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My goodness, wine importers are surely making enough money already on European wines. The prices are already scandalous without putting them up even more.

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I hope that the government calls in some outside help rather than simply throwing more money at TEPCO, which has proven itself to be completely incompetent. It is, however, laughable to hear this from the government over two years since 3.11, but I'm getting used to laughing at the indiosyncracies of the political culture here.

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 28,000 prank calls to 110 See in context

At least the nutjob wasn't calling out the emergency services, which is what a lot of prank callers do. I suspect that this is the only reason he wasn't apprehended earlier.

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Posted in: The deadliest part of Fukushima's nuclear clean-up: Removing fuel rods See in context

I think it's time that TEPCO asked for some help.

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Man, it must've been toasty with all those people there yesterday. 37 degrees seemed to be the average in Kanto.

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Posted in: Tennessee judge changes child's name from 'Messiah' See in context

Perhaps now changing Messiah in the Bible to Martin would make JC more accessible to the common man and increase church attendance in increasingly secular areas. "And Martin proclaimed unto mankind..."

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Posted in: Elementary school principal resigns after responding to knife threat with a heavy smack See in context

Teachers can't and shouldn't be hitting kids. The principal, for one, should act as a role model for all of his staff. He made the wrong choice - seven times it would seem.

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The police that stop me a couple of times a month to check that my mama chari belongs to me should be bothering the masses who ride with umbrellas, headphones or while texting in plain view. I have three friends whose young kids have been hit by idiots who weren't paying attention - and of whom none stopped. When I last put this point to a jobsworth, tubby police officer, he asked to see my gaijin card. Tremendous waste of my taxes.

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Posted in: 'Fifty Shades effect' blamed for UK handcuff mishaps See in context well as nine men with rings stuck on their penises, one with his penis trapped in a toaster and another in a vacuum cleaner.

I kind of get the vacuum thing (a Dyson would probably provide more suction than desired), but the first two seem a bit silly - especially the toasted wiener. But I reckon I'd order a screwdriver or a hacksaw from Amazon before inviting a bunch of fire fighters to detach a hoover from my family jewels.

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@bilderberg I was careful to include 'perhaps' and 'could be...', but the system here, for all its failings, is better than countries where a low life expectancy is due to lack of access to basic medical care, including things like vaccinations or functioning hospitals. I generally walk out of small, local clinics here feeling that the doctor was a condescending bastard who didn't seem to know what s/he was talking about, but my experience of the two university hospitals I've visited has been very good, even if the treatment has been a little long-winded. I'm talking about Yokohama, by the way, so it may well be a different story outside of the big cities.

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Posted in: Japanese women retake top spot for life expectancy See in context

@cechanju Thanks for the link, although it certainly is gut wrenching as you point out. Getting old and skipping this mortal coil gracefully requires a great deal of luck.

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Posted in: Japanese women retake top spot for life expectancy See in context

...a healthy diet, active lifestyle and good medical system.

Somewhat echoing Yubaru's point, but perhaps only the latter could be said to be true, and then I think you've got be super lucky that you don't get landed with a doctor who thinks your enlarged prostate is a symptom of the common cold.

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Posted in: Lady Gaga is top earning celebrity under 30 See in context

But are they happy?

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Posted in: Train passengers free woman stuck in gap by pushing train See in context

It's great that other passengers came to her rescue, and refreshing that city-dwellers can be selfless sometimes. Surely 'heroism', though, is someone risking life and limb to save someone on the tracks, about to be squashed by an express train, rather than someone who wasn't watching where she was going and didn't 'mind the gap'.

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@Fizzbit. Public and private pools alike usually make swimmers wear caps, regardless of the presence of hair. To top that, the local pool in a rural city where I once lived made all swimmers get out of the pool and do stretches to music every 30mins. No amount of Crusty the Clown make up would have put us in the same league as the synchro swimmers in the picture, however.

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@Cricky I have more hair on my chest that my head, and yet I also get made to wear a swimming cap...

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Posted in: Paul McCartney to make first concert tour of Japan in 11 years See in context

@Romeo - Yup, I've been right up there at the back of the stadium, too. The arena seating (standing area) is better if you're tall, but the acoustics are terrible everywhere. Saying that, I wouldn't mind seeing Macca live.

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Posted in: Men’s bras appear to be on the rise in Japan See in context

Assuming this story isn't a wind-up... ...Are the bra-wearing blokes a wee bit tubby and require support for their moobs, or are they also wearing briefer briefs to complete the combi?

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Posted in: High-end CD player and premain amp for lifelong music lovers See in context

Nice. Much as I'd like one of these, I wonder if it'd play CDs that my kids have had their mitts on.

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Posted in: Tokyo pledges 'model' drug-free Games See in context

...strong social disapproval of chemical enhancements...

I was tempted to stop reading there on the grounds that what the Japanese people think of drugs (=they are all bad, except for the 6 types docs dish out for a cold) is of absolutely no consequence to the athletes who are vying to be the best in the world. Japan may have Draconian rules in place for possession of marijuana and amphetamines, but I fail to see the relevance... .

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Posted in: Managers are an unaffordable luxury See in context

I think it's a common misconception among foreign employees that managers Japanese companies are also supposed to be leaders. In long-established firms especially, this couldn't be further from the truth. My company is top-heavy with managers who have reached their positions due to age, and their higher salaries are weighing heavily on the firm. The managers that @sillygirl describes may soon be called upon to offer more value or their days could be numbered.

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@calr751 There have been loads of movies with mammoths in, including the very popular Ice Age movies, which incidentally star a male and a female mammoth. We clearly know a great deal about them.

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Posted in: Student dies of alcohol poisoning at party in Ibaraki See in context

I can hear the chants of 'Ikki, ikki' now as the poor kid(s) were encouraged (forced?) to down chuhai and cheap beer. Terrible waste of a life.

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Posted in: Mother ordered to pay Y95 mil after bicycle-riding son collides with elderly woman See in context

A very unfortunate accident and nothing more. In this case and so many more, common sense certainly doesn't prevail in Japanese law.

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Posted in: TEPCO hires nuclear safety advocate See in context

Good news, assuming she has the authority to make the necessary changes, bang heads together when necessary, and not be fired if she discloses examples of spectacular negligence. The only obstacles could now be unpredictable earthquakes and tsunami... .

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Posted in: Education ministry will allow all schools to open on Saturdays from next year See in context

Companies here get around terrible organisation and inefficiency by stretching days into overtime, and this ruling is, as @smith points out, simply dodging the same issues. Goodness knows the kids will have plenty of time in juku and then find themselves stuck in some stuffy office in the future.

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Posted in: John Paul II on brink of sainthood after miracle approved See in context

@yabits - MVPs - Most Valuable Popes

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Posted in: John Paul II on brink of sainthood after miracle approved See in context

This would be hilarious if it weren't for the fact that a large portion of the world's population lap it up.

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Posted in: 10-year-old girl in critical condition after being hit by train See in context

Although the cause of this accident isn't clear in the article, automated gates are clearly necessary to prevent kids and people with their faces in smart phones from getting hurt. Hope the girl pulls through.

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Posted in: Condom maker reveals results of national survey on sex See in context

In the 15 years I've been here, it seems to me that married people (mainly men) are doing all the shagging (not with their wives) and the single people, who are free to do it, simply aren't. From my alpha male persective, young blokes doing the sad puppy sleep thing on their girlfriend's shoulder, plucking their eyebrows on the train, or being too interested in whether their hair mousse is holding, probably need to eat less soy and get more sleep and exercise.

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