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Posted in: Obama says U.S. economy sound; reassures investors See in context

Obama is sooooooooo cool. Man i am waiting for more money and so are all my friends. Man, i'm going to have the latest trailer and a new flat screen TV and all the rich dudes who got richer because of Bush are going to pay for me. Obama is giving payback to us poor guys, he is an all American hero.

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Posted in: Israel demands monitors as part of a Gaza truce See in context

I hope, kinda, like that Obama puts pressure on Israel and force them to stop their killing. It's wrong man, you know what i'm saying.

Hey Israel, be nice to Palestine and they treat you good to, then everything is gonna be cool. Chill out Israel, you are making too many people mad at you, kinda, you know.

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Posted in: Manchester United arrives in Japan See in context

Hey, i love soccer man. I always support Manchester United, they are the best and keep on winning, like, kind.

If you support a team, you support the best, makes sens huh?

I want to tell eveyone my team is the best and to see them keep winning, it make me feel cool and better than other people, you dig?

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Posted in: Where is Obama's change we can believe in? See in context

Let me tell all you rich dudes the changes that will happen, like, kinda.

I'm gonna have a bigger trailer flat screen tv and more money because Obama is the man.

The rich have to pay now Bush lose and people like me can have better life.

I beleieve in Obama , him the man.

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Posted in: Britain to lift top income tax rate in 2011 See in context

Yeah Britain do de right ting. Tax the rich, way to go!!!

The extra money for welfare is so cool. I heard about Britain people have good whole liofe living on welfare. Man, they make me jealos.

The rich must pay more in evry country, sell their mansion and yacht , kinda, then spread the wealth, yeah sounds kinda coooool!

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Posted in: Obama says there is no time to lose as he unveils economic team See in context

Way to go Obama. Gonna have a new trailer and flat screen TV next year thanks to you. The greedy rich old guys is gonna pay for it too.

Theuy had all the money for too long, like , kinda that's bad dude!

Now it is time for us normal guys to live with some style. Bye bye Bush and McCain who only like rich people and wars.

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Posted in: Obama's election spurs hundreds of race threats, crimes See in context

Maaaaaaaaaaaan, all de bad racist people is against us . Now we run America OK!!! NOW, i get a new trailer and TV, and Obama will loook after me and not start war to get oil.

I had big party, man was spaced out for days. Anyone who threatens MY president, like kinda, should go to jail for life without parole.

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Posted in: Obama revels in Powell endorsement, cash mountain See in context

Way to go Mr Powell. you done the right thing bro.

Now all the guys who is your fan, but was going to vote for the old guy, willvote Obama. Gonna live in new trailer soon, yeah.

Hey rich dudes, at last us poor folk can have some bucks. Way to go Obama.

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Posted in: McCain, Obama get tough, personal in final debate See in context

McCian is a dork, like, kinda, you know what i'm saying dude?

Obama battered him, yo, so cool, he is awesome!!!

They talk about Joe Plumber, the rich greedy guy. He is too rich, he gotta learn to pay more tax. Obama gonna give me new trailer and TV, McCain don't promise me nothing, he just like wars, he bad man.

McCain said bad thing about Obama, but Obama won, he is so cooool!!!

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Posted in: McCain vows to whip Obama's 'you-know-what' in last debate See in context

He can't whip Obama. The mcCain dude is too old, his brain don' work fast enough to beat Obama. Obama is genius, who is gonna help us poor folks. I won't have to live in a leaky old trailer anymore, because the government gives all the money to rich guys.

Obama will look after me, and i can live in a better trailer and get a big TV. McCain can't give me nothing, he is too old to do anything.

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Posted in: Taliban kill Afghanistan's most high-profile policewoman See in context

Hey guys, Obama is ,like, the guy who can make thing better. I saw on tv that John McCain will die of cancer soon, and if he is president when he dies , a woman who is a religous nut will be president.

Obama said we have to leave IRaq, yeah man,it cost lots of bucks too.

Obama is clever, kinda, know what i'm saying? He will get Bin Laden guy and make him pay for being bad. Obama is gonna sort out Afghanistan, he is a cool dude.

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Posted in: Obama, McCain argue over war, taxes in 1st debate See in context

Obama won , like, the dabate man. That is so cool, he is awesome!!

All the rich dudes are going to have to pay more money in taxes, good, i hate rich dudes, they are greedy.

Obama is gonna help me, i'm gonna move to a newer trailer and get a flat screen tv with the extra money when Obama wins.

The old guy couldn't reply any good to Obama. Oabam , is ,like, kinda, so clever, and knew how to debate much better than McCain.

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Posted in: U.S. soldiers accidentally kill Sunni leader in Iraq See in context

This war is bad, and George Bush makes the soldiers kill thousands of Iraq'S. Obama will stop the fighting and, like , make peace. Why does Bush want so much war and to kill Iraqi people, its nuts man!

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Posted in: At 81, Japanese vet makes rare return to Iwo Jima See in context

I would never go to war like these guyd did, on the principle that i might get sho at. I don't dig that stuff man, video game is awesome, but these battles was insane and thousands died and turn to disabled or mental. I don't like wars.

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Posted in: At 81, Japanese vet makes rare return to Iwo Jima See in context

I would never go to war like these guyd did, on the principle that i might get sho at. I don't dig that stuff man, video game is awesome, but these battles was insane and thousands died and turn to disabled or mental. I don't like wars.

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Posted in: McCain campaign savages New York Times See in context

mcCain just angry because he gonna lose to Obama. Obama gonna amke normal guys like me live better life.

I can move to better trailer, i am glad he is going to take from the rich to give to guys like me. Why shouldn't i have some decent money? Obama is the guy for me. The NYT must be telling, like, the truth and mcCain don't like the truth, you know what i'm saying?

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Posted in: Obama to head south to prepare for debates See in context

I think Obama gonna win debates, because eveyone on Tv talk about him, and Jon Stewart thinks McCain is too old. Must be Obama is best one, like, you know , the guy!

He debate about how he will help us poor, so we can have better tv's and more beer and better trailers, he is the man for guys like me.

He can beat McCain easy, McCain is too old to be, like, cool you know what i'm saying?

It will be awesome when Obama wins and us poor guys can have money from the greedy rich, yeah man, awesome!

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Posted in: Obama to head south to prepare for debates See in context

I hope Obvama wins man. he can help people like me. My welfare checks are too small and i can't even afford a flat screen tv, even second hand is toio much. I can only drink 3 times a week, that's how poor Bush has made me.

Obama , go man, win those debates , spread the money down to guys like me. Obama will help us guys who deserve the money.

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Posted in: Obama, McCain react cautiously to financial rescue plan See in context

SwiftBoatVet- what you talk about Dude?

Hey , i am typical Democrat, you know what i'm saying. Like, well, kinda , what i mean is Obama is the guy. He will help guys like me in my trailer, you know what i'm saying?

McCain only helps the people with money and their own houses and cars. That aint fair man, why can't i have some more money, i wanna buy a flat screen TV, but i can't afford it, and McCain has loads of houses, tahts bad man.

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Posted in: Palin blames Democrats for withdrawn invitation See in context

Yeah Palin is a liar, and Democrats have proved it over the last few weeks. I agree with SezWho2 and his unbiased views, we should ban the Republicans now!

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