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Posted in: Japanese bus driver apologizes to victims over fatal crash in Utah See in context

a DOT driving day is defined as 11hrs driving max in a 14hr workday. 10hr break min with 8hrs of continous sleep. -they are contending he got less than the 8hrs sleep. --> but that rule is not a strict mandate.

This van is most likely a "dually" with the top cut out and fiberglass added for extended headroom -a sort of standard for these guys. Very stable and you will see airport/handicap shuttles and schools use them.

People that have mercury/amalgam fillings or have metals in their system will fatigue easier, -smoking does not help. You need to eat a fresh vegetable diet to provide the constant energy needed for long days of work. Those 8hr energy shots (see a truck stops) are not a good idea long term but water or a sugar drink while driving is. These tour operators stop every 2-3 hrs anyway for breaks. If he was fatigued he could have easily took a break.

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Posted in: Norway killer's manifesto praises Japan for not adopting multiculturalism See in context

as an anti-globalist you are better off not joining the Lib/Globalist trend. If you want to be a slave and not have any rights like most Chinese I would join it, but in the end you will 99% end up as a slave. =Libs do not understand this and do not understand why their teaching job was cut when they supported/taught the Lib agenda.

=Muslims are not the problem, but are presented as the problem. Forcing immigrants on the populace large scale made them the problem.

Japan is behind USA/EU on this mostly because the culture keeps most out. Do not be surprised if Japan has a banker crisis (high debt ratio) and devalues the currency though. -This will hurt an elderly population on a fixed income very much and people with fiat savings will lose most of it. =Tough(er) times are ahead and I would convert some of your fiat to physical gold/silver that will not be devalued thru fiat inflation.

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Posted in: U.S. administration starts new push on criminal cartels, including yakuza See in context

Los Zetas trained on US military bases, is funded by the CIA, and had the ATF run guns down to Mexico for them.

The biggest criminal cartel is the Federal Reserve system and all their financial terrorist bank owners (JP Morgan/Chase, CitiGroup, Bank of America, Wells Fargo+) that offshore (steal) the populaces money and pay little to no taxes.

$16 Trillion (Fed Audit) was taken from the American Populace and given to the financial terrorists. With little going to the American people.

It is absolutely disgusting to see the Libs support these financial terrorists/Globalists while people are literally starving and/or losing monetary value thru inflation or stealing (offshoring, derivatives, blatant theft). The IMF takeovers of sovereign nations is also a concern.

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Posted in: Come back, Koizumi. Japan needs you See in context

When you have great hair -everything is just easy it seems. Koizumi never missed a photo-op and always looked good. Koizumi would have made sure the Women's World Cup Champions got the attention they deserve and always made time.

Now you have the Royal Family taking up the slack with this Tsunami/Radiation disaster. -And that is nice.

Since Koizumi is gone people have not picked-up the slack. Some have but not everyone, so you have disfunction and uncertainty. Koizumi probably put in 18-20hr days everyday and was a role model for others.

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Posted in: Japan women eye World Cup/Olympics double See in context

When you are starving -all you can think of is food.

Olympics will be harder and London is football (soccer) central.

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Posted in: Japan beats U.S. in shootout to win Women's World Cup soccer See in context

they (Japan) were able to have played against the #1 ranked team better than just about any other team has ever played them.

-that may be true, but on this day -You were #1- ---> and that's all that matters.

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Posted in: Suzuki to construct new motorcycle production plant in Philippines See in context

The CBR250r is assembled in Thailand and at $4000 is one of the more popular bikes this year. Some of the components and many of the machines to make the parts come from Japan. Ninja 250r has been very popular and is also not made in Japan.

It is a price balance and will always be. I like the idea of making a motorcycle in the Philippines because these people can really use the jobs.

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Posted in: Beef, milk, tea, spinach and other vegetables have been contaminated due to the Fukushima nuclear crisis. How much worse do you think this is going to get? For example, do you think rice will be affec See in context

You can get a small keychain Geiger Counter for <$200 (NukAlert etc).

Any plants from the Northern HemiSphere will have higher radiation levels due to the Fukushima incident. -You may want to buy foods packaged before the Fukushima incident. =Foods even from California will have high radiation levels from this.

=You can't really escape this radiation except move to the southern hemisphere. I would look into taking Zeolite longterm to protect yourself from these random particles. Go out of your way to buy fresh produce that is far away from the affected area. Grow your own.

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Posted in: Cyclists confront increasingly bumpy situation See in context

Riding a bike is cooler than taking the subway, but a bike needs to be parked somewhere. Always got a kick out of the kids you see with those roller-shoes (a walking shoe that also skates).

Seen those electric skateboards also.

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Posted in: Cyclists confront increasingly bumpy situation See in context

I just bought a $500 electric scooter that should go 27mph tops and has a 20 mile+ range (cost about $.05-.10 to charge) Wanted something that could be compacted and a suitcase bike was a little too goofy.

Looking at a Horst-Link bike (Turner, Specialized) also or older titanium like Merlin, LiteSpeed, Clark-Kent, Xizang.

=Gas is expensive so more people are riding bikes or walking (this is the trend). Please be careful and make sure your eyes are able to see these people and do not drive impaired. It will become even more dangerous in the fall/winter darkness.

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Posted in: Chestnut picks up 5th hot dog title; Kobayashi stages separate contest See in context

When Kobayashi was forced to drop the mustard belt to Chestnut due to injury everyone knew this would eventually be a future battle. But with Kobayashi locked out of competition it leaves the ifoce spectators with a doggy taste in mouth.

Heads Up PPV !! Chestnut vs Kobayashi for mustard belt and future of ifoce. =Kobayashi must call Chestnut out and get this battle over once and for all. Kobayashi will put his eating career on the line (retirement if he loses) and if he wins =retribution +mustard belt comes to Japan for 1yr until Nathan's famous battle. No more politics -a true winner must be found thru battle.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after backing car into supermarket, killing man See in context

she mistakenly pressed the accelarator instead of the brakes.

If this car was a Toyota (Prius) and this was the U.S. she would be asking for buku dollar now. But in Japan it is just an accident/crime.

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Posted in: AU members agree to disregard ICC Gadhafi warrant See in context

The warrant is a joke with little documentation. Fighting the CIA in Libya is not a crime.

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Posted in: Video shows saggy pants dispute aboard plane in San Francisco See in context

-was looking for some humor, but not any. With the TSA scanners/groping people are more tense when flying.

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Posted in: Honda launches long-delayed Fit Shuttle See in context

Looks fair to me. =This is a stretched Fit -What do people expect. 70mpg in a larger vehicle is the selling point.

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Posted in: Nuclear cleanup workers being recruited from society's lowest rungs See in context

Being an anti-Lib -I am generally against eugenics.

-I have never seen a human being sold into death for ¥50,000 before. We are entering into an age of civilization that I have not seen before in my lifetime. People that are giving excuses for this practice should not be encouraged.

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Posted in: Pizza chain owner Cain enters 2012 presidential race See in context

I like this guy and just getting rid of the IRS would help save hundreds of billions, +finally corporations would start paying taxes like they historically did. He also has business experience unlike 99% of the typical career politicians.

Cut the private Federal Reserve, CIA-al Qaeda, offshoring of money, these ObamaWars/military contractors and America will be on track soon.

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Posted in: McCain wants increased support for Libya's rebels See in context

=People are positioning themselves for the next Presidential (puppet) election. =McCain wants to make sure his name is in the hat and on the American public's minds.

-meanwhile the value of the dollar keeps falling and more people exchange fiat for silver /gold or other "real" commodities (little media on this).

It is really a disease that the media promotes, but the attacks on humanity (Libya) are real. Sad -and you will not get "real change" until the system can correct itself. -May take a total collapse.

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Posted in: McCain wants increased support for Libya's rebels See in context

It made me sick seeing McCain and the media promoting the CIA/al-Qaida terrorists in Libya. I know "NATO" plans on invading Libya soon with many marine ground troops, but I don't think this sort of media propaganda is needed and will eventually backfire on the Globalists.

-The selling of this "War" when all these families are being slaughtered is inhumane in my eyes. =Please do not support these Liberals/Globalists on this front against humanity in Libya.

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Posted in: Is U.S. military relief effort Operation Tomodachi really about friendship? See in context

Really this is what the Military should be used for instead of attacking Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. People and the media should be encouraging the humanitarian efforts of the military at all times instead of war efforts. =Always encourage +behavior.

I didn't like the "stand-down" on radiation monitoring after the disaster. The military could have used the radiation monitors to help the populace immensely.

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Posted in: What's your stance on countries using nuclear power for their energy needs? Are there realistic alternatives and if so, what is the most efficient way to phase out nuclear power? Or is it here to stay See in context

The more you take the energy control away from the Gov and the more citizens take control of their own energy issues --> the better off Japan will be.

Look into buying some Sharp panels. Buy one, implement it into your life and research what these can do for you. Then buy another.

Walking and riding a bike help also.

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Posted in: Managing employees in times of crisis See in context

The author is CEO of Oak Associates KK, a company that provides consulting and coaching for senior management in time of change and employee programs to motivate positive actions in times of crisis.

When you run a company it is a everyday 100% thing (a family-a life) -when you try to make it a 50% thing in your life that is when you fail. Consulting is more of a 50% option -you really don't have skin in the game.

=At a time of crisis you as a consultant are sort of a 3rd option relief pitcher. =You are expected to try to make that save when the situation maybe dire. You true solutions maybe your associations and not your production (your knowledge of association maybe helpful as a knowledge data bridge to others).

It is upsetting to me to see words like fear, anger, aggressive, harassment and physical threats. -These are not productive or even helpful words.

I would bring these people in -comfort them in a time of need and get them solutions and connections on a weekly if not daily consultation. This is a battle you must win and I would look at getting some skin in the games also. =You need to actually own a business and be intertwined with others (consulting is not enough). --> do the internet/web, advertising. hiring, payments or something other for these companies --> consulting by itself is rather meaningless.

=In many ways your article makes little sense to me and doesn't provide many solutions. =unproductive at a time when people may be uncertain or even have need. -And like you I do feel it will be getting worse in the future. =People should be positioning themselves for this now.

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Posted in: Cheer up See in context

she could have done so much good for her country as the face of modern Japan.

In a time of crisis, the concept of now if very important --> past is not so important. You should also never encourage negative behavior (always encourage the positive)

For me the picture is odd because the crown is visiting someone at a time of little. =This family has made a home out tables covered with blue paper and a soft mat. Meeting someone at a time like this is difficult for both parties. =Most people do not expect visits like this --> especially from the Royal Family.

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Posted in: No deal yet as possible government shutdown looms in U.S. See in context

Gov wants this shutdown to show the populace they have control over the slaves. -Expect those public parks for the Cherry Blossom Festival to be shut down for "insurance/security reasons"

=even if you are a non-paid volunteer you should be getting a letter in the mail saying to support this shutdown and not show up (your activity is covered by Gov insurance). The letters are already in the mail so you should expect this shutdown to happen. =Plan your activities around this especially if in the Washington area.

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Posted in: Cheer up See in context

At a time when people are forced into uncertainty due to no fault of their own it is nice to know that some things remain certain. I would only wish that the CEO of Tepco would put himself on the frontline like the Crown has.

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Posted in: Obama announces re-election bid in email to 13 mil supporters See in context

How is it possible for Obama todo more damage in 2yrs than GW had done in 8. -Even Zimbabwe doesn't decay at this rate. =People need to stop voting for these globalists and their fiat terrorist banker backers.

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If you goto wikipedia and search "Fukushima 1 Nuclear Accidents" you can get a timeline of the accidents and solutions they tried.

=external generators were brought in and some of the generators were brought back online. You must remember that all 6 generators got knocked out by water and battery back-up power was only good for 8 hours. 200MW-300MW (x6) reactors have large cooling/electrical needs.

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For Generators: you either have enough Wattage (kVA-3 phase) to run the equipment you need or not. This is Japan and generators/pumps/and conductive wire abound.

Radioactive capable pumps maybe a different story.

=we are not trying to split atoms here and any mechanical electrician or electrical engineer could have helped fix this. Many facilities have back-up generators that could have been used (businesses, hospitals, military etc)

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Posted in: This is not a test See in context

Instead of the salt-water -I would like to know how come generators were not able to be replaced in 24hrs -and hopefully hours. Even boats could have beached and thru an electrical line out. Generators on trucks or flown in by helicopter.

People need to hold the Gov responsible as much as they hold the slaves responsible. =Right now it seems like the slaves are taking 90% responsibility while the Gov figures out which information (data) or lies to release. =People expect direction from the Government so the Gov uncertainty does not help much.

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Posted in: Amid Japan crisis, the hunt for better radiation treatment speeds up See in context

Radioactive iodine has a 1/2 life of 8 days = this means that this material gives off lots of radiation quickly for those first few days/weeks and it helps to protect yourself by having adequate body iodine (to keep radioactive iodine out).

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