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Posted in: Do you think U.S. President Barack Obama is doing a good job as he finishes his first year in office? See in context

Obama is much worse than Bush ever was! He is pushing through legislation that nobody wants, and he doesn't seem to care what people think. I am an American; I have watched him tear apart my country, and he isn't stopping. The one thing he is doing though is he is uniting our country, Bush never did that. There is a very important election going on in Massachusetts right now, and Obama's party is having difficulty in a state that is extremely leftist. The American people are starting to see that more government is definitely not a good thing. Obama is not alone in ruining America, our House and Senate are helping him do it!

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Posted in: Shimane police search woods for missing university student See in context

This is a sad story, I hope that she can be found alive. My best wishes go out to her and her family.

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Posted in: Who do you hope will be prime minister of Japan after the Aug 30 election? See in context

It would be nice to see Aso get re-elected. But I still stand behind Ishihara Nobuteru.

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Posted in: Should the U.S. government bail out American automakers? See in context

It's the fault of the automakers for not making vehicles that are affordable yet fuel efficient. Besides the US Government doesn't have the money to be bailing anything out, why spend money that you don't have?

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Posted in: Japan wants U.N. emergency talks if N Korea launches rocket See in context

If Japan interrupts this rocket and North Korea shows military aggression to Japan then I believe the Japanese should lift the 9th Amendment and give North Korea what they have been asking for...A good old fashion butt kicking.

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Posted in: Pearl Harbor ceremony focuses on U.S. response to Japan's attack See in context

It's amazing on how strong the relationship is between the United States and Japan, these two magnificent nations have had quite a unique history together. They went from being allies to being bitter enemies, and then they rejoined their alliance. And today it remains one of the strongest alliances in the world. Let us never forget what happened on December 7th,1941 but also let us never forget the advancements that both of these great nations have made since then.

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Posted in: Body of 4-year-old girl missing for year found in Aomori home See in context

How does someone conceal a human body for a year? wouldn't the stench of decaying flesh alert people?

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Posted in: Finance minister says financial crisis mainly U.S. fault See in context

It is the fault of the United States, and the US bailing out these multi billion dollar corporations is only going to make matters worse.

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Posted in: Who do you hope will be the next U.S. president? See in context

I would rather Mike Huckabee be the president of the United States, but I guess I will have to settle with the most conservative one of the two, unfortunately McCain is losing this election.

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Posted in: Emperor, empress See in context

Happy Birthday Empress Michiko

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Posted in: Which side is doing the most mud-slinging in the U.S. presidential campaign? See in context

I look at it as the Democrats started it, every time there is a political ad it has John McCain and President Bush together. John McCain is probably the furthest away from George Bush in the Republican Party in the Senate. And you of course can't forget the stuff that ludacris sang about in the song (I use that word lightly) "Obama is Here." I can back up my beliefs that the Democrats started it just by looking at the Democratic and Republican Primaries. The Republican Primaries were rather clean and seemingly light. The Democratic one was vicious, and just nasty in many ways. I'm not saying the Republicans don't play the mud-slinging game also, but the Democrats do it more often and often they are seriously below the belt.

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Posted in: Naked Briton detained after swimming in Imperial Palace moat See in context

I wonder what kind of sentence this guy is going to get. I don't think I will forget this story any time soon.

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Posted in: YOSHIKI See in context

It's amazing that X-Japan is back together, they rock. Hopefully they will stay together for a long time to come.

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Posted in: Emperor See in context

I think it's great the the Emperor is learning things about ways to protect the environment, I'm surprised that the employee is wearing a hat in the presence of the emperor, it must be a permanent part of the uniform.

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Posted in: Naomi Kawashima See in context

Jeesh, that is ridiculous. I know that she's an actress and all, it's a shame that most of the world will never see that much money in their lives, and she uses it just for a show.

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Posted in: Suspect says he decided to stage Akihabara attack a few days before See in context

Such a terrible story.

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Posted in: Should John McCain's age (he'll be 72 on election day) be a factor in the U.S. presidential election campaign? See in context

In the US we have laws banning age discrimination, even if he is up there in age, he has a very good chance of surviving the next 8 years if he is elected into office.

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Posted in: Obama turns focus to race against McCain, as Clinton struggles to keep campaign afloat See in context

I personally like Barack Obama, but I don't trust a few people that he holds close to him, his wife scares me, and his reverend is turning this thing into another Civil Rights movement. John McCain has proved himself a very good senator, even if he has made a few mistakes he has proven that he is able to work with the other party. And that is what's best for America, to have a president who isn't so wrapped up in his party that he forgets about everybody else.

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