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Posted in: 60-year-old man arrested after scuffle in Sapporo supermarket See in context

Humbleness is an expected trait. Taught at home and school, literally everywhere. That’s what made the 60 yo angry, disregard for courtesies that should be automatic. I don’t think I’m wrong in saying, no matter where you are from, courtesy for others is expected and valued.

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Posted in: 81-year-old woman arrested over murder of 85-year-old husband See in context

Oh the J Govt is addressing this! They make elderly people pay insurance at a rate according to their social security benefits. If my husband and I live to 90 we would pay a total of ¥5,600,000 or about $41,000 US. That to me seems like a lot to pay for elder care. This is on top of our regular medical insurance!

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Posted in: Ex-nursing home employee arrested over death of 81-year-old resident See in context

I wouldn’t wish a nursing home on anyone, here or in the US. I’ve seen them both. But what’s really annoying here is the government force’s anyone over 65 to pay for ‘insurance’ for these horrible facilities.

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Posted in: Woman indicted for killing 3-month-old daughter See in context

Affecting 1-2 out of every 1000 women, postpartum psychosis can be sudden onset and endanger the life of the child. This condition was first recorded around 2000 years ago

I’m sorry for not not only the baby that died but the untreated mother as well.

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Posted in: Japan objects as Chinese trawler flees with inspectors aboard See in context

@Akie, from what you write in China neighbors steal what they want and enter others homes and property without invitation! Is that why you came here to get away from bad neighbors?

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Posted in: Japan hangs all 6 remaining Aum death row inmates See in context

If there was a shred of doubt I would be against the death penalty. In the case of the AUM 13, there is NO doubt their crime was heinous and callous, a complete disregard of human life. Their punishment was just. It’s a shame carrying out the death penalty won’t bring back the victims or erase the harm done by their actions.

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Posted in: Japan hangs all 6 remaining Aum death row inmates See in context

The victimis and/or their families live on, though thankful that the criminals are gone - forever! Some criminals deserve this harsh punishment!

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Posted in: Aum cult founder Asahara, 6 followers hanged See in context

I am in no way opposed to the death penalty. It is a punishment, rarely given, but metted out as due justice for horrific crimes. It is not implemented as a deterrent to others committing a crime of serious magnitude just as a prison sentence is not given so others don’t follow suit. Simply put they are punishments given for wrongs committed against persons or society. Payback and retribution are completely different issues.

I’m glad Asahara is gone he got his due punishment. I seriously hope he felt fear as the noose was slipped over his neck.

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Posted in: Aum cult founder Asahara, 6 followers hanged See in context

The horror of the acts committed by Asahara deserves the death penalty and hanging is fitting as it is very real and hopefully frightening.

We were all glued to the news for months and were relieved when he was caught. We were also disgusted at his cowardness by hiding in a crawl space to evade his captors.

Good riddance and enjoy hell.

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Posted in: Japanese couple attacked in Honolulu face $50,000 in medical costs See in context

Most US cities have victim compensation programs and Oahu is no exception.


Also as stated above Japanese health insurance will pay all they need to do is submit the international medical codes from the hospital on a form from the town hall and a receipt of payment, that’s the catch, isn’t it!

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Posted in: 87-year-old dementia patient arrested for stabbing nurse See in context

This is typical behavior from a dementia patient. Sometimes sweet and docile, othertimes hostile and combative. Often brought on by a perceived or real threat. My mother (89) has these same issues (potty mouth and all) but she has cotton padded boxing gloves to use when necessary so her caregivers aren’t injured. The nursing home is remiss here. One scenario, the nurse was more than likely gripping at him for needing clean bedding at 5am and he felt disrespected.

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Posted in: Elderly couple found dead in Tokyo home See in context

It’s pitiiful how little the govt thinks of the elderly. No wonder they just give up.

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Posted in: Everything metallic gone from isle after N Korean visit, caretaker says See in context

Stealing a few sweet potatoes to survive and stripping a refuge hut of everything down to the door knobs and hinges are very different crimes. NK continues to receive (and accept) humanitarian aid, I’m sure it doesn’t trickle down to a lowly fisherman but let’s face facts these people are on a mission to bring whatever they can back. They truly are nothing more than pirates and thieves on a small scale.

The refuge hut is more than likely maintained by the govt. but the local people may have added things like a rice cooker or TV for their own comfort. Our local flood gate house is govt. funded, but the residents have to pay things like utilities out of their own pocket.

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Posted in: Japan to boost regulation of online sites for vulnerable people See in context

Sounds like a good solution. Targeted ads are nothing new, I’m bombarded constantly in news feeds, FB and Twitter. Use the same thing to help these people. Also maybe find them and hold them for a psych eval. Perpetrator, victim, whatever is wrong maybe it will save a few lives. Much better than what happen to those poor young people

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Posted in: Woman, two daughters arrested for abandoning body See in context

A cremation as opposed to a funeral, cost less than ¥10,000. You get a cardboard box and get the bones to do whatever with. Between the 3 of them I bet it was affordable.

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Posted in: Woman arrested on suspicion of abandoning body of 70-year-old husband See in context

The cost of cremation without any extras is less than ¥10,000 (closer to ¥5000). A funeral service provider will add a bunch of stuff and end up costing ¥2-300,000 or so.

There is no excuse for elder abuse because there are so many social services available unless you live in a forest or on top of a mountain.

There is a cog missing somewhere (social services) and that is as much responsible as the lady for her husband's death.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for murders of two elderly people in Gunma See in context

Let us all be blind then! It's capital murder to commit murder with aggravating circumstances, in this case robbery. Some people are deserving of this harsh sentence.

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