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Barry Cohen comments

Posted in: TEPCO reports Y772.9 bil profit for April-December See in context

Those people at TEPCO should be jailed for gross negligence and crimes against humanity! Those profits should be taken and used to purchase the mineral zeolite to detox the thousands of people that allowed to be radiated!

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Posted in: Watchdog says radioactive water at Fukushima an emergency See in context

Don't drink the milk! Its SPOILED! TEPCO needs an international investigation done on them as well as on the Government officials that let them get away with this huge mess! Those indited should be thrown in jail for crimes against humanity! Also experts from the international community needs to be brought in to contain and fix this leaking radiation problem!

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Posted in: TEPCO discloses extent of radioactive tritium leak into ocean See in context

TEPCO should be taken over by a group of responsible people and they should then be tried in world court for what they have done! **

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Posted in: Japan scrambled jets against China planes record 306 times in 12 months See in context

I think Japan should just take over China And Korea! This way they can dump all of their radiation and clean up Japan! LOL!!

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Posted in: Original Batmobile from TV series sells for $4.2 mil See in context

There is a guy in Delray Beach Florida that says that he has the original bat mobile and he brings it to events! Is this a fake?

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Posted in: Record high radiation level found in fish caught near Fukushima plant See in context

Tepco and the Japanese Government have contaminated the Pacific Ocean and it's getting worse every second because the massive amounts of radiation being released are still uncontrolled and spewing into the sea over there in Japan only to be pushed EVERYWHERE by the ocean currents! If you have been eating fish or other sea life from the Pacific Ocean you REALLY should think about detoxing the radiation from your body that you have ingested. The best way to rid your body of radiation is with natural powdered Zeolite which is a mineral that has been PROVEN to do the very best job of removing radiation and heavy metals from the human body!

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