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Posted in: LDP has solid lead ahead of upper house vote: polls See in context

The security laws would also make Japanese citizens traveling outside Japan and inside Japan the targets of terrorist attacks and kidnapping, the targets of hate crimes, etc.

This will happen if Japanese troops get involved in military actions against Muslim countries with the USA. Terrorist killings of many people in the USA, France, etc, by Muslim sympathizers have already happened.

Japanese travelers and students are easy targets in the USA, Europe, and other countries.

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Posted in: Thousands of anti-Abe protesters rally in Tokyo See in context

Battle cry for the opposition parties

Vote for the Democratic Party Minshin-tō 民進党 to overturn the security laws and restore your basic human rights !

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Posted in: Japan revises first-quarter GDP growth up to 0.5% See in context

Good Job ! Prime minister Abe ! It is about one month before the election. Whitewash everything. The economy is doing GREAT according to PM Abe, just "make up" some numbers, even though the economy is getting worse. Tell the voters he cares about them by proposing free giveaways and then drop the proposal after the election. Many countries including the USA, European Union, and so on are putting pressure on PM Abe not to artificially devalue the yen any more. The worst has yet to come. Exports have fallen. His minister Aso said the old Japanese people on pension should hurry up and die. Japanese voters need to kick PM Abe out of office by voting for the opposition parties. Only the opposition parties will repeal the security laws and the national secrets laws. The national secrets laws are used to jail news reporters from exposing government corruption, abuses and scandals.

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Posted in: Police set up unit to stop yakuza 'civil war' See in context

The police should let the 2 groups of criminals, the yakuza, kill each others. The killing will result in less criminals to threaten the public and the police. Japan will become a safer place to live as a result. What is wrong with that ? I suspect some leaders in the police force are on the payroll of the yakuza.

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Posted in: Okinawa countersues Japanese government over U.S. base move See in context

The above article said "Pacifist sentiments run high on the island". The people of Okinawa are not protesting against wars. They are protesting against the frequent "loud" noises of flying aircraft and helicopters, crimes like rapes, violent assaults by US soldiers high on illegal drugs or alcohol, and other problems associated with military bases.

They are protesting against the same problems and crimes which are also protested by Americans in the USA living near military bases in the USA like Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia and other places.

The author of the article should live in the neighborhood of these military bases on Okinawa for a month to find out what these people are experiencing.

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Posted in: Japan's trade deficit falls by 58% in November See in context

Correction : I mean Japan's public debt, not Japan's external debt, is about 250% of GDP.

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Posted in: Japan's trade deficit falls by 58% in November See in context

Do not worry. PM Abe will use "creative accounting" just like the bankrupt Enron in the USA, to change bad news like trade deficit into good news like trade surplus. He is a "financial genius". He wants Japan to borrow more money so he can loan India may be US$20 billion more despite Japan's external debt is already around 250% of GDP, or may be around 200% according to PM Abe's "economists". Do not worry about the bad news. Just whitewash them.

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Posted in: Japan, China agree to restart high-level economic dialogue See in context

To ThePBot :

President Xi is the highest-ranking government official of China and has no desire to hold summit with PM Abe. He shook hands with PM Abe. Premier Li is ranked No 2.

PM Abe is the highest-ranking government official of Japan.

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Posted in: Japan, China agree to restart high-level economic dialogue See in context

The No 1 politician of UK, S Korea, Germany have all held hours-long summit with No 1 politician of China, President Xi, but not PM Abe. Premier Li is the No 2 politician of China.

Japan's relations with China is not normal yet.

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Posted in: Japan, S Korea, China leaders agree to mend strained ties See in context

Japan's relations with China is not normal yet.

The No 1 politician of UK, S Korea, Germany have all held hours-long summit with No 1 politician of China, President Xi, but not PM Abe. Premier Li is the No 2 politician of China.

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Posted in: Gov't overturns Okinawa's ban on U.S. base relocation work See in context

Japan's military bases remind me of E. Germany and Cuba. The USA leased Guantanamo Bay from Cuba which wants to kick the USA out without success. The W Germans were smarter, they bribed the Russians into leaving E Germany by building their barracks in Russia to smooth their return to Russia.

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Posted in: Opponents vow to fight new security legislation See in context

It is time Japan gets rid of its war mongers and hatred mongers, Prime Minister Abe, Aso and his gangs. Make sure you vote for the opposition parties in the next elections. Japanese voters are paying a heavy price for not voting in the previous elections. There are enough poor, struggling Japanese and disaster victims in Japan who need government help but receive not enough help. Now Prime Minister Abe wants to borrow more money, on top of the 250% of GDP that Japanese government already owes, the world's biggest external debt as a percentage of GDP, to wage wars along side the USA.

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Posted in: Gov't, opposition parties battle it out over security bills See in context

Japanese voters should vote for the opposition parties like Democratic Party of Japan, etc. in the next elections. With enough votes, the opposition parties can repeal the security laws.

Those of you who did not vote in the previous elections should vote in the next elections for the opposition parties, unless you want your children, relatives, etc, to be sent overseas to die or get crippled from fighting wars.

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Posted in: Asia's millionaires to become world's richest group See in context

China and India have almost the same population. China has 890,000 millionaires with a total wealth of $4.5 trillion in 2014. India has 198,000 millionaires with a total wealth of $785 billion in 2014. It shows how poor India is compared to China.

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Posted in: Lawyers join opposition to controversial security bills See in context

Prime minister Abe just suffers a huge setback when Republic Of Korea's president Park announced she will attend the Sept 3 military parade in China. She, like many Japanese, opposes Abe's security bills and greater role for Japan's military in foreign countries as urged on by the military of the USA. It is time Japanese voters take a more active role in deciding the future of their country. They need to vigorously oppose PM Abe and kick him out of office.

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Posted in: Japan's Hoshi wins women's 200m butterfly world gold See in context

Medal count by country for water sports at the 16th FINA World Championships 2015 in Kazan, Russia.

.................................................gold...silver...bronze....total 1 People's Republic of China........14.....10.......9...........33 2 United States of America...........9.......9........5...........23 3 Russia......................................9.......4........3..........16 8 Japan.......................................2.......1........4............7

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Posted in: Nuclear refugees face dilemma over returning home See in context

It takes hundreds to thousands of years for radiation to decay to safe levels. Radiation will damage the chromosomes or genes of exposed people causing cancers, deformities, mutations especially in fetus or babies, and so on. It will be wise for the exposed people to get government help to relocate elsewhere "permanently". The air, water, soil, etc, around the reactor areas are radioactive.

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Posted in: U.S. Pacific Fleet chief joins surveillance of South China Sea See in context

What happens if Chinese warships, nuclear submarines, etc, join surveillance of the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, etc, near US coasts ?

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Posted in: LDP aims to have lower house vote for security bills on Thursday See in context

to smithinjapan : If PM Abe manages to force through and pass the security bills into laws, the voters will most likely punish the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan and the Komeito with a loss of many seats in the 2016 elections next year. If the opposition parties have at least a two-thirds majority in the House of Representatives, they can repeal the security laws.

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Posted in: U.S. hopes Chinese island-building will spur Asian response See in context

to sandiegoluv : Japan has 5 immediate neighbors, S Korea, N Korea, China, Taiwan, Russia. It has territorial dispute with all of them.

China has many immediate neighbors. It does not have unresolved territorial dispute with Russia, Myanmar, Laos, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgystan, Pakistan, Mongolia, and so on. It only has territorial dispute with some of its immediate neighbors including Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. hopes Chinese island-building will spur Asian response See in context

What happens if China decides to stop lending money to US and sells off most of the US debts of more than $1261 billion dollars that China is holding ?

I know many parts of US government will shut down if the debt ceiling is not raised by US Congress. It happened a few times before.

Will the US have trouble borrowing many hundreds of billions of dollars from foreign countries when its external debt is projected to reach $18800 billion by the end of 2015 and when China decides to dump $1261 billion dollars worth of US debts ?

Can Japan loan US the money when it already owes more than 240% of its GDP in external debt and when it already loans US more than $1227 billion dollars ?

Can Japan borrow more money without any problems to pay for its budget deficit ?


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Posted in: China-led bank adds urgency to Japan's pursuit of TPP deal See in context

It is funny the 2 countries talking about competing for the clout of China, Russia, Brazil, and so on are the 2 biggest debtors in the world.

Prime Minister Abe just says Japan will "borrow" $110 billion to fund Asian infrastructure projects despite Japan's external debt is more than 240% of its GDP. What a financial genius !

What about those Japanese who are victims of Fukushima nuclear disaster, earthquakes, floods, and so on ? I guess they have to wait behind the other Asians and US citizens for financial help.

The USA's external debt is already US$18000 billion, over 100% of its GDP and is increasing by hundreds of billions of US dollars every year. It is already paying higher interest rates to borrow. It is running a current account deficit, trade deficit, budget deficit every year for many years.

I think Japan needs a regime change.

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Posted in: Gov't submits security bills to Diet See in context

--------------------Prime Minister Abe just made a seemingly impossible promise.------------

"I want to make clear that Japan will never become entangled in a war being fought by the United States," PM Shinzo Abe told reporters at a news conference Thursday in Washington, April 28, 2015.

Japanese voters should remind him about his probably "empty" promise. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/japans-prime-minister-just-made-173700216.html

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Posted in: A message for the PM See in context

Very bad news for Japanese voters. History repeats itself.

Prime Minister Abe is forcing through laws which violate the Constitution before the revisions to the Constitution are approved by the required two-thirds majority in both houses and approved by a majority of voters in a referendum. Japan is becoming more and more like a dictatorship, like that of Hideki Tojo and Adolf Hitler.

This is what happens when too many voters do not bother to VOTE.

I wish you protesters GOOD LUCK in prison, charged with violating the new national security laws.

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Posted in: 1,600 Rohingyas, others land in Indonesia and Malaysia See in context

Many of these Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar originated from India and Bangladesh which do not want them. Both countries and Myanmar already have more than enough poor people that they can not take care of.

The Myanmar government and the native Myanmar people regard them as illegal and unwanted aliens. Those countries which criticise the Myanmar government should resettle these refugees in their countries instead of being hypocritical.

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Posted in: China must guard against Japan's denial of history: military See in context

Looks to me PM Abe is putting Japan on track to be the only country to be devastated by atomic or nuclear weapons from 2 different countries in history, USA and China. Are these tens of millions of Japanese who might be killed going to stand up and stop PM Abe ?

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Posted in: Maglev train sets world record speed of 603 kms per hour See in context

Maglev is very expensive. The Chinese system was built with generous German financial aid.

Japan is NOT a rich country. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), its 2014 per capita GDP of US$ 37,390 is behind Asian regions like Macau ($142,599 WBank), Singapore ($82,762), Hong Kong ($54,722), Taiwan ($45,854). No other country is going to build the Maglev railway at its present costs.

The money can be BETTER used to improve the lives of many poor and lower middle class Japanese. There are plenty of them in Japan. Prime Minister Abe needs to get Japan's priorities right.

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Posted in: France, Germany, Italy to join China-led infrastructure bank See in context

Looks to me the European countries have decided that USA has lost its credibility by its agreeing to the reforms at I.M.F. but unable to make good on its promises. This is caused by obstruction by the Republican Party members in the US Senate and the House of Representatives. It is possible the rest of the world will proceed with the I.M.F. reforms in spite of and override a veto by USA.

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern over Russia's Ukraine move See in context

Japan should criticize the Russians for the Ukrainian invasion, but should attend the G-8 meeting to show it has an independent foreign policy.

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Posted in: Japan marks Bikini Atoll hydrogen test bomb anniversary See in context

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki should be considered war crimes, because it targeted hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians.

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