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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

So it's "boost military spending" and "do whatever is necessary to raise the birthrate"? Ha, ha, ha....

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Posted in: 43-year-old bosozoku biker arrested for reckless driving See in context

Bosozoku are a real nuisance. They race around making noise at night during summer, and the cops don't do anything about it. It would be great if they'd crack down on them, instead of randomly catching people for minor violations from time to time.

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Posted in: Repairing shoddy nuclear waste storage site to cost Japan ¥36 bil See in context

Nuclear power is too risky and costly for Japan.

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Posted in: Inmate awaiting execution dies after choking on food See in context

The death penalty should be abolished ASAP. It serves no good purpose.

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Posted in: Japan's trade minister calls for new world order to counter rise of authoritarian regimes See in context

But thanks to the "1955 system" and the obeisance of Japan's mass media the LDP is essentially an authoritarian regime.

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Posted in: Japan adopts new policy promoting greater use of nuclear energy See in context

So much for getting away from nuclear power. See:

A very stupid decision made by the greedy and myopic LDP. See:

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Posted in: 3 admit to bribery in securing Tokyo Olympics sponsorship See in context

Gotta love those "consulting fees." Sadly, this kind of thing is part of all Olympic Games and World Cup events - it's just a matter of scale.

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Posted in: My son was restrained naked. I want to ask the police how they would feel if their own child was subjected to such cruelty. See in context

Many individual cops in Japan are not very smart, and the national police force is more concerned with protecting itself than with protecting the public. For a happy life in Japan, avoid police entanglements.

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Posted in: Panel wants Japanese public to pay more for defense buildup See in context

Amidst runaway inflation (and "shrinkflation"), residents of Japan must pay more taxes so the gov't can buy more hardware from the US to feed its military industrial complex and prepare for war against whomever the US decides to fight? Is there really any wonder why Japan's birthrate is so low?

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Posted in: New York issues first licenses for legal pot dispensaries See in context

It's high time!

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Posted in: Japan should improve democracy, ex-PM Noda says in speech for Abe See in context

Noda was basically an opposition PM in LDP clothing (or the reverse case), and he let Abe trick him into allowing the LDP/Komeito coalition to seize power in 2012. Abe was a far greater threat to democracy in Japan than violence or terrorism. People are too quick to forget how he tried to control and muzzle the media, how disrespectful he and his ministers were toward opposition politicians and people who campaigned for their rights, and how his administrations encouraged rightist groups to enlist people and run wild.

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Posted in: MSDF member arrested over sexual assault of woman after spiking her drink See in context

Why hurt someone to have fun? Just go to Susukino in Sapporo - it costs a bit but noboby gets hurt...unless they want to.

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Posted in: Damages awarded to Japan's #MeToo symbol over defamatory tweet likes See in context

A surprising ruling...but Sugita is contemptible, offensive, and revolting - a disgrace to Japan.

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Posted in: Drunk driving countermeasures failing: study See in context

Commercial drivers aren't afraid of the cops, and many are underpaid. But, "Drink driving"?

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Posted in: 170 cats abandoned in house in Gunma after owner falls ill See in context

Unfortunately, local animal welfare agencies are too often underfunded, and they lack legal power. They can go back again and again to the home of someone who is being irresponsible with dogs or cats, but it's hard for them to make anyone do anything. Reforms are needed, because there are many stubborn, problematic - even mentally ill - people who involve small animals in their bizarre lifestyles.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges help to those financially affected by Unification Church See in context

Dear Public,

The Party apologizes for relying on a criminal organization for help with our campaigns for decades. Now we'd like to use some of your tax revenues to help people who were harmed by said criminal organization. Please keep voting for our party members so that we may continue to rule over you and ensure that you become poorer while the rich get richer.


The (Neo)Liberal (Un)Democratic Party of Japan

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Posted in: Someone crashes car into Japan’s oldest toilet See in context

Don't want to disappoint anyone, but there are older toilets in Japan - going back at least to the Yayoi Era.

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Posted in: Two top Japanese universities drop in British magazine's world ranking See in context

No surprises here. Main reasons: 1) too much hiring of own PhDs in Japan's universities, 2) intellectual stagnation due to lack of inflow from outside Japan, 3) too much pressure to publish (literally, anything) in higher impact factor journals (regardless of quality of paper/research), 4) idea that college education is simply about getting/granting credits for classes (which are often easier than syllabus states), 5) funding cuts for Japan's national public universities initiated by the Liberal Democratic Party.

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Posted in: Suspect in Sapporo woman's death says she asked him to kill her See in context

Maybe she did, but this kind of thing happens because of the lousy economic situation, the focus on individual profit over community, and the lack of funding for social and mental support and rehabilitation services. This is on the Liberal Democratic Party and Japan's other rightist politicians. Shame on them.

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Posted in: 79-year-old man arrested for selling 290 porn DVDs in Osaka’s Airin district See in context

The people of Osaka must feel relieved to know that this hardened criminal will no longer be able to compete with other purveyors of porn, thanks to their fearless, diligent and vigilant police force!

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Posted in: Bomb squad summoned to take care of…abandoned briefcase full of adult toys See in context

No doubt the police will use the items to probe deeply before the next general erection.

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Posted in: Bomb squad summoned to take care of…abandoned briefcase full of adult toys See in context

A penetrating investigation will be needed to find the owner.

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Posted in: N Korea fires ballistic missile over Japan; some trains suspended See in context

It's best to basically ignore these launches - N. Korea's leadership won't hit Japan because they don't want war (it would mean the end of the Kim regime). Sure, an accident could happen, but fussing about the launches doesn't decrease their number, anyway.

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Posted in: Kishida pinning hopes on big-spending tourists to revive economy See in context

First, the (former) Unification Church is a cult. Second, despite the weak yen, tourism will not revive the economy. Third, the LDP is still in bed with the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren). More of the same - what a shame.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics bribery arrests widens to third Japan sponsor See in context

Unfortunately, the Olympic Games are all about this now: big money above and below the table.

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Posted in: Cost of Abe's state funeral rises to ¥1.6 billion See in context

Domestic accomplishment: stoking fascist fervor?

International accomplishment: dressing up like Mario?

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Posted in: To China’s fury, U.N. accuses Beijing of Uyghur rights abuses See in context

The report seems to be spot-on, but its language is a bit soft.

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Posted in: Kishida says new cabinet members must review ties with Unification Church See in context

Strange: the LDP is generally nationalistic but was propped up by a foreign government (the USA) for decades and has been in cahoots with a foreign church (the Unification Church) for decades as well. Go figure.

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Posted in: Tech companies racing to prevent young children being left in hot vehicles See in context

As with child car seats, it's sad that technology and/or laws are needed to counter adult stupidity.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizing exec allegedly received ¥45 mil from sponsor See in context

This is par for the course for the Olympic Games and World Cup, etc. No surprises here.

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