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Here in the Netherlands there are two seperate investigions going on, regarding MH17. Proper and throughout investigations.

The first is the international investigation lead by the Dutch Savety Board. Those investigators are experts on aviation and focussed on safety for passengers and crews. The investigation is according to the rules of the ICAO. A preliminairy report of that investigation will be released early september, (may be next week) That report will not discuss blame or liability, but they do present evidence about the causes of the incident. They are focussed on what have to be done to prevent such incidents ever to happen again in the future. It's not as simple as solely the question "who pulled he trigger", There are many responsabilities. They have also to investigate why so many planes were flying above that area of conflict. It could also have happened with one of the other planes whith a similar flightpath. Passengers and crews must be protected against situations of risk. The Investigation is in possession of the transcripts of the black boxes, the airtrafic control tapes from Kiev, satellite data, and radar images. The world will hear about their contents early september, and that is soon.

A second investigation is a huge criminal investigation by the Dutch public prosecution service. (the largest ever in the Netherlands) They investigate the possibilities for juridical prosecution of those who are responsable. It's a murdercase with 298 victims. If it will be possible to bring it to court. It will not be easy and a case for many years. (Lockerby trial lasted 7 years, and this one is even more complicated.)

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