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Posted in: Anti-base ad See in context

LOL what is animal is that in the lower left? whale? dolphin?

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Posted in: 10-yr-old boy hanged in park after bag strap gets caught in tree See in context

Shame nobody saw him. How long was he hanging all there by himself? Horrible story, sad for the parents.

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Posted in: Baseball campaigns to return to Olympics See in context

Lol. Baseball is a global sport allright, but all countries are merely farm teams for the Major Leagues.

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Posted in: Want to look like Aki Hoshino? Read her book See in context

Want to look like Aki Hoshino?

Step One: Inherit good genes from your parents (genes for looks, not brains)

Step Two: Don't eat.

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Posted in: Man robs Kawasaki McDonald's of Y98,000 See in context

Would you like your sack of cash for here, or to go?

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Posted in: J-pop starlet May J reveals her Persian heritage See in context

A lot of artists around my age sing sad songs about crying together, but I want to make people happy,” she says. “That’s what makes me different.”

So why the deadly serious stare in your promo photo?

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Posted in: Wash and wear See in context

you should get out more, 8 of 10 girls on the street beat that stuff

seconded. I've never heard to this girl and had to look closer when I read her age was 24. She looks older to me.

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Posted in: Shooting AV stars See in context

“I was not at all expecting this,” said the 24-year-old Ozawa, who has appeared in such films as “Obscene Nymphomaniac 5” and “Let’s Do It at School.” “I look forward to receiving further support from my fans down the road.”


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Posted in: Beach girls See in context


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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after 12-story fall from Chiba apartment See in context

I see lot of moms who get fed up with their kids, and then leave them sitting there on the sidewalk or in the middle of the shopping mall. the kid is screaming for some reason, and the mom is just walking away.

The mom leaves, kid falls at 4PM, and the MOM finds the kid? Suspicious, to say the least. Also, why is the mom not named? Is she married, husband, age?

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Posted in: The downside of twittering as Japan goes at it 24 hours a day See in context

Complaining about how useless twitter is is almost as popular as twitter itself. Lighten up folks, it's just another way to communicate. Which, in case you haven't noticed, unless you are giving a lecture about astrophysics, is largely filled with useless (but sometimes entertaining) nonsense anyway.

How is twitter any different from a couple of goofs chatting over a cup of coffee?

Everybody thinks they are in a position to say that everybody else is a bunch of idiots who don't "get it."

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Posted in: Mother turns herself in, saying she killed her 8-yr-old son See in context

Wow. What a way to go. This poor kid had to realize that his mom was killing him as he died. Hopefully she did the carbon monoxide thing, and he went peacefully, oblivious to what was happening.

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Posted in: Toyota recalls SUVS, agrees to $16.4 mil fine, but denies coverup See in context

"we'll pay it but we we won't admit guilt.."

Sorry but paying = admitting guilt in the court of public opinion, and since you are selling products that could kill people, public opinion trumps everything.

The more stuff like this happens, the harder it is going to be for toyota to ever get back to where it was.

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Posted in: Sign of the times See in context

Dang it, I was looking for adult entertainment...

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Posted in: Some diet gurus say pasta is good because it is low-fat; others say it's not so good because it's high carb. What do you say? Is it a healthy dish? See in context

Pasta is OK, but not as good as lean meat, like fish or chicken. If you eat a mountain of pasta everyday, despite how good you think it is, you're gonna get fat. If you eat at load of lean chicken breast every day, it's much harder to get fat, as it's harder for your body to convert protein into fat than it is to convert carbs into fat. Carbs into fat is almost automatic.

If you eat 2000-3000 calories everyday, and get exercise, it's impossible to not be healthy. (unless ALL you eat is McDonalds French Fries.)

People think that by wasting time trying to decide what is healthy and what isn't they can avoid the real issue: Don't eat so Go****mn much.

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Posted in: Nice couples See in context

Wow, is that dude really 64? Looks pretty good.

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Posted in: Akihabara guide See in context

You know your dreams of being a model are completely over when you are standing next to a robot, and they name the robot, but not you.

Or you know you're in Akihabara when...

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Posted in: Toyota uses questionable legal tactics, AP investigation shows See in context

Good luck in regaining your world market dominance, toyota.

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Posted in: Blu-rei See in context


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Posted in: Police chief for a day See in context


risk their lives daily

um dude, you checked a koban lately? But yea, an actual cop would have been better, or they could have at least made this bird a spokesperson or something. Making her chief is kind of insulting.

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Posted in: Anti-smoking 'monsters' have smokers on the run See in context

I could care less if second hand smoke causes any kind of disease. Cigarette smoke smells terrible, unless of course your addicted to it.

Just yesterday morning I was enjoying nice peaceful moment in a park under a cherry tree. Some fool sits on a bench upwind and lights up. Ruined everything. Certainly I'm not advocating laws against smoking in public, but smokers gotta know that they aren't completely innocent, they are annoying to many people, just like those that yack on their cell phones next to you on the train.

And you smokers just gotta accept that if you walk around annoying people, there's gonna be some response. Some people are going to annoy you right back. You guys stink, literally.

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Posted in: Oh my darling See in context

I have no envy for Laszlo. I wouldn't like a wife or girlfriend (despite her beauty or riches) who wold make public all (or some) of our relationship problems, even in a lighthearted way, for fame and profit.

But that's just me. If they're enjoying it, then good for them.

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Posted in: Actress Junko Mihara to run in upper house election See in context

This women seems to have some first hand experience with what her platform will be all about, so at least her heart's in the right place.

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Posted in: Spaced out See in context

Why are they holding hands like that? Are they a couple or something?

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies in Kawasaki apartment fire See in context

sitting on your high horses trying to find someone to blame from your computer.

You think the posters are bad, wait till this dude recovers (hopefully), and feels the wrath from the mother of the little girl he "let die."

the future ain't bright for this poor family. So sad.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies in Kawasaki apartment fire See in context

fishy, thank you (x2) for the details.

Maybe and coming here late, and no offense to fishy, but everything fishy mentioned (except the reason for grandma leaving) is stated in the article above. It is clear from the article that the dad was home with two kids, most likely all sleeping. I see absolutely no problem with grandma heading out with dad home asleep with the kids. (unless grandma set the place on fire before she left.)

Otherwise this is just another tragic accident. Maybe this dude had a smoke before heading off to sleep, but it's not like that would be a first.

Who knows what caused the fire. Maybe mom left something on the stove, or whatever. Three kids, two three adults, all with different schedules, can get pretty hard to keep everything in order.

Hope they recover.

OH, and JT, hows about saying "the deceased" instead of "the dead girl" that would make this site sound less like a gossip rag.

The only odd thing is that the dude is pretty young to have a

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Posted in: Nara officer gets slashed while responding to call See in context

Despite all the videos online with seemingly inappropriate use of tasers, they'd have been just the ticket in this situation. Much safer than those big Edo-period sticks they are using in the pic.

and props to the citizen for snapping the photo and sending it to the press.

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Posted in: Toyota hit with $16 mil fine over recalls in U.S. See in context

How can somebody be "hit" with a "proposed" fine?

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Posted in: Man punches officer for using mobile phone camera at crime scene See in context

Spot on Cleo, cell phone, or more likely smart phone pics can be automatically sent in for investigators to check them.

somehow I can't imagine the J-stones (at least the dudes straight outta the cop box) are that sophisticated.

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Posted in: Man punches officer for using mobile phone camera at crime scene See in context

How about this scenario: guys warehouse burns down. He calls the cops. Cop shows up, doesn't do any investigation, or asks any questions, just starts snapping photos with is cell phone camera. To somebody that doesn't know the police have been issued phones just for this purpose, it could seem like the cop was just goofing off. I can understand his frustration.

If the cop showed up, explained that he was going to be taking photos for evidence, and took the guys statement, this might not have happened.

At any rate, cops aren't arson investigators. There job is to take statements, rope off the area, and let the investigators do their job.

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