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Posted in: Skipping breakfast may double risk of hard arteries: study See in context

Maybe one can explain how am I still alive ! Have done it almost my entire life .................

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Posted in: Stricken JAL flight suffered major turbine damage: JAL See in context

I do not get it ! I thought it was mandatory for all airplanes to have cameras both under and over the body just so they can check what happened . It is really disturbing to read about it but the only images we have are those from cameras around and at Haneda ....... Where are the images from the plane , itself ?

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Posted in: Gov't calls on Tokyo council to clean itself up after sexist jeers See in context

Oh Japan !!! It is an island both physically and mentally ....... It is incredible the amount of crap that goes on in here whether it is on the current prime minister's party or elsewhere in Japanese life ....... It is really sad the Japanese can not come to terms with themselves .

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Posted in: NHK chief vows impartiality after wartime sex slavery remarks See in context

Lie to me ! I like it ! Now it is really sad to watch the good professionals they have and just think that there is a lack substance ..... A code of silence .... No one inside NHK will say anything .... afraid of losing their jobs ..... That's the way it starts ..... If things keep going this way ..... Abe and his gang will get this country back on its knees ..... It happened once in history and it can sure repeat itself .... this country went through these issues before 45 .

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Posted in: Abe seeks overseas help on Fukushima water leaks See in context

Beyond trying to control the media information on the problems at Fukushima ..... No one ever talks about the lack of research and development on what to do with contaminated water from Nuclear Plants ..... It seems that we have throughout the world these vats/tanks with contaminated water / spent fuel . Remember the US quake 2 years ago ... It moved ( 3 or 4 inches ) large tanks of Nuclear Spent Fuel on an open storage area not too far from Washington DC in VA ..... I never read anything about what kind of research is being done on this subject matter. Some are discontent with some drawing comparisons between Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Fukushima ..... It seems that we have the knowledge to get energy but have no clue on what to do with the leftovers . THE QUESTION ? Should we in this continuing shrinking world , with all kinds of Natural events going on as we have never seen ...... be messing with something like Nuclear Energy ?

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Posted in: Abe's claims to have Fukushima under control criticized See in context

It is really sad ! The Japanese people had to hear from its leader in government announce in English what they should have heard in Japanese at home for a while now. Abe was selling a Toyota in Argentina and the IOC bought it . Secret votes in the IOC !? When will we ever know what kind of transactions were behind the scene ? Transparency is not part of the IOC World .... The people do not matter ! It is all big business ... Abe now will be able "to get away with murder ".... Japanese people will keep on bowing !!! Japan recently changed prime ministers like most change underwear ,now ,if nothing happens at Fukushima , they will have Abe and the LDP forever. 8% soon , but yeah BIG BUSINESS is coming around the bend !!!!

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