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Posted in: The Japanese train station with torii gates on its tracks See in context

It looks too gimmicky, like they're mocking Shintoism. Where are the benches for older passengers?

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Posted in: Rescheduled Tokyo Olympics may be held before summer 2021: Bach See in context

He's not even wearing a mask.

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Posted in: New Harajuku Station building opens in Tokyo See in context

It still won’t dissuade young people from going to Harajuku.

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Posted in: U.S. considering new restrictions on travelers from Japan, S Korea: CNN See in context

I don't think the US can survive without all of the talented and monied Japanese university students that are currently waiting for their results from applications to US universities. The school year is at a close and many of the best students are expecting to move to the US to start school in September. Can the US afford the brain drain? With a numbskull as president, that might not be a big concern. A less intelligent public is easier to control.

Who said Italy should be on the list? You do realize that Italians are mostly caucasians, right? Italy is a solid western country by any measure. I find it very unlikely that Italians would be banned from entering the USA anytime soon.

I guess in the longrun, this ban will help people. The US will end up worse than any other country due to their mismanaged healthcare system and the attitudes they've shown in dealing with disasters in the past.

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Posted in: New multi-use park facility in the heart of Shibuya set to open in June See in context

What happened to the motorcycle parking?

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Posted in: New Toyosu fish market already sinking on its foundations See in context

Still better than what I could build though.

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Posted in: Olympic rings arrive in Tokyo Bay See in context

Beauty. This is a symbol of our best, kids. None of you out there are probably even near the skill set that these atheletes have. Oh, and that includes me. LOLzy.

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Posted in: Why housewives refuse to visit their in-laws during holidays See in context

"the Japanese housewives" ?

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Posted in: KFC opens all-you-can-eat-and-drink buffet restaurant in Tokyo See in context

Fried chicken. That's the best. KFC Japan does the chicken way better than in North America too. It's nice and crispy, cooked the perfect length of time, as opposed to the slop you get elsewhere. $20 for lunch though... Hm... Not only that, but it's timed, so you're going to feel rushed trying to get your money's worth. It's a nice idea to sit and have as much as you want, but for $20 trying to get your money's worth, rushing, you're just going to be a fat cow. After you're going to realize it would've made a lot more sense just to buy from the regular menu. You'd have your fill, pay less money, and have it specially made for yourself, not just eating out of the trough for the masses. Better yet stop by the grocery store, get some chicken and kara-age powder, and have some freshly fried chicken at home - hot, fresh, delicious, and a quarter of the price.

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor criticized for demanding halt to 'comfort women' exhibition See in context

His opinion seems appropriate. Why bring attention to that issue? It's very embarrassing for Japan.

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Posted in: S Korea says it 'won't be defeated again' by Japan See in context

There is no doubt that Japan and Korea have a troubled past. Let's hope for the best for both countries.

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Posted in: Theme-park food to be taxed 10% if eaten at table; 8% if eaten while walking See in context

Our monthly food bill for two of us is ¥90,000 or about ¥3,000/day

Ouch! Breaky 50 yen of milk, 50 yen of cereal, 25 yen banana.

Lunch. 40 yen bread. 100 yen tuna, 20 yen lettuce, 30 yen mayo.

Dinner. 50 yen rice, 200 yen fish, 20 yen miso, 100 yen veg, 100 yen dessert.

Grand total:. 785 yen full day full meals. Throw in 15 yen of tea and 100 for a midday snack. 900 yen done and done.

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Posted in: Theme-park food to be taxed 10% if eaten at table; 8% if eaten while walking See in context

Hm. I was schooled that eating while walking was a big no no in Japan. Now tax will promote doing so.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder after driving off with husband clinging to car hood See in context

So little information here. I demand the whole story.

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Posted in: Kumamoto assemblywoman causes stir by bringing 7-month-old son into chamber See in context

How are you supposed to do your job if there's a crying baby in the room? How is she supposed to do her job if she's taking care of a baby? It's not a matter of sexism. It's common sense, which apparently a lot of us don't have anymore. There's a pretty easy solution. Don't bring the baby. She had the baby, so she has to think of how to deal with that. She sounds like a baby herself.

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Posted in: Early arrival See in context


You are so off. Read more about what actually happened. The NDP were physically trying to obstruct democracy by not allowing a Conservative member to move. The PM went over to escort him, despite being from his opponent party. The NDP members refused to move. One of them got accidentally elbowed. The NDP leader just laughed at the childish antics his party pulled off. Trudeau was doing the right thing. I encourage you to find more information online about what happened before jumping to conclusions.

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Posted in: Costco Japan’s bulgogi bake is a melting pot of deliciousness See in context

I tried the bulgogi bake last weekend. It is a mass-produced unhealthy, fattening hunk of "food" that resembles the frozen dinner pockets found in the freezers of the discount grocery stores found all over North America.

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