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Posted in: Kashmir conflict heats up as India, Pakistan claim to down each other's jets See in context

Need cool heads from both sides.

its understandable that Modi needs ratings to win election but on what price?

Indian media was runing like mad dog after so called "Surgical Strike" and after getting pounding everything is calm.hope warmongers will remain shut for a some time now.

oh btw 2 indian jets downed Mig-21 2nd probably SU-30MKI .and nil from pakistan side.just to make your record straight.

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Posted in: Trump takes parting shot at Mattis and his view of U.S. allies See in context

i can't understand that logic that bring our troops home... who is going to provide them they pay,job......mind you its never Americans tax payer who pay for them.

BTW Same thing happened with Rome.

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Posted in: Former Blackwater guard convicted for 2007 Baghdad massacre See in context

If we ask someone from Iraq/Afghanistan .whole american high command should be tried for war crimes...using DU shells,committing genocide to name a few atrocities committed by so called 1st world democratic countries...

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Posted in: Japan seeks 1st aircraft carrier to deploy stealth fighters See in context

years since world war 2 years passed...77 years.and we have Japanese govt going for it again....aircraft carriers are not for defense. ....things will go bad to worse in no much drama for ww2 vicitims.

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Posted in: N Korea hiding at least 13 missile bases, U.S. researchers say See in context

report from washington.......oh world is so want to believe americans on truth and so called "INVESTIGATION".NOT

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Posted in: Is the U.S. still a real democracy? See in context

American thinks they are democratic by a mile. NSA and all spying and everything.USA is democracy and Americans are free as much Roman were in old days.means petty slaves and life controlled by elite.

Trump demands equal terms in tade ,

when usa consume 30% of products whole world made and produce only 13 %in return....

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Posted in: Mahathir, Cheney among decoration recipients in Japan See in context

Cheney...for what?war crimes?genocide?

Oh wait it's from Japan wonder there.

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Posted in: Mattis says Russia cannot replace U.S. in Mideast See in context

It's anything but transparent commitment in middle East....

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Posted in: Gunman kills 11, wounds 6 in Pittsburgh synagogue See in context

There is no other to define this as terrorism.second time these terrorist acts in short span.hope to get life to normal...

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Posted in: Trump says open to new Iran deal; confirms sanctions return See in context

Hostile and terrorist redime attitude goes to US not anyother country...... That's for sure.

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Posted in: U.S. suspends security assistance to Pakistan See in context

This relationship had good days and bad days.America ditched Pakistan for number of times.we have to be careful before jumping on any conclusions.blame game will hurt region more than anything.there is not only American interests.and let me pop the bubble for you US does support terrorists.need introduction on that one?

You can't put India in Afghanistan and ask Pakistan to remain silent and do nothing for their survival.welcome to power game in superpowers graveyard.

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Posted in: New defense minister upbeat on SDF strike ability See in context

Even with all JSDF fancy toys,every country out there will draw circles on japan in case of war.but every one is free to thump there little chest on name of politics.(hey Japan ask US hows its going for all those STRIKE ABILITIES!!)

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Posted in: Japan-U.S. test to shoot down ballistic missile fails See in context

Japan should old stupid American tech.and go for russian missle defense system.s400 will do nicely.

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Posted in: One dead, 10 injured after vehicle rams into people leaving London mosque See in context

Guess you don't have to be Muslim to be a terrorist .so much of freedom and democracy!!

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Posted in: Russian fighter intercepts U.S. bomber over Baltic Sea See in context

Its USA doing so its fine.if Russia /China does it its sleeves up lads!

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Posted in: Trump suggests support for isolation of Qatar See in context

Like no one knows USA does not support terrorism.kettle calling pot black!

Just new political game in ME.KSA is just with big stick right now.

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Posted in: Two men killed in Oregon train stabbings after anti-Muslim rant See in context

If this was done by someone with Muslim name it could be all over the news coverage for weeks. Stand with the oppressed one's and stop violent action with peaceful words. We are all fellow human beings.

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Posted in: Saudi King Salman launches investment drive with Asia tour See in context

Wow. So much here is going on here. I thought it was about business investment in Asia. Anyway keep it up guys.

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Posted in: As U.S. bans refugees, alarms remain over homegrown extremists See in context

We should also ban Americans from the United States since the US is the largest supporter of state sponsered terrorism, has a large amount of domestic terrorists and it is becoming a theocracy that actively tries to do away with the human and civil rights of its own citizens

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Posted in: Real Madrid advances to Club World Cup final See in context

Japan is hosting 7th time /12 . speaks a lot about its irrelevance ...........just to show up on job thing to Real madrid.

this is just to pamper japanese people .such a waste .

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Posted in: China angered as Japan withholds UNESCO funding over history dispute See in context

West is not moving from what happened in muh West and US have to pay for that to israel?talk about hypocrisy! It's easy to bash China on every news but it doesn't make it right tho.

Just other side of the story.

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Posted in: Islamic State says Minnesota mall stabbings carried out by 'soldier' See in context

Daesh is claiming and we must believe them no matter what!!!!

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Posted in: 17 soldiers killed in attack at Indian army base in Kashmir See in context

Another false flag op?if there is serious freedom moment in Indian occupied Kashmir ,it must be solved by UN resolution. Oh btw there is no outrage on slaughter of innocent Kashmiri population.

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Posted in: Iraq war was illegal, says Blair's former deputy See in context

So war criminal charges against Blair's cabinet??they hang many ELECTED leaders in mid east on basis of same charges?acts against humanity etc etc.

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Posted in: Official: Istanbul airport attackers from Russia, Central Asia See in context

its really amazing if you think about that.every major terrorist attack,after drone strike nothing left but some ID cards or passports.i mean steel melts but you will get those id cards to play the game !!!!!!

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Posted in: Brexit campaigning suspended after 'Remain' MP shot dead See in context

How come it's not act of terrorism?

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Posted in: Windows 10 spreads to 300 mil devices See in context

Win 10 is way smoother than win 8 crap.and bit better than win 7 IMHO.

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Posted in: Obama to cut short India trip to pay call on Saudi Arabia See in context

because US and EU want all that money in form of weapons sales to keep running economy.if there is peace in ME who is going to pay us marines and all those senators.....human rights wth

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah dies at 90 See in context

just want to know what is Wahhabisim according to your EXPERT opinion!!! one doesnt have to FRIEND of west to do good in this world.Every one have right to look after thier interset rather than GOOD FOR WEST ONLY.

but anyway he is human so let show some respect RIP.

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Posted in: Taliban assault on Pakistan school leaves 141 dead See in context

@JeffLee "Countless millions want Salmon Rusdie and the Danish cartoonist executed. A billion or so pray every Friday for the death and destruction of the infidel non-believers (like you and me). Nope, the 21st world doesn't need this creed."

pray for death of non-believers !!thats new for me.never praid nor listened to such pray. i think its not time for who's unfinished business in afganistan.or which colation policy created this mess in first place.

just spare thought for parents who lost their only kid.and stop spreading hate and hysteria.

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