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Posted in: Green tea maker Ito En bans all animal tests See in context

I had no idea that it required animal testing to make better green tea! Maybe that's why the stuff I make at home isn't as good as the bottled kind.

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Posted in: Gackt to hold concert just for men See in context

I personally prefer the girly men myself. Which I'd always considered Gackt one of.

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino in good shape at 33 See in context

Wait, since when is 33 anything but young? X.x;

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Posted in: Have you ever shopped online from foreign countries? If yes, why? See in context

Oh, you can almost always find what you want here, somewhere

Emphasis on the ALMOST. I have never been able to find a number of American foods, no matter how many years that I have been looking for them in Tokyo. Excluding the military bases, but that doesnt count technically.

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Posted in: Miss Mister Donut See in context

Why aren't any of them cute?

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Posted in: Bodies of two infants found in supermarket freezer See in context

I agree, I see dogs treated a lot better than children in a lot of places here. At least people try to keep their dogs quiet when they make a racket, and they don't let them run around a store with no regard for the other people in it. A little discipline like that with your child would go a long way!

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Posted in: How to get the best seat on the plane and hold it See in context

I would gladly pay a small extra charge for seats in the exit row!

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Posted in: Some wives wish their husbands would hurry up and drop dead. See in context

While I think these women have deeper-seated issues than just a husband that doesn't pay attention to them, I do sort of sympathize with them. I know what it's like to be with someone who doesn't make you feel special or pay any attention to you at all. The reason that you get married is so that you can spend more time with the one that you love, right? (At least, that is what I want) Money doesn't even factor in. Honestly, I'd MUCH rather be with someone that spends quality time with me every day but is dirt poor, than be with someone who is rich but I never see. What a lonely life. Imagine being "stuck" in that lifestyle by being married? It would be miserable.

So yeah, I understand where they are coming from. There is the "just divorce him" excuse, but it's not as easy. I mean, you originally started dating (supposedly) because you were in love, and got married (hopefully) because you thought that he was THE one. Letting go of that is really hard.

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Posted in: Banking with the dinosaurs See in context

But this argument about "nobody takes foreign cards" reads like it was written years ago. Has the author not ventured into a 7-11? They've been taking foreign cards since 2007 - all of the 7-11s in the country. If you need cash after hours or from a foreign card, 7-11 is the place to go. Easy!

That's funny, because my foreign VISA card won't read in any 7-11 stores. Works fine as a debit card (the rare times I have money in the account), but at an atm? Nope. So far the post office is the only place I've found.

As for post office atms. The smaller branch ones have crappy hours, but the ones in the main centers (like Shinjuku for example) are open late and on holidays, so that's at least something. Inconvenient, but good to have just in case.

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Posted in: Asian publishing and e-books See in context

This is sure going to encourage book piracy (like the movie, tv, software, and music piracy so rampant online). Why pay $7 when you can download a book for free? Maybe I will get myself an ereader after all!

That said, I would never want to replace the books that I love with digitized copies. If I really did get an ereader, I would use it to preview or read books, but still want hard copies of books that I really like.

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Posted in: As 'Avatar' conquers world, Fox also eyes local releases in Asia See in context

I think this is a great idea! It would be nice to see Japanese films being made with better budgets and a worldwide audience in mind! It's rare to see such attention brought to movies here. 20th Century Boys and Death Note were great, rare jewels. But so much of japanese cinema is plagued with bad writing and bad acting. Maybe this can raise the bar!

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Posted in: Managing gaijin teachers See in context

Idiots: Wow, Japanese superiority complex much? Maybe you should learn to write correct english before you come in criticizing others. Saying that someone who is "gaijin" can't "understand" japanese is a crock. What about the second- and third-generation Koreans born in Japan? Their native tongue is japanese, but Japanese society still labels them as "gaijin" for who-knows-what ill-thought out line of reasoning. Never mind that they might hold Japanese passports or even be citizens.

Anyways, the article on english teachers in Japan was interesting. I used to work in that field and hated every moment of it too. I eventually got out and am much happier now (yes, I am still in Japan working, but in a field not related to education in the slightest). I really don't believe in the saying that as a foreigner, you have no right to try and change the country you live in. Instead, let's rock Japan, and make it a much more productive, forward-minded country! Foreigners are a great way to bring in new ideas and to globalize the world. It's not about US as a country, it's about US as a world these days, and it's high time Japan (and other countries) started thinking that way!

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Posted in: Anna Umemiya's relationship with footballer over See in context

It is sad that children of mixed heritage are often not taught the two native tongues. That would give them such an advantage, regardless of what career they choose to go into in the future!

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Posted in: Father of Akihabara killer quits work; mother hospitalized See in context

It is horribly unfair to the parents that they would be expected to ostracize themselves because of the actions of their son. As an adult, their son was responsible for his own actions, not them. It is NOT the parent's fault, unless indeed the parents encouraged the action or abused him!

I don't believe this is usually the case. In most cases, parents care for their children and do the best job that they can. The fact that we would automatically punish parents of people who do bad things just because they are related is sad.

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