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Posted in: Pirates complete 4-game sweep of Brewers See in context

Go Bucs ! Hoist the Jolly Roger !!

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Posted in: Can U.S. defend against North Korean missiles? Not everyone agrees See in context

Look how well Malaysia was able to prevent an assassination of a high-profile target with a banned nerve agent inside its major international airport. All it will take is one vial of weaponized smallpox, nipah virus, or chimeric bird flu in downtown NYC, Beijing, and Tokyo for fat boy to have all his opponents face down in the gutter - no nookular missiles needed.

Your feeble intelligence and security agencies have known about this for years and done nothing. Why worry about a few bottle rockets when you can just whip up some microwave popcorn and rent a DVD copy of The Stand instead.

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Posted in: Adam West, star of 1960s TV series 'Batman', dies at 88 See in context

No Adam West - No Robinson Crusoe On Mars !

RIP Colonel Dan

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Posted in: Repaying the dolls See in context

Idolatry at its finest. It is quaint that humans in a modern country practice these sorts of old-fashioned beliefs. But shocking that many countries around the planet declare this to be witchcraft and have mandated execution for such an offense.

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Posted in: Tillerson traveling to Asia next week to discuss N Korea See in context

Why talk about the 'nuclear threat'? The real danger that nobody ever seems to discuss is the DPRK's chemical and biological weapons program. Tons upon tons of antibiotic resistant anthrax & plague, sarin, ricin, botulinin, tabun, and VX nerve gas are already loaded in SCUD warheads pointed at every major population center and military installation in the ROK and Japanese archipelago. On top of that, agents have been deployed with caches of smallpox, Spanish influenza, and filovirus just waiting to release them on subways, in airports, and at shopping malls near your home. Your security and intelligence agencies have known about this for decades and have done nothing. What are you going to do to protect your families from this menace?

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Posted in: Aso says he wants to discuss rules for free trade with U.S. See in context

I suppose you first need to know what the rules are so you can then figure out how to break them.

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Posted in: Netflix boss predicts mobile operators will soon offer unlimited video See in context

Netflix rocks!!! Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist up next. Best programming on your planet right now.

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Posted in: Malaysia says nerve agent killed Kim within 20 minutes See in context

Time to stock up on atropine epi-pens, plastic sheets, and duct tape. Better make sure you have plenty of penicillin and an up to date smallpox vaccination.

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Posted in: Wagakki Band releases new teaser video; third album on sale soon See in context

BABYMETAL could kick all their a@@es.

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Posted in: Malaysia says will it issue arrest warrant for N Korean diplomat in Kim Jong Nam murder See in context

Malaysia had better be a little more condescending to a terror state that just carried out a successful assassination at its international airport using a banned WMD agent, or they might begin to see outbreaks of smallpox, tularemia, bird flu, anthrax, and plague over the next few weeks.

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Posted in: Damage control N Korea style: Deny and attack See in context

Malaysia had better be a little more condescending to a terror state that just carried out a successful assassination at its international airport using a banned WMD agent, or they might just begin to see outbreaks of smallpox, tularemia, bird flu, and anthrax over the next few weeks.

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Posted in: Japanese film director Seijun Suzuki dead at 93 See in context

With movie titles like 'Young Breasts', 'Age of Nudity', and 'Naked Woman and the Gun', how can you go wrong? This man was a true visionary.

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Posted in: Crown prince turns 57 See in context

Somebody give that poor girl a box of Krispy Kreme donuts right away.

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Posted in: Suspects in N Korean's murder coated hands with poison See in context

The poison was sophisticated enough to kill him in minutes and the toxicology results are still inconclusive. The only people in custody are some paid lackeys and the real conspirators behind the murder were out of the country within hours. Diplomatic manipulation by the DPRK embassy will ensure a quagmire for weeks.

Doesn't sound amateurish at all.

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Posted in: More tests needed on Russian U.N. ambassador's cause of death See in context


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Posted in: N Korean fans See in context

I wonder if the little boy in front with the yellow collar will have his relatives back in the DPRK sent to a multi-generational slave-labor gulag prison because he is not smiling and cheering?

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Posted in: How algorithms (secretly) run the world See in context

Ultron, Skynet, the Matrix. Is it just around the corner, or is it already here?

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Posted in: Catholic church beatifies Japanese samurai See in context

And Jesus is buried in Aomori next to the tomb of his brother's ear and Mary's muffin fuzz.

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Posted in: Tillerson differs with Trump on Japan, S Korea having nuclear capability See in context

Trump's apocalyptic brinkmanship rhetoric is the best sounding thing we Baltans have heard from your fast failing planet in recent memory.

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Posted in: Trump unfiltered: Tweets reveal his interests, insecurities See in context

He seems most obviously insecure about his receding hairline.

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Posted in: Russia voted off U.N. Human Rights Council See in context

Human Rights Council? What a comical farce. The only thing 'right' about your pathetic species are the appendages on the side of your body opposite the left.

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Posted in: What went wrong with democracy? See in context

Any attempt by your feeble-minded species at self-governance is inherently flawed. 'We the People' are a population entirely unfit to rule over anything on your planet, including yourselves. The evolutionary mechanisms at work here inevitably lead to tyrants and despots that rise above to subjugate the weak and helpless.

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Posted in: Bookstores, music stores set up Bob Dylan sections See in context

Never quite understood the appeal of Bob's voice or style. The only song of his I liked was Ministry's cover of Lay Lady Lay.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, S Korea condemn nuke test by N Korea See in context

Good luck with that Mssrs. Kishida, Yun, and Kerry. I hope your anthrax vaccination is up to date. Let's see how well your denuclearization talks work when NK already has enough nerve gas and germ weapons to render both the Korean peninsula and Japanese archipelago uninhabitable for a couple centuries.

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Posted in: Japan's troika of top women in politics See in context

questioning mainstream accounts

This is a rather lenient opinion from AP for someone who vehemently opposed academic historians' peer-reviewed testimony in an internationally acknowledged legal forum.

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Posted in: North Korea rejects U.N. Security Council condemnation See in context

The DPRK categorically rejects this as an intolerable infringement of its right to develop apocalyptic doomsday weapons such as smallpox and spanish influenza, its huge nerve gas and bacteriological weapons manufacturing complexes, its immense counterfeiting and methamphetamine trafficking syndicates, the multi-generational slave labor concentration camp networks, its right to execute insubordinate officials and political dissidents with anti-aircraft guns, its right to kidnap foreign nationals and incarcerate tourists for petty infractions, its right to construct extremely unsafe and potentially catastrophic nuclear facilities in order to manufacture the atomic weapons it needs to ensure the continuation of its neo-mafia clique run by an incipient megalomaniac and psychotic infantile despot.

OK UNSC - good luck with that.

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Posted in: Putin calls ban on Russia's Paralympic team inhumane See in context

Forcibly altering your citizens with bizarre chemicals into some sort of quasi-mutants is truly inhumane.

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Posted in: West, Ward reprising Batman roles in animated movie See in context

No Adam West = No Robinson Crusoe on Mars!

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Posted in: Wagakki Band’s newest video 'Strong Fate' might just be the most epic one yet See in context

The editing of this video makes it nearly unwatchable. Slow down the sequences a bit and give the viewer a chance to actually see the performance and effects instead of being overwhelmed into a dizzying headache. As far as the song goes, the composition suffers from the same problem as the video, too much of too many good things. Less would have been more by focusing on a single instrument and theme. It comes off as haphazardly constructed with no real unifying motif to all the various parts. They are obviously gifted musicians and entertainers, but no so much song writers. Get Kobametal to produce the next release!

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Posted in: Security Council backs new Syria peace initiative See in context

Assad has won! Assad has won!

Assad and his entire regime of cronies and family have become international pariahs. His country is in ruins with virtually all infrastructure destroyed by the conflict. Thousands upon thousands have been killed in the sectarian slaughter. Countless children lie murdered by his barrel bombing and by his genocidal opponents in ISIS. Millions have fled and now wander the planet as refugees. World Heritage sites are reduced to cinder and rubble. The economy of the entire region has been decimated and nearly everyone not aligned with the Ba'athists or Alawites now struggles in poverty. Forever maligned by history as a villain and despot, his legacy is one of the most tragic ever told. Yeah, some victory.

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