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Posted in: Abe rejects S Korean call for new steps to help 'comfort women' See in context

Naw this is totally absurd. Think most of us are tired of these games of charades SK keep playing.

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Posted in: Tokyo condos shutting doors on home-sharing lodging businesses See in context

Really glad that more and more places seem to have rules against bnb type 'Minpaku' systems. I'm sure opinions are complete opposite for those who are trying to make a buck out of the new business model but I for one really don't want any strangers, foreign or not coming in/out of my apartment in a normal basis. For those who want to do this type of investment/business why not just buy a whole old apartment building and just run BNB for the whole building ? You can then come up w/ your own building rules to a large extent.

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Posted in: Graphic Australian video of Japanese whaling released See in context

Makes me hungry for some whale meat :) Seriously we won't have this problem if the international community came to their senses and took out the species which actually aren't endangered out of the no hunt list.

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Posted in: Japan eyes imposing departure tax ahead of 2020 Olympics See in context

Not so uncommon folks...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Departure_tax

Do you guys really have to complain about every single small thing ?

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Posted in: Angry woman gets flight diverted over 'cheating' husband See in context

Too bad the guy didn’t have an iPhone 10 with Face ID.

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Posted in: Japanese girl says school forced her to dye hair black; sues Osaka gov't See in context

Look this isn't the US where you can hope to get ridiculous sums of money by sue'ing say a McDonalds for spilling coffee on one's self.

I think 2 mil yen for this poor girl's pain & suffering is fair. With that said hope she does win her case and she can move on with her life.

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Posted in: Panasonic to start mass production of electronic rear-view mirrors See in context

Sounds like a great idea. I've had a rear view camera (used for when going in reverse) for the last 10+ years and its never had visibility issues.. so I'd assume this will work just fine. Not saying it'll never get covered up.. but:

For most people it likely never will happen... maybe for folks living in rural areas driving through dirt roads.

Even if it does, the rear view mirror doesn't serve a critical function. Its not like crap the system failed i'm dead.. its more of an inconvenience and you go to your obvious backups (side view mirrors and glance over your shoulder as required).

Its ok..I'm guessing you guys err don't drive so wouldn't know.

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes basically banning indoor smoking at restaurants, hotels See in context

I really wish they just pass this law, seriously long over due. For those of you who think this won't get enforced.. please wake up. I think enough of us are tired of smoking in restaurants that it will be enforced by people like you and I who are tired of this crap. If this law passes and the guy next to me lights up.. I will give the guy 2 options. Put it out or i'll call the cops.

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Posted in: Forced laborers' right to compensation from Japan stands: Moon See in context

Realistically Japan should just wait and do nothing. Given what has happened historically even if we settle things now.. we know all it takes is a new President to come into office for past apologies and payments to be nullified.

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Posted in: Man pushes girlfriend onto train tracks after talk of breakup See in context

@nakanoguy wow really email ? Might as well do it over twitter then (#we're_so_done). I think the only respectable way to beak up is in person frankly.

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl riding bike hit and killed by truck See in context

Can't tell who is realistically at fault by going strictly by this article. I can say though being both a regular driver and a cyclist that there are tons more dangerous cyclists than drivers on the road. from a legal perspective the driver is always at fault no matter what... from a reality check perspective the loser is always the cyclist.

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Posted in: Gov't to survey unpaid medical bills by foreign tourists See in context

The average amount of unpaid medical bills, including those of Japanese patients

The article doesn't confirm whether majority of the unpaid bills were by tourists or local residents so not sure why people are all pissy about it targetting foreigners. Regardless though as others have pointed out.. locals who have unpaid amounts fall into a less risky bracket given they likely aren't going anywhere. Given how affordable decent medical services here w/ or w/o insurance is I'm supportive of anything that keeps it that way (i.e. identifying issues like this).

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Posted in: Chinese tourist questioned for illegally flying drone over Ginza district See in context

It should be common sense that you don't fly these things over crowded city areas (sign or no sign).

Presume they should just confiscate the drone, slap the guy w/ a high enough fine so other's don't try and move on.

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Posted in: New Zealand snowboarder killed by avalanche in Hokkaido See in context

The silver lining here is this guy who is a guide and should've known better, didn't drag down anybody else with him.

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Posted in: How to enjoy hot springs in Japan if you have tattoos See in context

Yes, don't ask don't tell typically saves everybody frim having awkward arguments. The one time though That this didn't work was at a private beach in Okinawa. I was pretty pissed and the life guard trying to enforce it clearly didn't want to (some mom nearby complained apparently about possible negative influence to her kids). I'm still hopeful things will eventually change.... still waiting for this and the smoking ban at restaurants.

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Posted in: Who will gain and who will lose from Tokyo's new taxi fares? See in context

who cares. The difference here is small potatoes. If it matters to you guys just take public transport. Not convinced either about Uber being so high and almighty. Sure they have disrupted taxi industries in several countries but generally by being very sketchy legal wise as well as being bad for the general salary man. Imagine for those of you who have a job paying a regular salary w/ benefits how employers like Uber are really a threat to traditional employment.

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Posted in: 90 minutes of fire: Trump, Clinton trade charges, insults See in context

Honestly couldn't tell who won the debate.. who cares. I'm sure there will be online polls stating either way, and the candidates will spin it their way regardless. Perhaps for the next debate...they should auto cut off the candidates mic when they reach their time limits. Avoids having to deal with accusations of favoritism (re: Trump).

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Posted in: Japan’s hyper-realistic CG schoolgirl moves for the first time in new video See in context

Yeah agree, quality is not comparable (although I had high hopes when googling).

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Posted in: Rowing federation seeks clarification on Tokyo 2020 venue See in context

In reality moving is the only thing that makes sense and i'm glad the new mayor has the balls to question these things. Investigate why this happened to begin with ? There will always be plenty of time for that later and is not the critical matter at hand.

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Posted in: Table tennis star Ai Fukuhara turns crisis plumber See in context

I wonder if people are flushing paper down the toilet.. which apparently you aren't supposed to do in Brazil.

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Posted in: Russia bids to avoid Rio ban as IOC reports new test failures See in context

It does suck for the individual Russian athletes who haven't been involved in doping. But in reality the collective ban makes a lot of sense to give Russia the clear signal that they ought to stop screwing around and fully cooperate with the IOC. The individual athletes anger is really misdirected, and really should be directed at their own government for not taking action sooner in cleaning up their act.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov’t sets up committee to prevent bicycle accidents See in context

This is definitely a welcome change in perspective. I drive every day, and can say majority of cyclists do not follow traffic rules (or are oblivious to it). I mean would it kill you to properly stop when the light is red ? I guess the thing here is car drivers have to go through some minimal schooling to get a license.. and have to follow traffic rules or else risk getting ticketed. So aside from the occasional jerk driver, most people drive fairly competently. The same requirement doesn't exist for cyclists, and as a result you get a bunch of people on the road being a menace to other pedestrians and drivers. I really hope strict enforcement of traffic rules for cyclists are coming in the near future.

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Posted in: Actress Ryoko Shinohara smolders in new lingerie ad for Triumph See in context

Amazing what photo shop can accomplish these days.

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Posted in: Japan regulator finds Line broke rules over payment tokens See in context

I think the local regulatory body are just doing their job ? Could be wrong but just sounds like protecting customer deposits.. whether it be in the form of actual cash deposits or game credits. It feels right that these companies be subject to the same rules as other financial institutions that take client money.

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