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Posted in: Japan's new whaling factory ship sets sail on first hunt See in context

an industry defended by the government as an integral part of Japanese culture

Harakiri is also a part of Japanese culture, so how about that?

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Posted in: More than a thousand protest outside German Tesla factory See in context

I don’t think Germany or any developed country needs these type of plants. Especially, there is nothing technologically crucial in making cars except maybe software. Consumer cars should be made in countries with cheap labor, energy and low environmental standards like China etc.

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Posted in: Barrier at popular vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji going up See in context

Btw, net barrier is no problem to erase from any photo with current basic smartphone camera tools.

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Posted in: Barrier at popular vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji going up See in context

It will be real funny if that lawson will be closed and demolished soon due to the lack of shoppers.

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Posted in: Biden blames China, Japan and India's economic woes on 'xenophobia' See in context

It’s all about high-skilled migrants. They are making the real economic difference in the long run. For these people Japan is by far easier to migrate than into the US or even EU etc. However, Japan is not attractive for them due to low wages and, most importantly, its rigid hierarchical labor structure with little incentives for initiative and creativity. Xenophobia has nothing to do with that.

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Posted in: Japan records highest-ever monthly visitor numbers in March See in context

Why would them getting more yen for their own currency cause them to spend less yen?

They spend less in dollar equivalent. Of course you will earn a bit more in yen, but it doesn’t compensate the depreciation of the yen.

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Posted in: Japan records highest-ever monthly visitor numbers in March See in context

11.6-percent gain compared to March 2019

But they spend 50% less due to the weak yen. I.e., Japanese tourism industry works harder, but earns less. Not to mention the additional strain on indirect services and infrastructure which operates from taxes paid by locals.

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Posted in: Aid organizations suspend operations in Gaza after 7 workers killed See in context

Israel now is basically a terrorist state.

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Posted in: Hydrogen vehicle filling station opens at former Tokyo Olympics site See in context

Nothing as smooth and powerful as a real electric car!

Its always amusing to see smooth and powerful cars on public streets where speed limits and traffic conditions equalize them with a smallest and cheapest moped.

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Posted in: New research shows unintended harms of organic farming See in context

Absolutely ridiculous logic. It’s like blaming a neighbor who quit smoking that one should smoke more now because the secondary fumes from the neighbor are not present in the air anymore. Also it’s pretty obvious that organic and non-organic fields should be separated from each other as much as possible either by clustering, or, preferably, by spacing between them. Another piece of garbage produced by “scientists”.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to boost defense capabilities to preserve peace See in context

A couple of subs with nukes would be the cheapest and the most efficient defense solution. Look at North Korea or Russia, their conventional army is crap, but the presence of nukes makes everyone very gentle around them.

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Posted in: In Germany, the far right is on the rise again. How did it happen? See in context

In Germany, the far right is on the rise again. How did it happen?

Why not, I am curious how it will be as an experiment. There is no danger to make another Hitler anyways. Many countries have nukes and such to stop any serious expansion.

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Posted in: More Chinese women choosing to stay single as economy stutters See in context

I don’t think it will be a big issue in communist China. CCP can easily force women to have minimum 2-3 kids the same way they forced them to have at most one in the recent past.

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Posted in: Global patent filings drop nearly 2% as innovation falters See in context

Patents are waste of time and money. Just making it easier for Chinese to steal the technology.

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Posted in: Japan 2023 average new condo price hits record high for 7 years in row See in context

Japan 2023 average new condo price hits record high for 7 years in row

So the property tax goes along with that. Good news for the local governments.

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Posted in: Japan joins others in halting funds for U.N. Palestinian refugee agency See in context

Sounds like another evil play by Israel at a perfectly chosen moment. Its disturbing how many trust it without any independent investigation. Israel is doing genocide of Palestinians and cutting funds and switching focus from mass murders by Israel is exactly what they need.

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Posted in: Just as empires rise and fall, Japan has just been usurped as the world’s largest car manufacturer by China, which is poised to be even more dominant than Japan ever was in the global car trade. See in context

They last a lot longer, cheaper to make and far lower serving cots.

Nobody will make cars which last longer, cheaper and with lower service costs. And not only cars. These times long time gone. We will end up using cars with the same cycle as mobile phones, which is 2-3 years. After that you may not be able even to start the car due to inability to update the operating system to a “safe” one.

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Posted in: From Japan to the world: How to translate a game See in context

I am not in a gaming industry, but how difficult is it to make different versions of translations/language styles for the very same game and give the user an ability to choose from it?

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Posted in: WHO appeals for $1.5 billion to address global health crises See in context

WHO could start thinking about reducing expenses by relocating their main office from Geneva to a less attractive place, where they can observe the real world health struggles every day.

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Posted in: ANA Boeing 737-800 domestic flight turns back due to cockpit window crack See in context

The 737 (not Max) has been around for decades, cracked windows is a maintenance or inspection issue, not a maker defect.

Perhaps, but spare parts are likely made by nowadays Boeing or approved by them. So it might turn out to be another “loose screw” for Boeing.

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Posted in: Israel defends itself at U.N's top court against allegations of genocide in Gaza See in context

This is the part our misguided, free-Palestine friends just don’t want to think about, refuse to digest, nor comprehend.

We are distinguishing HAMAS terrorists and Palestinians. And we are rejecting the “right” of Israel to commit mass murders of civilians.

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Posted in: Putin says he will visit disputed islands off Hokkaido See in context

This is not meant to be a pro Russia statement, but Japan should just accept that these are islands are lost for good. 

Russia doesn't give anything back, it just takes.

That is not entirely true. One example is Bolshoy Ussuriysky Island.

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Posted in: Israel pounds central Gaza, as thousands of Palestinians try to escape See in context

Crazy world. Just a couple of generations ago Jews suffered a great loss due to genocide from nazis, and now they are doing exactly the same towards Palestinians. In both cases they had a similarly lame line of excuses to displace and steal freedoms from millions of people, and perform collective punishment using advanced weaponry on mostly unarmed population.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs record ¥7.95 trillion defense budget for 2024 to accelerate strike capability See in context

Its good to ramp up the military given the challenges on the borders, but what these strikes can do without nuclear warheads? It sounds like a waste of money.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan survey shows manufacturers optimistic about economy, as inflation abates See in context

Big corporations love weak yen and very cheap Japanese labor as a consequence. Of course they are very optimistic.

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Posted in: Sour grapes: Japan battles to protect premium fruits See in context

I don’t mind about this business if the Japanese government would not protect it from affordable grapes from outside of Japan in the name of food security. And they are probably even receiving some subsidies. Right now I see it like they are enjoying the monopoly at our expense.

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Posted in: Fears grow Japan-U.S. alliance may be affected by Osprey crash See in context

Japan can easily make sufficient amount of nuclear weapons to be free from fears of any invasion. This so called US “protection” is obviously not doing any good for Japan as an independent country.

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Posted in: Nagasaki survivor urges nuke weapons abolition at U.N. treaty confab See in context

I am not a fan of nukes, but right now they are literally saving lots of lives. Nukes stopped WW2 and we didn’t have any wars between countries who have nukes on both sides. All the countries should have access to nuclear weapons.

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Posted in: China says surge in respiratory illnesses caused by flu and other known pathogens See in context

It must be tremendously difficult for CCP to control and manage an entire country manually. Especially in crisis situations.

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Posted in: 'Child soldiers' and blood feuds: Sweden's out-of-control gang wars See in context

I don’t see the problem. In the worst case scenario it will converge to a US-style system with ghettos here and there where people kill each other as much as they want… while the lucky ones who live outside have a relatively comfortable life if they stay inside their homes or cars for most of the time.

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