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Posted in: World's richest 1% emit as much carbon as bottom two-thirds: report See in context

If the masses could get past the state and religious divisions between us, we could have an effective planet-wide revolution and get rid of the 1%.

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Posted in: China resolutely opposed to ex-Japan PM Aso's Taiwan remarks See in context

Taiwan was basically taken by fleeing Nationalist Party refugees who lost the war over control of China; it never really was part of China, and certainly doesn't belong to it. Who would want to be governed by the party of Chairman Mao?

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Posted in: Kishida to return part of salary amid backlash over planned pay raise See in context

Voters: please stop casting votes for LDP candidates!

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Posted in: Tokyo holds first missile evacuation drill in years See in context

A staged performance to boost public fear and support for militarization.

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Posted in: U.S. military bulk buys Japanese seafood to counter China ban See in context

After all, the USA did play a part in the proliferation of nuke plants in Japan, and in the perpetuation of the nuclear energy safety myth.

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Posted in: Japan survey shows 60% wrongly believe antibiotics can treat a cold See in context

I'd like to see the results of a survey on how many people believe that one can get over a cold or the flu faster if they "give it to someone else."

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Posted in: Kishida cautious on same-sex marriage, separate spouse surnames See in context

Let's be clear on this. It's not about "various opinions in the public" - it's about the position of Nippon Kaigi and the most conservative lawmakers, most of whom are Nippon Kaigi members.

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Posted in: Unification Church slams Japan's dissolution request as threat to religious freedom See in context

Yes, the LDP-led gov't should disband the Unification Cult. Then, it should disband the LDP.

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Posted in: Drunk man in Yokohama live-streams himself getting robbed after falling asleep on the street See in context

"Safe" is a relative term. So is "stupid."

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Posted in: Japan to delay bill blocking sex offenders from working with children See in context

Just one thing: "sex offender" needs to be clearly defined. A fellow could wind up being classified as a "sex offender" for getting caught urinating late at night behind a dark building or in a dark corner of a park when he thought nobody was around - no real exposure, just a little careless and unlucky.

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Posted in: Japanese woman on Malaysia death row to appeal for leniency under new law See in context

Guilty or not, she should not be executed, because nobody should ever be executed.

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Posted in: Russia concerned by Japan's discharge of treated radioactive water from Fukushima See in context

Russia should get out of Ukraine before saying things like this. (Then it should return the four southernmost Kuril Islands to Japan.)

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Posted in: 79-year-old man arrested over sexual assault, death of 100-year-old nursing home resident See in context

Dementia can cause this kind of behavior in men and in women; affected people may think they're young again and with their spouse or lover. Perhaps the staff should have taken measures in advance.

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Posted in: Japanese politician Super Crazy Kun arrested on sexual assault charges See in context

People like this give humans a bad name.

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Posted in: Gov’t official arrested on suspicion of molesting woman on street in Chiba Prefecture See in context

Why not just head for the nearest red light district? (Nobody gets harmed and nobody gets in trouble.)

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Posted in: Rolling Stones to release their first studio album in 18 years, 'Hackney Diamonds' See in context

More power to 'em!

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Posted in: One man's sex doll museum pushing limits in Japan's subculture scene See in context

This takes getting "dolled up" to a whole new level.

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Posted in: In Japan, a third of today's 18-year-old women may not have children: study See in context

It's the economy, stupid!

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Posted in: Kishida, 3 ministers eat Fukushima fish to show it's safe See in context

The fish is probably no more dangerous than before the triple meltdown, and the act of eating it is inconsequential. The real problem is that Kishida and the LDP have no clear plan or honest desire to wean Japan off of fossil fuels or nuclear power.

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Posted in: Do you think mega-sports events such as the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup are good for the host country's economy and infrastructure in the long run? See in context

Only very rarely do these mega events bring real economic benefit; they almost always run in the red (yet help line the pockets of certain parties). Read "Circus Maximus" by A. Zimbalist (2016).

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Posted in: Chemicals from U.S. base in Tokyo fueling residents' fears See in context

The US military is notorious for dumping toxic chemicals in and around its bases, not to mention other polluting activities (read "Poisoning the Pacific" by J. Mitchell (2020)). It hardly cares about its own people - why would anyone expect it to care about the civilians of other countries?

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Posted in: Over 7,200 Japan firms employing foreign trainees broke law, gov't says See in context

This twisted, exploitative, system - ostensibly beneficial for Japan's SE Asian neighbor countries and people - is merely an LDP / Nippon Kaigi tool for ensuring that people from such countries will not comprise a significant piece of Japan's permanent immigration pie chart (i.e., that they will soon leave after supplying cheap labor and paying taxes).

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Posted in: Popular S Korean DJ shocked, scared after being groped at Japan event See in context

This kind of thing was a major problem at Woodstock '99 - women in the crowd getting groped and grabbed. When the conditions are right, someone's going to go for it. There's always someone.

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Posted in: Once you become addicted to drugs, you instantly lose other people's trust. See in context

What an archaic philosophy.

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Posted in: Fugitive ex-auto tycoon Ghosn sues Nissan for irreparable damage See in context

The line between legal and illegal in blue collar crime is blurry at best, so I wouldn't assume that Ghosn is 100% innocent, but it seems that the Nissan executives dishonestly used the police (i.e., the state) to do their dirty work and flush him out of their company.

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Posted in: Japan considers raising truck speed limit for faster goods deliveries See in context

Some truck drivers are okay, but in general they are among the most dangerous drivers on the highways. Higher speed limits for trucks = more highway deaths. Period.

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Posted in: Prosecutors to pursue retrial of man who spent decades on death row See in context

Wow - talk about "Heart of Darkness." The state should give up...and abolish the death penalty.

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Posted in: 27% of Japan's nursing homes face bankruptcy due to price hikes: survey See in context

The LDP-led government could spend more public money on elderly care support...but it has other priorities, like subsidies for major corporations that donate to its campaigns and encourage their employees to vote for LDP candidates, big pork-barrel projects like Maglev, and of course building up the military to prepare for fighting China over some rocks.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympics operations executive admits to bid-rigging charges See in context

Unfortunately, this is an example of typical Olympics behind-the-scenes shenanigans. It happens every time. It's also an example of typical LDP politician behavior. It's one reason why Japan's big corporations prefer the LDP over other parties.

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Posted in: Woman jumps to her death after apparently killing elderly mother See in context

Japan's government - under the LDP - is too stingy with public money regarding social services that would help prevent people from having to care for elderly spouses, parents, and other relatives, often in isolation. The ruling party politicians have plenty of money to pay for private care for their own elderly relatives, so they don't really care about this matter - they just pay lip service to it from time to time.

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