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Posted in: Video showing convenience store workers being forced to kowtow to thugs leads to one arrest See in context

wow teenager daughter ? where is the picture of the people who did the crime? So they can feel how it looks..

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Posted in: World court rules Japan's Antarctic whaling not scientific See in context

This verdict is understandable. However I Do wonder for those Japanese who are whale hunters . If this verdict is forever. How will they survive? Will the Japanese government support them in a sense of reeducating or re training them? I have eaten whale fish when I was very little in school something that no longer exist in school. A tradition will be eliminated. Regardless how we feel about whales.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Watson says Costa Rica made up charges See in context

Dislike him for his action now he is running he should face his charges.

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Posted in: U.N. to consider validity of China's claim over disputed islands See in context

i hope the UN does the right thing. China is spoiled and should take care of their own ppl instead worry about these islands.

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Posted in: French woman who fled Japan after 3/11 sues NHK for unfair dismissal See in context

i know many foreigners have left japan during the tragic period and i know the French government was the only country ordering their citizen to evacuate.. i remember it was mandatory. for her to sue the nhk is wrong. i bet she did not communicate properly and most likely her boss and coworkers did not like her.. i heard many japanese people feelings were hurt when their foreign coworkers escaped the country and they could not.. anywya there is more to this story than the eyes meet.

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Posted in: S Korea rejects Japan's proposal to take isle dispute to int'l court See in context

the islands belong to japan. period. why should japan drop the suits against Korea or Russia? smithinjapan?

It is sad that japan is not recieving any support regarding these islands. South Korea is scared of loosing in the court that is why they dont go for it.

Japan can not send military because of the agreement they signed. anyway South Korea should just hand over the islands over to Japan.

日本がんばれ!!hope it will be taken into icj

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Posted in: S Korean soccer player barred from medal ceremony over political message See in context

shame on the korean player. he should be banned from the olympic in 4 yrs time. and pay a heavy fine. for those who thinks his action is great.. well this is olympic and not political game.. well i hope this guy left london and was send back to South korea..

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Posted in: S Korean rams gate at Japanese embassy in protest See in context

What Mr Kim was wrong but what Mr Suzuki is making me sick... sadthere are japanese ppl like that... why cant jjapan aplogize pay the victims and we all move on?

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Posted in: New registration system for foreigners starts in Japan See in context

Anyone could answer me this!? I have not been in Japan for ten years and lost my eijuken but still have my alien registration card do I get in trouble if I visit Japan next year!?

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Posted in: Russia's PM dismisses Japan's anger at his Kuril trip See in context

prime minister Medvedev is very rude. I guess he had not a good childhood. because he is so direspectful to the Japanese people.

however does not surprise me.. Guess japan is loosing respect from countries around them.

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Posted in: Activist says his arrest focused world attention on dolphin hunt town See in context

This guy was talked on facebook other than that I heard about him twice. Not sure if I like what had happen to him but I hope he leaves japan

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Posted in: Top court upholds death sentence for man who killed 2 when he was minor See in context

overall i would rather see this now 30 yrs old man in jail for rest of his life .. no one can win in this case..

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Posted in: Top court upholds death sentence for man who killed 2 when he was minor See in context

1) its wrong to hand down death sentence to a minor who committed a crime before the age of 20. 2) The wife and his child will never return.

3) This man was abused when he was young he should not face the death penality even with this crime. He should sit in jail forever.

4) I remember this case and i have to say it is sad case but the victim should forgive the murderer.. i do not think he can sleep well at all .. This decision will most likely overturned.

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Posted in: U.S. judge turns down whalers' appeal to restrain Sea Shepherd's activities See in context

One of these days a japanese crew member will get injured.. Then what?! Guess watson wont be prosecuted.. What a terrorist group. Guess if the judge order in favor for japan he would be faced with angry activist

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Posted in: Okinawa governor, Nago mayor not happy with U.S. forces plan See in context

Economical boost!? Yes and no. They can survive with tourist industries without the base. I was told okinawa people are mad at the emporer of japan for selling them out to the usa in 2 wwar .. What i hear the " controll" by the usa was not what they wished for. Felt like fed to the wolf. Even it was returned to japan the anger has been passed on generation by generation... Heck it is noisy near bases ....

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Posted in: Okinawa governor, Nago mayor not happy with U.S. forces plan See in context

Okinawa belongs to japan eventhough it was occupied and cobtrolled by usa until 1972... I do believe the japanese has the right to complain and protest. I remember when a marine raped a 12 yrs old girl and was not handed over to japan right away.. There is so much anger in okinawa people because they feel betrayed by their own government ....

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Posted in: Shizuka Kudo leaves her idol days behind See in context

her kids go to sacred heart international. that is what i heard.. i have to say good for her to do something.. it is never too late to improve her life..

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Posted in: 'Radiation divorce' enters Japanese vernacular See in context

I am not surprised with divorces I would walk away too if my hubby was not supportive for our child sake

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Posted in: 'Radiation divorce' enters Japanese vernacular See in context

Contests to Mimi San for making wise decision! My family have left for now the country after march 11 due to the fact there was melt down and it was reported of explosion.. I know plentyof people who stayed back and I think people are more with attitudeof "shoganai " the fact. Is radiation isleaked and as a mother I would doanything to protect my child. In the next 10 yrs we will see increase in side effect from fukushima . Those people who have the means have send their family to Okinawa... and I truly believe the government did not release more info to avoid panicky that decision will affect people later. We can not judge people for theo decision but the media at that time around the world were giving outmoded info than my family could get inside japan

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Posted in: Child abduction issue should be key concern in Japan-U.S. relations See in context

A child needs both parents however majority of media reports only one sided.. I don't thing by Japan signing the Hague convention will change things. The courts in Japan needs to be changed. Regarding the Marina case. The farther got full custody and the girl has to live with step mom and relearned English. Not sure if themother gets to see the child. Usa media only report what one side said but no report of the other parent interview. The law needs to change so a prentice who is aforeigner can see their kids.. but mostly the children should be protected by law. I do wonder true side effect of being" forced " to live with theo biological patent. The reason I say forced is because the child was forced to live apart from their mom or dad and moved to Japan and after fewyears they might be forced to live in aculture they do not remember completely. Its not the parents I am concerened about but the kids...

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Posted in: Activists hurl stink bombs, paint at Japanese whalers See in context

I am bi culture and I respect my mothers culture which is japanese. I am tired of hearing from people through out my life discriminating and attacking the japanese people because what the government is doing. I am tired of hearing what see shepherds are doing. Any activist who do violence to another person due to their believe i feel they are terriorist. I respect those who sit silently infront of building or boycotting products without throwing items to the people who work for it. I personally do not like the idea of whale killing.. but my concern is what can we help the japanese people who can only have jobs in whale hunting. are big companies going to provide jobs to these people .. are you willing to invest in a company and reeducate these people. For those who support these activist. are you willing to invest jobs in JApan in the area where whale is being eaten? i do not think so.

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Posted in: Activists hurl stink bombs, paint at Japanese whalers See in context

Lawrence if you get the chance please visit Japan. by supporting the sea shepherd i hope you are non meat eater.. seeshepherd are terriorist.. Greenpeace people are better off.

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Posted in: Activists hurl stink bombs, paint at Japanese whalers See in context

I dislike Watson. he is a terrorist and he promotes it. His action the way he does it I simply cant agree. To Disillusion.. whale eating is part of japanese culture. 貧乏な日本人が生きる食べ物です。i do not agree with it but my mom explained to me that for japanese people it is very rude that western people are attacking them for something that was only thing able to eat during world war 2. some people simply can not break the old habit. This whole issue is very sensitive. Everytime I see the whale watchers on US TV it really upsets me because tv only shows the negativity of Japan and nothing positive. as if Japan is the only bad place.

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Posted in: 3 Sea Shepherd activists detained aboard Japanese whaling vessel See in context

Now those three Australians should sit in jail for a while even should be charged terrorist act. I. Hope they did not have weapon on them because if they did that shows their intent to injure the crew.... overall throw the keys away for few months!!

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Posted in: American father wins custody of daughter taken to Japan See in context

@ Kentanthony.. sorry to hear that you cant find your son and i hope things will change how wishing a mother to rot in jail? i can not agree. It does hurt my heart to hear parents suffering for not able to be with their child.. but we can not forget there is always 2 side story.. here we read the one side story and judging the mother only.. how about the father? I read he is re married and has a new wife.. now the daughter needs to adjust to the step mom? THAT IS TORTURE!! how dare of him to expect her to be with him.. HE SHOULD HAVE NOT BE REMARRIED>>> INSTEAD WAIT FOR HER TO BE RETURNED.. now this child will not be able to speak japanese .. wont be able to see mom by herself.. most likely surpervised visitation.. This child life is destryoed.. the father won HIS EGO WON.. he is not sensitive for the child.. I feel sorry for this child and I wish the state would adopt the child away from these parents.. oh wait the parents are not american.. never mind.. sad sad sad

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Posted in: Authorities search for bodies along Fukushima coast See in context

Its a believe for japanese ppl to send their loved ones properly if not they worry they walk on earth... In japan when a person dies they burn the body and family members pick the bones and transfer them to a container so it can be put to rest with traditional family grave... If anyone i know who past in tsunami i would love the government to find the bones so the spirit can be rested...

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Posted in: North Koreans in Japan tight-lipped over Kim's death See in context

Dislike north korea!!! Especially for the crime they did! I ber the ppl are scared to make a comment if they do they will be killed

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Posted in: Japan whaling authorities sue Sea Shepherd in U.S. See in context

Sea shepherd are terrorist! Warson is too.. The reason i say that watching the show their methods against whaling could kill the person on the ship... Glad japan took them to court... Not that ot will help... The judge will favor watson ... That is what i think...

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Posted in: American father wins custody of daughter taken to Japan See in context

@yubaru.. how do we know if the mother was bad? how do we know the father is good? we dont. I see american mom going to spa leaving their child with nanny.. i say that is ridicicouls.. the way some mom spends money on themselves and let the nanny take care of their child.. how can we say emiko is a bad mother for leaving her child at her grandparents house and went to hawaii for few days to apply her paperwork. I bet she was not thinking to stay for 3 or 4 weeks.. just a week to take care of immigration. does it mean she is bad no. I see parents in the USA taking cruise without kids.. does it mean they are bad no.. we cant judge the mother only.. we do not see the whole picture and most likely we will never do.

Any place we live regardless we have to follow the law.. however due to lack of language ability/knowledge and new to the country we do not know everything. it is not like when you come to the USA or Japan they hand a book with law .. and i bet not everyone sits down and study the law....

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Posted in: American father wins custody of daughter taken to Japan See in context

being raised in 2 cultures and having 2 different parents from 2 different countries. I am German Japanese and living in the USA. I have to say some of the comments in here really offends me as a bi culture child. I have seen what both culture as in America and Japan can bring. For those who wants this mother to rot in jail and get lost.. I hope you are not a parent.. for those who completley support the father.. i say hold a sec.. We know what the mother did legally was wrong. the question is do we know the whole story of this couple? we hear one sided western report newpaper telling us he is the doctor who is wealthy and who gets to raise a child in the USA.. who is not originally from USA. He is from nicragua.. She is japanese.. We have to be very careful what we are doing here judging the mother based on what the decision she made. The question is what did make her do this? How do we know she brainwashed her daughter? ITS HIS WORDS.. and some of you want the grandparents sit in jail? How do you know if the mother was bad? There are plenty of mothers in Japan who go for few days out of countries to take care of paper work does not mean the child should skip school. Now the child has to relearn English.. She had attended most likely japanese school and now she needs to learn english.. I hope she wont be bullied in the public schools that I keep hearing in the USA.. Besides.. the judge granted full custody after she left the USA.. and she was not represented in court when the ruling was done from what I read.. I have the feeling the mother wont even get visitation rights.. if she does the child protection service is going to be there and she wont be allowed to speak in japanese. Which means denying the japanese culture.. who knows.. I feel sorry for this child.. because of the stupidiy of both parents and their ego this child is "psychologically " damaged .. I hope this father will leave the USA and got to Nicragua where that is his culture that his daughter should learn and also travel to Japan so she can learn the culture.. Each culture has its pros and cons.. I see good things and bad things growing up in 3 different culture.. I am a third culture kid!! I hope this girl will appreciate down the road and learn things from each culture and the parents will work things out!! I really hope the mother will be allowed to reenter the USA to see the daughter.. if not. the court has taken away the right to learn your culture..too.

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