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Posted in: Shock as peaceful Japanese town wakes to knife rampage See in context

I don't know why Hotzenplotz and Commanteer got thumbs down, one thing the majority of these mass killers around the world have in common is not background, nationality, religion, social status, education, etc., it is that they are on prescribed medication.

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Posted in: Obama's Hiroshima visit stirs differing views across Pacific See in context

@ TAMAGAWABOAT, I think you may find there is a gaping hole in your argument:

I want to ask you, "Which day of the week did America's B29 drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima?" The answer is Monday. August 6 1945 was day" We should focus attention on the day and time when America dropped the atomic bomb. 8:15 am. and Monday morning… Why did the Enola Gay carry out the world’s first atomic bombing at 8:15 a.m.? Why did the Enola Gay drop the atomic bomb on Monday morning? American Army knew Japanese schools held morning meetings on Monday morning. 8:15 on Monday was the time that schools started morning meetings. American Army knew school children would round up in schoolyards for morning meetings at 8:15 am. Therefore, American Army set the time of dropping the world’s first atomic bomb at 8:15 am, on Monday, August 6th. For what? To kill Japanese school children efficiently and to crush all hope in Japan’s future

August 6th is slap bang in the middle of summer vacation.

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Posted in: 'Vagina kayak' artist convicted in obscenity case See in context

Rokude Nashiko, if you're reading this: Best of luck with your work in the future!

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Posted in: Man attacks women with hatchet at Fukuoka real estate agency See in context

@Seadog538, Enough to justify a hatchet attack? Justify attempted murder of two office ladies?

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Posted in: Tokyo police release PR video in English to assure foreign visitors Japan is safe See in context

That was highly entertaining! A good laugh. I loved the criminals' costumes and the cheesy American voiceover! Well done cops!

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Posted in: 7 things Japanese people in int'l marriages wish they’d known before tying the knot See in context

@Thunderbird Yep, that's right, I made no mention of the non-Japanese spouses' nationalities or ethnic backgrounds, the article was about Japanese marrying non- Japanese, not solely Japanese marrying Westerners.

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Posted in: 7 things Japanese people in int'l marriages wish they’d known before tying the knot See in context

@ Aly RustomMar.

many women (fewer men) will openly declare that they quite like the idea of a “kokusai kekkon” (international marriage).*

Funny. Considering that the vast majority of mixed marriages are between J-men and foreign women

Absolutely right, of all marriages of Japanese to non- Japanese, 80% are Japanese men to non- Japanese women, a point very often overlooked.

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Posted in: Parents arrested after 8-month-old baby dies of suspected malnutrition, neglect See in context

That is heartbreaking.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for slashing, choking 5-year-old son See in context

>bjohnson23Feb. 26, 2016 - 08:11PM JST This is a domestic issue and the teacher had no right to interfere with parental rights.

Parental rights? You've got to be kidding, no- one has the right to do this to a child, not the parents or anyone. This is a heinous crime and the perpertrators should be punished accordingly. The teacher had every right, in fact a duty, to report this. I can only hope that you, with an attitude like that, don't have, or never will have children.

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Posted in: Company president gets five years’ probation for killing employee See in context

Ridiculously lenient, I agree. Absurd. And it only goes to get other violent bosses thinking they can get away with atrocious crimes and beating their employees. What an evil woman.

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Posted in: Japan tells U.N. it has found no evidence of forced WWII sex slavery See in context

Mike3113King, that is a disgusting thing to say.

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Posted in: Childcare employee suspected of abusing infants in Nagoya See in context

I hope she gets locked up.

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Posted in: Strawberries for Christmas cakes stolen in Tochigi See in context

They do taste nice, don't they? : )

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Posted in: Teacher slaps, headbutts 12-year-old student in Ehime See in context

I'm with Geoff Gillespie on this one, heaven help anyone who assaults my kids.

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Posted in: 2 sisters dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Tragic, how terribly sad.

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Posted in: Why is the UK called Igirisu in Japanese? See in context

Haha, try telling a Welshman or woman that Wales isn't a country!

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Posted in: Gamba striker Patric says he was racially abused by Urawa fan See in context

@DaDude. Good point.

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Posted in: Man arrested for drunk driving after plowing into koban See in context

I wondered if he said, 'I just wanted to see what crashing into a koban was like'?

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Posted in: Parents arrested for assaulting, confining 16-year-old daughter See in context

@Disillusioned, Fizzbit put 'humans', supposedly because there are no known cases of animals doing this to their young, it seems to me humans are far crueller than any animal.

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Posted in: Actress Ai Takabe arrested for cocaine possession See in context

As they say... 'Kids, don't buy drugs ... become a celebrity and they give them you for free'!

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting junior high school girl in park toilet See in context

Parents, it's worth encouraging your kids to learn some (at least) basic judo or karate.

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Posted in: Suspect arrested over man's death in Odawara See in context

Law- abiding country? Yea, right.

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Posted in: Typhoon Etau slams into Japanese mainland See in context

@StevoBevo You are quite obviously, simply WRONG.

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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of taxi driver in Akita See in context

Form reading comments on other stories I'm surprised no- one's blamed the taxi driver yet. Anyway, poor guy, R.I.P.

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Posted in: Man set fire to house because wife didn't see him off properly See in context

100% NUTTER.

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy dies after being hit by van; driver arrested See in context

For those of you blaming the parents ... shame on your heartless souls.

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Posted in: City in Niigata drops milk from school lunches See in context

First they take the milk ... Margaret Thatcher started her nationwide cuts that way in the UK back in the 70's when Education Minister, 'Thatcher, Thatcher, the milk snatcher'. This is just the start of further cuts, regardless of whether you like/ dislike, agree/ disagree with human milk consumption.

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Posted in: Drunk student drives motorbike into Kyoto pedestrian mall See in context

He needs a good slap.

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Posted in: Dismembered cat found in Yokohama park See in context


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Posted in: Fleeing shoplifter drags security guard along with car See in context

Well, if she could afford a car I'm sure she could have afforded to pay for her melons.

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