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Posted in: Russian energy giant Gazprom faces challenges as output slumps See in context

Russia and China will soon have this technology developed domestically

Translation - Russian and Chinese hackers will soon obtain this technology by stealing it from foreign computers.

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Posted in: Thick Skin See in context

Destroying living things for the sake of human vanity - then charging 4000000 yen for it. And you call us Baltans cruel? By the way TB2, I doubt you would find many Japanese girls who would look more impressive dressed up in that green bikini.

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Posted in: Psychedelic send-off as Grateful Dead prepare to quit stage See in context

The most over-rated band in the history of rock music. Good riddance.

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Posted in: Islamic State claims responsibility for Tunisia beach resort massacre See in context

Last time I checked, I don't remember any Russians going around blasting innocent vacationers.

Obviously you weren't on Malaysia Airlines flight 17.

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Posted in: British actor Christopher Lee dead at 93 See in context

RIP Sir Christopher. One of the few humans who could scare even us Baltans.

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Posted in: Half of live dolphins caught in Japan exported despite outcry See in context

Thanks for the great idea Japan. After we conquer your rapidly withering planet and enslave you, we Baltans are going to farm you out to other malevolent alien worlds like our friends the Zetton and Dada so they can put you in cages and gawk at your helplessness.

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Posted in: Poland's 1st round presidential vote won by opposition See in context

Duda's daughter Kinga is one of the hottest females of your species. She makes us want to take over your planet even more.

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Posted in: Pharrell Williams chosen as fashion icon of the year See in context

Even we malevolent space monsters love his It Girl video !!!

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Posted in: What are the three scariest movies you have ever seen? See in context

Matango - Day of the Triffids - John Carpenter's "The Thing"

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Posted in: Good times for 'gyaru' – Fashion 'bible' Koakuma Ageha is back See in context

Any mass media attempt to perpetuate the stereotypes of Japanese women as objects whose only intrinsic value is physical attractiveness and whose most important purpose is the gratification of drunken men is OK with me.

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Posted in: Assad will never be part of Syria peace talks: U.S. See in context

Assad has won.

I'm sure he's overjoyed. Damned by history as one of the most evil despots. His country is in ruins. Thousands upon thousands dead and maimed. He has to live out his days in fear of reprisal. Almost no remaining infrastructure. Overrun by genocidal religious fanatics. Reviled and outcast for all time.

Some victory.

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Posted in: A-bomb survivors criticize Putin's remarks on Crimea See in context

On the contrary,

Thanks to Putin's brinksmanship and callousness, the world was brought to the precarious edge of atomic disaster.

Megalomania and kleptocrat greed trump international treaty agreements.

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Posted in: Iraqi Kurds say Islamic State used chlorine bomb See in context

Who cares which side is to blame? The fanatical Muslim terrorists or the tyrannical Assad junta makes no difference to me. Just keep murdering yourselves in the name of religion, governance, and hatred. Poison gas, barrel bombs, and mass beheadings all for your feeble false gods and power-mad despots. We malevolent space monsters can watch the gory spectacle vicariously from above and rejoice as your failed species continues its inevitable decline into oblivion. You will make our takeover of your planet oh so easy when your time soon runs out.

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Posted in: Half a car See in context

This guy is a mixed bag. Some of his work is minimally interesting and colorful. Most of it is insipid and confusing. Art is supposed to move the viewer, but this car is obviously going nowhere. For a much more thought provoking take on the Tohoku disaster check out this piece by Katsuhiro Otomo.

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Posted in: Hatoyama praises 'happy life' in Crimea; slams Tokyo's stance See in context

What a fruitcake. Your so-called 'leaders' like this nut-job will make the inevitable conquest of your struggling planet by us malevolent space monsters all the more easier.

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Posted in: Since the LDP won back power some two years ago, we have turned around the economy and changed the mindset of Japanese from despair to hope. See in context

"Unfortunately, it is not a crime to practice demagoguery." - Chief Okita

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Posted in: Democrat ally urges Clinton to explain her email actions See in context

I'm sure the North Koreans hacked her account long ago. And if there was anything incriminating, smuggler-top fatso would've tried to extort her to keep it quiet or published it right away to embarrass her.

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Posted in: Weapons exhibition See in context

More ruin and misery for humankind. We malevolent space monsters can just sit back and relax while you pathetic self-destructive pseudo-sapiens continue to immolate yourselves and your home world with ever increasing aptitude. Not much time left for you fools.

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Posted in: Prominent Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov shot dead See in context

Any half serious person knows that the Kremlin has other methods to resort to than shooting high profile critics in public.

The Kremlin used to resort to slow arduous death by polonium poisoning, but Vlad only had 2 days to go before the protest.

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Posted in: Ukraine delays heavy weapons pullback, blaming rebel attacks See in context

The Kiev government is a Neo-Nazi junta.

Pylayushchiy Kust - Vy yevrey , chto vy zhivete i posle v takom smertel'nom uzhase bandy Azovskogo ? Yest' 5 raza bol'she chlenov v bandy Nochnyye volki v Rossii. Vy nikogda ne upominal o nikh srazu, no trupy svoikh chlenov obnaruzhivayutsya v Donbasse regulyarno .

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Posted in: Two clocks keep time for 16 billion years See in context

I'm just wondering who's going to be around in 16 billion years?

Considering that your sun will turn into a red giant about 10 billion years before then, you humans certainly won't.

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Posted in: Barreling along See in context

That dog seems somewhat precariously cantilevered.

Is it legal to have a dog as a passenger on a motorcycle here in Japan? Is it legal to have more than one passenger in an outfit, particularly small children? Is it a good or safe idea?

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Posted in: U.S., allies discuss new sanctions; Obama weighs next steps on Ukraine See in context

Did they really chant that? Or did you just make it up.<

Chto metastability vas dumat', ya sdelal eto vydumal? Rossiya imeyet bol'she skinkhedov , chem v lyuboy drugoy strane v mire

Sure Russia has skinheads and bikers, just like any other country,<

Rossiya imeyet boleye pravyy flangovyy skinkhedov nasiliya, chem gde-libo yeshche v mire.

The Azov battalion is state-sponsored Nazism.<

V kazaki v Donetske i Krymu finansiruyutsya gosudarstvom, mafiya

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Posted in: U.S., allies discuss new sanctions; Obama weighs next steps on Ukraine See in context

Imagine 500 hardcore skinheads with machine guns being given an official stamp of approval by a government.<

There were around 15000 hardcore skinhead bikers at the anti-Maidan rally in Moscow today chanting death to the EU, America, gays, Jews, any Russian who isn't Slavic, and any Slav who isn't Russian.

These skinheads should be in prison and Kiev should be under sanctions for even allowing such a group to exist.<

Putin had his skinhead thugs bussed in and outfitted with regalia and flags. And any anti-Putin activists who aren't in jail right now are probably dead from polonium poisoning.

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Posted in: Channel your inner rock god while smoothing your skin with KISS face pack See in context

Obviously written by a cosmetics industry reporter who knows nothing about KISS. The characters pictured are NOT Starchild (Paul Stanley) or Spaceman (ACE FREHLEY) but actually the Demon (Gene Simmons) and the Cat (PETER CRISS).

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Posted in: 8 U.S. lawmakers visiting Japan to promote TPP See in context

BitzovFizz - Some of your specualtive prognostications border on the bizarre. Lets say the world situation deteriorates to the point where Japan begins to manufacture nuclear weapons. I think the populace here may have more to worry about at that time than whether our imported food supply is cut off. Japan already imports about 60% of its food anyway. And should Japan develop a breakthrough in cheap safe energy, the 2 outcomes are both in Japan's favor. The first is that if Japan decides to export this technology, only the middle east or Russia where they get their current fossil fuel supply from would be irked. And neither locations send food to Japan. And should Japan keep this technology secret, major food suppliers to Japan, like the US, have their own adequate energy supplies and would not be affected.

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Posted in: Edo-style divorce See in context

They picked some real babes for this flick. Rina looks hotter than ever. And Erika can be a beaut when she smiles. But Hikari seems rather thin in this picture. Maybe it's the outfit. I hope Masato took her out for a big bowl of udon after this event.

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Posted in: Coast Guard searching Hawaiian waters for Japanese student See in context

What kind of training program posts a 17yo on watch at 3am in middle of the Pacific without a lifejacket?

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