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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan; some trains suspended See in context

It's best to basically ignore these launches - N. Korea's leadership won't hit Japan because they don't want war (it would mean the end of the Kim regime). Sure, an accident could happen, but fussing about the launches doesn't decrease their number, anyway.

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Posted in: Kishida pinning hopes on big-spending tourists to revive economy See in context

First, the (former) Unification Church is a cult. Second, despite the weak yen, tourism will not revive the economy. Third, the LDP is still in bed with the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren). More of the same - what a shame.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics bribery arrests widens to third Japan sponsor See in context

Unfortunately, the Olympic Games are all about this now: big money above and below the table.

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Posted in: Cost of Abe's state funeral rises to ¥1.6 billion See in context

Domestic accomplishment: stoking fascist fervor?

International accomplishment: dressing up like Mario?

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Posted in: To China’s fury, U.N. accuses Beijing of Uyghur rights abuses See in context

The report seems to be spot-on, but its language is a bit soft.

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Posted in: Kishida says new cabinet members must review ties with Unification Church See in context

Strange: the LDP is generally nationalistic but was propped up by a foreign government (the USA) for decades and has been in cahoots with a foreign church (the Unification Church) for decades as well. Go figure.

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Posted in: Tech companies racing to prevent young children being left in hot vehicles See in context

As with child car seats, it's sad that technology and/or laws are needed to counter adult stupidity.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizing exec allegedly received ¥45 mil from sponsor See in context

This is par for the course for the Olympic Games and World Cup, etc. No surprises here.

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Posted in: City in Hyogo Prefecture loses memory drive with info on all 460,000 residents See in context

Isn't outsourcing part of the problem?

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Posted in: Man gets 18-year prison term for 2017 expressway road rage deaths See in context

It's a universal phenomenon - (certain) people becoming monsters when sitting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

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Posted in: Japan must co-exist with virus while achieving growth, says minister See in context

But the philosophy is still grounded in growth fetishization and trickle-down dreams.

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Posted in: A safer gun? 'Smart' pistols headed to U.S. market See in context

If guns were to ever truly become "smart," most would self-destruct.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for aggressive wage hikes in push for wealth redistribution See in context

As long as pleasing Keidanren is part of the equation, it's just going to be more of the same - hot air, smoke, and mirrors.

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Posted in: Panel recommends no change to male-only emperor system See in context

It's no longer acceptable for emperors to take concubines, so the system is now unsustainable. Time to make the giant leap into the 21st century! (Besides, the unbroken male-only succession story is a myth.)

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Posted in: Japan tells U.S. military to enforce virus rules after Okinawa base cluster See in context

"Strong regret" means nothing, and the terms "tell" and "urge" are too strong - "ask" is probably accurate.

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Posted in: U.S. urges Japan not to join nuclear ban treaty meeting See in context

Japan can't say "no" to the USA, because the LDP can't say "no." It's that simple.

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Posted in: 60% approve of Kishida's cabinet: poll See in context

Why do people continue to expect anything from these successive LDP administrations?

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Posted in: Japan set to meet U.S. request to pay more for hosting troops See in context

The Japan that can't say no.

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Posted in: Toyota ranked one of worst major automakers for emissions efforts See in context

Hybrids are great, and they make a big difference, but people can still drive them in ways that result in pretty heavy gasoline consumption: accelerating too fast from a stop, changing speeds often, stopping suddenly, etc. A hybrid car driven like that in an urban environment doesn't perform so much better than most conventional cars, regarding fuel efficiency. And indeed, hybrid technology really is not an effective alternative to internal combustion engines - they rely on them, after all. (But they might be a great stepping stone toward truly "clean" cars - hopefully.)

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Posted in: The convenience of casting curses and charms in Japan See in context

Yes, it's fascinating. By the way, the word "fascinating" comes from the Latin noun "fascinum." These were little divine penis amulets that people of the Roman Empire would carry on them for protection from the evil eye (a well-known type of curse). Large versions - serving the same purpose - often appeared on Roman houses.

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Posted in: Man in Joker costume with knife injures 17 people on Tokyo train; starts fire See in context

The (ruling) politicians, media and police tend to (conveniently) view these "running amok" incidents as isolated cases of "bad" or "crazy" people doing awful things. But beneath this pattern of incidents lie serious social problems - wealth disparities and inability to trust one's fellow community members being the chief causes of violent crime in a society. Japan's government needs to work on building an inclusive society, based more on sharing and helping each other and less on amassing wealth - a society in which everyone feels like they belong, like they have a stake in society. But the LDP doesn't care about this - just money, tradition, and the military.

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Posted in: Japan promoting 'mother cow' ethical wagyu exports See in context

There really isn't anything ethical about industrial meat production.

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Posted in: LDP to lose seats, but keep comfortable majority with Komeito: poll See in context

The LDP should get only one seat - a toilet seat - and go beneath it.

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Posted in: Mako's marriage casts shadow on imperial succession debate See in context

What's really interesting about this is the fact that any child of theirs born in the USA will have dual US/Japan citizenship. Imagine that - a US citizen great-great-grandchild of the last Japanese emperor to be revered as a living god. And when a child of this couple reaches the age of 22, will the Japanese government force the child to choose between the two countries' passports, or make a special exception but continue to "require" other Japanese citizens with dual citizenship to give up one of them?

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Posted in: Kishida says only LDP capable of protecting Japan from security threats See in context

But who will protect Japan from the LDP?

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Posted in: An integrated resort (IR) would greatly contribute to the local economy by attracting many visitors because it will comprise not only casinos but conference halls and hotels. See in context

So-called "IRs" would provide employment for some, and might attract people who would spend some money locally, but they would serve mainly to make certain wealthy owners and investors wealthier, in turn enabling them to make larger donations to LDP campaign funds.

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Posted in: Transgender man in Japan wants switch recognized without surgery See in context

The problem lies in Japan's draconian law requiring a person to become sterile in order to change their legal gender category (which puts physicians - and the state - in control of their lives). It's as bad as forcing people born with dual nationality to give up one (i.e., half of their birthright) upon reaching a certain age, which Japan also does. Countries that allow legal gender change with no sterilization include Argentina, Denmark, Malta, Sweden, Ireland, Norway and Belgium. Germany, India and Pakistan all legally recognize a third gender. Japan is stuck in an imaginary past in too many ways.

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Posted in: Police reminding drivers not to perform the illegal 'Ibaraki Dash' maneuver See in context

This is now endemic where I live. Drivers do it even when people are trying to walk across the crosswalk - scares the heck out of them. I always play a game when I'm in front and going straight - take off right away and block that driver with my own car to protect the pedestrians (and use the horn if necessary). True - having more right turn lights (arrows) for drivers would help, but it's a shame that the cops don't try to do anything about this nefarious practice. (They must be too busy sipping tea in the koban.)

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Posted in: Mori scolded by wife, daughter after saying women talk too much at meetings See in context

It's no surprise. Remember when he said that Japan is "kami no kuni" with the emperor at the center when he was PM, 21 years ago?

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Posted in: Man arrested after wearing wig to enter women’s bathing facility See in context

The most important question: was he wearing a mask?

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