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Posted in: ALT asked to remove earrings by local education board See in context

Where is the line?

What about tattoos? Can an ethnic Māori from New Zealand get a pass if they are an ALT?

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Posted in: Japanese beauty firm under fire over CEO comments on Koreans See in context

So, I take it that the Suntory models are more beautiful?

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Posted in: Ex-Don Quijote head arrested over alleged 2018 insider trading See in context

I would be surprised not to see a headline like this.

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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

Sometimes I wonder how the world would have been different if Japan had surrendered sooner (no divided Korea and Japan would still have those islands) or if Japan surrendered later (a North and South Japan to go along with a North and South Korea. At least no Hokkaido).

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Posted in: Japan expects fewer newborns in 2021 as pandemic affects pregnancies See in context

I'd expect the opposite to be true. However, the only people having kids during the pandemic are people that don't already have kids!

Y'all with kids know what I mean, right?

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Posted in: Woman finds skeleton, possibly of her missing brother, while cleaning her house See in context

Perhaps, as you might expect, this is a puzzling story.

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Posted in: The survivor: Last Korean war criminal in Japan wants recognition See in context

It's perhaps not fair that this man, and many other Korean war criminals, were scapegoated to protect higher ranking officers.

I don't feel sorry for this man, though. I've heard that only the good die young. He is far from young.

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Posted in: Parents arrested after leaving daughters, aged 3 and 1, at home alone for 11 days See in context

Wow. I'm not one to judge parents. I'm not a particularly good parent myself, but 11 hours seems like an atrocity. 11 days is unfathomable for me.

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Posted in: Experts warn Japan may not have enough new virus test kits See in context

I read somewhere last week that they are not really tracking the virus. They are tracking pnemonoia cases, instead.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl dies after being hit by truck in restaurant parking lot See in context

How many of y'all "parent-bashing" actually have kids, much less four?

The parents will replay this in their head for the rest of their lives. It's a terrible tragedy and a parent's worst nightmare.

Yes, they are negligent. I'm sure they know this. But, it's impossible to always keep an eye on your kids.

The old man is negligent, too. He couldn't wait a minute at a traffic light? Is it legal in Japan to cut through parking lots?

I'm sure he feels terrible, too.

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Posted in: Angry confrontation breaks out after man coughs on Yamanote Line train in Tokyo See in context

Are they doing this in the priority seat section?

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Posted in: Parents, teachers scramble to cope after Abe urges school shutdown See in context

As a parent, with three kids, this shocked me. Guess we are gonna let YouTube take care of them for the next month, while we are at work.

Also, I wonder what will happen if the number of cases are on the rise come the start of the school year. Shut down til Golden Week? Admit this was an overreaction (yeah, right!) and encourage kids to go back to school?

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Posted in: U.S. TV show creates buzz with 'throuple' episode See in context

Thanks! Sounds like "trouble" to me.

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Posted in: U.S. TV show creates buzz with 'throuple' episode See in context

Learned my new word for the day, though I'm not sure how to pronounce it.

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Posted in: Abe pledges to advance peace treaty talks with Russia See in context

Interesting that this article refers to the islands as being 'in northern Japan' instead of a more subtle comment like, "off the coast of Hokkaido."

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Posted in: Buttigieg leads Iowa, Sanders 2nd; woman asks to change her vote after learning he is gay See in context

He wouldn't be the first gay president (James Buchanan was probably gay/bi), but to be openly gay is a major step forward.

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Posted in: Panel says Fukushima water release into sea best option See in context

Best option for whom?

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Posted in: Japan bars entry of foreign travelers from China's Hubei Province See in context

I read the headline three times before it actually made sense to me.

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Posted in: Tokyo prepares foreigners for potential disasters See in context

I thought this was from The Onion at first.

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Posted in: Japanese official kept lid on info about 2 men living in N Korea See in context

I'm not sure where the '800' comes from, but I guess they include ethnic Koreans who may have gone to Korea without notifying the Japanese government (probably didn't have a passport at the time anyway).

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Posted in: Trump says he asked Abe to pay more to host U.S. troops See in context

Abe will spin this into constitution-changing gold.

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Posted in: China warns U.S. of retaliation for law backing Hong Kong protesters See in context

Read this somewhere else...

There is no indication however that Trump intends to enact any of the powers in the act anytime soon, and in a statement, the White House said it would only enforce parts of the law because "certain provisions of the Act would interfere with the exercise of the President's constitutional authority to state the foreign policy of the United States."

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Posted in: China warns U.S. of retaliation for law backing Hong Kong protesters See in context

Well golly gee, he signed it.

Guess the "wonderful letter" didn't arrive.

Thought he would pocket veto it.

This, plus making animal abuse a felony...I'm feeling mixed emotions towards him now.

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Posted in: Netflix series 'The Crown' peddles subversive republican message, says royal historian See in context

I was thinking, "What?? I highly doubt The Crown supported Irish independence."

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Posted in: Hong Kong campus stalemate persists as U.S. bill sets up China clash See in context

Trump will get a 'wonderful letter' from Xi and decide not to sign it.

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Posted in: Japan offers explanation of 'rising sun' flag in Korean See in context

They didn't mention how popular that flag is with people that drive black vans.

That's where I see it the most.

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Posted in: Japan-Scotland Rugby World Cup game to go ahead See in context

Glad it is on!

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Posted in: Canadian father sues Japanese firm for paternity leave harassment See in context

So, he should have just taken a medical leave to begin with?

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Posted in: Osaka sweeps into China Open final on just two hours' sleep See in context

Crap, I meant to say, great job on her part!

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Posted in: Osaka sweeps into China Open final on just two hours' sleep See in context

What's up with, 'the Japanese'?

Should probably be an adjective in those sentences rather than a noun.

Is she just, "the Japanese"?

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