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Posted in: TV personality Bobby Ologun indicted on domestic abuse charge See in context

Title should say: FOREVER FORMER TV personality Bobby Ologun indicted on domestic abuse charge(s)

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Posted in: Convenience store worker arrested for assaulting customer over handling change See in context

"Wait until more of the younger generation realize that their shrinking paychecks are being taxed to pay the pensions of old people who enjoyed the bubble economy."

AND been noticing those black trucks, and vans with those old saga songs gathering around many areas, with some having "their" bold lecturers standing outside their vehicles stirring up all those good japanese people.

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Posted in: Japan to ban unauthorized drone flights over 15 U.S. military sites See in context


" its been illegal to fly any drones on US bases due to safety of flight"

AND there were problems in the past with natives pointing lasers at US military aircraft flying in proximity of the bases before.

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Posted in: Former izakaya employee arrested over sexual assault of customer See in context

"Kaneda, has denied the charge"

Sounds like now they will have to prove it.

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