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Posted in: PM contender Suga suggests overhaul of health ministry See in context

How about overhauling the LDP? No, wait, how about just scrapping it?

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Posted in: Abe set to resign, citing worsening health See in context

Authors: next time, please don't consult Jesper Kohl. Voters: next time, please don't vote for LDP candidates.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to boost defense cooperation in outer space See in context

Sure, sure - spend more money on militarization. What else could it be used for? Environmental protection? Cleaner energy development? Social programs? Alleviating poverty? Job creation? Healthcare? Education? Who needs that stuff? And if you spend on militarizing outer space, you'll get an even bigger trickle down effect, because of the velocity! Gotta love that gravity!

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Posted in: Convenience store worker arrested for assaulting customer over handling change See in context

The store clerk was way out of line - of course - but a lot of people seem to take their frustrations out on convenience store clerks these days, or are just generally rude to them. A student I know who worked in a convenience store was often treated rudely by customers who turned out to be younger students in the same college. Later, they'd wind up having to apologize, red-faced.

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Posted in: YouTuber indicted for eating sashimi at supermarket before paying for it See in context

The quintessential covidiot?

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Posted in: Bicyclist arrested for splashing woman with urine as he rode past her See in context

Let me guess - this creep isn't exactly popular with the ladies.

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Posted in: Gov't appeals court order to recognize 'black rain' victims See in context

Many in the national government want to honor the souls of the men who led Japan to war at Yasukuni - alongside those of millions of unwilling victims - but the government wants to avoid taking responsibility for what those men ultimately brought upon the people of their own country. It's mind-blowing.

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Posted in: Raytheon lobbying Japanese lawmakers to replace Lockheed Martin as radar supplier See in context

Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics: merchants of death with insatiable appetites for money.

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Posted in: Kanye West posts series of rambling late night tweets See in context


Please replace Pence with Kanye for your reelection campaign.

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Posted in: Olympics must go ahead next year as symbol of overcoming COVID-19, Koike says See in context


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Posted in: Man arrested after video surfaces, showing him let elementary school daughter drive car See in context

Ah, the perils of SNS....

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Posted in: Abe finally takes a day off after 148-day work streak See in context

Maybe it's time for him to retire...or, for the entire LDP to retire.

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Posted in: Bolton says Trump pleaded with China to help him get reelected See in context

Bolton is a creep...but this is probably true.

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Posted in: Balloon-like object in sky sets Twitter afire with talk of UFOs See in context

"They're here!"

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Posted in: NHK to retrain staff after criticism of cartoon about black Americans See in context

"Japanese" people living in Japan are surprisingly tone-deaf on the issue of racism, and especially regarding race and racism in the USA (but not everyone, of course).

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Posted in: Japan can't move ahead with U.S. missile defense system: Abe See in context

An article about this appeared in New Politics in January:

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Posted in: Japan to scrap costly land-based U.S. missile defense system See in context

Lockheed Martin is probably very disappointed now.

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Posted in: Japan to give $300 million for vaccinations in developing countries See in context

In principle - and in theory - this is good. But (sadly) much of the money will probably be funneled back into the coffers of the world's major drug companies, and then flow to stockholders, political parties, and individual politicians' campaign offices. Moreover, GiveWell doesn't recommend Gavi, stating on their website: "Our best guess is that Gavi does not currently have room for more funding." Why not instead nationalize the country's pharmaceutical companies and have them produce cheaper vaccines for developing countries?

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Posted in: Japan launches new unit to step up defense in outer space See in context

If there is intelligent life out there, we probably look pretty stupid to them.

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Posted in: Japan to approve Remdesivir for coronavirus patients in May See in context

No need - Clorox Chewables are far more effective.

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. may seek damages from China over virus See in context

First, the US should sue Trump for his very poor handling of the situation.

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Posted in: 18 trainee doctors who ignored dining ban infected with coronavirus See in context


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Posted in: Japan considering ¥100 bil investment in large firms hit by virus impact See in context

Sure, give as much public money as possible to the major corporations...much of it will just flow into LDP coffers later, as "donations" - a perfect scam.

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Posted in: Japan enacts legislation to facilitate employment until age 70 See in context

Next: "If you work until you die, then you may have your pension."

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Posted in: Kansai Electric vows to improve governance after bribery scandal See in context

"That'll be the day." (John Wayne - The Searchers (1956))

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Posted in: Trump hopes to see U.S. economy reopened by Easter; contradicts warnings of public health officials See in context

How shocking it is that people would trust Dr. Fauci more than a "stable genius" at a time like this!

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Posted in: LDP lawmaker faces possible ouster from Diet as aides indicted See in context

Both are Abe minions.

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Posted in: Man sentenced to death for killing 19 disabled people at care facility See in context

I can understand the desire for justice, but the death penalty should be abolished. There's no evidence that it does anything to deter violent crime, and there is ample evidence that innocent people have been convicted and executed, and that this will continue until the death penalty is abolished. Furthermore, the argument that it is generally wrong but acceptable in some cases is unsound.

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Posted in: Led Zeppelin wins 'Stairway to Heaven' copyright case See in context

It's a fine line between influence and copying. Both bands were great, anyway.

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Posted in: Approval rate for Abe cabinet marks sharpest fall in 2 years See in context

Ratings, shmatings - nothing will change until the elites are removed from office...and kept out!

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