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Posted in: Survey ranks Tokyo as the most desirable place in Japan to live, bumping Kanagawa to #2 See in context

Tokyo will always have it's defenders it is "the place where you succeed in Japan" for many wannabees. However if you take out the "prestige" and "outlook" from the equation, Kansai is much more praised for it's people food mindset and culture.

Definitely "smaller" cities provide a more authentic experience, especially in Japan.

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Posted in: From 'Sam-suck' to Apple rival: the Samsung transformation See in context

Haaa Japan Inc ...

After being unable to take the train of most innovations for the last years (who buys a Japanese phone this days ? Only uninformed people) then it is time to mock the more successful neighbors ...

Japan Inc feels so bad about it that Samsung cannot display it's brand in Japan but only "Galaxy". You have no idea how you look from a global perspective ...

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Posted in: Japanese companies tighten belts, declining to offer base pay hikes See in context

Everything is SUPER slow here compared to any other country or tribe.

However when it comes to not pay (enough) for the work done, surprisingly the actions are very quick.

With the TAX hike, don't come cry after if no one is buying your already too expensive JP products.

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Posted in: For some Fukushima evacuees, Olympics no reason for cheer See in context

Down votes from people who don't even know that 90% of the Fukushima land mass didn't get any radiation while other prefectures did, like Nagano and Gunma.

The radiation levels in over 90% of Fukushima are lower than many international cities including New York.

Some evacuee's have refused new accommodation because they believe they can return home.

Yes if you measure radioactivity where the levels are low, results are good !

Here is how people usually speak when they want to share information:

10% of Fukushima area has been irradiated in such a way that it will take centuries to recover low radiation levels and for people to come back safely.

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Posted in: Japan defends cautious approach on coronavirus testing as 7th death reported See in context

"I think there are people who are worried and want to be tested but ... that would overwhelm the capacity of medical facilities and we couldn't treat those who need treatment."

So less testing because we couldn't treat cure them anyway ?

That's a bye-bye Olympics statement here ...

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Posted in: Japan's efforts to raise wages wane as firms embrace merit-based pay See in context

Still pending the definition of "merit" in Japan when it is usually not decided based on work's quality or outcome.

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Posted in: Popular Japanese actress Suzu Hirose subjected to racist coronavirus comments on Instagram See in context

What does being Japanese have to do with anything ?

Well they are the specialists, the ones that "do not understand well the difference between racism, free speech, an "unique culture"" So how shocking to discover something "so Japanese" is practiced by Gaijins too... Feeling less special maybe ?

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Posted in: 8 French people caught in Hokkaido avalanche; 1 dead See in context

What is the point, from an information perspective, to give the entire name of a person that just died ?

Privacy, respect for family, is that complicated ? Even after death ?

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Posted in: 'Hostage justice?' Japan fights back with an internet FAQ See in context

I think the end of the conclusion is cut, let me complete it:

"In Japan, there are strict requirements and procedures stipulated in law with regard to holding suspects and defendants in custody, with due consideration given to the guarantee of human rights."

"Unfortunately human rights do not apply to foreigners and the strict requirements and procedures, well ... do not apply to prosecution"

2020, "fights back", denial, FAQ on internet.


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Posted in: Japan faces decision over contaminated Fukushima nuclear plant water See in context

Facing (avoiding) decision for how many years ?

Releasing the polluted radioactive waters to an already PCB and Mercury contaminated environment...

Maybe for some countries, coal is better.

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Posted in: Abe strikes conciliatory note on S Korea See in context

Japan realizing it needs SK to defend itself ...

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Posted in: Ghosn tells Japanese media he has plenty of documents to prove innocence See in context

"on Friday, the Japanese justice minister who said that Ghosn should "prove" his innocence"

Corrected by the Lawyer, Apologies from miss Mori.

No country whether we like it or not deserves such incompetence ... admitting at top level that just no one is following the laws and basic concepts they should ensure are applied... Just before the Olympics xD

This Ghosn story whether he is innocent or not is going to be the main topic for Japan with Olympics in 2020.

What a communication fail ...

Probably many foreigners will hesitate to come here, especially high profile. Bad timing too.

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