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Unlike Trump, who will sleep with women whose husbands/boyfriends are still alive and when he's still married.

Did he sleep with any of his deceased relatives spouses? No, didn’t think so.

Just saying.

If that different of you boasting about having sex with married women? He had separated from wife and he had a relationship with his sister-in-law which isn't illegal or immoral. Wasn't even adultery like you have admitted to or like Trump and porn stars.

Oh, another alleged story? Good one. Lol

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You don't actually know that. It's only your opinion.

Ahhh like with Trump’s so called guilt? I see.

Hunter Biden didn't have any relationship with any deceased person.

No, you’re not listening, let’s try this again, he slept with his dead brothers wife. Nice way of honoring you’re deceased brother.

Except has I have informed you already. He was employed for his American legal knowledge.

And as I told you, he had zero experience in working for a gas company making 50k who makes that kind of money off the bat? You wouldn’t and neither would I. So I think it should be looked into most definitely.

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Someone's lying - who do you think it is?

In the words of Susan Rice “Hell if I know.”

True - just like Biden and Hunter...right?

As the forerunner presidential candidate who’s the center of all of this and Hunter falling out of the bag, it has everything to do with it, but I’ll submit to you this, if not Hunter at least Joe without a doubt but I know the Dems won’t want that because they know he’d be a walking gaffe machine.

Oh, well...No Bolton or Mulvaney for the Dems either, sad.

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So I guess Trump us responsible for his sons who both have said of the Trump Org "We get all the money we need from Russia" - even though Daddy said "I have zero business in Russia"...

It has nothing to do with his kids.

Speculate all you want - anyone can make up fairy tales.

Lol, yeah, I hope you remember that, please tell all liberals that. ROFL!

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Thanks - its in black and white - you support and justify Donnie's racist discrimination

If he were, I wouldn’t.

BS. Tell that to all the workers who lost their jobs and investors who got scammed out of their money...

Tell that to the thousands across the country that played millions and work at Home Depot.

Prove it? Just take off your MAGA vision googles and read...and who said they agreed with Trump that Obama wasn't born in the US - even after he showed his long form. Hmmmmmm....more racist behavior...

Ok, so you can’t prove it. Thought so...

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Justification for racism, wow just wow.

I spent a few summers in NY in those days and No, racism is wrong, but it goes both ways and unless you knew the politics in those days as to why all this happened, one sided stories would have you believe that. I get it.

You've also justified Donny assaulting women, attacks on migrants....

Not at all.

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Didn't realise that was a crime

Wow, well...morality is not the liberals fine art.

but even less of a crime of Trump have an affair with a porn star while his wire was pregnant with their child.

True, but he didn’t have physical relationship with any members of his family once they were deceased.

Personal attacks on someone who never ran for office.

Im sorry, but I do think it’s worth looking into, I could care less if liberals don’t, you have a man with zero experience working in a gas company making 50k a year, no one in the world gets paid that.

That is so true when it comes to President Trump. How about all the deals and money Trump's kids are making since he became president?

On businesses they already owned, worked and got degrees in and what about the businesses they stepped away from? Nice try.

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Uh, and you support a guy that discriminated against Black Americans in housing in the 60s/70s,

Given the circumstances at the time, it made sense given the social environment at the time.

who has bankrupted 6 companies due to his incompetence,

And made up for that 10 fold not to mention put the country on economic steroids, vindication.

ran a sham university that scammed thousands,

Most universities are scam, look at the tuition rate and see what you’re getting from that, liberal woke politics, save your money.

claimed without a stitch of evidence that the first Black President was born in Kenya, said some White Supremacists were very fine people, had flings with porn stars and hookers all his life, and has an illegitimate child that he has yet to acknowledge? And is a puppet of Putin?

Please Show evidence of this, saying it repeatedly doesn’t make it so. Mueller couldn’t prove it, Schiff definitely can’t, but a few JT readers can?

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Hunter Biden is a qualified lawyer and was employed in the legal company of the gas company which wanted to expand its business into America. A second American lawyer was also employed.

Hey, if you believe that go right ahead. Don’t forget his police record of sleeping with his dead brothers wife, ongoing drug addiction and fathering a child and trying not to take responsibility until his baby mama took him to court. If you paint a picture show all of its colors, we won’t even go into Burisma...

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Ah, the scared "Lol" again.

No reason to be scared, just think it’s funny.

Well, unlike you if for some reason the trash of the US decide their bankruptcies and farms being seized are somehow worth it

Oh, stop! The Democrats could care less about anyone over a flyover State, in the past 4 years they haven’t done anything close to showing the farmers that they care. They have zero ideas or solutions on how to deal with China and they all know China is a problem and for 8 years they did absolutely nothing to address the issue of the Chinese unfair business practices.

so they can wear an overpriced MAGA hat, and even though evangelicals know they will burn in hell for standing behind Trump in the worst example of hypocrisy in history and selling out of their souls,

I love it how non-religious liberals are now experts on the Gospel and telling us what the afterlife awaits for us. It’s like a meat lover getting lectured by a vegan claiming an Aloe Vera steak is just as yummy as a T-bone.

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The 24-hour news channels destroyed his kind. Then Fox ripped the ethics out of news. And now look at the crap hole America has become.

Not at all, Jim was a man with integrity and although he leaned left, he was more of a quiet guy when it came to not being politically bias as was my mentor the late Peter Jennings who was also a liberal and a fantastic Journalist. The said thing is before there was an FNC none of the TV networks covered or listened or gave much voice to an underserved audience of over 120 million and that changed with the creation of FNC, even CNN before Zucker ruined it was a very balanced network, again serving mostly a liberal audience and later with expanding its affiliates the international market there really wasn’t anything out there for conservatives! The ethics got ripped out in 2000 and msnbc was trailing in the ratings against FNC, enter sportsman journalist Keith Olbermann who made it a mission on his former show “Countdown” to attack Bush every single night in the harshest way the Iraq was started after the 9/11 attacks and the Bush pile on started and that drove their ratings up as well as their support for Obama as for FNC supporting Bush. The lines were drawn. Now if you want to say both networks were battling it out, Olbermann was the one, the grandfather that started the name calling and to the Bush haters, he was a godsend, especially making his personal attacks on O’Reilly and Hannity. So the cable news outlets do battle it out and FNC wins that battle every single day and has done so for over 13 years, but having said that before cable news was the norm, the 3 major networks were it and then you had PBS and Lehrer was from a different era an era where you always made sure to check your sources before going on air and in journalism 101 there is a saying, “if you’re not sure or you can’t back up your story, don’t run it!” People nowadays have a lot of options in obtaining the news sources they care about or want to hear about and you have hundreds of so called news outlets ( or at least that’s what they pretend to call themselves) that cater to various needs and wants and that’s a good thing, but can the country come together as it once was before the 3 major outlets came out, I seriously doubt it. Lehrer was definitely a Man of his time, fair and to the point. RIP

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demanded she, a "mere woman and journalist" point to Ukraine an unlabeled map, and she did easily, and he threw a hissy fit. What a total loser. I'm glad he at least realized his treason has lost him a future Senate seat for sure.

Doubt it, but if he bothers you know, then another 4 years will make you really go up a wall. Lol

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Probably most don't care about Ukraine, but with the exception of Trump supporters and those who choose to remain benighted many Americans do care about what Trump and his fellow thugs are doing with regard to Ukraine.

It’s just a shame Democrats didn’t care. In their hour of need the previous administration thought cozying up to a country that killed so many of our people, held them hostage and then trying to make a disastrous treaty with them for nothing in return, while our allies were given food rations and blankets, nice.

PC reporting by the 'media' to appease the far right audience. 'Said' is used instead of 'lied' whenever Trump or someone from his administration 'says' something.

Don’t worry, the msm will make sure to say something negative, you just watch.

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The choice and decision must always be by the mother and no one else. I support those decisions.

Even if she is mentally compromised? Nope, I disagree.

How dare they to have had beliefs that did not fit completely into one pole or the other, for them to have strayed from a partisan extremists's sense of consistency, i.e. you're either completely in favor of all issues representing an extreme pole, or you're completely in favor of all issues in the other extreme pole. 


For whatever reason partisan extremists refuse to accept that individuals can have an array of perspectives shifting over time from issue to issue. Instead they bifurcate the world and people to fit their binary beliefs. kisS after all. SMH

We do accept them, but it seems that liberals don’t accept the conservative point of view, so where’s the tolerance?

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When you present your evidence of the Deep State, Mueller’s bias,

Mueller? We are talking about abortion

Incorrect. The right to oppose abortion is protected by free speech. Nice try though, champ

Well whether you oppose or support abortion, the rights of both sides are protected, but yeah, nice try.

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Duh, they already know he's guilty -

Knowing and factually “is” are two very different things.

And come on Trumpers, if the tape shows Trump having a cozy dinner with Parnas and Furman at Trump Tower, explain Donnie saying "I've never met them". And educate us on Rudy, he was best buds and business partners with them - is Rudy a "lying rat" too?

Hmmmm, you can meet people and not know them, especially if you’re a popular person or celebrity but this is something not uncommon. It’s amazing though when you have people like Cohen and Parnas that are indicted how they come out and say, I say Trump doing or saying this. But I get it, when the Feds got you, you’ll sing every time.

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Are you denying the centralization of conservative media, with a single outlet dominating most coverage, and the impact that one source can have?

No, but on cable TV the FNC has always been a network that although it represents a crowd that had always been under represented throughout the years, you have a strong leading voice to tell the opposite side and to counter that you have also liberals on the network as well, which is something you will not see on the other networks. This is one reason why they have been so successful, because they give a platform to conservatives, two evangelicals, two Republicans and two conservative independents. CNN and msnbc would never, ever allow that. Even when I was with NBC you had to be careful about not towing the liberal line, it wasn’t as bad in the late 90’s but still liberalism was always the dominate voice there.

There's a reason why you guys literally use the same words....salacious dossier, duly elected president....

Well, you guys use impeach, guilty, Orange man, Russia, Russia, Russia

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People can oppose the decision of the mother but not the right to prevent it.

But it’s OK for pro-choice activists to block and prevent the opposition of pro lifers?

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Yes, we do.

Ok, can you present it?

which is what the right to an abortion is all about, is a hypocrite?

So is the right to oppose it.

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A majority of Republicans (and Republican-leaning independents) don't trust ANY media company other than Fox News.

Makes sense since they’re a lot less bias

And two thirds don't trust ANY media companies other than Fox News and ABC. The next 3 most-trusted media sourced among Republicans? CBS, NBC and, wait for it, the Sean Hannity radio show -- all of which are trusted by 3 in 10 people. Eighteen of the 30 media courses that Pew asked about were trusted by less than 1 in 5 Republicans and Republican-leaners.

It depends, but to a certain extent.

Combine those numbers with Fox News's overwhelming viewership numbers among Republicans (60% get their election news from Fox; no other outlet gets above 30%), and the marked difference between its content and that of all the other mainstream media outlets, and you see a major reason for why we are where we are, politically speaking.

Well, when you look at the opposite on where CNN and msnbc viewers that come in Second and third place, where you have most liberals that support these news outlets, you have people like Rachel Maddow who is in very close second to Hannity in ratings on the liberal side. And when you are in business in television ratings means everything and MS NBC and CNN are struggling for first place in on that Rachel Maddow is doing a pretty good job for her side, but she’ll never get the audience that fox has because of them being overly biased as they are.

It's why you can literally put evidence and statistics in front of their noses and they'll tell you the information is all just a liberal conspiracy backed by liberal

Speaking of stats. Yes and here’s the proof, but liberals can tell the story better...

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I could stand here in the well of the Senate and shoot one of you - and you'd still vote for me - how many of you agree?

Ok and you point?

Result: 53 to acquit, 47 to convict.

Donnie shoots a Repub Senator.

Result: 52 to acquit, 47 to convict.....

Lol, none sense.

Get that? A majority of Repubs want the WH witnesses and documents.

Actually, they don’t, they want to wrap this up as fast as they can before they OD on all the chocolate they just brought in.

They'll be more pleading the 5th than at a John Gotti trial...

Well, either we will get to hear Bolton and the Biden’s or we won’t hear from either of them....

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Who was that republican who was so anti-abortion, but then sneakily asked his pregnant mistress to have an abortion?

Do you have irrefutable proof of that or did you hear that from Brian Stelter?

I often find that it's the people with the 'holier than thou' who have the worst skeletons in the closet.

You can say the same about hypocrites that support abortion rights.

Kinda like those really anti-gay Republicans who get caught with their pants down! Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Ha ha ha!

I remember two of the most primate Democrats in recent memory that were totally against gay marriage or gays in the military and trying to pass themselves off to their base as woke or tolerant.

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Thank God

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Thank God, this boring dog and pony show by the Dems will be over soon. Dumb this entire impeachment farce! The GOP were dumb for doing it and the Democrats are just as dumb for doing it now.

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the working and middle class taxpayers pay higher taxes so the bigs can continue being subsidized (aka welfare/socialism for the rich and powerful).

No imagine how much the middle class will be paying you have a Democrat socialist in office, omg.....all these richest liberal 1% elites will be become richer.

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Trump's at this rally trying to appeal once again to US fundamentalists (roughly 35% of US population) because his political handlers know cracks are appearing in his evangelical base, some of whom calling his actions IMMORAL:

The latest annual, nationwide Marist/Knights of Columbus poll shows most Americans, 70 percent, desire significant restrictions on abortion, such as limiting it to the first trimester, permitting it only in cases of rape or incest or to save the mother’s life, or prohibiting abortion altogether. In fact, even 47 percent of people who identify as “pro-choice” want some form of these restrictions.

But those in his base who say TRUMP'S IMMORAL are probably a minority. After all, hard core Cult45ists see him as their messiah. 

Not at all, but we do see him as the first Republican President that won’t turn the other cheek and take attacks from liberals in the way the last 3 previous Presidents have done which is refreshing.

I don't see many people I call 'conservative' backing Trump. I think instead they're far right authoritarianists, people who want big brother to take control, especially take control over the demons (aka those not in their demographic) they fear.

No one said there aren’t conservatives that don’t like Trump, there are, but overall they support him. That’s why he’s polling so high with them. I see quite a few liberals that are warming up to Trump seeing what Democrats are doing to this country.

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Posted in: Thunberg rejects U.S. Treasury chief's dig at her See in context

Where do you learn climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese?

What are you talking about? The Chinese? Anyway, there’s a lot on climate change that can and should be discussed as well as things debunked or overly exaggerated.

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Posted in: Thunberg rejects U.S. Treasury chief's dig at her See in context

Show me.

Turn on the TV, they own it all. Lol

Honestly, I’ve heard her speak in her second language off the cuff.

Not unusual these days, especially if you live in Europe or the States, nothing special.

It is a shining example of how poorly educated people love Trump and will support him trolling ‘a little girl’. 

He has nothing to do with this just like the previous President has nothing to do with this.

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Agreed and she was criticized and apologized for using his name. Your side is busy giving each other high 5s and justifying it.

And liberals continue to do the same.

Not like conservatives.

Oh, I vehemently disagree. ROFL!

You dismiss universities as liberal PC institutions and a waste of money. I can’t imagine you attended one given the bile you spit at them.

I went long before liberals took over the institutions, phew!

Also, Greta has a better command of English grammar and range of expressions ( her second language ) than one Trump supporter here who posts about ‘rolls being reversed’, ‘road scholars’ and ‘bias media’. 

Not really, but she may get there one day. I think so.

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Posted in: Thunberg rejects U.S. Treasury chief's dig at her See in context

Barron didn't tell anyone that they need a college degree to talk to him.

But still attacking a child, never a good thing.

Most conservatives act like 4-year olds.

Not like liberals and that’s why they get drowned out of any debate.

You're in the same boat she college degree. And very soon she will match your level of education. Should I tell you to go back to school and learn about the issues when you respond to my posts?

What are you talking about? Lol

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