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Barbara Trout comments

Posted in: China dashes Hollywood's hopes for greater access in 2014 See in context

Both Japan and China should restrict the type and quantity of US films because : (1) The violent crimes rate per 1000 people in US is much higher that of Japan or China. Movies should be banned because of their violent content not based on true stories, like those about gangsters. (2) US produces a lot of "trash" movies. (3) Both countries should protect their movie industry.

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Posted in: Gov't blames translator over Abe's World War I remark See in context

Let us accept the Japanese government's explanation because it allows both Japan and China to defuse a difficult situation and save face.

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Posted in: Biden spent hour on phone asking Abe not to visit Yasukuni shrine See in context

The visit to Yasukuni shrine is not PM Abe's biggest worry. The current account deficit and trade deficit are getting bigger and bigger with each month. Exports are declining to one of Japan's biggest export markets, China. Japan's national debt is already roughly 200% of its GDP. If the Japanese economy and balance of international payments do not improve, PM Abe will be looking for another job soon.

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Posted in: S Korea to pay $866.6 mil in 2014 to host U.S. troops See in context

How about sending 30000 Japanese troops to USA and let USA pay the salaries and benefits of the troops ? Are we not allies ?

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Posted in: Japanese watch Abe's Yasukuni shrine visit with mixed feelings See in context

Those who forget the lessons of history will repeat the same mistakes again. May be P.M. Abe will resign if economy goes bad with China, Japan's biggest or second biggest export market, and South Korea retaliate. Last resignation was for health problems and ?.

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Posted in: Abe close to deal on relocating Futenma base on Okinawa See in context

No country is going to attack Japan as long as Japan does not attack the other country first. If North Korea attacks South Korea, China is not going to send its troops to help, it might send some supplies. China will only send troops to keep North Korea from being occupied by unfriendly countries other than South Korea, that is what happened during the Korean War.

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Posted in: China media urge action against Japanese planes but not U.S. See in context

Both sides need to let things cool down.

I suggest both sides have a blackout on news on the islands. Coverage by the news networks just inflames the issue further and is prone to exploitation.

Both sides block all civilian ships, all civilian airplanes except may be commercial airliners from entering an area may be 20 miles from the islands.

Let some smart diplomats find a solution that saves faces for both sides. Resolution of the issue can be postponed indefinitely. There islands are very small and uninhabited and have no valuable resources on land.

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Posted in: Japan economy may have bottomed out in late 2012: government panel See in context

In the USA, favorable economic statistics were released a few months before presidential elections by the incumbent President, only to be revised downwards to less favorable numbers after the elections. This shows the government lied. I am sure Prime Minister Abe is doing the same things to make Abenomics look good to the general Japanese population. The depreciating yens help Japanese exporters by making exports cheaper, but makes the trade deficits (imports minus exports) bigger.

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Posted in: Abe says LDP election victory will bring stability See in context

LDP wants to restart most of the nuclear reactors while most Japanese oppose restarting because radiation causes cancer, organ failures, baby deformities etc and takes thousands of years to disappear (half life of thousands of years).

LDP wants to increase the consumption tax while most Japanese oppose, because that will raise the costs of goods, living etc.

LDP wants a hardline approach to relations with China and Korea while Japan's economic recovery depends quite a bit on Japanese exports to China, including fruits and vegetables.

LDP wants to vastly increase government spending without regard to government debts which is around twice the national GDP, the highest in the world. This might cause a downgrade of Japan's credit rating.

LDP wants to revise the Constitution so it can send Japanese boys and girls to fight all over the world.

Giving one party the majority in both houses will encourage corruption and authoritarianism as in India and US.

I hope the Japanese citizens vote wisely. The futures of their health, livelihood, sons, daughters and so on depend on their votes.

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Posted in: Russia holds biggest war games in decades See in context

"some analysts believe the show of force was aimed at China and Japan" said the author.

The exercise serves more as a warning to USA and Japan after their recent joint exercise.

Russia and China have declared themselves as strategic partners. Both are members of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, which conducts joint military exercises, at least once every 2 years involving 6 countries. Both have recently conducted a joint naval exercise "Joint-Sea 2013" in July 8–10 2013 involving 19 warships in Sea of Japan. Both have conducted joint military exercises every year at least the last 6 years. China builds Russian military hardware under license like MI-17 helicopter and so on.

Do not repeat the mistakes Japan made around World War Two. To my Japanese friends, do not misread the warning signs. This leads to deadly and costly wars.

(1)For the first time, Chinese warships pass near north Hokkaido in 2013. (2)"Joint-Sea 2013" is the largest joint Russia-China joint naval exercise todate. (3)More Russia-China joint military exercises have already been scheduled for 2013. (4)Japan and Germany had better military technologies, better trained people etc than China and Soviet Union during World War Two. Japan and Germany were defeated because their manpower, resources etc were dwarfed by those of China, Russia or USA.

(5)The Korean War and Vietnam War killed millions of Koreans and Vietnamese civilians. They turned the 2 countries into mass cemeteries and wastelands of destroyed buildings, dams, power plants etc. But the mainlands of allied countries USA, China, UK etc which sent troops were not attacked by either sides. Korea is divided. Vietnam is taken over by Communists.

USA will not attack un-disputed Chinese or Russian territories and vice versa, if it comes to Japan's defence.

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