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Posted in: Beautiful models and actresses deliver boxed lunches in Tokyo See in context

"Second, and the stipulation most likely to disappoint creepily obsessive diners, no, you can’t take the lunch box home with you to enshrine after the lovely delivery lady hands it to you."

I resent that.

What about a picture with the delivery girl?

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Posted in: Megumi Yokota died of drug overdose in N Korea: S Korean paper See in context

How does a country like North Korea still be so backwards when it is surrounded by countries at the top of world technology?

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Posted in: Japanese single malt whisky named world's finest See in context

Went out with the inlaws after a wedding and they let me try this whiskey. I did comment on how smooth it was, but I was too drunk to really appreciate it. I just remember it cause the bottle was right in front of me.

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