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So what should we do with them?

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Bud, the next generation will be the last if we don't start focussing on it now -- and it's likely already too late as it is.

Good lord! A meteor hit the Earth billions of years ago, wiped out almost more than half the life on this planet and guess what, we managed to survive and thrive.

Billions of years without industrialization. Surprised you don't say the earth has only been around for a few thousand years to align with religious misconceptions.

I'm sorry, so now as a conservative, I have to be a far-right religious person? You may not know this, but not all conservatives are ultra-religious and NOT all liberals are far left progressive athiests.

Renewable energy creates more domestic non-exportable jobs than the oil and coal industries. That alone should counter your argument.

Yeah, but we're not fully there yet!

Trump, his administration and you are dismissing science or cherry picking science to support a pre-determined conclusion that fossil fuels are fine.

Not dismissing, but not falling for the ruse that if we don't do something now, our children and the world will cease to exist next year.

I heard a so-called physics PhD assert nothing is wrong because humans exhale a few kilos of Co2 per day and plants love Co2. His assertion against Co2 causing climate change. The guy was in his 70s and unheard of outside climate change deniers. Guess he needed a paycheck and is willing to say anything to get one. The problem is the rate of Co2 change and the effects on the environment, not that Co2 can be naturally occurring.

I see.

Trump and his supporters are making America dumber each day.

I felt the same with the last president.

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Trump is ignoring climate by surrounding himself with oil industry lobbyists and oil industry hired scientist.

So you want him to focus on the climate like Obama did and ignore the country? I agree, Trump should take the warnings a bit more seriously, but the planet is billions of years old, it did fine so far and I think it will do so after we are all dead and gone. No rush.

It is just like the tobacco industries hiring scientists to come to a "public" conclusion that nicotine isn't addictive, while the tobacco company's scientists did everything they could in the background to enhance nicotine's addictiveness.

Wait a minute, I know that way back in the 70's that the tabacco industry are a bunch of slimey criminals.

Sugar companies are also engaging in similar "scientific" studies. One said drinking sugary beverages made you a better driver.????

Nothing new here. This is all old news, where have you been??

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“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

Probably the one in the North.

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I realize JT's quoting system is ridiculously screwed up, but that's no excuse to not even bother to read the post you reply to. You know the one where I wrote examples like these:

Right back at you, homie.

No. When Bill claims that a person looks like a drug dealer for no reason other than that they are a black man in a suit, that is objectively racist.

He's called White people worse, you're just trying to make it a racial issue for the sake of making it a racial issue. The funny thing with liberals is that anything you say can be perceived as racists, so the best way to combat that is, don't talk to ANY liberals since they love making an issue about anything and everything.

When he expresses amazement that a "black" restaurant operates just like any other restaurant, that's objectively racist.

I don't think so, go to Compton, go to Watts or Chicago, if you stay there for a few hours, anyone would get the same impression, that's not racist pointing out the high crime rate, that's a fact, has nothing to do with being racist, go to Little Tokyo or to Koreatown and you'll see a very different lifestyle, safe to walk the streets, No gangs, no drug dealers, this is NOT about race, the color of the skin doesn't matter, the culture and the climate does.

When he asks if "reaching out" to the black community involves appearing on Soul Train, that's not just objectively racist, but staggeringly out of touch with current pop culture.

The man is 67 , so if you are socially or don't have a clue about the current generation and make dumb statements, it all of a sudden makes you a racist?? Please don't make me laugh. If you want to look at a real racist how about someone like Tom Metzger, David Duke or Alec Baldwin?

You think they're racist? Prove it.

Sure thing...

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This is why we need to get away from the notion of racist as a person's core identity and focus on the quality of individual actions themselves. Otherwise, we're left with people like you trying to pretend that one or two actions that are positive toward individual black people (and which also benefit the person doing them) outweigh a lifetime of hateful racist actions toward the entire black community. 

Seriously, that's your excuse?

Your attempt to pretend O'Reilly's racist behavior (which we have video evidence for) isn't racism is a defense of racism.

How is he a racist, you didn't give me any examples?

Your attempt to portray O'Reilly's friendly behavior toward two black individuals as a counter to the repeated racist actions against blacks in general we saw on this video is a defense of racism.

Sorry, but if he were an all out racist, he wouldn't have given either of these men the time of day.

And to defend racism is to engage in racism. Just something you should (but probably won't) think about.

Really, but you're ok in defending the BLM?? Oh, boy......

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Can you not see the disconnect between these two things, and how it comes across as hypocritical?

If I were being hypocritical l probably would, but I don't, I never back up facts by injecting my emotions into an argument.

Most people need to get away from this notion of racism being a core identity as opposed to an action people choose to take because it allows them to repeatedly perform racist actions and support racists systems and justify themselves by saying, "I can't be racist because I'm a good person!"

Does that analogy apply only to White people?

But about 5:00 - 6:00 presents a pretty convincing set of O'Reilly moments proving pretty clearly that he repeatedly engages in racism and has no problem fanning hatred and using racist stereotypes to hurt people they don't even apply to.

How? I think you want to see something that is not there or as in most cases these days claim there is something when in actuality there is nothing.

He might not have a klan-like burning hatred of black people like we see in many members of the alt-right, but he has absolutely no problem using the most hateful stereotypes of black people to put innocent people he talks with at a disadvantage. Which pretty much amounts to the same thing, just with added cynicism.

He worked closely with Al Sharpton before he turned out to be a charlatan. He helped Juan William's get a job on FNC after he was unjustly fired from NPR. Personally, I have never knew of a racist that would help Blacks like this, but I am sure liberals will make some excuse for this.

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Prove that he's a racist

It's interesting how you expect people to prove things when they say things you don't like, but how you casually say things that are unproven when it's about someone you don't like.

Not really, I don't accuse anyone of being racist. I am just saying, you guys call the man racist, so I am just saying, it is irrelevant how you personally feel, but when a person makes that kind of allegation, you better back it up?

And then you call Liberals hypocrites.

Hey, if the shoe fits....

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Please, please, PLEASE let the door hit you on your way out, Bill. Let it hit you extremely hard. It'll never be enough of a jolt to concuss you back into reality and to show what an absolute racist, sexist scumbag you are, but hopefully it'll be a concussion all the same.

Prove that he's a racist, don't just float it and claim it if you don't have facts to back it up?

You will NOT be missed.

By most liberals, I believe that.

In fact, you will be forgotten very soon except as an example of what NOT to do.

Be forgotten, doubt it.

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To Bill O'Reilly: You will not be missed. I hope your life from here on out is one sexual harassment lawsuit after another. I hope you go broke.

Naw, he won't go broke, he's got too much money to last him to lifetime is over, so he'll be OK. Personally, I was always a fan of his but not everybody is happy about his departure, so you can't speak for everyone. however, having said that, it goes without saying if you are alleged to do something unprofessional as what he has been accused of doing, then it was the right decision to make and he shouldn't work any longer for the network. You can't go around making lewd comments towards women or trying to make passes or touched him inappropriately, that is just completely uncalled for and reflects poorly on his character.

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There was ONE failed nuclear test during the Bush Administration in 2006."

"A failed test," but Kim Jong IL wasn't threatening to vaporize the US.

Ahh, it must be nice to live in a bubble.

You libs are free to come out and leaveit whenever it suits you.

January 10, 2003 - North Korea announces it will withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

That's making an announcement.

February 5, 2003 - North Korea says it has reactivated its nuclear facilities

That's making an announcement.

February 24, 2003 - North Korea fires a missile into the sea between South Korea and Japan.

One of many and none where he went rabid and threatened to annihilate the US or even japan.

March 10, 2003 - North Korea fires a second missile into the Sea of Japan


April 24, 2003 - American officials say Pyongyang has told them that it now has nuclear weapons


May 12, 2003 - North Korea says it is scrapping a 1992 agreement with the South to keep the peninsula free from nuclear weapons

We all knew that was a crock.

June 9, 2003 - North Korea says publicly that it will build a nuclear deterrent, "unless the US gives up its hostile policy".

Build is different from threatening to do a preemptive strike first.

And yet, Bush did absolutely nothing.

He didn't have to at that point. Kim Jong Il wasn't a basket case. Sure, the man was shrewd, wanted concessions, but announcing a possible nuclear attack, that didn't happen.

Instead of dealing with the WMDs N. Korea was actually developing, he went after WMDs tha didn't even exist in Iraq.

Wait, had Bill Clinton not boast or bragged that that in 1994 his deal with NK was a success and been more hard on the rhetoric, things might be very different. He was the one that drafted this plan, he was the one that was confident about it, initiated it and it all fell apart.

On Oct. 18, 1994, Clinton approved a plan to arrange more than $4 billion in energy aid to North Korea over the course of a decade, in return for a commitment from the country’s Communist leadership to freeze and gradually dismantle its nuclear weapons development program, according to The New York Times. The “complex” deal was to de-escalate the situation on the Korean peninsula, where the two Korean nations never negotiated a peace treaty after the Korean War ended in armistice in 1953. “This agreement is good for the United States, good for our allies, and good for the safety of the entire world,” said Clinton in 1994. “It’s a crucial step toward drawing North Korea into the global community.” The drawing-in never happened. North Korea has become more isolated and dangerous. And after years of furtive activity in North Korea, attempts to placate the Communist state seem to have only encouraged its dangerous leaders.

N. Korea's WMDs were Bush's issue to resolve, and he had six years to do it.

Sure, but at the time, they weren't being as hostile, belligerent or threatening as they are today and didn't have a crazy kid that wants to prove something back then.

Is that what the so-called "non-partisan historians who praised Bush's presidency" told you?

No, just historical facts did.

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Yeah - no war. That's the ideal result. Not war.

....and as a result of his usual weak-spine he so ofthen showed us, LIL KIM Iis still trying to develop nules and test them, sending a middle finger to the world and to the US. We dont have to go to war, just find someone that can do the same thing to him what he did to is brother.

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North Korea is run by one child and we have another. Impeach this fool GOP before he pulls the trigger.

So what should TRUMP do? Leave them alone and hope the problem will go away? OBAMA tried that and well, you can see the results of that.

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I'm using only the information you're giving me. You're the one pointing out that there are places (whole cities?) that you'd be stupid to venture into because of the danger. In other words, you'd be afraid to go there.

Not afraid, I fear no man, but that doesn't mean, I want trouble or worse. I'm not a fool neither.

Exactly; the fear and worry is so deeply ingrained, you don't even notice it.

There is nothing ingrained, you don't know me or my background, being cautious is very different from being fearful. If anything, I was fearful of my mother.

You think it's normal. To anyone not living in a place where any loonie can easily get a gun and blow your head off, or shoot down children in school, it's as far from normal as it's possible to get.

I never said it's normal, you make it seem like every child is in danger and that's not even remotely close. More people die in car crashes. I fear cars more than I do guns, but that's me. I had more friends that died from car accidents, illness, and drugs, but never from a gun.

More self-delusion. You've already admitted on this thread that you have a passion for killing.

Hunting, I don't kill for joy. I kill to eat. I'm not a vegan and before I fry some finger lickin' good chicken, I need to....well, kill it.

And on other threads -

Missiles are good sometimes

For self-defense and enemies that would want to obliterate us or any of our allies, you betcha!

I liked that Hillary was a more hawkish person

Obviously 'peace loving' means something else in the bass dictionary.

Sometimes, to achieve peace and to get to that bridge, you have to use a certain amount of violence, if we didn't 70 years ago, the world would have been a very different place. Again, you don't know me, I love peace, but if I have to use violence to protect my country or family, that's what I will do without hesitation. But at the same time, I would never go up to someone and start violence for the sake of it or the pleasure of bashing someone. I have never done that and would never do that. So yes, I do believe in peace, peace through strength and not weakness.

He's also "not partisan"


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No you can't.

Cleo, you can't say that you don't know California the way I do.

The very fact that you are aware of places that are no-go zones for you, that you need to avoid the city an hour to the west because of the out-of-control violence there, means that you worry about safety all the time.

So what? There is nothing there in those cities, gangs, druggies, shootings, filth, I have no need or desire to go there, so it's for me mentally not even a discussion, I don't go, I don't wonder or imagine, it's just normal for me. The same goes when I lived in Germany, there were certain cities I would never go or ever wanted to go. same thing, drugs, filth, bikers, and Neo-Nazis, I just stayed away. Sure, they didn't have for the most part guns (some peopled did) but for me, it's the violence that I tried to avoid, didn't matter if it were guns, knives or bats, I just didn't want to get involved in that mess and either get hurt or to hurt someone else, I'm a peace loving guy.

Maybe the word you use to yourself isn't 'worry'; you probably tell yourself you're just being 'not stupid'. Semantics. You worry,

I do not.

and therefore make a point of going only to 'safe' places.

I don't like carrots, for me, there couldn't be a more disgusting vegetable, but I don't fear it, I just avoid eating it. Now meat on the other hand....

You tell yourself you have a choice and choose to go only to the 'safe' places, the places where you can 'relax and feel safe and secure'. Of course you do. You'd be stupid to go to a dangerous place.

As with anyone else

It's sad that you don't see how you're deluding yourself.

I'm not. I'm fine, really.

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Is it me or does Kim look like he's getting fatter? Anyway, the man is just trying to bang his chest and more or less prove to many skeptics within his own military ranks that a spoiled Swiss-educated kid with zero military experience can stand up to the US, defy the UN and do away with anyone that doubts his ability to keep the country together, without knowing he's barking up the wrong tree and might find himself in a nasty position the way OBL was left.

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And you don't see how dire it is that you have to 'know' where it's safe to walk? That you'd be 'stupid' to walk in some parts of your own town?

No, because for me, it's out of sight and out of mind. Remember, the U.S. is a huge country, so I can go to many places where I don't have to worry about safety. My point is, I wouldn't drive to Compton unless I'm buying something illegal and then and only then would I be taking a chance and I don't need to, want to, so I'm good.

Except where you live you need to know where is safe and where isn't, otherwise you're 'stupid' and asking to get shot.

Right and I have no reason to drive an hour west just to visit a city with a large gang population, drugs and violence, I avoid that bubble. There are hundreds of other cities where I don't have to worry about out of control violence whatsoever.

Where I live there are no places anywhere in the whole country where I wouldn't feel safe.

That's fine, Cleo. I don't need to, want to or have the desire to drive every single inch of California, some areas are nice, some areas, not so nice, some have a lot of gangs, some areas there are beautiful beaches or gorgeous mountains, I have a choice and I choose to go to cities where I can enjoy, relax and feel safe and secure. To be honest, the far left progressive liberals are what's terrifying me and the Los Angeles congress and I'm not joking. To me, they represent more of a danger than any gun owner.

You admit you don't even feel safe in your own town (except for the quiet places where nice affluent people live).

And that's good enough for me and the population in my city is 110, 000 so it's good enough for me.

Then why make a point of commenting that it's your size that stops people shooting you in Japan,your size that guarantees your safety?

Because it does, it always has even with my good looks.

Do you ever stop to think about what you're writing?

I wonder more if the people ever think about the questions they ask.

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In the States, if those two people are coming at you from behind, you are not well prepared. You're dead.

But I'm never in any area where I would be stupid enough to put myself in that position, I'm not stupid. I know L.A.

In Japan, for a start the idea of 'two people coming at you with guns' is basically absurd. It isn't your US giant economy size that's the deterrent, it's the fact that the streets are not awash with guns, the populace are not fed a diet of 'we need guns to protect ourselves' and very, very few people here have a passion for killing.

That's fine, I don't have a problem with that. Both countries have their pros and cons and America is not Japan and Japan is not America, I accept I can't go hunting in Japan, fine. I just go back to the States and do it. I respect both countries laws and rules.

My size (5'2" in thick socks) wouldn't deter anyone in a bad temper, never mind anyone with a gun. And yet, surprise surprise, I walk around pretty darn sure that I'm not going to get shot at.

As do I where I live. Sure, I get what you're saying overall, but at the same time, I can afford to live in a quiet place. I don't have to worry about living in an area where there's violence.

As the saying goes, size isn't everything

I agree.

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Anyone can buy a firearm if they have the money and in a few cases,

Yeah, if they're hot! Legally, on the other hand, is very difficult and the screening more rigorous

jump through a couple of very large hoops such as waiting a day or so and making only one purchase per month. Pathetic.

As a former Californian, I wish it would have been that easy, it would have saved me a lot of trouble.

It is not a guarantee.

For ME it has been.

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22% supported Obama doing

Seems correct, especially after Obama back tracked on his Syria promise the GOP had a lot of reservations and trust with his stance on the issue and that's why so many of them were skeptical as to what actions will he follow up on and won't.

In exchange for giving up Assad...we will lift the sanctions on Russia. And maybe if Russia is extra nice to us, we will let them keep the Ukraine too! Sounds like a deal.

Obama refused to aid the Ukrainians when Putin annexed Crimea, were you equally outraged by that?

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But what if two people are coming at you with regular guns? You need a semi auto.

In the States, I'm well prepared, in Japan, usually when people see me, my size alone is a deterrent.

Excellent point. Unfortunately in the U.S., life seems to be dictated by the NRA and its gun nuts.

What about the anti-gun nuts that would do anything and everything to rob us of the 2nd amendment?

The current administration has even made it easier for anyone, even mentally unstable people, to purchase a gun,


All gun nutters want to do is for us to live with the increasing number of gun deaths and massacres, and treat it as a simple way of life in the U.S.A.

No, most gun owners are responsible law abiding people are hate gun-haters to dictate and push their personal belief and think they can usurp the 2nd amendment.

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But do you really need a semi-automatic to kill a deer? Do tell the usefulness in owning a semi-automatic?

I never said I use a semi-automatic.

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Trump is doing quite well at destroying his own presidency.

Actually, that's not quite true. From this stupid Russian witch hunt to throwing landmines at every step he takes, the Democrats position is to defy anything that Trump does, so his getting quite a bit of help from the Dems (trying) to destroy his presidency. Good luck with that.

One WP reporter won a Pulitzer for investigating Trump's foundation, and he found evidence of self-dealing with other people's money. The truth hurts.

What truth, where are the facts, the documents, what's his agenda, is he a partisan hack? Yes, this is ONE WP reporter and who else can verify that these allegations...sigh are true?

The only defense is calling reporters lefty for revealing the truth that Trump is a two bit crook and cannot be trusted.

Then you must have really hated Obama, if you want to talk about the word "crook"

The foundation has since been shut down because of the reporting, but it is still technically open because it violated NY Law. Good job WP.

ROFL, wonder why?

I know, time to turn to discredit Clinton's charity for so-called pay to play. However, those are loose accusations (typical of the GoP when something doesn't stick), and their charity actually provides money to charitable programs.

Keep digging and by the way, they do my diamond-edge shovels, might have better luck with them.

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Yes you are.

This is the exactly the reason why liberals never learn, they hate accountability and would rather shove the responsibility away from them, deflect smear others that are NOT directly involved as in this situation in order to pacify their own selfish inadequacies, just astounding!

Because your opposition to stricter gun control facilitates his crime.

Yes, I do, but I have no control if some idiot puts a gun in his mouth and blows out his brains, believe, I'll be able to sleep well. Every person is responsible for his/her own action and with you guys, it's always the perpetrator who's not at fault, it's the fault of the person that made the gun, supports gun rights, but the person who pulled the trigger...well, they got caught up in all the mess, but they are not to blame for anything, even if they kill 100 people, damn the NRA. YOu guys are too, too funny. Like I said, I don't feel a thing because I had nothing to do with these loons, they made the decision to commit carnage and mayhem, not me.

And in case you didn't realize it, the NRA is not standing up for the Constitution. That's a cover. They're standing up for gun manufacturers, pure and simple.

Well, that's your personal belief.

Yeah... so it is the fault of people who want stricter gun control or the weapons to be gone that are to blame for the ease at which gun nutters can get their hands on them and murder people, like this woman and the 8-year-old child.

Doesn't apply to me, I'm just a hunter and love going to gun shows, shooting range or to the desert and shot stuff.

Sure, we get emotional about kids being killed so nutters can brag about their guns and talk about how they need more (only an insane person needs a gun, let alone a lunatic "needing" more!).

That's your personal belief. My belief is the looney left and their fascist policies are a direct threat to my personal beliefs and I believe they're a bigger danger to the country.

But go ahead and tell us how this has "nothing to do with you", but is the fault of people who would like stricter gun laws.


Yes, you are -- 100% -- when he/she got a gun so easily because you claim it is their right. You are absolutely at fault.

Ok, thats your take, I believe I'm not. I didn't sell them the gun and I didn't tell them to go out and kill those people. Again, I sleep good at night.

There you have it. Logic doesn't work on someone in love. Logic is useless here.

It depends on what you deem as logic. I think the way liberals, at least most of them could give a fig about how others think or feel, it's all about them and what they want. Logic is, you respect another persons opinion, if you libs hate guns, I'm fine with that, guns are not for everyone, but at the same time, it's also my right to own, shot and use guns for hunting, if I so choose. I'm not asking for ya'lls blessing, I'm asking respect goes both ways.

"I leave nature alone, but I will continue to hunt as it is my passion and I do my part when it comes to conservation."

Exactly and proud of it.

See what I mean?

I thought that liberals were supposed to be the people of love and tolerance....boy, it seems more like the party of hate and intolerance. No, I'm sorry, they are only tolerant if the situation fits within their skewed worldview.

don't you think it (hunting) has nothing to do with the right to bear arms pretty much anywhere at any time (for everyone)?

Well, if we didn't have the rights to bear arms then many of us couldn't go out and hunt, whether it's for food or for conservation. The right to bear arms gives us this right, if you live on a farm, if you have livestock you need to protect or yourself living in the wilderness like Alaska, then you would be very stupid not to have a gun. I understand the argument and I respect others that don't like guns, but we all have to respect each other's rights and I've noticed liberals are the biggest hypocrites and are THE most intolerant bunch around. That's my objective. They feel, they have some moral high ground where they can dictate or even demand by force people to think the way they do and to me, that's just unacceptable.

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True. You need to blame the stupidity of Americans, and the greed of the gun companies.

Naw, bruh! I blame the ignorance on mostly the looney left that get emotional and are completely devoid or rational thought when it comes to guns.

Gun laws are ridiculously tight in the UK, how many shootings or murders did we have last year? non.

Great, but that's the UK, we like our guns here in the US.

Of course it does. If it weren't for the Americans with a passion for killing who demand their Secun'menment raights to own an arsenal, the nutters who go around shooting at people wouldn't find it so easy to get their crazy hands on lethal weapons.

Sorry, but that's a lame argument with all due respect.

It has everything to do with you and others like you.

No, because I am not responsible for another sick person and his twisted murderous deeds.

In a country as big and empty as the US, that's sheer nonsense.

Empty? Wyoming is really the only empty place in the US.

If there is a population imbalance it's because the nutters who enjoy killing for killing's sake have already shot all the wolves and other natural predators.

If I had a wolf on my ranch eating my chickens or killing my livestock, I wouldn't hesitate, NOT for one second!

Leave nature alone, and it will find its own balance.

I leave nature alone, but I will continue to hunt as it is my passion and I do my part when it comes to conservation.

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Oh yea, the Washington Post and New York Times, which won Pulitzer prizes this year for poking holes in Trump's lies.

You just named two of THE most ideological sites that have taken it upon themselves destroy the Trump presidency, even msnbc isn't that far out, they're usually out to lunch all the time. Nice try.

Your old news site, Fox, has earned how many for its biased journalism?

From the 98% of the liberal driven media? 98%

Beating the republicans at their own game.

If you call getting a strong conservative on the SCOTUS, then it failed miserably. Go Trump!

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Yes, the GoP is well known for their tolerance.

So then what do you call what the Dems have been doing the past three months? Acting responsibly, rationally and passionately? ROFL

Now that the EPA is gutted, fracking can proceed at reckless abandon, and people will be displaced as their water tables are polluted. The fracking and oil industry can pollute at will.

How about staying off the far, far left progressive sites?

You mean the total opposite of the Republicans when President Obama was in office.

Well, Obama didn't want to work with the Republican congress, Trump and Ryan want to, but Shumer and Pelosi don't. Dunno, liberal benign mental tendencies.

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It would be extremely difficult. That's why you use a gun. It's an extremely efficient and effective way to kill things.

Very efficient. When in doubt, double tap.

They were created for that very purpose. That's why police and soldiers carry them as opposed to toothpicks, shards of glass, knives or bows and arrows. If you want to kill things, guns are a very good choice.


Just bear that in mind the next time someone gets killed by one of these devices and ask why the person didn't choose a toothpick.

Sad, but I'm not going to blame the gun itself.

There you have it. A sizable proportion of Americans (not all, but enough to stop sensible laws being passed) are passionate about killing things.

Sorry, Cleo if it disturbs you, but as I have always said, I don't hunt and leave the animal, what I hunt, I consume and in regards to certain animals, it's better to control their numbers, especially deer Wild boar, we have too many. I have a passion for eating good meat. I love meat, grilled, BBQ, Sauteed, any possible way of serving it up!

And for the sake of that passion, today a young child lies dead and another child lies seriously injured in hospital. All because a certain kind of American likes killing things.

Very tragic and hearbreaking, but that doesn't have anything to do with me or any other responsible gun owner.

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Posted in: Gunman kills estranged wife teaching class in Calif, then himself; 8-year-old student also dies See in context

can you tell us why you love guns?

Been hunting with my family since I was 6 years old. I love to hunt, it's a passion of mine, I don't think that's a bad thing, I can't kill a deer with a toothpick, right? I've always been around guns, my father was a collector and I had more than enough experience with them, I taught my kids how to use a rifle, but all in a very responsible manner, all licensed and all legal.

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