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Posted in: Exploding meteor causes panic in central Russia; nearly 1,000 injured See in context

And the world with end by balls of fire....

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy throws himself under train near Osaka See in context

The kid offered his life to a cause he believed in to save his school. What a noble gesture. No matter what others might thinkand say, I still think his gesture is noble. "Kawaiso"

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Posted in: Justice Ministry proposes harsher sentences for minors See in context

Good idea. I am for it.

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Posted in: Electric cars head toward another dead end See in context

Electric cars head toward another dead end

I don't think it will. If EV manufacturers could only bring down the price and maintenance costs , EV's will push through and planet earth and populace will benifit big time. Bad for oil company syndicates too hehehe.

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Posted in: Abe: China radar-lock on Japan ship 'dangerous' See in context

This radar locking by China is quite serious no. This Chinitos will never stop nor listen to any one. Btw, I wonder if that instrument used to Radar locked the Japanese ship and plane were sold by USA...

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Posted in: Gov't approves TEPCO request for extra Y697 bil in public funds See in context

Geeeezzzzz.... Is JGov PIMPING for TEPCO? That's the TAX people's money.

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Posted in: Minister calls judo beatings Japan's worst sports crisis See in context

It's nice to hear that little by little, the old and ugly culture of Japan are being noticed though slowly but surely and something is being done to stop it now. It's not just sports. I have seen apprentice who wanted to become bar tenders being kick secretly by their teacher even in front of bar customers. Some who wanted to be a cook hit on their head...elementary singing chorus rehearsing until they have no more voices just for the benefit ofthe school winning the national singing competition and so on . Yes, it's the strict policies and old culture of Japan that need changes in training students.


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Posted in: China and Japan seek to ease tensions, but risks remain See in context

You can read his whole thesis at:

@Avigator.....Thesis: a statement or theory that is put forward as a premise to be maintained or proved.

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Posted in: Former nuclear safety chief questioned over Fukushima negligence See in context

TEPCO has admitted it had played down known tsunami risks for fear of the political, financial and reputational cost. It says no one has died as a direct result of radiation.

Huh! wait for some years when radiation caused cancer start affecting those exposed and die one one by one. But of course that will be years and this tragedy may well be forgotten by JGov. and TEPCO. They are now busy looking for a fall guy for their blunders.

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Posted in: 2 elderly people die after falling from roofs while clearing snow See in context

Until the local government in their area will pursue a strict campaign of warning people climbing their roofs to clear the snow, this kind of incident will be a regular yearly incident. I know in our Koriyama City, during fire season, there is always a truck roaming around warning people to be careful with their gas heaters catching fire over their public address system. I am sure local government can also do this warning regarding climbing roofs to remove snow.

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Posted in: 17 'relaxation' establishments raided; 76 high school girls in custody See in context

Oppssss...I guess it's another underground organizations businesses.

receive massages from high school girls and to sleep next to them in private rooms. Oopppssss... be concrete JT... you mean sex... then this is a prostitution den disguise as a massage parlor.

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Posted in: Former TEPCO chief questioned on suspicion of negligence See in context

So what(s the outcome of the investigations... any follow up from JT???????

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Posted in: Former TEPCO chief questioned on suspicion of negligence See in context

Ooppppssss I mean SUSPICION... Gomme..

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Posted in: Former TEPCO chief questioned on suspicion of negligence See in context


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Posted in: Taiwanese boat leaves disputed islands after water cannon duel See in context

It's water cannons this time. What's next... just waiting who will fire the first bullet. Good luck to all mankind.

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Posted in: Chinese fishing boat detained in Japanese waters See in context

AGAIN ! Jeeezzzzzzz...

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Posted in: Boeing 787 battery shows short-circuiting See in context

Haha!!! the best thing for flyers, check the plane model when booking your plane ticket. Until these problems of 787 are solved.

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Posted in: Japan considers 6-day school week; teachers not enthusiastic See in context

"Japan, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said it is considering Saturday classes Ministry hopes to improve the academic ability of the nation’s youth by securing more teaching hours. It also hopes to dispel concerns of a widening “education gap” between public schools and private schools, many of which continue to implement Saturday classes. HOW ABOUT THE BULLYING ISSUES and teachers cruel method of teaching that causes suicides.

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Posted in: Japan talk of warning shots heats up China dispute See in context

This tension has been and will be going on until kingdom come unless the UN and other world organization founded to attend to this kind of dispute move their butts and start settling the ownership of the islands between Japan and China. The officials of both countries are like kids fighting for a piece of candy. China threatening and bullying while Japan relying for the big brother to help but to no avail. IMO, the best solution is to erased this islands from the map. No islands, no dispute. har...har...har..

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Posted in: Subcontractors reportedly ripping off Fukushima nuclear accident workers See in context

Reading this news makes me mad. Probably this have been happening in Japan ever since. Quick buck for all these contractors out of the pockets of poor workers needing jobs to survive the poor economy. I am sure these contractors, are in cohorts with JGovt officials awarding contracts. I wonder why these contractors not mentioned by JT. But I am sure they are connected to the underground organizations known as the Yakuzas whose business are to get quick and easy bucks. These should be stopped. Calling PM Abe.

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Posted in: ANA, JAL ground Dreamliner fleet after emergency landing See in context

@Basroil..... "the batteries are made by Japanese companies!" hahahaha sorry though but and still, doesn't justify your blame but just point back to Boeing quality control department and assembler.

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Posted in: As yen weakens, BOJ governor says easing to persist See in context

I do agree a weaker yen will be good for Japan. I still remember way back 70s when dollar was trading ¥365 for US$1. Japan was booming sky high. Business mushrooming. Unemployed were only for the lazy ones. Everyone's faces smiling. Those were the days until US clamped and controlled Japan's economy.

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Posted in: Lottery booth employee arrested for lying to customer about winning ticket See in context

Hahahahahaha..... for her age I can't believed he swindled the old man. I was duped by a 7/11 cashier/staff one time. I checked my receipt and noticed two ice cream but I only bought one. The funny thing was, he was eating the ice cream in front of me. Always check your receipts and count your change. hehehehe

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Posted in: Abe accuses China of letting Japanese firms be targeted during isle protests See in context

Japan gotta do what big brother says-law of the jungle!

Heheheheh Big brother is a lamed duck. USA debt to China is neck deep. Poor big borther.

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Posted in: China rebukes Japan after both sides' planes fly near islands See in context

“It is understood that the flight by Chinese military planes in airspace related to the East China Sea is routine”, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a regular briefing.

How about WEST Japan Sea?

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Posted in: China rebukes Japan after both sides' planes fly near islands See in context

@sealife.... nobody like communists and their principles. We junt communists hiding in mountains in our country. What can you do to destroy communism in China? This is another sotry...hehehehe

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Posted in: Abe accuses China of letting Japanese firms be targeted during isle protests See in context

You will see who are the first to put their tails between their leg. It will be japanese.

Hehehehe... don't forget, Japan almost conquered ASIA during WWII. If not for the unconditional surrender they signed, JPN will be more powerful today than being on the defense always. That treaty should have an expiration. Har...har...har...

Btw, if China hussles Jpn businesses in Beijing, do the same in Japan hehehehehe.

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Posted in: 8 arrested over murder of man in Roppongi nightclub See in context

Just like a western movie..... hehehehe

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Posted in: Japan scrambles jets against Chinese military planes See in context

Hehehehe.... this is like kids intriguing games to one another but does not want to give the first punch.

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Posted in: Hashimoto blasts education board over basketball teacher lapse See in context

These kind of attitudes by the teachers in Japan just showed you the old militray type discipline and culture of Japanese. The Board of Education Officials, Principals, Teachers not to mention students know what is happening in their schools ever since but zipped their mouth to avoid retaliations. For them, probably, reporting the wrong system is "Mendoksai" and might cause them their job. I pity those kids trying their best for the school and coach glory in competitions. I guess humane treatment in coaching is not a vocabulary of this person. But mere compulsions. With this case, to the Minister and Board of Education, as the Japanese say GAMBATTE in correcting the system.

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