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People of America: time to WAKE UP! There is no democracy in your country any more, and there is no capitalism in your country any more. You elected a businessman as President, and now you are seeing 21st century business practices -- secrecy, lying, cheating, law-breaking, colluding, bribery, propaganda, the lot

So what should we do?

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it's like watching Fox but without the half-covered breasts, flashes of thigh and sexually depraved male staff members.

i don't know about depraved, but sex sells, so it's good and good on them.

Until then, see this as a dignified way to challenge an opponent.


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Really? I've noticed more often than not that the liberals on these threads make far more logical arguments backed up by facts than the conservatives.

No, they make more emotional arguments and only accept a one-sided POV.

Of course, that is if you accept that what you call the MSM is trustworthy. As for all of us basing our decisions on the "MSM," that is a very bold claim painted with a very broad brush.

If it weren't true, then you guys would listen to opposing views instead of being judgmental from time to time.

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And Fox News and right-wingers are passing this off as a waste of time as they go completely into a shell.

What is up with libs and FNC? If you really want to talk about passing and wasting time, tell CNN and msnbc to talk about something other than Russia, Russia, Russia, but they can't help themselves, they are overly obsessed with bringing down Trump, they will forsake their journalistic integrity (lol) in order to appease the haters and it's still not working, the left is so deranged that even when Gianforte winning the Montana House seat blamed Trump (NOT Gianforte himself) for the dust up. This is incredible, the left are a complete section 8 case.

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Nope, the will of the people of America. The vote wasn't only in coastel [sic] states, it was in all states.

Not true, blue was just a few specs on the map, California and the coastal areas, she's queen, although, I don't know why.

You can try to to argue that some Americans are lesser than other Americans all you want, but it's a fallacious argument.

I'm not arguing anything, I just see the facts and I see Trump in Europe at the G7 summit as the POTUS and I see Hillary off in a funny had still moaning and whining a a college. If she were that good and that smart and didn't lie about her mails, servers, had an economic message, she'd be president now, no doubt in my mind about that.

I'll do it as soon as you stop trying to make the false claim that Trump and the DNC were the choice of the people. They weren't. It's over. Move on.

The ONLY thing that matters is the result and No one told Hillary to not visit Wisconsin and the other reliable Bluest of Blues States. Doesn't matter, the election is over, she can't turn back time and neither can you or her supporters, its Trump for the next 4-8 years.

I'd agree with you on that. California would be better off without the rest of the country.

Yes, cut it off, take NYC and attach them and the other coastal states and sew them to Hawaii together.

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Yeah - it's called the electoral college, which went against the will of the people.

Of California and the coastel States, sorry, but that's our system, anyway, it's over, move on, she had her chance, the Dems had their chance, they could have changed the narrative overall and they didn't.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Hillary fan, and I think the DNP did some shady stuff against Sanders, who should have been the candidate.

I agree.

But regardless of all that, the people chose Hillary and the DNP, so Bass' assertion about why she's not in power is incorrect.

It's not incorrect, she is not the president, there is no arguing, it's a simple "yes or no" and she is not, she had her chance and she blew it, she is the one to blame, No one else. So at this point, discussing what could've, would've, should've been is so irrelevant now. She lost twice, that should tell the woman something. I think California should separate from the union, leave the rest of us alone and crown her as their Queen and the libs can drool and swoon at her feet

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Seeing as the people chose Hillary, by a wide margin, your comment makes no sense.

And yet, she didn't win, never visited the State of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, lost in Michigan, and the funny thing is, she still can't and won't take any responsibility on her part, amazing and none of the Democrats won anything, they had 8 years to solidify their power and to, show the people how they care for the average American, in fact, they keep losing elections, maybe one day they might get it together and win some in the future.


Pretty much on point.

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Trump cares as much about science and facts as he does working class Americans.

Yeah, if the other party cared about working Americans, they would be in power, everywhere instead of being the moronic vegan scream party of the coastal areas.

But they aren't able to do so without America. As America is a vastly larger economy compared to the other countries in the G7, it is expected to pay vastly more.


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Can't wait to see what happens when it gets to the Supreme Court. Wonder what Dems will do once the ruling goes Trump's way.

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I don't know why people keep saying trickle down economics failed. It was designed to funnel money back to the rich. 

It's been a roaring success. It can expect more glory years under Trump.

You know a lot of people got rich under Obama, especially all the big wigs up in Silicon Valley, so I guess if it works well for conservatives, it works just as well for libs.

Let's get realistic here. Leaders of countries must keep their public image in mind.

Which really doesn't say a lot these days.

Trump is the most ridiculous figure to win an election in a civilised country in my lifetime.

That's great, someone that finally at least is trying to rattle the system, amazing how how both libs and conservatives are panicking. Sorry, but Washington needed a kick in the a** a long time ago. That's why so many of us voted for him, if we wanted a career politician, we would have voted for that woman or the other douche bags.

He's crude, crass, childish, trashy, ignorant, rabble-rousing, dishonest as well as utterly incompetent. 

You know, I have never met an honest politician in my life, thank God, he's not one.

Leaders of countries have to tread carefully. The approach and body language I see from them is 'look, I know what he is but he is the leader of the most powerful country on earth and I have to deal with him'. 

Love it! Kudos!!

Getting too intimate with this trash merchant would amount to political suicide.

Ahhh, but without the US, they wouldn't last a lifetime. They have to suck it up. ROFL?

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It's a wonder she's even still around,

Probably because she loves him.

given her husband is a serial cheater (hence the other divorces), an admitted sexual assaulter, and a misogynist in general. 

Aren't Bill and Hillary still married?

Would you want to hold someone's hand if they were like that?

Depends on the two in the relationship and how they feel about each other.

Ah, the failure of trickle down economics. Still some seek to flog that dead horse.

Well, people rejected the socialist robbing Paul to give to Peter model as well.

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Yes, tell them. They could reply they spend less than the US.

Sure, they could say that and then what?

In fact, those countries combined plus quite a few others spend less than the US on weaponry. 

Ok and what?

I agree with Trump on countries paying their share.

See, we both are in agreement.


Not dissing Trump, I'm just saying, whatever goes on in his marriage, Bill Clinton's Tom Cruise's, we don't know and I could care less, hold hands kiss in public, seriously you guys, you are freaking me out.

Trump is talking about taking money out of social welfare ($800 billion out of Medicaid by, $192 billion out of nutritional assistance and $272 billion out of welfare programs overall) to pay for 'compassionate' tax cuts for the wealthy.

Here we go again, it's good, helps to strengthen corporations and gives them incentives to hire, stay and build companies in the US. So I do want the rich to have enough money and the corporate tax rate lowered to hire more people to get them back on their feet to work, spend money and tax that money at a flat rate and recycle it back into the economy.

The way he talks about getting the disabled and sick into work (on construction sites?) sounds like something straight out of Dickens' Victorian England. Scrooge would have been proud of him.

If you think so, you are allowed to have that opinion.

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Spend less on bombs,

Tell that to the Syrians, Russians, North Koreans and the Chinese.

less on walls,

Tell Mexico to honor their side of the border, their immigration laws are strictly enforced, the same goes for the Israelis. If not, yes, he should definitely build a wall.

and more on bridges, more on supporting life, not ending it.

If the Democrats and the media can get over the Trump drumbeat overly obessive media overkill and allow him to proceed with tax reforms, he could use that money to do just that and the Dems would want that as well, construction jobs, the Dems would jump on that like a kid on ice cream.

You couldn't write this stuff and hold down a job as a writer. No wonder Melania doesn't want to hold his hand.

You don't know the reason as to why she's not holding his hand and besides, just because you're married, you have to constantly show the world by holding hands??? Geez!

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Dems lost because voters on both sides were stupid. I can say the same for the candidates, primary and general.


You can't point to premiums or ACA as the reason.

Oh, yes, you can, it's not the only reason, but definitely a huge reason.

The majority of people support ACA now that they realize what they will lose under ACHA, and the GoP is getting blasted by constituents because of the position.

By a few that are on Medicaid, but the majority want lower premiums, that's one of the issues that were on the voters mind and you are talking about the people that have it, you didn't mention anything about the people that can't afford it or the people that don't want or need it.

The ACA needs fixes, but the only fix the GoP sees is getting rid of the tax on wealthy.

again, you're not focusing on the lowering costs. We could've kept everything the same, but then more people would've gotten angrier. So I think it's a good thing. I don't need it, but for those that do, this helps a lot.

The GoP is actually trying to pull a fast one on the public by not letting anyone really know what is in ACHA. There was a lack of visibility with ACA, but there still wasn't as much skulking going on as there is now.

Oh, geez, now where did I hear something like that a few years ago....."if you like your doctor you can keep him" Gosh do. I wish you guys thought that passionately about this issue 8 years ago.

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Read the story and check the stats. The Dems lost mostly because people were fed up with not being able to pay for their premiums, by the way, where are the Democrats these days?

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You're stats only prove exactly what I say -- people tune in because it is laughable and entertainment.

Naw, they do that when they watch msnbc, which by the way is funnier than Kimmel

It's not actual news, and that's been proven.

If that were true, they wouldn't break the ratings and they wouln't be on the air.

Anyone who actually works in the media knows that, unless they are lying to themselves.

After almost 25 in the business even my colleagues that don't like FNC can't argue the undisputed viewer stats.

Did you know the Russians have a video of Trump performing sexual acts in a hotel room? 

No evidence doesn't mean it didn't happen, they just don't have enough evidence yet. Did you know Trump was paid billions of dollars by Putin during the election? No evidence doesn't mean it didn't happen, they just don't have enough evidence yet.

Or some believe that Obama is a secret Muslim, so who are we to believe if you go by that?

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True, but it seems US intelligence are the ones who leaked the info/photos to us media, something they should never have done. Then the NY times or any media have editorial decisions to make and unfortunately most if not all of them would publish anything that will bring $ to their organisation, the creepier the better.

US intelligence or anyone who leaked these pics were imo both extremely unprofessional and morally wrong. As for media publishing it, they simply lack morals and decency but nothing new here I guess.' What? A pic of bloodied dead bodies, nails and bolts? Front page, please!'

100% Agree

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That 'nut job' happened to be the leader of the Anglican Church, the established Church of England, with members numbering in the millions. This isn't some minor, crackpot snake-handling communion of the lunatic fringe.

Apparently is, if he thinks Sharia should be implemented as a guiding rule to the Islamic faith.

When a religious leader of an enormous institution like this speaks out in favour of abominations like Sharia courts, it tells us that there are influential people who see no problem with creating divided societies. This view is also shared by some lawmakers. 

That's what I'm getting at.

I get your point, but it's still relatively small when you compare it to the millions that excoriate Sharia laws.

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Try again, please.

The bigger question is, where do we go from here and what and how will the Brits deal and minimize if not curtail the problem and spread of radical jihadism. Until the people wake up and take a proactive and serious approach to this problem, it'll only worsen.

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$119 billion in savings by stripping 23 million Americans of health insurance, while spending $500 billion more on the military over the same time period. And a huge tax break for the rich.

GOP leadership.

I disagree you in almost every issue, but on this, you have to be really in a unicornverse to think that either party cares about you and you have to be crazier to think that either party will do a better with this problem, both parties you can blame Trump, but you think Pelosi and company care deeply about the American people, you think Ryan do? Wake up, they don't. Congress gets free healthcare and the best. That's it. Put the partisan rhetoric aside. Ask yourself a more serious question and that is "why would they care?"

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On a related point, wasn't it the Archbishop of Canterbury who spoke out in favour of Sharia courts?

Ok, that's one nut jobs opinion and?

That's as relevant to his competence as a leader as the amount of peas on his dinner plate. What an abject response from you.

No, I'm just stating the fact he has cash, so he'lol always have the last laugh and as for being a good leader, that's subjective.

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Takes one to know what, except that Trump is far madder -- in both senses of the word. And anyway, "(he's) a madman with nuclear weapons... who's a gentleman I'd like to meet"?

Kim Jong Un is firing missiles into the Sea of Japan, threatens to destroy the US, SK and Japan and Trump's The madman?? You guys need to put the Jägermeister down for a moment. Now if Trump threatens to destroy the North and fire missiles, then you can talk.

My liberal friends, stop drinking the grape kool aid. Lol

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We need to find a solution to prevent these peoples minds from being brainwashed in the first place.

Infiltrate the mosques, surveillance the communities and have zero tolerance for anyone is deemed suspicious or a possible risk, want to get to the root of the problem, you have to be willing to break a few eggs, if you don't, the situation will only worsen.

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Don the Con strikes again! During the campaign: “We’re going to have insurance for everybody... There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.”

During his presidency:

At the same time, you're cutting almost $120 billion and premiums which was the catalyst as to why people were so angry with the ACA. You have to be a fool to think something was mit going to get cut and at this point Medicaid seemed to be the better option, either way, someone's going to get hurt and judging by the millions more that DO have Obamacare, those people wanted lower premiums and greatly outnumber the people that are on Medicaid.

This is the conundrum that we are all getting once the government sticks its dirty hands into people's business, this is what you get. I was always for fixing the system for those that didn't have insurance, but was always against greedy Gruber and Emanuel completely hijacking the system, I blame the Dems pushing it through without thinking about the costs and the ramifications and I blame the Republicans for doing pretty much the same, I'm more fortunate because I pay as I go, I would never buy none of that crap, but I do have empathy for what may come and even if the Dems were to get back in power, this situation will only get worse and once the country goes Single payer, all I can say is good luck to them. But once again, both parties are to blame. This is not about Obama or Trump, they talk and in this case can't do much, but as far as congress is concerned, They're all ineffective and completely incompetent donkeys and elephants, the hell with them both.

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I didn't ask for government stats, I asked for stats! Any stats. Still nothing? 

Do I have to repeat myself again?

This, Bass, is the very definition of indoctrination.

What, that you believe in everything the government tells you, like South Central LA isn't violent, that's one stat I read, give me a break.

What you do here everyday is indoctrination.

No, people can believe and drink any Kool-aid they want, just don't ask me to drink it.

You offer no facts, no statistics, and when I offer government statistics you claim they are  "crock of stinking lies."

Facts, last year every fact checker said, Trump wouldn't run, wouldn't win, low in the polls, impossible. You believe what you want and I'll do the same.

By whom? How do you know? What charity or group is going to cough up $3.6 trillion to make up the difference. Nonsense.

I don't know and I don't worry about it, I'm sure Washington will find a solution.

Yes, robbing the poor to give the rich is very funny. Great, pithy response.

Well, all the filthy rich libs in California, NY and the coastal states are doing just that and then talking out the sides of their mouths.

Thanks for clarifying that you are just making stuff up as you see fit,

No, I just said, I don't believe in government stats, that's for me reality.

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No. Logically it does not make the Examiner credible,

I get it, libs only like News coming from liberal echo chambers that spout a one-sided skewed perspective.

but I get why conservatives think differently. Why on earth would conservative cupcakes want to start accepting logic and facts now?

How about losing the election for starters and losing over 1000 legislative seats, the House, the Senate, the presidency, if that ain't an indicator of logic, facts and a dose for realization, the. I really don't know what is.

I meant these opinions are created from hate. Nonetheless, you did not even bother to answer my questions. Another non-surprise.

So when Democrats whine and whine and call Trump by every possible name that exists in the Oxford that would be considered "hate" right?

Neither Kennedy or Romney were hounded for their religions in the manner Obama was hounded about his citizenship or religion.

That's what you think.

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Well, let's see your stats then, Bass.

I don't follow government stats, I remember a few years ago when one stat said that the LA gang culture is dwindling, I was through after that. What a crock of stinking lies. So no, I don't have stats, but I'm not buying what the government is trying to indoctrinate me.

needy people are going to get hurt. And that's not hyperbole. 

Needy people will be taken care of.

No, no. The GOP also wants to curb legal immigration as well. Something about making America white again, maybe?

No, I think it's vital to hire Americans first regardless of color, get rid of the H1B-visa program and once the jobs are filled by Americans, then look outward towards foreign help. What is up with libs and color always??!

Nope. Not a lie. Not even close. Welfare fraud amounts to roughly $55 billion a year, or $550 billion over a decode, so when the GOP proposes $3.6 trillion in spending cuts, those cuts will get people killed.

LOL, yeah, ok.

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I think it's funny that I literally said "dying breed of people" but you then said it's still going up -- proof that despite the firing (and death) of Ailes, who was a scum bag and sexual predator, and that of wife beater and fellow predator O'Reilly, FOX still has a LONG way to go to clean house.

Allegedly. Anyway, even if you don't like the man, millions do and millions are thankful what he has done for conservatives and their cause over the years, so in that since he did a lot. I'm not going to get into his private life, I'm not going to judge the man, wasn't there and I won't speculate.

Well done, on both the misreading and Freudian slip that followed. 

The man not only ONLY makes mistakes, he blatently lies and creates conspiracies.

Not all the time, not even most of the time, can't even remember when the last time he had to do a retraction and If the man is not forced to retract a story, then I guess that means, he's not lying, I know for a fact if any network gets hit with a lawsuit on a bogus story, it's a huge cluster....

  • (and there are still WMDs in Iraq!!). *

How should I know, I didn't explore the landscape, maybe there are or maybe not.

Classic post, bass. I will admit I enjoy the new "Tuck Face" -- the term for Tucker's deer in headlights look for EVERYTHING he hears. It is hilarious! 


Face it... no one tunes in to FOX for actual news because there is none at FOX. They are either forced to, like with Trump, who can't handle the truth, or else they tune in for the unintentional entertainment FOX provides.

Yeah, about that.....

Oh, and then there's this....

Gong show?? Hey! Who cares, she's not in office, she's a grandma now taking care of the grandkids, move on folks!

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What a waste of paper - Trump's proposals have zero chance of being activated.

Maybe, we shall see once everything heads to the Supreme Court. Dems now know they are seriously taking a gamble on this, so far they have been very unlucky in anything, losing legislative seats, ballooning the deficit, running on a platform of hate and wanting to increase and spend more on entitlements, No direction, fractured and No real leadership, even if they COULD get Trump out, they would have to deal with a REAL conservative politician who would carry on Trump's agenda, so either way, the Dems are climbing a very slippery slope.

Ryan has his own plans which differ greatly, and those, too, are likely headed straight to the garbage bin of history (as they have always been). 

That's Ryan, as of now, he's not that important, another possible casualty of political war seems like.

Aside for some modest tweaking designed to save face for some GOPers, we'll most likely have a continuing resolution. And this is because the majority of Americans abhor the GOP's plans, and GOP congresspeople do not want to lose their jobs. They're in enough trouble as it is.

Hey, the same goes for the Dems, they don't want to lose their jobs either, so if that means to obstruct and take a chance on losing more elections, I say, go for it.

How many are there? This is just like Trumpian voter fraud claims. There is some fraud, but very, very little. Certainly not $3 trillion in fraud, even over the course of a decade.

Ok, sure.

Government bad. Private sector good. Oddly enough, it seems you fail to understand that private sector doesn't exist without government. In fairness government also needs business, but framing gov't vs. private sector as good vs. bad is a false dichotomy.

And you fail to understand without the Private sector, the government sector wouldn't exist, who pays for all these government workers and hires them. I get your point, but companies like Apple and Amazon create jobs, government jobs and their salaries are subsidized by the taxpayers, No jobs, unsure of the market, sitting on the money, game over.

No Bass, that IS your argument. There is no way there is $3.6 trillion welfare fraud. According to the Department of Labor, welfare fraud accounts for less than 2% of unemployment payments, for just one example. So own that.

As I have said before, I am skeptical of anything the government puts out, particularly stats.

I did too, and I'm liberal.

I would have never guessed that.

We should help this people,

Sure, If they cannot work, I already said, we should if there are people that need it and cut the cord for those that don't.

and $3.6 trillion in cuts does nothing to help these people. Welfare fraud does exist, but not to the tune of $3.6 trillion.

Are you an economist?

I'm not, but I have seen abuse of the system, so I'm all for the admin. doing this.

So while you claim this is merely trimming the fat, you're cutting through a lot of muscle.

God, I sure hope so!

Finally, Trump's forward growth estimates are unrealistic. There is no way you're going to hit 3% growth, especially if they're cutting immigration figures. 

"Illegal immigration"

Trump's budget will only increase the deficit, so much for fiscal conservatism. But as Sen. Rubio says, "people are getting what they voted for." Have fun without your healthcare or welfare benefits- that you paid for.

I don't worry about healthcare, I pay as I go. As for the country, the Dems want to try and strike fear that everyone will be left out in the cold when that is totally a fabricated and outright lie. Getting rid of this excess entitlement is a much-needed necessity and couldn't come soon enough.

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You haven't done any research and you don't know what you're talking about except for insulting people on assistance as being lazy.

I know all too well, my sister is a social worker and yes, I expect liberals to make that kind of statement, it's always the fault of the system or the people implementing the system, it's never the person's fault. Sorry, lived in California too long and know for a fact that there are millions that abuse the system, heck, even Bill Clinton knew that, that's why he limited welfare.

A vast majority of the people who receive assistance are the elderly, the disabled, and children. Nearly half of the recipients alone are children.

Again, I'm not talking about them, I am though talking about the parents of these children that won't or refuse to work.

Once you remove those working and getting SNAP there's less than 20% remaining, and there already are rules in place about requiring them to look for work.

Sorry, not buying that, especially when it comes from the government.

You are offering nothing new at all, you are just supporting a blind cut in funds, and all you have is anger as your justification.

I'm not angry at all, I work, I have a great life, I don't spoon off the government, so why would I care? Again, I am NOT talking about the people that really have no other means of assistance and need government help, that is NOT my argument, but hear almost every day from my sister how people constantly abuse the system.

You've been spoon-fed so many anecdotes by the right-wing media that you probably think the "lazy bums" are some massive group of recipients. They aren't. You're going to hurt children more than any other group, and that's a fact. And the GOP knows this.

No, I just had parents and family members that told me never to depend on the government, don't be lazy and if you want something, you have to work hard for it, but also show compassion to those that absolutely can't work and that's what I have believed and done all my life, I don't make excuses, I leave that to the Dems.

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