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Bambigirl comments

Posted in: Amuro rocks See in context

Congratulations Namie! I'm a big fan of yours!

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Posted in: Laptop coolers See in context

Using one on my laptop right now. Bought one for me and my mom, total cost...$30 dollars

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Posted in: Ghost of meals past: Dickens' toothpick sold in NY for $9,150 See in context

I don't care how fantatstic those two stories are, buying his toothpick is just disgusting...and a little creepy. What, do you think his faint saliva traces are going to impart great knowledge unto you?

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Posted in: Mika Kano lends her voice to 'House' See in context

I'd like to know exactly where there are doctors who walk around looking like that.

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Posted in: Gong! Alarm clock See in context

I've broken numerous alarm clocks over the years just by hitting them too hard to make 'em shut up...if i had this one, i'd probably make it three days before i've thrown through a wall.

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Posted in: Cop arrested for breaking into female cop’s apartment in Chiba See in context

I have a question...if the woman was also a cop how come she did she run to get another one? Wouldn't she know some form of self defense or maybe carry a gun or mace herself?...just curious...

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Posted in: Nakai called up for jury duty in '12 Angry Men' See in context

Oh, i had to watch this film in one of my govt. classes. It was very enjoyable...i hope they do justice to it.

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Posted in: Palin book goes after McCain camp See in context

If i could legally make anyone on this earth disappear...it would be her.

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Posted in: AKB48 drop in on Tamori See in context

I wonder how many of them have actual talent...besides just having to look "cute"

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Posted in: Komaki: Culture, sex and death See in context

Sounds like fun!

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Posted in: Robert Pattinson sparkles in the 'Twilight' zone See in context

Sorry Robby, but anyone giving you jpop cds is an anti, not a fan.

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Posted in: What behavior or habits by passengers on planes bother you the most? See in context

I can't stand when people carry on loud conversations...with their friend who is seated 3 rows away. I'm sorry if you booked late and couldn't get a seat next to your amigo. However, do me and my ears a favor and hold the oh so fascinating things you have to say, until after you're off the plane.

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Posted in: Pitt and Tarantino to be guests on 'Bistro SMAP' See in context

Oh Brad, that beard was okay in Snatch; however, in a day to day setting, you look ridiculous with that scruffy thing hanging from your handsome face...

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Posted in: Veteran tour escort relates travelers' lack of decorum See in context

...i'm not really sure what to think of this. I want to believe it has some relavance, but...

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Posted in: Up you go See in context

Guy-"Oh my god, my arms have become temporarily paralyzed!!!!"

Girl-"...I swear, if this idiot let's me fall..."

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Posted in: Hawaii wedding extravaganza planned for Misaki Ito See in context

Entertainment insiders say that Ito had been frustrated with her stagnant acting career, wanting to get married as soon as possible. It appears she perceives the marriage will be invaluable in boosting her “status".

Maybe she should better herself and not look for a man to do it. I can't believe this, she's only getting married to improve her career? I feel sorry for the man that's marrying this woman and her crappy mentality towards life.

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Posted in: Reiko Takagaki’s Christmas to go to the dogs See in context

“I think I’ll be spending it with my Shiba dogs Sakura and Potato, and the three of us will have some cake.”

How is she going to design jewelry (as if dressing them isn't awful enough) for her dead dogs?

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Posted in: Man dies after stabbing himself, wife and 6-month-old baby in Aichi See in context

Sick bastard. Why why why, do people insist on trying to take others with them to hell. If you're miserable, just off yourself and leave everyone else alone.

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Posted in: Hollywood gushes bloodsuckers in vampire boom See in context

Agree. True Blood is great. I can't wait for the next season.

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Posted in: Christmas illumination See in context

But we're barely on Halloween and still have not reached Thanksgiving yet...

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Posted in: BBC: Pirates want $7 million ransom for UK couple See in context

Would it be cruel of me to say leave 'em? They knew they were yachting in dangerous waters. I don't think a dime should be put towards their foolishness. Let them face the consequences.

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Posted in: Pole dancing picks up momentum for women - and men See in context

...her feet are dirty...

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Posted in: Beyonce postpones Malaysia show amid Muslim criticism See in context

After having to cancel the first time, i definitely would not try to come back and perform in Malaysia again. Just give it up, there are literally hundreds of other countries you can perform in.

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Posted in: Rare Badlands dinosaur makes voyage to Japan See in context

aaawww...i wanted to see what it looks like.

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Posted in: Veggie-inspired KitKats See in context

Well, there's already seafood inspired icecream...so why not veggie flavored candybars?

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Posted in: Retired cop's NPO patrols popular suicide venue See in context

How admirable...it's good to know someone cares.

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Posted in: Dead woman found in car in Sendai See in context

So he waited until the next day to see if the woman would respond?

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