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Posted in: Kishida conveys concern to Li about China military activities See in context


why does it sounds like almost every nation despise US and victim on war-mongers in US?

Ex: enabling dictatorship/destroying working Govts/Loot of resources. etc etc

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Posted in: G7 nations commit to phasing out coal by 2035 but give Japan some flexibility See in context

China and india should be roped in else its just non-sense commitment.

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Posted in: India starts voting in world's largest election as Modi seeks third term as prime minister See in context

You mean like Pakistan where the most popular civilian politician was ousted by the military and is now in jail.

today news in mockup election in kerala extra votes went to BJP that’s what I meant . And that’s just start.

and Pakistan in irrelevant in this news.where that came from!!??

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Posted in: India starts voting in world's largest election as Modi seeks third term as prime minister See in context

World biggest election is on with biggest electoral bond scam by modi govt.

if they manage to manipulate results again and won India as democracy would be same say DPRK.

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Posted in: Australia, UK sign defense and security treaty See in context

Fighto!Today  02:23 pm JST

Two nations playing their part in standing up against those who hate democracy and despise freedom.

Yet these two nations are destroying countries on false flag operations and destroying very fabric of he culture. to name few check middle east. israel Palestine to name few.

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Posted in: Pakistan suspends mobile services, closes land borders to secure voting See in context

Or as bad as to force Supreme Court and other govt agencies to attack opposition/fuel communal tensions, destroying churches and mosques just before elections. And do false flag operation just to win election. And then Yes I am talking about fascist country call India.

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Posted in: Nazi death camp survivors mark 79th anniversary of Auschwitz liberation on Holocaust Remembrance Day See in context

Same thing happening in gaza for last couple of decades but survivors doing it again on other nation.

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Posted in: Bollywood celebrates rocking year, riding high on action flicks, unbridled masculinity and misogyny See in context

It’s easy formula make anti Muslim or anti Pakistan movie and it will be a hit. Even elections are on the same Tone, Gone are the days when you can get decent movies but not today.

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Posted in: Hundreds more Palestinians killed as Israel pursues Hamas in south Gaza See in context

Mass propaganda is being spewed by Zionists.

isreal is commiting genocide. and thats it.with western govts with equal participation.

As we see cat is out of the hat, isreal is unable to defend its decades long ethnic cleansing .

At the end of the day it will hurt isreal peace more than anyone.

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Posted in: Blasts rip through two mosques in Pakistan, killing at least 57 See in context

Modi trolls and their Tati brain keep putting things out.

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Posted in: UK minister pledges to deal with crumbling school buildings quickly See in context

same method is being used in japan and its being rather safe. UK is missing the point of MAINTAINECE. you got to maintain buildings for every couple of years.

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Posted in: Fukushima nuclear plant operator says released water samples within safe limits See in context

Let’s believe what they are saying as they never lie to us.(NOT)

this whole fiasco is lie lie and more lie from Tepco and japanese govt.

They should face the music from the world.

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Posted in: Malaysia seeks Interpol help to track U.S. comedian over MH370 joke See in context

If we go by the logic of the keyboard warriors here it’s perfectly fine to joke about holocaust?jews?

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Posted in: India says Dorsey claim it threatened Twitter shutdown a 'lie' See in context

Modi govt is one of the Fascist govt in the world today. USA and other countries supporting India just to tame china by ignoring gross violation against minorities in the country.

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Posted in: U.S. decides to rejoin UNESCO and pay back dues, to counter Chinese influence See in context

that was wrong to leave and way too wrong reason to join again. what US has become a sissy!?

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Posted in: Priceless painting looted by Nazis during World War II returns to Poland from Japan See in context

That’s a good start to return to the rightful owner, hope more European countries will follow the example to return the looted articles . I know European museums will go empty and do their banks. African and India subcontinent would love to have their treasure back.

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Posted in: Erdogan wins endorsement for Turkish election runoff from third-place candidate Ogan See in context

Oof. Looks like Turkey is going to be stuck in the autocracy cabal unless there are other candidates who can throw their support behind Kilicdaroglu. I don't know how Turkey ended up in a such a state that they prefer Islamism.

They are following democratic process. If it does not fit your agenda you are not going to accept it?

thats not how world works. and what is Islamism? any chance you are expert in that domain?

or just having your tantrum of the day?

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Posted in: Zelenskyy likens war-torn Ukraine to A-bombed Hiroshima See in context

I just wonder how much debt will be on Ukraine after all this ends?

All this "AID" is going to haunt them for next century.

just ask Brits for WW2 "aids" took them half of the century to pay back to US.

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Posted in: Female member of gov't panel brings baby to meeting at PM's office See in context

babies should not be in workplace. talk about inflated egos.

what point she is making? having a baby? or everyone should help her? how many moms going to work after dropping kids to KGs etc? she is in prominent position and want to mis-use that position perhaps?

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Posted in: U.S. pledges $2.6 billion more in weapons aid to Ukraine See in context

kiev have to pay back all that AID/money. how they are going to do that? better to resolve this with talks.

just for reference it took brits to pay back ww2 debt to states is 61 years!!! lets just that sink in.

Its easy to wage war when you are way way far away. Ukraine is going to lose one way or other.

Better to push Putin via china. Nato/US is lost cause. They will comeback to ask for money.

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Posted in: U.S. defense budget speeds toward $1 trillion, with China in mind See in context

US defense budget is next ten top countries(almost) and that includes china/russia/KSA/india the lot.

and US needs more defense budget for CLASSIC democracy and PEACE.

let that just sink in.

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Posted in: China's ByteDance admits using TikTok data to track journalists See in context

Keep the pressure on TikTok and the CCP. Don't give them an inch....they'll take a mile.

While you are on it add US govt and IT firms also. As they are no better than CCP.

US public have no freedom in this age. just look at NSA and what they are up to.

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Posted in: Bundesliga's Japanese contingent on 'equal footing' ahead of World Cup See in context

Japanese to the part Asian footballs teams can't handle the pressure in football matches. These kind of articles are nothing but mere chest pumping for the public mood.no real results to show and this happens with Japanese media every time when we have international tournament. But nothing is better than good competent matches rather than one sided matches.

Germany would like to avoid further injuries, for their point of view they don't want to push in first match but rather go easy and built momentum. Germans would settle for draw (minimum result)

for JP team draw is like a win situation hence different mentality on the pitch. More chest pumping for Japanese media and nation.

All the best to playing teams.have fun!

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Posted in: Fans, trophy and teams start arriving in Qatar See in context

Indian boycotting QATAR on  labour rights, women/gay right.

that's really brave of you. lets say why not you watch your country first?

If there are any issues with anything i am sure FIFA will respond on those issues.Meanwhile stop biting the hand that feeds you.

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Posted in: Australia sees spike in cyberattacks from criminals and states See in context

what about NSA? who is hacking anything and everything?

Its trend to blame anything on above countries. where was australia when Usreal hacked iranian essential services?

go cry me river. stop being a lacky aussies.

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Posted in: Debate heats up over China's interest in Australian election See in context

If one is keep poking nose in other countries internal matters, Some one is going to knock on the door.

Ozs Govt. needs to get their act together and stop poking nose in others matters.

same goes for US.

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Posted in: One dead, one wounded at Tennessee school shooting See in context

Tragic as it sounds.

looks like US need some kind of "Democracy" and "to protect human life" kind of HELP.

That US govt in doing for last 8 decades.

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Posted in: It's very tough to battle the epidemic while we have few weapons and the only thing we can do is make requests for restraints on activities. See in context

What where you doing in summer.you have warnings beforehand that winter will be tough.i see no work or preparations done for that so REQUESTS.


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Posted in: China prepares large-scale rollout of COVID-19 vaccines See in context


As oppose to British/US? I don't trust anyone of them. Any thing chinese is bad is just short minded view.

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Posted in: Suspected Iranian nuclear mastermind killed See in context

And if Iran reacts in same manner.you all bozos in US will be in the arms..

This is purely terrorist action by israel and pentagon.

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