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Posted in: Winners of 11th Clarino Beautiful Legs Awards announced See in context

Shucks. Can I assume the Access Denied display in the middle of my screen is where there's an embedded link to beautiful legs? My company web server obviously doesn't approve.

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Posted in: What defines the Japanese character? See in context

Fluffy observations, some of which have hints of truth, but just superficial snapshots on the whole. The lawsuits part caught my eye - in particular:

both sides will work towards a mutually amicable resolution.

...which, in reality, means that the person who is deemed to be wrong, with or without compelling evidence, will have to pay a large amount of money. Knock an iPod-wearing, email-writing high school student off his/her bike on the way to work in the morning and be prepared to part with a few million yen. This is, of course, assuming you don't kill them with your car.

This article isn't as bad as the 'J people don't blow their nose on the train' Lonely Planet rubbish I read before I came to Japan 15 year ago, but it is overly romanticised fluff.

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Posted in: Couple confess to abandoning 3 newborn babies over 9-yr period See in context

The Tonumas also have a 9-year-old son who was placed in a child welfare center in 2004 after being abused by his parents, police said.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the 9 year old son placed in a welfare centre means we can add abuse of a new baby in 2004 to abandonment of three other babies over the years. These people are truly the scum of the earth. I object to my taxes being used to feed them in prison.

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Posted in: We try some of KFC's Kentucky Fried Fish See in context

@lucabrasi, @soldave I'd give you both 10 thumbs up a piece for those comments if I could.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing 2-year-old son shortly after child's release from care See in context

My son turned 2 last week, and he is going to get an extra big hug from me when I get home tonight. I can't help thinking that there's no place left in society, including prison, for this 26 year old 'man'.

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Posted in: Warm Biz campaign gets under way in Japan See in context

@philly Couldn't agree more on the toilet seat. It's the only comfort when the paper-thin walls of my house offer no insulation. Mornings would be quite the trial without it.

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Posted in: A sight for saur eyes See in context

Must have been a scary era when these dinosaures roamed the earth.

Yup. Very important to keep the cave door locked at all times in those days.

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Posted in: 'Anpanman' creator dies at 94 See in context

@David You didn't know about this guy?

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Posted in: Carrying the torch See in context

@Ossan. I hope Brazil will get some coverage closer to its time, but this is, after all, Japan Today. I'm sure there'll be at least a trickle of Tokyo Olympics news for the next seven years.

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Posted in: Fukushima Industries unveils new mascot with an unfortunate name See in context

@Probie is absolutely right. It isn't pronounced 'foo-koo'. Fukushima is not ふうくうしま.

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Posted in: Elderly man busted for arranging sex for senior citizens See in context

@The Chronic

The elderly need some bootie too!

Much as I agree with you, the image is a bit disturbing.

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Posted in: Eric Clapton announces 20th Japan tour See in context

The tickets for the Budokan are 12,000yen for 'S' seat and 11,000 for 'A'. I've seen Clapton five times and he never fails to put on a great show.

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Posted in: Elderly man busted for arranging sex for senior citizens See in context

@MIrai I agree completely with you. Completely victimless crime. I wish I could be that much of an entrepreneur.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to con 91-year-old man out of Y15 mil See in context

It would seem that getting away with this kind of scam in Japan is like shooting fish in a barrel. My MIL nearly fell for a scam like this and she sees her son every day of the week. Well done that bank employee for questioning the withdrawal.

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Posted in: NRA publicly reprimands TEPCO chief over latest problems at Fukushima See in context

It's been pointed out before by JT posters, but isn't Tepco's mishandling of the plant slipping into the territory of criminal negligence?

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Posted in: Rinsable sweat-proof sport inner-ear headphone See in context

Might give these a go because headphones don't survive my Bear Grylls-style exercise pursuits for long. The price is also not so high as to cause distress if I discover they're no good.

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Posted in: Schick Japan promotes new product with cheeky 'Zero Gravity Dream Shaving' video See in context

Hmmm… Pretty girls tumbling about in slow motion while squirting foam. You think anyone would watch that?

Yes. I'm all about bikini-clad girls and squirting.

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Posted in: Teen girl dies while trying to climb into 2nd story of own home See in context

Oh no. If only kids were as indestructible as they think they are. A terrible thing for the girl's friend to live with as well.

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Posted in: Colorful sight See in context

People in my office were lining up at the window to take photos yesterday. I think the pot of gold was somewhere near Ochanomizu.

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Posted in: U.S. author Tom Clancy dead at 66 See in context

“The difference between fiction and reality,” he once said, “is that fiction has to make sense.”

Nicely said. And very true.

The Hunt for Red October was a standout novel of all the Clancys I have read. It was also one of the rare stories that Hollywood did justice to. 66 is still so young...such a shame.

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Posted in: How big an impact would the proposed initial sales tax hike from 5% to 8% in Japan have on your lifestyle? See in context

I assume that I will be 3% worse off. If I were a voter, I'd be pestering my local MP for the government to cut unnecessary costs in order that this tax hike will have the desired effect, rather than simply fund more concrete river beds or other ridiculous public works projects designed to create employment.

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Posted in: Fashion model proposes violent punishment for people who smoke while walking See in context

She's missing the point that most people - smokers or otherwise - in big cities, especially Tokyo, don't care what other people think. As a small example, a young, bouffant hair type held up everyone on my train platform this morning because he was plucking his eyebrows. I'd like to see him and others like him get a not so cute 'dekopin' with the end of an umbrella.

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Posted in: 3 former JR West execs cleared of negligence in fatal 2005 derailment See in context

I'm inclined to believe that the culture of fear that rules in most large companies here was primarily responsible for derailment. If the driver had unilaterally decided to follow the speed limit, therefore making the train late, he would probably have been looking at bullying from an idiot manager, a transfer to a dire JR job in a dark corner somewhere in Japan, with or without a paycut, or a Hello Work queue.

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Posted in: Give us a hug See in context

I wonder when Mr.Abe last got one of those from his wife? I'm assuming the wives have 'history'.

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Posted in: Distracted smartphone users hit by flood of safety warnings See in context


Phones have become smart,or have people become dumb?

Both. People have forgotten what their parents taught them when they were little. My 2 year old looks behind when he's walking or running, and constantly bumps into things as he turns around. He'll get the hang of it soon enough, but I really hope he won't forget these lessons and go the way of the tunnel-visioned drones I see outside every day.

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Posted in: Half of professionals in Japan doubtful of progression prospects: survey See in context

It's not that I'm 'doubtful' about my prospects with my current company, I know for sure that there aren't any. The only way to receive training and progress to positions of responsibility is to be hired straight out of university and hang around until you're old enough. Given the limitations, I am now looking for something else, which I think is a real shame given the relationships I have built up over the years. Robert Walters, よろしくお願いします。

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Posted in: Man goes on supermarket rampage See in context

With the amount of times I've told my kids not to do stuff like this in supermarkets, it'll be no wonder if their pent-up stress causes them to snap in the future and go on a poking and squishing rampage. I'd better go and pick up some bubble wrap to try and curb the urges.

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Posted in: Man goes on supermarket rampage See in context


Meat Packs and bread.....RIP

Laughed out loud in the office at that. Best post of the month so far.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist stabbed to death in Turkey See in context

The region is popular with Japanese tourists.

The region was popular with Japanese tourists. Terrible waste of life.

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Posted in: 3 injured after car plows into convenience store See in context

...because the break and accelerator pedals are so close together in an automatic car. Besides, how fast was she going to be able to do that and not avoid correcting her mistake?! Or was she stuggling to convert that last kanji in her email with one hand? Driving ban please.

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