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Posted in: All-women parties becoming fad See in context

I LOVE joushi-kais!! Most of my friends are women and to be honest, it is much more fun to get together with the girls than to get together in a mixed group. There's no pressure from the guys, and best of all, no smoking!!!

Good times all around. Although, how is this strange at all? Back in the US, I hung around my girls friends most often, and had sleepovers/trips/long weekends with them. Mixed get-togethers were only every once in a while. How is that odd at all? I think most girls/women hang around their women friends and go to restaurants/cafes/etc. Much, much more fun than some smoky bar where men will try to hit on you, regardless of whether you're wearing a ring or not!

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Posted in: 21% of young men stuck in poverty's slow lane See in context

“When we have enough money my girlfriend and I plan to get married,” he says – “but I don’t want to get married, so I’ve no incentive to save.”

WOW. What a total jerk. I feel sorry for the girl that he is leading on and just generally jerking around. Poor poor girl.

And seriously? I find it hard to save on 18man/mo. Impossible if I want to eat well and pay rent/ketai/health insurance/electricity. Actually, after that there's basically nothing left, and I have about as cheap a place as you can get in Tokyo. How in the world do people do it on 1man? Unless they are using the money of others (for rent/food/bills), and I don't think that qualifies. Do they mean 1man after rent? Even if you never use the tv/ac, you still have water and health insurance, which will eat up most of that 1man.

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Posted in: Yuko Ogura turns her attention to marriage after settling dispute with management See in context

I'm confused. What does she mean by saying that she quit to concentrate on marriage, but then saying to the networks that she is ready to return to working as hard as she can?

It seems she's saying opposite thing in those two statements. If I'm misunderstanding, can anyone clarify for me? I'd really appreciate it!

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Posted in: Recipes for meals that do not require gas, electricity to make See in context

Not much use without a link to the book itself, or even a title!

For those that are interested, it took a while but I finally found it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.jp/電気もガスも使わない-しあわせレシピ-いっちゃん/dp/4072788767/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1307784508&sr=8-1

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Posted in: Mona Yamamoto announces retirement from showbiz See in context

I'm confused- how is quitting her job "accepting the challenge of becoming a working mother"? Does she plan to get a new job? I'm guessing there is a translation error?

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Posted in: Compulsory power usage cut implemented for 1st time in 37 yrs See in context

I've looked through the METI webpage, but can't for the life of me find a link to register to be eligible for the drawing. Can someone link to it? I'm trying to cut power anyways to save money, might as well get a new tv for my troubles!

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Posted in: Tokyo experiences coldest mid-April day in nearly 50 years See in context

Global warming is sadly misnamed.

If it's really all about extremes, then I look forward to the deliciously hot coming summer. 125-degree days beat out these freezing ones any time!!

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Posted in: The flip side of metabolic syndrome - being too skinny See in context

20% of Japanese girls are obese??? That is one in five, and I don't believe it for a moment. Unless obese means super-skinny, in which I would say that the rate is about 99.9%. In five years living in Japan I could count the number of obese girls that I have seen on both hands.

It's nice to be a healthy weight, but if I had to pick one, I would much rather be underweight than overweight. It's hard being a size 4 in Japan, because even so I still feel as if I am overweight, whereas back in the US people might think that I was dying. It's really surreal.

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Posted in: Anti-smoking 'monsters' have smokers on the run See in context

The smoke does travel upward and I have been to upper floor that were non-smoking but they just smelled of the smoke that was coming up the stairwell from below.

YES! This is even worse than being in the same room as a smoking section-- these second-hand floors always reek of smoke, just as much or worse than the smoking sections. I'm not sure what the logic of these is. We want to be separated to get away from the smoke, do the designers just not understand? Or is it that they want to look like they care, but seriously have no clue that it doesn't seem that way at all to nonsmokers?

Another solution would be to only allow electronic cigarettes in public places, seeing as they do not produce the smoke that so annoys nonsmokers. Perhaps they could be sold commonly inside of establishments that smokers traditionally associate with smoking, like bars and clubs? I would have no problem with smoking if it did not affect me personally, so this seems like a viable solution. Though I wonder if smokers would be willing to do the trade-in. They never took off in the US, but I'm not sure why as I've never smoked myself and have no desire to.

Have any of the smokers on here tried an electronic cigarette? What is the difference, aside from the obvious smoke/smell?

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Posted in: Anti-smoking 'monsters' have smokers on the run See in context

Dude seriously theres these new things out in lots of izakayas. They are called enclosed private rooms. Rent one, invite your non-smoking friends and you are all set! Enjoy your best moment in your life tonight!! Why wait???

I've been in these, and those rooms are still full of smoke drifting in from other nearby rooms. "you need to change restaurants, or sit in the non-smoking section"

LOLOL what non-smoking sections?! The only restaurants I've seen with non-smoking sections (and usually not even adequate since one table in the middle of a room full of smokers does not a non-smoking section make) are up-scale ones, foreign-run places, or family restaurants. So, maybe 1% of the restaurants in Tokyo, if even that. What about the other 99% that I might want to enjoy cheap food or drink at? What about the ones that my boss (a nonsmoker but far less sensitive than I) takes our staff out to? None of us smoke, and it's torture to sit in a room full of gross smoke.

At least we know that the monsters will win in the end. It's suffering through the cigarette smoke in the meantime that is awful.

Some of the smokers in here have said that they would not light up/put it out if someone asked them to. So I am asking now: please never, ever light up around nonsmokers. If no smokers lit up around nonsmokers, there would not even be a problem, would there?

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Posted in: Anti-smoking 'monsters' have smokers on the run See in context

I for one look forward to the day when I can go anywhere I want to without having to breathe in someone's disgusting tobacco smoke. I will throw a huge party in an izakaya the day that my rights to smoke-free air are protected under the law. Those of you that insist that smoking should be legal anywhere are eventually going to lose the battle, and that may just be the best moment of my entire life since I have moved to Japan.

I can't wait!

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Posted in: Anti-smoking 'monsters' have smokers on the run See in context

A non-smoker can't exactly walk into a bar and ask all the smokers to put out their butts now can they?

THIS!! Not to mention that IF everyone complied (I doubt it), you would have to constantly monitor the door to see who new walks in and tries to light up. It just isn't going to work without a law to protect us nonsmokers.

If you carry cigarettes, this is legal.

If you harm me by forcing me to breathe your second hand smoke, this should be assault.

AND THIS!! This is how I have always felt. I think this is what it all comes down to in the end. The only way to protect the rights of everyone is to make everywhere nonsmoking and let the smokers do it alone in private only. That way, smokers can smoke and nonsmokers don't have to.

Nonsmokers should not have to leave a place just because someone nearby light up. The ones smoking are the ones performing an activity that changes the environment-- i.e. causing the problem. So it is their responsibility to take their problem elsewhere.

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Posted in: Man caught taking up-skirt photos with camera in his shoe See in context

There's no reason why the uniforms MUST be skirts, and certainly no reason why the skirt needs to be short enough that an upskirt picture is possible. Address either of those two points and you'll go a long way towards thwarting the pervs.

Actually, uniforms are never mini-skirts. It's unheard of to have a uniform that is more than a few inches above the knee at most.

What it is, is that girls are rolling up the waistband of their skirts, thereby making them as short as they want. So they can pull them back down at school to conform to regulations, and roll up after they leave to look cute. Next time you see a schoolgirl in a mini, look closely around her waist, and you will probably see a bit of a bulge wrapping around her middle. That's where the rest of the skirt is!

I am not a schoolgirl, but I wear miniskirts all the time. But I always wear bike shorts underneath. If I didn't, then well, if I flash someone accidentally it's my own fault. Not that I would let a perv take pictures up my skirt, but yeah.

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Posted in: Anti-smoking 'monsters' have smokers on the run See in context

Oh no, I don't want to sink down to his/her level and scream back. It seems really immature, and I'd like to think that I can handle myself more politely. I don't know what to do, though, other than talk to people in charge or support the ones trying to pass the laws.

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Posted in: Anti-smoking 'monsters' have smokers on the run See in context

I have never ever seen anyone go up to a smoker and say hey, there's the sign, no smoking here please. Are people actually doing that?

I tried that once, and the man started screaming and yelling at me, blowing his smoke in my face.. it was awful, and the police came. Guess what they did? Nothing. Even though we were right next to a non-smoking sign. It's ridiculous.

Ever since then, I have had the waiting staff or station attendants or police tell someone for me. But they are often hard to find and all I can do is give them dirty looks. It is really annoying.

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Posted in: Anti-smoking 'monsters' have smokers on the run See in context

smokers are entitled to smoke but not in areas where non smokers can be affected ie: any indoor location...

Yes!! This also inclues any outdoor location where a nonsmoker might conceivably be in the next hour, since smoke often lingers. And cars, omg. I can't count the number of times that cars have passed me on the street (while I am walking) and I got a faceful of smoke just reeking out of their closed windows. It's ridiculous! How many others have experienced this?)

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Posted in: Anti-smoking 'monsters' have smokers on the run See in context

No sound evidence? Seriously, this guy needs to do some reasearch instead of spending all of his time running his mouth off.

Count me among the "monsters" who believe in my right to good health.

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Posted in: Country Ma'am cookies See in context

There're not wasabi flavored Kit Kats, are there?

There are! I personally liked them, myself!

I am intrigued by these cookies! I wonder if any of my local markets have them-- I will have to check. Although I don't like the copious amounts of transfats and oils here either, if these flavors taste good together, I might try to make a homemade version!

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Posted in: Japan's food culture is an endangered species See in context

Japanese food culture went the way of Instant Ramen, Curry Rice, McDonalds Hamburgers, and canned coffee years ago !

I thought that was japanese food culture! It is certainly what most of the people eat here in Tokyo!

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Posted in: Gossip girl See in context

What do they have to do with Gossip Girl? O.o

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Posted in: Creative hobbies that cost zero yen See in context

I wonder when she takes a bath.. not many girls out there would be willing to run around and sleep outside without washing off their makeup, or wearing any in the first place. How can you hold a job if you don't regularly shower?

LOL I had no idea there was an art to crushing cans. At least he recycles?

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Posted in: Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako told the media in a statement that they feel distress for causing public concern about their 8-year-old daughter Princess Aiko, who stayed away from sch See in context

I think that she should just toughen up and go back to school. It sucks that she might encounter bullying, but I'd hardly call what happened bullying.

Public school would probably be too dangerous. They have less security, and believe me, she would be a target for someone out there. But that doesn't mean that they shouldn't teach her how to take care of and defend herself. I'd much prefer reading a story about how she beat up all of the boys that dared to teach her.

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Posted in: Sanyo installs 'solar parking lots' in Setagaya See in context

I wonder how much something like this cost. It would be nice if it was viable as a home alternative for gigantic energy costs in the winter/summer. Or even just for lights.

I am really glad to see at least part of the city turn to solar power. It's a step in the right direction.

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Posted in: Which is more useful, a guidebook or a travel app? See in context

I would prefer apps just because of the weight issue. I don't like to tear pages out of books, and who wants to carry around something so heavy on a trip? However, with apps comes the constant problem of running out of battery. Iphone/touch has notoriously bad battery life. There is also the issue of that someone would have to own an iphone just to use the app, and a lot of people do not.

Books would seem to be better, but until they make them contain the same information without the weight, it's inconvenient to carry them around.

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Posted in: Depp gets to the heart of the Hatter See in context

The real question is, how did 1000 people know when his private jet was due to arrive in the airport? Is there some kind of website with this news?

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Posted in: Tokyo Anime Fair See in context

Was there yesterday.

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Posted in: Train shame See in context

I would have only apologized if it was actually hearable when I took out my earphones.

But then again I have never understood train 'rules' here. It's okay to talk to your friends on the train but not on the phone? Why can't you put on makeup (I do anyways)? Isn't it far better to make yourself look nice, assuming that you're not spilling onto your neighbors. Same with food. All of those are taboo, but you can come onto a train reeking of cigarettes or beer and sit next to someone? You've got to be kidding me.

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Posted in: Sweet anniversary See in context

I want to go take a picture in front of that, lol.

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Posted in: Model citizen See in context

Seems that Sailor Neptune has been eating a few too many tons of cheeseburgers recently. Poor girl.

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Posted in: Bikini girls See in context

Poor Yuki, what happened to her bangs? WOW something sure went wrong there!!

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