how many times Mexico is willing to pay for it.

-Politically Mexico has grand standed saying Trump will not win and they are not paying for Trump's wall. Big mistake since Trump won and they are building the wall.

As a positive hopefully Trump's wall will stop the FBI's gun running operations into Mexico (Project: "Fast and Furious")

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Posted in: Samsung to announce cause of Galaxy Note 7 fire on Jan 23 See in context

The Galaxy Note series is one of the best phones you can buy, but the battery stopped from being removeable after the Note 4. I have purchased a Note 2/3/4 and people are still holding onto their flawed Note 7s (OS upgrades will "brick" them).

= good phone, but bad battery or bad battery/phone engineering. People really wanted the Note 7 -and it sold well- , but the engineering was not up to task this time and big mistakes were made that could not be fixed in a convenient manner.

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Posted in: IS launches new assault on besieged eastern city in Syria See in context

More terrorists (iSiS, iSiL, Al-Quaeda, aL-CiaAeda) at large and another destroyed city and culture. -And NATO with their Libs "openly and knowingly" promotes this destruction. = These terrorists are treated so badly by the Syrians that we should feel sorry for them. -In fact you should open your borders and let them immigrate to your country also.

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Posted in: 2 women attacked while walking home in separate incidents See in context

People should try not to be out so late where this person attacks Women.

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Posted in: Ringling Bros. circus to close after 146 years See in context

Humane Society of the United States: More or less a scam operation with not a penny going to pet shelters etc. If anything they should be getting sued by the public at large.

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Posted in: The good, bad and unknown about marijuana's health effects See in context

From the timing it seems this article is "cover" for making all cannabinoids a "schedule 1" drug. = With this new law enacted Jan 13, 2017 all marijuana extracts like CBD oil (little to no TCH) will be prescription only if you can find a Dr to even write the prescription.

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Posted in: S Korean foreign minister says 'comfort woman' statue outside Japan mission inappropriate See in context

I am against this "dehumanizing" statue in the context that her feet have no shoes/boots. We all know that SK get very cold and until some inventive soul can design and place appropriate footwear on this "statue" it should be taken down.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for setting fire to friend's house in Chiba See in context

"Friends" that set fire to your house are not "Friends."

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Posted in: The good, bad and unknown about marijuana's health effects See in context

US Federal Government (Dept of Health and Human Services) US Patent on Marijuana. = From the patent itself you can openly see the US Federal Gov research that has already been done.

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Posted in: Trump denounces Streep as 'overrated Clinton flunky' See in context

The CEO of, the fact-checking website that was recently named as one of Facebook’s “fake news” arbiters, has been accused in divorce proceedings of appropriating company funds which he allegedly spent on expensive holidays and prostitutes. It was announced last week that Snopes would be helping Facebook to determine and label “fake news” with the help of ABC News and Politifact. The Daily Mail reports that the CEO of Snopes, David Mikkelson, is currently embroiled in a vicious legal battle with his former wife and Snopes co-founder Barbara Mikkelson. The couple divorced sometime around 2014, but legal proceedings have continued between the couple. Barbara has claimed that her former husband embezzled money from the company. Court documents obtained by the Daily Mail state that Barbara accused David of “raiding the corporate business Bardav bank account for his personal use and attorney fees.” Barbara also claims that David embezzled $98,000 over four years, which “he expended upon himself and the prostitutes he hired.” Barbara claims that David spent $10,000 from their business accounts between April and June of 2016 to fund an expensive 24-day holiday for

= The conduct of Snopes and their management is very questionable at best.

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Posted in: How mobile video is changing the way we witness crime See in context

This just shows the sick criminal mind is never at rest and always innovating new crime/crimes to gain maximum fear and effect over a populace. Then you have a media justifying and encouraging said crimes. These criminals and media seem to target the weakest of society also.

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Posted in: Trump says Mexico would repay U.S. funds spent on border wall See in context

It is nice to see that Mexico wants to build this wall now. -Not worth it to have the Peso devalued and Mexican imports into the US targeted. Trump makes it look very easy where as Barrack Hussein Obama had a very difficult time. Probably expect construction to commence in a month with Mexican illegals in prison as a "free" labor force. End result: Mexico is building this wall with Mexican labor and Mexican money.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't defends Toyota after Trump broadside over Mexican plant See in context

For Takata I don't believe it was worth it building their air-bags in Mexico. = Were almost forced due to price constraints, due to the amount of airbags in vehicles now. = Many airbags used for a car, yet they want the price kept down.

For the Toyota Corolla the base price seems higher compared to KIA Forte/Hyundai Elantra/Honda Civic etc. When reliability is taken into consideration the Corolla is the better car even with the $1k-$2k higher base price. Corolla is one of the best built and most reliable cars, but looks dated compared to the competition and SUVs are selling now with 4 Door sedan cars selling much less.

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Posted in: Florida airport shooting raises questions about guns in baggage See in context

A simple ammo ban from luggage would stop this. If the ammo is rare (custom gun/handloads) they can ship that ahead of their trip.

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Posted in: Japan greets New Year with prayers, shopping and 'Kohaku' See in context

Women (and some Men) enjoy fighting over the Lucky Bags.

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Posted in: Are you financially better off now than you were this time last year? See in context

My biggest screw-up this year was CVRR stock (about a 10% loss). I had positions at $6-7 and I was very happy, but with Carl Icahn (majority owner CVI, CVRR) adding volatility, uncertainty and the fuel RIN speculation market I felt it would be best to absolve the positions. Worst yet was the CVRR CEO talking of such a poor future outlook due mainly to the RIN. = Looked like a typical Carl Icahn/CEO short squeeze, run the company into the ground scenario when in general fuel/refining is starting to shape positive.

After Trump got in CVRR/CVI stock has gone up and it seems the RIN speculation maybe a thing out the past in the near future. Should have bought futures (long and short), to counter the high speculation (could have gone either way). I would expect CVRR/CVI to be consolidated much like WNR (Western Refining) since I don't feel Carl Icahn is a big enough player (iep stock) to handle his position against the other big energy players.

CNG/LNG players like DLNG (shipper) should do well with Japan's future commitment to natural gas (Gazprom etc).

Very good year for me, but I believe stocks will have the rug pulled from underneath them in 2017 and they will blame Trump. = For people that hold cash there will be buying opportunities. I mostly buy LMP (limited master partnership -energy related) stocks now, but if your are looking at LMPs for IRA investments there is a $1000 per year dividend cap and generally they do not want you investing LMP's in IRA due to the more complicated taxes. = Could try a LMP ETF for that.

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Posted in: Avoid dull snapshots: Tips for taking stunning pictures See in context

The photo on the left is actually better than your typical tourist and background (cellphone texting) shot.

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