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Wow. What a bunch of whiners. With regards to the many comments of this being some sort of racket, why not transpose those ideals into a different medium? How about movies? Using the same logic, we should only be watching movies made by a small groups of people that are making movies purely for the sake of art. Some sort of magical investment from a source that has nothing to do with corporate interests (???) would market these pure movies and there would be no input from production whatsoever so as to preserve the movie's purity. The end result would be a movie that I guarantee that you probably wouldn't be caught dead watching.

How about video games? I dare any of you to play a video game that hasn't followed a very similar production formula as to that of the one the production staff of Babymetal utilized. I'm willing to bet that most of you that are video game players have a favorite that falls into this category.

How about cars? Again, following your logic, you should only be driving a car that was built by a company that had absolutely no assistance in the production of the vehicle through consultants, subcontracted design specialists, marketing firms and contracted assembly plants. Unless you're wealthy and can afford a custom built car, you're either building your own car or walking... oh wait! If you are wealthy, you probably invest heavily in companies that break the "pure" rule...oh, and custom shops usually build off of existing platforms so I guess you're SOL there too.

What I find especially amusing is that prior to the late 60's, the so called "pure" rock band format that I think you might be alluding to, did not exist. Every musician that performed anything was first and formost an employee of the company, and the company was responsible for nearly everything because they were the ones putting their stakeholder's investments on the line. If the musician garnered a favorable reception, then "artist" (and I use that term loosely) or their manager could lobby for more creative control and a greater percentage of the profit. Of course I was only talking about the **perception of a "pure" rock band format. Make no bones about it, every band signs a contract giving up a percentage of creative control to any production company that sells the bands product. With that in mind, make sure that you are only listening to artists that are bankrolling their own production and recording on Audacity in their bathrooms and garages. They probably have a little blurb in their liner notes that say "No investment from dirty money was used in the making of this album." Additionally, the band does not exist that does not want to make money off their music. It's really hard not to eat and drink for lack of income due to a stubborn clinging to amazingly unrealistic ideals.

In the end, if it is just that you don't like Babymetal, then God bless you. You are a human being with varied tastes and interests. It's ok to not like them. But just be honest and say so. Don't create a non-existent and impossible standard of what a musical genre should and shouldn't be just so you can look like one of the "proletariat vs. bourgeoisie" kool kids. With all due respect, you just wind up looking like an ignorant hypocrite.

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