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I believe his correct title from the Justice Dept is "Individual #1"..

Mrs. Pantsuit lady.

Come on Bass - you cited a poll then claim it's invalid?  

No, I just said, you don’t know who was polled or who wasn’t. Try harder.

This is called "denial" - "its different this time"....sure it is.....

Ahhh, now I see why Pelosi wanted the cameras out of the room, if she were in the right she would have wanted every camera in the room, why are Democrats so opposed to transparency?

More denial - they claimed Kavanugh would vote straight down the conservative line and on his first case he sides with the progressives...LOL!  Their two dimensional world is crashing down on them.

Sorry, NO one said that, we all said, Kavanaugh would vote based on the Constitution, that’s what we wanted and this case is not a big federal case, it’s a State case and that’s up to them how they want to deal with PP.

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That's 35% of Republicans who don't support it - what a failure. 

You don’t know if they were polled or not

And ask Newt how that shutdown thing worked for him...

Ask Schumer how the last one worked out for them, not so well. Funny how the Dems wanted to talk about this in private, but the President said, why? Be transparent.

Nothing about closing the government is a joke - that's the mistake the Republicans made all the previous times...and no doubt will make again....

Yes, but this time is very different, more people and even Republicans have seen the chaos along the border and do feel a wall is necessary, that’s why Trump feels more confident than ever and rightfully so.

More two dimensional thinking - of course all Republicans are automons and will vote to support Trump...did you see how Kavanaugh voted yesterday?

Yes and that’s not a big case he needs to worry about, he’s got more important cases to worry about and decided to let the lower court ruling stand as it is for now. You always pick and choose your battles and this is not an important issue for him now. so now big deal.

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Love how Nancy wanted to get the cameras out so they could talk, Trump was like, this is called transparency. Way to go Mr. President.

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And a lot of Americans want single-payer health care. Sounds like a good trade.

What? Well, that won’t happen, so we don’t need to jokingly entertain that, now putting in DACA now that’s a bargaining chip worth exploring.

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I'm happy he's willing to take ownership of the shutdown. That should go over really well with Americans,

With SOME Americans, a lot of Americans want that wall and an increase to border security as well as ending chain migration and ending the visa lottery program and catch and release on the flip side Trump gladly give the Democrats DACA. Now we all know illegal immigration is the bread and butter of the Democrat voter base, but they enjoyed that ride long enough, it’s time to seal the border. Schumer was saying the experts say you don’t need a wall, but with all due respect to Schumer, I don’t care what other political think tanks say, I prefer to listen to the border patrol and the military as well as the engineers for their opinions.

especially when it's so clear who is to blame for closed offices and National Parks. Egoists are never able to grasp it when people tire of them. Nor can they see the looming fall.

The VA will still be able to function and provide care for the patients that won’t stop. As for the parks, you need to be patient.

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Yes, you do love it because you are Kay with seeing the WH turned into a chaotic playground. 

No, I’m just happy that ? Trump finally gave the smack down those two bobble heads deserved.

Pence was like...”muh man! You got dis!” Lol

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I loved it! Now that’s how you do it! Good on the President for allowing in the cameras and taking these two loose canons on.

My favorite part..

SCHUMER: “Elections have consequences, Mr. President.”

TRUMP: “That’s right — and that’s why the country is doing so well.”  


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Now all of you knew this was going to happen. I hope no one is shocked by this news.

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And neither do you.

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Rpublicans are idiots to think any of Trump's BS signature policies will make it past the house on the way to the senate, yes two can play at that game for sure.

Probably and the same will be the opposite for the Democrats. If they think they can get any radical socialist legislation through to be signed by the Senate, good luck. Looks like we will have 2 years of gridlock.

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Ah, the nervous "LOLs", exaggerated into an ROFL this time. You guys really are petrified

I have nothing to be nervous about, I just think liberals area crack up.

You are backing off. You didn’t include ‘as of now’ previously. 

I don’t back up, clinch or flinch.

That tells me you think something could change.

Anything is possible, Don Lemon could say something smart and reasonable for once in his life.

It can’t be a strong Democratic challenger because you say there aren’t any. 

As of now, there are none.

What could change?

The Dems trying to leave their socialist roots?

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Obviously you DON'T know what the Dems -- and Republicans like Mueller -- are doing

No, actually I do. As to what Mueller has or doesn’t have, we don’t know, but one thing is for sure, he doesn’t have a solid case other than perhaps a weak campaign violation charge and if that’s it, Trump is as good as gold.

Trump's bringing his own popularity down as more and more suckers realize they were duped into believing in him,

Not with the Republicans and not with his base.

his tax cuts are costing them and the nation while he and his cronies get rich, and how much of an insecure child.

Great, show me 10 poor scrubs that can provide job opportunities to the masses and I’ll give you an apology. Personally, I never got a job from a poor person.

You will too, some day.

No, I’m not an idiot.

... it'll be easier than admitting you were fooled.

back when I was in high school dumb and young, I was a liberal and boy did i learn my lesson, but you’re right, I was fooled, big time.

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Too early to tell. I did put money on Trump not completing a full term.

I put my term that Ocasio-Cortez won’t finish hers.

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Then you really didn't post...

Not from the conservative sites, but the liberal ones though.

Trump just confessed to colluding with Putin and taking millions in oligarch bribes!

What? ROFL!

Another Bass dodge.

I don’t dodge, never did and ner would, you guys just don’t like the answer. I feel ya.

The first part of your sentence are scientific facts.

Thank you, sir.

The remainder is the desperate pleas and outright denial of Trump cultists who can't fathom their Dear Leader being impeached for colluding with Russia, then being sent to jail for conspiracy, obstruction, and all manner of financial crimes...

Maybe once he’s out of office, the Dems can try, good luck with that. That would be too funny. But I know these people just can’t help themselves, they always have to overreach.

loyalists turning on Trump,

Not really...

no one wanting anything to do with the White House, everyone lawyering up...and most of all the desperation and denial...

Give it time, just been a few days.

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Are you predicting a Trump victory in 2020?

As of now, I will say a resounding yes. Now could their be an anointed Messiah waiting in the socialist wings? Could be, but that savior that will bring misery....I mean income distribution prosperity is still very far off

Maybe Ocascio-Cortez...hmmmm....

It’s always going to be a challenge since Democrats will always need many more votes to overcome voter suppression and gerrymandering set up by the GOP. And as we are seeing in North Carolina, Michigan, and a Wisconsin, they have no problems changing the rules to rig the system in their favor. None whatsoever.

And the Dems do it by illegal voters, dead people, circumventing votes, get off it, both sides will do what they can to get votes, let’s be brutally and painfully honest, just for a moment for once, don’t give me this garbage that liberals play by the rules, they don’t, they can’t and they won’t, in States like California where people can’t leave fast enough, liberals have to replace these voters if they want to maintain a majority and the ONLY way they can do that is, by letting in as many illegals as possible and quickly registering them ASAP.

I think the biggest hit on Trump during his re-election bid will be his lack of accomplishments.

No, he has a lot, over 73 and counting, but we...well a lot of people won’t know because the media forgot their job of reporting news and become a defacto mouth-side mic piece for the Democrat party.

The biggest thing he has going for him is the economy,

And that is everything, something Democrats are not really good at, but taking other people’s money, they are THE pros like No other.

and that is slowing down. It will be interesting to see where we are at in 2020. He will have to answer for exploding deficits, a flat stock market, and a potential recession.

As long as the unemployment continues to go this trend, stay low, employ a lot of minorities which is always helpful (Blexit) if this keeps up as an incumbent, he’ll sale easily into a second term. One thing business like is a friendly low tax business environment which is crucial for the ever changing development of the US, it’s attractive domestically and more importantly internationally.

And the Democrats alternative is.....

The other good news for Trump is he will always have his 30%, the uneducated, angry white males along with the racists who are firmly entrenched in the GOP.

Here we go with that myth

So, it will be interesting. Let’s see which Democrats step up to the plate.

None from this keystone clown bunch.

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you know how bad you are at predictions when it comes to politics. 

Actually they weren’t overall speaking.

I’m seriously thinking about a bet on Warren running now. I would have cleaned up backing against your predictions. 

You go and do that, she has just as much of a chance getting remotely close to a nomination as Anthony Wiener would. ROFL!

Romney is a rich kid who made some more cash.

Which is great! Nothing wrong with having money or making it, which is really fun.

Doesn’t impress me that much. Obama schlonged him and another rich kid,

But didn’t get much done in his Presidency, but now he can continue to be lazy for doing nothing writing books and rake in that cash, so at least he’s got that.

So, no. Romney isn’t that impressive

I beg to differ, he accomplished a lot.

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Agree, the marriage of far-right media with Russian state-sponsored propaganda outlets is a major threat to our democracy...

...but the little green wheels are following me, oh no, not again....

You visit this site, because its the only site liberals will believe

Pretty much.

With Mueller's court document release, the chances went from 50-50, to 80-20...

More like 99.999% of Not probability.

Stormy was Trump's ticket, I'll let you come up with the adjective.

The retired porn Star is irrelevant as well as the creepy abusive porn lawyer

Impeached - prosecuted - convicted - jail....

After 2024 who knows, but is it possible? Sure.

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Posted in: Kevin Hart out as Oscars MC over anti-gay tweets See in context

Kevin has nothing to apologize for and this didn’t happen to surface, they dug this up, purposely, he said what he said and it might have been in bad taste, but do we have to hold everyone accountable for every little thing people say and do? It’s getting to the point where people are afraid to say anything for fear of their words possibly coming back to haunt them. Hart has I think two movies coming out, so he did the smart thing and decided to step aside because giving up a lifelong dream over his film career was far more important,

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The Kardashian’s are just trash, but one thing they are good at is making money, that’s for darn sure, but it all depends. I don’t usually agree with Silvafan on most things, but on this one, he’s right, most Asians think she’s too fat, too made up, overblown, artificial, too dark, for the life of them, they don’t know what foreign men see in giant hippo sized butts, it’s just on this side of the planet something not desirable, so it remains to be seen if the Kardashian’s can conquer China, if she can do that, I’ll give her serious props, but just on the looks, I personally doubt it in my opinion.

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Nope, didn't see it...

Then you really didn’t look.

It's now up to 16 Trump campaign officials that met with Russians - and that's just what has been released. 

Ok and?

And none of them. Trump or the others, should be called Commander in Chief, and be President - agree?


It's treason...and the Republicans in the Senate won't stand for it...

As the desert has sand and the tide rolls in and the sun rises, the President won’t be removed for office, it just won’t happen. I worry about you guys, you’re setting yourselves up for a big let down, but to be fair, once he leaves office and that is, if he is indeed indicted, anything is possible, although, I doubt that he will go to prison.

And that's not counting the two conspiracy felonies and whatever financial crimes that comes out of the Trump Foundation investigation...

Well you won’t be able to indict a sitting president anyway on that, even for the Senate to file charges in an indictment would be a joke.

Trump is in a downward spiral similar to Nixon -

Not even remotely close. Hey, if the Clinton’s didn’t see a prison cell, Trump won’t get anywhere near one. Let’s say for arguments sake, and hypothetically speaking if he were to get impeached and removed from office, Pence would be much more of a true religious conservative and would still continue the Trump agenda, so the Democrats really wouldn’t have achieved anything, I’m fact, there hellish nightmare would be just starting. I...2...Pence is coming for you....

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You mentioned Elizabeth Warren. Whatever your opinion of her honesty, it is indisputable that she is very intelligent. 

Yes, she’s so intelligent that she completely destroyed any chance are any hope of being a runny contender for the Democrat party. You have to at least be honest with yourself, that fake Native American DNA debacle just completely ruined her.

I don’t see Romney towering above her intellectually. Do you?

If Warren can do even close to a third of what Romney has accomplished, then I would consider her somewhat pretty smart.

Just because it's not ultra-right garbage like FOX or The National Review doesn't make it "liberal".

Yes, it does and FNC or the National Review aren’t even close to ultra-conservative in FNC case, if it were Geraldo, Juan Williams and Shep Smith just to name a few would never be allowed anywhere near the studio.

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Liberal = any media outlet except Faux, Brietbart, Info Wars or Russia Today...

RT? Lol Any liberal media outlet? Well, the country is doomed flat out.

Says the guy who visits this supposedly liberal site and posts every day....

Because it’s the sites that only liberals will believe in since they don’t believe in ANY conservative site.

It will be harder form him to win re-election because he'll be impeached before then...

Doubt it, it didn’t work on Clinton, so the chances of that happening are probably 00.01%

But if they think Stormy is their meal ticket, then Trump should be popping the balloons right now at this point.

Anyone can beat him if he's in jail...

Well, thank god that won’t happen. And since the Southern District is part of the DOJ, it states they cannot indict a sitting president

We won't collude with Russians...

It’s so far from the evidence it would seem neither has he.

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I haven't seen one...

Then you didn’t look, I did my part.

We should cheer on those that support democracy, not those in collusion with and supported by Russia...

“If that is the case then we can’t trust the Democrats either especially when it involves the Russians.

He's a draft-dodging coward...

He wouldn’t be the first president to do so.

And you do know Flynn met with Mueller 19 times and provided "significant cooperation" in Mueller's "core investigation"...which is collusion.

Which is not necessarily a crime, a crime where you can maybe indicted the President, but as loose and as it, the Senate might not even hold hearings, then what?

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So here we go and once again the liberal AP spreading that garbage again. Funny how JT always like to use a lot of liberal sites, but hey...

Trump, his cabinet and supporters know exactly what the Democrats are trying to do, it’s a very old timed trick, get his number down as much as they can because if they can bring his popularity with Republicans down to under 30% (good luck) then it would make it harder for him to win re-election provided the Democrats can find a new anointed savior and so far from the hundreds of liberal-bots running around, there is no one on the horizon that can beat him and to this day the Democrats still haven’t told us what their message going forward is. Impose regulations, raise the tax code, punish the working class...again. If they keep it up, it won’t matter what trick they pull out of their socialist hat, they will lose again. You can’t just govern on hate, you do need policies that work, if they can put their focus into that, but we know these people just can’t help themselves, it’s all about identity politics and income redistribution.

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A naked assertion that smacks of being false.

Oh, because liberals think so....ok...

Obama deported more undocumented immigrants than any other modern president.

And Trump is doing that and trying very hard to deport more, but the open borders Democrats want to keep the borders open, want to keep chain migration and want to keep the visa lottery program, if so, then there is NO way on earth that they can have a functioning immigration system. I know they want to beef up their numbers politically, but they need to think a putting the country and the security of the country first before politics.

Since you seem to think

Not seem to think, know

how about some cites?

Everywhere along the porous US border and Tijuana especially see it equally as a big problem, sorry, can’t debunk that one try as you guys might.

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@bass4funk It looks like you are a little confused or not very familiar with the calendar.

The next election will be (latest!!) in 2020,

No, I’m very good at math, I meant exactly what I said, “2024”

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Unless you can provide cites

I did more than a dozen times.

And you cheer on Trump when he is repugnant,

So I should cheer on repugnant Democrats? I don’t think so....

They can punch back, funny how Trump can do it by himself and the Democrats have to gang up to do it....interesting.

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Posted in: Agency: Fear of returning home spikes at U.S.-Mexico border See in context

What can be substantiated is that Honduras is a very scary place,

I agree.

and people are leaving it for good reason.

Again, I agree, but we can’t take everyone from every country just because they feel their country is dangerous, these people need to fight for their country, imagine what happens to their country of origin if everyone leaves. You will have complete and total energy and a breakdown of the social order of that country and you’re looking at having a potential Somalia rise up from the ashes. No one wants that, believe me.

What can also be substantiated is that the fear of these people by some Americans has largely been instilled by the Trump administration and its propaganda wing, Fox News.

Unlike the Previous administration that used its propaganda wing CNN to hoodwink people that illegal aliens don’t pose a threat to the country financially, economically and socially when that has been debunked too many times to count. Please don’t make this political debacle.

I agree that there's something wrong when people from Honduras end up seeking asylum in the U.S. rather than in Mexico. There should be a way for the United States to work together with Mexico and other Central American countries to work on a better way to deal with migrants and also to alleviate the underlying problems that have led to this mess. The legal framework to deal with asylum should be modified, I think. However, the Trump administration's heavy-handed and anti-humanitarian approach is both stupid and wrong. You shouldn't punish the weak because of a weak system.

I agree somewhat, but I agree you have to take a very hardline, even Mexico is doing that and good on them, they realize and know the region and know that there are many criminals and gang member embedded in with these mostly undocumented workers, let’s cut through the BS, most of these people are men and it would serve them better to go back, fix their country of origin, fight back and go back home. It doesn’t help the country to import poor people on a massive scale, you want to attract people with a set of employable skills, and people that can help this country prosper and not financially ruin it. The cost alone to help these people would reacclimate themselves to this country which many don’t want to do.

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How can we NOT know that he is uninterested in the position when he turned it down?

Either way, we don’t know, now that won’t stop liberals from speculating, but as of now we don’t know what this man is thinking or the reasons for him not wanting to take the position, if we could see exactly what a person would be thinking, then the age of mutants is really upon us.


Trumps behavior is spontaneous, and occasionally irresponsible. This is not an opinion. It's an assertion based on 2 years of politics and a lifetime of business. I could have said "wild and rambunctious", but I felt spontaneous and irresponsible was the more accurate choice of wording.

At certain times, I wouldn’t argue with that.

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Posted in: 'We're still in the war': Chicagoans battle flow of firearms See in context

If Trump would release his most current tax info, we might learn which guns and ammo (and big war and big oil) corporations he's invested in. And what dealings he's had with Russian oligarchs and gangs

I’m sorry, but what does Trump taxes have to do with Chicago?

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