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What a shambles Japanese governments continue to be, with a head in the sand attitude, and an approach that baffles science and the world, once again you come unstuck.

Two years after completely shutting off to the world so the nasty virus could not enter the country, it is, as everyone forecast rife, probably much worse than is being reported.

In two years, the government has done nothing, late with vaccinations, late with booster and a failure to increase hospital capacity.

However, the omicron varient is a one month wonder, look at Europe, it comes and it goes, the UK did not lock down before Christmas and the daily rate is falling, now that it is spreading rapidly the goverment are worried about popularity.....not about the people and are considering a shutdown again, the same shutdowns that did not work previously and wont work again as omicron will begin to wane very soon.

At the same time you reduce quarantine to 10 days, despite the WHO telling you this is a ridiculous time period, and for those double jabbed, with a booster its not required.

I sense yet another election.....this time go for someone younger who can make decisions....or even dare I say it, a woman, yes a woman who can lead and change your racist, stuck in the past society and attitudes....not sure what the men are so frightend of....

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I am completely dumbstruck by the lack of foresight in this country, Their is no planning at any level of politics and management, it is like a ship losely anchored at sea, it moves, as it drifts, but it is without navigation or a destination. The Captain is a blind old man who cannot see through the morning haze. Japan has done its best, supported by its racist and anti non Japanese policies to alienate the world, like a selfish spoilt child it wants to have the freedom of travel but refuses to accept a recipricol agreement. Non Japanese will be making plans for holidays, if not already made, so 2022 will be another year without international tourism regardless of the border situation. As for living with the virus, it would seem that when you closed the border, you also refused to accept the science, with every country shortening the isolation to 5 days, Japan now insists on 10, realistically, who is going to take a holiday and have 10 days in a rooom, your heads are at the top of Fuji. Kishida is complaining he cant make an impact on the international stage, perhaps he should realise that he has isolated himself. As you have no real political opposition, these bucknuts will continue to run the country down, allowing selfish people who refuse the vaccination to hold the country to ransom, open the border and see the queues for the booster then.

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This should not be about them, but the rs hole who dated his mother, knowing she had a child, entered a relationship then when it went wrong asked for his money back......what sort of person does that?

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Japan is in danger of losing all foreign tourism, people want to take a holiday, Japan has had a great advertising campaign with the Olympics and should now capitalise, but because old men run the country, nothing happens, the economy will fall, people will go elsewhere, shops will close, debt will increase, the system will become overburdened, then people will ask where did it go wrong.

The world, including Japan has to live with COVID, right now, its only Japanese residents who are spreading COVID, the fears held over Olympic participation have been proven to be wrong, for goodness sake, open the border, let people arrive and let life start again.

Already the bars are ignoring the government, this is the start of social collapse....Japanese style.

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Please.....someone tech him powerpoint

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I have commented previously about this situation.

More people die from overwork than COVID, the government can do something, they choose not to.

Japanese are not any more hard working than other countries, they spend inefficient time at the workplace. It is well known (and proven by Microsoft in Tokyo) that after around 8 hours people make more mistakes, leading to ever increasing inefficiency. Microsoft demonstrated that efficiency increased by 40% when working hours were restricted.

The culture is more about staying at the office longer as a means of pleasing the manager or employer, custom dictates that if you are the first to leave then you apologise. Shameful beyond belief.

The effect of long hours on the individual and their extended family is immeasurable, the increase in demands at home, domestic violence, lack of affection all affect the wider social problems that Japan faces.

Go to a cemetry, take a photograph of the tomb that has the inscription, this stone is dedicated to this person by xy12345 inc. because they worked 14 hours a day......then you understand, you are a commodity.

As the companies are owned by investors, you are simply slaves in an environment that makes the rice, richer.

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Well said jpn-guy.

The vaccination programme is a joke, but the captains of government got to the front of the queue, when they turned up to vaccinated the Diet, people had to confess they had the vaccine earlier.

The whole situation is an embarrassment, those in power have not been affected while leaving millions to suffer.

A delayed election in the hope that the stalled programme can recover.

Its amazing, 30,000 people each year or 85 each day die from overwork, millions are suffering stress, leading to death or self harm, will the government do more to support them? This is not a one off but year on year.

So more people die from overwork than covid.....and nothing is done.

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Posted in: Suga planning visits to India, Philippines to counter China's growing clout See in context

Like Abe before him, he wants to run with the foxes and hunt with the hares, Japan should start by condeming China for abusing human rights, condem Mynamar for the same, but you sit on the fence, frightened to upset either country, it is shameful.

The west can see that China is closing in on your north and south islands, your knees shake and you applaud western nations for sending warships to show solidarity, but you still refuse to condem them, when they have taken Hokaido and Okinawa, maybe then you will make a noise of a lion rather than the kitten

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