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Posted in: Japanese karate champion testifies she was bullied by official See in context

> Physical and mental bullying and assaults are NEVER acceptable.

Absolutely, but don't assume I think women shouldn't defend themselves against an attacker. I just worded my response poorly.

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Posted in: Japanese karate champion testifies she was bullied by official See in context

Suggestions here either involve physical retaliation (illegal) or cutting her losses because she's a woman. Y'all are a sad bunch.

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Posted in: Japan asks IAEA support for Fukushima tank water release See in context

So this is where Strong Zero comes from.

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Posted in: Gov't calls for caution as daytime karaoke sessions spread coronavirus See in context

Is this an attempt to spice up things? All the along the narrative has been Nightlife and Night Clubs are the main agents for the spread of the Virus. Since the night time narrative has been overused now it's time to deploy the Day time one? What a time we are living in now.

It's the government throwing a cup of water on a raging inferno and claiming they're doing all they can. All they can do is wag their little fingers at dumb citizens instead of actually enacting policy that would make a difference in reducing infection spread. It's honestly pathetic.

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Posted in: A sobering strategy for pandemic times - brewers bank on alcohol-free beer boom See in context

It surprises me some people enjoy the taste of beer enough to drink it without alcohol...

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Posted in: Domestic violence consultations in Japan a record 82,643 in 2020 See in context

Imagine that. Salarymen become violent when their job forces them to stay home and actually interact with their families.

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Posted in: 10 years after Fukushima disaster, Japan's nuclear industry stalled See in context

TEPCO is Frank Drebin from Naked Gun telling everyone "Please disperse! There's nothing to see here!" after those reactors went into meltdown. Absolute incompetence. Then again, these are the same loonies who played with fire and built nuclear power plants in an earthquake prone country.

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Posted in: Turkish pilots, official get 4-year jail over Ghosn escape See in context

Sometimes I don't understand the logic behind these prison sentences.

Throw logic out the window when you're dealing with bruised egos.

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Posted in: Activists call for more reform by Tokyo Olympics organizers See in context

At least Kawabuchi can read the room better than Mori could.

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Posted in: Virus threatens 'game over' for Japan's arcades See in context

3 reasons why pachinko parlors will never close:

Gambling addictions are commonplace

Types of people who frequent these establishments don't care for social distancing protocols anyway

They'll do anything they can to avoid their families

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Posted in: Doctors warn of long-lasting COVID aftereffects among youths See in context

She sought the advice of an otolaryngologist who told her, "Nothing can be done." Another doctor prescribed her traditional "kampo" herbal medicine, but her condition did not improve.

Sadly, this sums up a lot of doctors here.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics face another headache - not enough medical staff See in context

Looking for volunteers when over 80% of Japanese people think the games should be cancelled entirely. Someone's gonna be disappointed these frugal individuals don't show up.

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Posted in: Mori scolded by wife, daughter after saying women talk too much at meetings See in context

This mindset shouldn't be too surprising considering these old fossils were never home to actually interact with their families to begin with.

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Posted in: Suga asks people to hold on a little longer as he extends state of emergency See in context

Are Japanese politicians elected just so they can throw up their hands and say "しょうがない" at every problem that comes our way? I say our because these old goons are driven around everywhere and don't need to interact with us common folk. Make them stand in a packed Tokyo train during rush hour and they might change their minds.

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Posted in: Japan likely to extend COVID-19 state of emergency See in context

Extend the SoE, you say? Meanwhile, at my office in Osaka, people continue to wear masks below their nose or take them off entirely when entering from outside. It baffles me how selfish and ignorant these people are.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach says there is no plan B for Tokyo Olympics See in context

If there was ever any doubt as to how greedy and corrupt the IOC was, the Tokyo olympics should be a testament to how vile they really are.

Last year, Canada was right to withdrawal from the games after the pandemic started surging.

It's time for countries to prove their loyalty to their athletes by dropping out of the games.

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Posted in: FamilyMart introduces sauced buns to turn their popular fried chicken into burgers See in context

Saw them in stock this morning. I remember seeing them a few years back, but they didn't last long. Unfortunate since they're really convenient.

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Posted in: Japanese mother, 3 children die in house fire in Australia See in context

Good god. What a horrific experience from both perspectives. I hope he gets mental health treatment following his recovery.

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Posted in: Trump urges healing and pledges smooth transition of power See in context

It is pretty funny how alt-righters are already cannibalizing Trump after he waved the white flag during during his speech. It looks like this movement won't end with a new president, either.

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Posted in: South Korean court orders Japan to compensate 12 former sex slaves See in context

After speaking on this topic with several Japanese men, I doubt anything will ever come of it. They're utterly convinced Korean comfort women willingly entered a "social contract" with Japanese soldiers, thus clearing them of any wrongdoing. The mental gymnastics these people go through is impressive in its absurdity.

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Posted in: Idol 'otaku' arrested for bomb threat after his idol T-shirt gets burned See in context

I imagine the author for this article had a giant grin on their face the entire time they were writing it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 327 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,025 See in context

2,025 active cases in Japan? Pretty sure we pass more than that on our morning commutes to work.

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach says Tokyo bid payments to former Dentsu exec did not break rules See in context

Whose money is being used for this bribery?

Thsts right, you guessed it...

Surely it's money out of Takahashi's own pocket and not at the taxpayer's expense. Japan has a squeaky clean history with these matters and would never sink to that level of depravity.


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Posted in: Sony's PlayStation 5 goes on sale, pre-orders overwhelm supply See in context

Xbox has a ton of great games. PS5 always does well in Japan because it's made by a Japanese company and that's all. Oh and they offer more anime type otaku games so....

Because the Xbox One outsold the PS4 in every other country besides Japan. Oh, wait...

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Posted in: Japan to test anti-virus measures for big events at near-full stadium See in context

I see they went to the Trump University seminar on Pandemic Management.

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec Kelly says he will prove his innocence without Ghosn See in context

Regardless of whether he's actually guilty, it's ludicrous that the deck is being stacked against him. What happened to presumed innocence and the burden of proof being on the prosecutor?

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Posted in: See-through toilets See in context

Would be awkward if the lock mechanism malfunctioned in the middle of the deed.

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Posted in: Lawmaker rearrested over casino graft scandal See in context

You have to wonder at the motivation of our elected leaders greed and a sence of entitlement seem to be what's required.

They don't get into politics because they have a good moral compass, that's for sure.

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Posted in: 1st hearing for former Nissan exec Kelly to start Sept 15 See in context

On an unrelated note, can anyone explain to me why Japanese media outlets use photos of the accused in a car?

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing 2-year-old daughter See in context

Don't mess this up, CPS.

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