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Posted in: Abe should avoid Yasukuni shrine, says int'l think tank See in context

@seriously Does the US really separate church and state? In God We Trust, and all that.

As @semperfi points out, Japan is indeed a sovereign nation that is honoring its war dead. China is a bully that should practice what it preaches.

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Posted in: Politician proposes giving newlyweds pierced condoms See in context

What's made of rubber and slides down the window? - Condomsation.

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Posted in: Ishihara, old guard launch Next Generation Party See in context

Echoing @Graham de Shazo's comment, I assume they will be under the umbrella of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

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Posted in: Rola looking for boyfriend: 'That’s why I dress in skimpy outfits' See in context


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Posted in: Police to restrict pedestrian access to Shibuya crossing for Japan's World Cup opener See in context

@doedel. Completely agree. It makes more sense to make the crossing temporarily unavailable to traffic.

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Posted in: Japan temporarily halts aid to Vietnam over bribery case See in context

1 million dollars. Halting payments sounds perfectly reasonable if there is suspicion that the money isn't going where it should.

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Posted in: Sequel already eyed as 'Godzilla' crushes box office rivals in U.S. See in context

"Warner’s newest tentpole franchise...”

Interesting jargon. Never heard 'tentpole' used like that. I assumed it was the computer graphics giving the otaku fans a tentpole.

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Posted in: Man says he stole schoolgirls' gym uniforms because he wanted to wear them See in context

There are lots of people just like him in the first ten rows of any AKB48 concert.

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Posted in: 8 Japanese carmakers team up on green engines See in context

@Honest. Glad to hear that the eco-friendlier Prius is selling well in your state, but is your '40-45%' just based on your experience, or does it reflect actual Prius ownership?

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Posted in: Is a man giving up his seat to a woman on a train or bus an outdated form of respect? See in context

Nope. It's good manners. However, I've had the evil eye on a number of occasions when I gave up my seat on crowded trains for women who I thought were pregnant, but were actually just a bit podgy around the midriff or wearing maternityesque clothing. Those incidents all made me question the validity of my chivalry in Tokyo, where the attitude seems to be 'if I don't know you, you aren't there'.

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Posted in: World's oldest woman turns 116 in Japan See in context

Wow. Triple digits, lucid and still enjoying beef stew. I'd like to try out extreme old age if my DNA is as hardy. Happy birthday Okawa san.

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Posted in: Shake hands or bow? How do you usually greet Japanese business acquaintances? See in context

Business etiquette training for young, new recruits in a Japanese company should include the art of the firm handshake when meeting handshaking foreigners. Limp, feeble attempts at a handshake don't create a good impression.

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Posted in: Which places in Japan do you think are overrated as tourist attractions? See in context

Hakodate's night view.

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Posted in: Bishop burned alive by Japanese troops in 1937 may become patron saint of abuse victims See in context

@NathalieB This may be significant in Catholic circles as you point out, but for non-Catholics and victims of sexual abuse that has effectively been sanctioned by the church, it's as empty a gesture as, say, prayer, in that nothing changes. By itself the proposed sainthood may be intended as a celebration of a heroic action in the past, but in the big scheme of things the church has clearly demonstrated that it isn't willing to protect its flock from sexual predators.

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Posted in: Bishop burned alive by Japanese troops in 1937 may become patron saint of abuse victims See in context

@TheOriginalWing Sure, but creating a saint doesn't really consititute 'work towards stopping it from happening again' in my mind. What I would prefer to see is the Catholic church handing over paedophile priests to the authorities, rather than shuffling them from parish to parish or protecting them in other ways.

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Posted in: Bishop burned alive by Japanese troops in 1937 may become patron saint of abuse victims See in context

While I don't doubt that Schraven was a brave man with iron-clad principles, I really don't think the Catholics should insult the multitudes of people (=children) that it has abused both physically and mentally throughout its history with a patron saint of abuse victims. It's irony at its worst.

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Posted in: If you could invite any three people in the world to have dinner with you, who would you choose? See in context

@Onniyama Need I ask what the dessert would be?

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Posted in: Astronauts complete Christmas Eve spacewalk See in context

“Mike Hopkins taking a special sleigh ride on this Christmas Eve,” Mission Control commentator Rob Navias said as the space station soared over the Pacific.

These guys get all the good lines. I'd be surprised if they are complaining about having to work at Christmas.

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Posted in: 10 little-known rules for eating Japanese food See in context

Most guys shovel their food into their mouths so fast and so noisily that there is scarcely time to recognise etiquette. Mentioning any of these little known rules in Japanese company will serve only to increase my 'hen na gaijin'-ness.

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Posted in: Japanese explorer to attempt solo trek to North Pole See in context

Best of luck to Ogita san. Having that sense of adventure in what can be such a mundane world is great.

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Posted in: 3 youths arrested for torching vending machines See in context

Little vandals. They are probably now aware that their antics weren't worth the very small reward. A vending machine that was set up outside a local sports facility in my neighbourhood in the UK was stolen after a only a few days. The machine, that is, not the contents. Japan's still doing alright.

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Posted in: Condo ditches lawnmowers for grass-munching goats See in context

Lawn-mowing goats are commonplace in the countryside in Britain, but as some of the other posters have pointed out, they are pretty effective destroyers of anything chewable. It's also important not to p1ss them off because they can be quite aggressive.

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Posted in: Aso vows crackdown on mob loans after Mizuho chief testifies in Diet See in context

@gonemad Finally, a sensible, well thought out opinion in contrast to the knee-jerk bank bashing that has accompanied recent news stories.

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Posted in: Paul McCartney urges Putin to help free Greenpeace activists See in context

...whose hits with the Beatles included “Back in the USSR”

関係ない, as they say. Weren't the Greenpeace activists trespassing on a Russian oil platform? Sounds like being home for Christmas wasn't high on their list of priorities.

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Posted in: Aso vows crackdown on mob loans after Mizuho chief testifies in Diet See in context

You'd think the white suits, rolling r's and all the bling would give these gangsters away at the bank counter when they're lining up for a loan.

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Posted in: Brain damage concussion fears seep into rugby and soccer See in context

I'm surprised there's anything still going on in my head after cracking it on the door frame of my tatami room at least once a week for the last ten years.

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Posted in: World's largest orange diamond sold for $31.5 mil in Swiss auction See in context

I'm not going to be able to get Shirley Bassey out of my head all day now.

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Posted in: Lansbury: Mistake to recycle 'Murder, She Wrote' See in context

Agreed. Sounds like a ploy to get punters in the door under false pretences. Let the new show earn its own stripes. Fond memories of watching Murder, She Wrote as a family when I was a kid.

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Posted in: 50 years after JFK's assassination, conspiracy theories remain over who actually killed him. Which of the following is closest to your point of view? See in context

As my knowledge of the assassination amounts to watching the excellent Oliver Stone JFK movie, I find it difficult to choose any of the above with confidence. Perhaps the only thing I can say is that Kevin Costner should be remembered for that film and not Waterworld.

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Posted in: 3 men arrested for kidnapping 12-year-old girl for ransom See in context

I say full marks for the police officer who foiled the crime, and really hope that the young victim can quickly recover from what must have been a horrific experience.

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