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Posted in: Suspect in Tokyo subway station acid attack arrested in Okinawa See in context

the man as he overtook him at an elevator shortly after 9 p.m

escalator, not elevator.

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Posted in: Japan's single mothers, female nonregular workers hard hit by virus See in context

If you look at salaries in Japan they are abysmal. A single mother probably struggles to make 150,000 yen a month working full-time.

And they're forbidden to work part-time to supplement this low income.

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Posted in: Blues win 1st Stanley Cup, beating Bruins 4-1 in Game 7 See in context

The last place team in the league on January 2 wins it all. Like a Hollywood script. Good job.

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Posted in: Vegas comes up empty again in puzzling 3-1 loss to Capitals See in context

Good series so far. Washington look slightly better.

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Posted in: U.S. beat Canada in shootout to win women's ice hockey gold See in context

Great game. As a Canadian, this hurt to watch, but it was such an exciting finish, so hats off to the US. The Canadian and American Women hockey teams are miles ahead of everyone else level-wise that I am sure this matchup will become a regular thing.

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Posted in: Japan beats unified Korean team 4-1 in women's ice hockey See in context

Good for them. They were a good team this year and barely lost to Sweden and Switzerland despite outshooting them both.

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Posted in: Sweden holds off Japan 2-1 in women's ice hockey See in context

Japan did great. Best game they’ve ever played in the olympics. They were better than Sweden in a lot of categories, ie., shots in goal.

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Posted in: Video shows car speeding through Shibuya’s scramble crossing filled with people See in context

The car was stopped by a police car but then took off. It actually went through the busy crossing twice. Once when most people had finished crossing (followed by a police car) then did a u-turn and came back when it was busier. Luckily the police siren might have had people looking up and around.

Likely they were drunk or had drugs and were trying to flee the cops.

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Posted in: Review: Apple Watch goes solo, but don't dump your phone yet See in context

I've never been so excited to not buy something before.

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Posted in: Japan marks 3 years to go until 2020 Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony See in context

There is so much Japan in this photo!

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Posted in: Prince Mikasa who loved dancing and hated war laid to rest See in context

Prince Mikasa who loved dancing and hated war laid to rest

But he loved a good dance battle.


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Posted in: Outgoing Canadian ambassador discusses diplomacy and trade relations See in context

I sat beside him at a dinner function in Tohoku. He was the most down to earth, friendly guy you could imagine. He made me miss Canada.

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Posted in: Sasebo girl who killed classmate sent to reformatory See in context

Shouldn't there be some kind of deterrent in the punishment of these crimes? Helping someone "get better" is what a hospital does, not what the courts who find someone guilty of murder should be responsible for. My two yen.

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Posted in: Bunch of grapes sells for record Y1 mil See in context

This is a PR move by the buyer. He, and his hotel, will get back their 1000000 yen in publicity through news coverage over the next few weeks. This has almost nothing to do with the grapes and their taste.

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Posted in: Tampa Bay's Johnson scores hat-trick to strike down Rangers See in context

This kid is doing great. Putting all the other overpaid players to shame.

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Posted in: Saitama police set up Japan's first all-female forensics team See in context

Can't wait for the inevitable dramatization of this for Japanese TV which will undoubtedly have the title "Pretty ~ ".

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Posted in: Powerful slim vacuum cleaner See in context

The expected retail price of the cleaner is ¥80,000.

Geesh, the vacuum isn't the only thing that sucks.

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Posted in: Christian Bale pulls out of Steve Jobs biopic See in context

Bale Bails Jobs Job

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Posted in: Argentina beat Netherlands in penalty shootout to reach World Cup final See in context

That was a snoozer. Congrats to Argentina on being the least bad team in this game. Although, having said that, the Dutch were the better team during the game, but deserve to get knocked out just for having no attacking game.

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Posted in: Colombia's Zuniga receives death threats over Neymar foul See in context

...and baskets of fruit from German fans.

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Posted in: Prison guard arrested for filming girl's legs with camera in shoe See in context

Pretty sure he wasn't trying to film her "legs".

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Posted in: Yukari Yokoyama See in context

This case is crazy. Video of the guy (he even had a distinguishable limp) and they still can't catch him.

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Posted in: Body found in Kumamoto believed to be that of missing girl See in context

Depressing reading about another young Japanese woman's life cut short because of some guy. Unemployed, single, over-30 year old Japanese men should automatically be put on some kind of a police list (and have a probation officer), as all these recent heinous crimes have been committed by these types.

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Posted in: Rangers and Kings meet in dream Stanley Cup final See in context

The Kings are too good. Kings in five.

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Posted in: 18-year-old youth arrested over murder of Mie girl last August See in context

He's trying to spin it by saying he wanted the money and didn't mean to kill her. Quite possibly he killed her and then as an afterthought took the money. Either way, the Japanese police did a good job in catching this little bastard. (Apparently he continued going to school like nothing had happened. Remorseless.)

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Posted in: Futon Punch Cleaner See in context

Don't know how this could beat smacking or snapping your futon a few times outside, then giving it a good, quick vacuum.

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Posted in: Japanese women's ice hockey team smiles through losses See in context

I remember their Nagano debut; awful, truly awful. Was pleasantly surprised this time to see them taking the play a bit to the other teams, especially Sweden. Disappointed in the Germany outcome as they definitely could have wine that one.

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Posted in: Missing Sapporo girl rescued from confinement; man arrested See in context

Unemployed, single man living in a lousy apartment reading manga. Unfortunately, this guy's got nothing to lose by going to jail.

Do the opposite and give this guy a 9 to 9 job cleaning the urinals and toilets of train stations.

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Posted in: Brazilian woman to auction off virginity for second time See in context

Idiots appealing to other idiots, and the rest of the world stands by watching and shaking their heads.

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Posted in: jumbo lottery tickets See in context

After every lottery, there is information on the website about how many people won each prize. FYI, it is never ever the full amount of people they claim will win.

These things are scrutinized so closely that there is definitely no funny stuff going on. Even the number draw is live and uses archery and spinning wheels.

Although, I too do find it odd that with the sheer amount of prize giveaways in these things, in my time here, I have never heard about anyone I know winning anything significant.

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