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Posted in: U.S. downgrades rating of Japan's efforts against human trafficking See in context

Say who?US?

US have so many troubles in her home and still want to play the cop.

US should face ban for her treatment of minorities.and racism.

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

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Posted in: Who's in charge at Nissan? COO's allies push to give him shared CEO role See in context

In this age when your image is tainted .it's game over.

Cut the losses and somehow ask Renault for help.losers in Japan Nissan headquarters are not good for anything.

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Posted in: Duterte critic journalist Ressa convicted in Philippine libel case See in context

And as press is like free in any or us citizens want to live in glass house ,but most of those govts are paid/controlled by so called 1st world democratic countries.

If we want truly free press big boys need to leave alone small countries.

Don't tell me US is free country because it is not.

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Posted in: Israeli leader vows to push ahead with annexing West Bank See in context

US and EU countries will put sanctions on Israel for this barbaric and in democratic action.NOT

its only when it's good for deep Hong Kong etc...can't see difference between China and isreal.

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Posted in: Foreign workers feel the pain of 'corona job cuts' in Japan See in context

It's unfortunate to know of job cuts. It can happen everywhere to anyone .but stop jumping the train that Japanese are so racist. Yes nutjobs are ever where. I'm not Japanese but my pay is higher than most of my Japanese colleagues.

If you work hard and bring something new to the company they do look after you. My experience from last 10 years .

Hard times are coming no doubt about that.

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Posted in: Do you think the coronavirus will change the way people work, shop and socialize in the future? See in context

If you are taking about Japan Working environment will never change.

Welcome to reality .covid will become just another flu related virus. And by time passing time humans will become used to it.

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Posted in: U.S. intel says virus not manmade, still considers Chinese lab See in context

Oh irony US Intel agencies. Whole world got conned way too many times.

Us Intel and us govt is last thing we should trust.

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Posted in: Trump warns China could face 'consequences' over pandemic See in context

Good luck with that. It's like pounding aeeica for it's DEMOCRACY which it brings to etc.....and all those kids comes with it.

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Posted in: Trump, Modi vow relentless fight on extremists in mass rally See in context

Its long time ago when modi committed the massacre of Gujarat.

Modi happened to be on terrorist list and denied US entry.

He is doing same thing in Kashmir now.

But we can join hand with him for few votes that will not benefit in the end.

Desperate times I say.

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Posted in: U.S.-Taliban deal 'close', insurgents claim See in context

Funny words in this article.insurgents are locals.freedom fighter

Us is the one who invaded the country.

So much for mighty us armed muscle.cant beat the afghan rag tag local freedom fighters.

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Posted in: U.N. Security Council finds no breakthrough on India-Pakistan row See in context

Bhindian defense ministry just said they might take uturn on no first use policy for nuclear weapons.

Is it sign they gave up on conventional war?

Any thing more funny than little skirmishes on border will impact whole world.

Hope we don't see full scale war. That will be ugly. But nationalist and fasict regime are on rise. Aka modi.

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Posted in: Pakistan calls for Trump mediation on Kashmir as region remains tense See in context


Ask indian COAS Bipin and modi govt regarding 27th feburary 2019.

as world knows your country got owned by so called broken country against SUPA PAWA india.

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Posted in: In rebuke to Trump, U.S. Congress blocks Saudi arms sales See in context


US always use other countries for her only evil plans and interest.and abandon other countries once deed is done.

ask any US ally.

just other side of the coin.....

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Posted in: 37 countries defend China over Xinjiang in U.N. letter See in context


There should be a new higher body which EXCLUDE oppressor and invader of other countries.....namely US,UK,France and basically whole so called "democratic nations."

there fixed for you...

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan to cancel 70 flights in June due to pilot shortage See in context

one of the worst airline in japan.

got delayed for 6 hour ,no transport info/facility at the airport by jetstar staff and it was 3 am in the morning!!

never bother to fly with them of the biggest rip off airline out there.

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Posted in: Car being pursued by police crashes into another vehicle, killing its driver See in context

What a jerk.

It's Japan he will be out say like max 3 to 5 years....

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Posted in: India refuses to share proof of strikes in Pakistan amid doubts of militant deaths See in context

nothing more than face saving tactic by modi govt.someone using US weapon and US don't know about it .yeah right!

Modi govt got busted so comes the lies to make fool out of the nation.

just small example.

"I think people tend to forget that India is ripe with hoaxes and fake news. Why do you think WhatsApp had to change it’s policies and stop it’s platform from being used for mob lynching. Indian proof and arguments are all based on theories and implying and no real proofs."

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Posted in: India refuses to share proof of strikes in Pakistan amid doubts of militant deaths See in context

There was no deaths hence no proof. Bob blast in pulwama in IOK was false flag mission. It's all for election. Modi is trying to repeat Gujrat massacre to win election. And this victims are again Muslims but in Kashmir.

US and EU prop up Indians to tackle china.but with all the support and fancy toys they ended up with bloody nose against Pakistan forces.

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Posted in: Kashmir conflict heats up as India, Pakistan claim to down each other's jets See in context

Need cool heads from both sides.

its understandable that Modi needs ratings to win election but on what price?

Indian media was runing like mad dog after so called "Surgical Strike" and after getting pounding everything is calm.hope warmongers will remain shut for a some time now.

oh btw 2 indian jets downed Mig-21 2nd probably SU-30MKI .and nil from pakistan side.just to make your record straight.

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Posted in: Trump takes parting shot at Mattis and his view of U.S. allies See in context

i can't understand that logic that bring our troops home... who is going to provide them they pay,job......mind you its never Americans tax payer who pay for them.

BTW Same thing happened with Rome.

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Posted in: Former Blackwater guard convicted for 2007 Baghdad massacre See in context

If we ask someone from Iraq/Afghanistan .whole american high command should be tried for war crimes...using DU shells,committing genocide to name a few atrocities committed by so called 1st world democratic countries...

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Posted in: Japan seeks 1st aircraft carrier to deploy stealth fighters See in context

years since world war 2 years passed...77 years.and we have Japanese govt going for it again....aircraft carriers are not for defense. ....things will go bad to worse in no much drama for ww2 vicitims.

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Posted in: N Korea hiding at least 13 missile bases, U.S. researchers say See in context

report from washington.......oh world is so want to believe americans on truth and so called "INVESTIGATION".NOT

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Posted in: Is the U.S. still a real democracy? See in context

American thinks they are democratic by a mile. NSA and all spying and everything.USA is democracy and Americans are free as much Roman were in old days.means petty slaves and life controlled by elite.

Trump demands equal terms in tade ,

when usa consume 30% of products whole world made and produce only 13 %in return....

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Posted in: Mahathir, Cheney among decoration recipients in Japan See in context

Cheney...for what?war crimes?genocide?

Oh wait it's from Japan wonder there.

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Posted in: Mattis says Russia cannot replace U.S. in Mideast See in context

It's anything but transparent commitment in middle East....

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Posted in: Gunman kills 11, wounds 6 in Pittsburgh synagogue See in context

There is no other to define this as terrorism.second time these terrorist acts in short span.hope to get life to normal...

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Posted in: Trump says open to new Iran deal; confirms sanctions return See in context

Hostile and terrorist redime attitude goes to US not anyother country...... That's for sure.

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Posted in: U.S. suspends security assistance to Pakistan See in context

This relationship had good days and bad days.America ditched Pakistan for number of times.we have to be careful before jumping on any conclusions.blame game will hurt region more than anything.there is not only American interests.and let me pop the bubble for you US does support terrorists.need introduction on that one?

You can't put India in Afghanistan and ask Pakistan to remain silent and do nothing for their survival.welcome to power game in superpowers graveyard.

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Posted in: New defense minister upbeat on SDF strike ability See in context

Even with all JSDF fancy toys,every country out there will draw circles on japan in case of war.but every one is free to thump there little chest on name of politics.(hey Japan ask US hows its going for all those STRIKE ABILITIES!!)

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