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Posted in: Saitama police set up Japan's first all-female forensics team See in context

Can't wait for the inevitable dramatization of this for Japanese TV which will undoubtedly have the title "Pretty ~ ".

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Posted in: Powerful slim vacuum cleaner See in context

The expected retail price of the cleaner is ¥80,000.

Geesh, the vacuum isn't the only thing that sucks.

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Posted in: Christian Bale pulls out of Steve Jobs biopic See in context

Bale Bails Jobs Job

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Posted in: Argentina beat Netherlands in penalty shootout to reach World Cup final See in context

That was a snoozer. Congrats to Argentina on being the least bad team in this game. Although, having said that, the Dutch were the better team during the game, but deserve to get knocked out just for having no attacking game.

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Posted in: Colombia's Zuniga receives death threats over Neymar foul See in context

...and baskets of fruit from German fans.

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Posted in: Prison guard arrested for filming girl's legs with camera in shoe See in context

Pretty sure he wasn't trying to film her "legs".

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Posted in: Yukari Yokoyama See in context

This case is crazy. Video of the guy (he even had a distinguishable limp) and they still can't catch him.

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Posted in: Body found in Kumamoto believed to be that of missing girl See in context

Depressing reading about another young Japanese woman's life cut short because of some guy. Unemployed, single, over-30 year old Japanese men should automatically be put on some kind of a police list (and have a probation officer), as all these recent heinous crimes have been committed by these types.

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Posted in: Rangers and Kings meet in dream Stanley Cup final See in context

The Kings are too good. Kings in five.

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Posted in: 18-year-old youth arrested over murder of Mie girl last August See in context

He's trying to spin it by saying he wanted the money and didn't mean to kill her. Quite possibly he killed her and then as an afterthought took the money. Either way, the Japanese police did a good job in catching this little bastard. (Apparently he continued going to school like nothing had happened. Remorseless.)

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Posted in: Futon Punch Cleaner See in context

Don't know how this could beat smacking or snapping your futon a few times outside, then giving it a good, quick vacuum.

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Posted in: Japanese women's ice hockey team smiles through losses See in context

I remember their Nagano debut; awful, truly awful. Was pleasantly surprised this time to see them taking the play a bit to the other teams, especially Sweden. Disappointed in the Germany outcome as they definitely could have wine that one.

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Posted in: Missing Sapporo girl rescued from confinement; man arrested See in context

Unemployed, single man living in a lousy apartment reading manga. Unfortunately, this guy's got nothing to lose by going to jail.

Do the opposite and give this guy a 9 to 9 job cleaning the urinals and toilets of train stations.

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Posted in: Brazilian woman to auction off virginity for second time See in context

Idiots appealing to other idiots, and the rest of the world stands by watching and shaking their heads.

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Posted in: jumbo lottery tickets See in context

After every lottery, there is information on the website about how many people won each prize. FYI, it is never ever the full amount of people they claim will win.

These things are scrutinized so closely that there is definitely no funny stuff going on. Even the number draw is live and uses archery and spinning wheels.

Although, I too do find it odd that with the sheer amount of prize giveaways in these things, in my time here, I have never heard about anyone I know winning anything significant.

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Posted in: Construction worker killed by beam falling from crane See in context

He must have been crushed. Would have been horrible to witness such a thing.

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Posted in: 4 nightclub operators arrested for allowing dancing See in context

Hopefully tourists coming here for the Olympics in a few years will be given reading material about appropriate dancing areas after midnight. Might I also suggest a colorful mascot, Dancy the dancing bear, whose image would be on a sign outside appropriate dancing locations, while a crying version of Dancy would be outside places without a dancing license.

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Posted in: Woman stabs 2 Chinese colleagues in workplace cafeteria See in context

The fact that they're Chinese is just more info about the case. Their ages, sex, names and the location also are not directly related, but could be of interest. If we always left out info we felt was superfluous, this article would be two words long, "knife attack".

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Posted in: Russian woman throws 4-year-old son from ship into lake See in context

With your own mother trying to kill you, good luck in life, kid.

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Posted in: Turk charged with murder, rape of Japanese tourist See in context

I think we are missing the most horrific thing in this awful case:

Japanese journalists were roughed up outside the court by a group of the suspect's supporters


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Posted in: Plane's engine catches fire after landing at Osaka See in context

Let's see how the J-media spins this to blame the foreign company that made the plane rather than its own maintenance crews.

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Posted in: Mona Nakanishi makes her return to showbiz - for 3rd time See in context

JeffLee, you hit the nail on the head. It was a disgrace that the married men (she was single at the time) did not face any repercussions for their "illicit" actions, and yet SHE was essentially fired.

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Posted in: Instant miso soup dispenser See in context

Surely that price tag is wrong. 189,000 yen ?!?! Ummm, no thanks.

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Posted in: Apple cuts orders for iPhone 5 parts on weak demand See in context

I have an iPhone 4s but don't feel the need to upgrade. The software is essentially the same and the hardware is only marginally different. Until Apple rethinks its pricing strategy, people aren't going to choose to upgrade when it is expensive to do so and the result is an incremental improvement.

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Posted in: Woman police officer, driving drunk, causes crash with baby daughter in back seat See in context

This headline is like some kind of game you play where you try to put as many crazy things as possible into one sentence.

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Posted in: Woman sits on, kills infant son See in context

she believed her son's mental development was slower than average

Perhaps having a mentally ill mom had something to do with this. Let's hope the courts don't give this woman a mere 18-month jail sentence for taking an innocent life.

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Posted in: Nagano woman arrested for attempted murder after strangling 1-year-old daughter See in context

Welcome to the world, kid. BTW, your mother is gonna try and kill you. Good luck with your life!

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Posted in: Wesendtoyou.com See in context

Hmmm, just took a look at the homepage. 'Household' is spelt 'housegold'. Not a good sign.

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